Aug 152015


As the birth of our new baby boy or girl is coming closer I am starting to think about the delivery and all the things I still need to organise. My pretty Designer Mamas birthing gown (so much nicer than those faded hospital gowns!) is washed and ready and I’ve booked in a last appointment at the hairdresser, all that’s left is to freshen up my toenails with a touch of colour while I can still reach and see them!

Orly Colour Palette

Classic or modern, light or dark, matte, shiny or sparkly, plain and simple or bold and bright… with over 150 different shades to choose from the Orly nail lacquer palette contains a perfect colour for every woman.

Orly Haute RedPersonally I love wearing sandals as soon as the weather allows so during the spring and summer months my toe nails are permanently painted, usually with a pop of vibrant red. Obviously it won’t make the birth any easier but at least I know my toes will be all smooth and shiny in the Orly best-seller Haute Red (RRP $18.95, 18ml), hopefully the doctor and midwives delivering our baby will love it too.

Orly NailtritionAfter a long winter of covering those piggies up with socks and boots my nails will need a bit of extra attention before I can splash on the paint. Containing collagen, wheat protein, keratin and bamboo extract Orly Nailtrition (RRP $19.95, 18ml) is specifically created to help strengthen peeling nails and stimulate healthier, faster growth over the course of 14 days. With my big baby bump in the way applying 1-2 coats a day will be quite the exercise so I may have to ask hubby for help, but at least those nails will be good to go in time for the spring season.

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Treat mum to an in-home manicure/pedicure this Mother’s Day

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Apr 132015

I don’t know about you but I am always a bit jealous of women with beautifully manicured hands and feet. I would love to be able to visit a nail salon regularly and get pampered but sadly my busy schedule and budget just don’t allow for it. If you feel the same you will be pleased to know that thanks to Remington you can give your hands that much-wanted makeover yourself in the comfort of your own home at just a fraction of the cost.

Flawless Nails Remington

The Remington Flawless Nails Manicure & Pedicure Kit (RRP $49.95) is a compact beauty set that contains all the essential tools you need for a salon-style mani pedi (the only thing missing is the salon worker but a generous hubby makes a perfect beauty specialist too!).

Remington Flawless NailsThe multifunctional handheld device can be used to file, shape, clean, buff and even remove callus, simply by connecting one of the many nail care attachments. With ten different attachments to choose from you can really personalise your treatment to suit your nails perfectly. The Flawless Nails unit is easy to use so you’ll feel like a real professional in no time, if you’re not quite sure what to use each piece for a handy manual is included to get you started.

Remington Flawless Nails KitThe handheld unit has a cordless runtime of up to 2,5 hours (that’s a very decent nail treatment!) and can easily be recharged within the storage case. At $49.95 the Flawless Nails kit is a well-priced Mother’s Day gift that, unlike a costly gift voucher for a one-time treatment at your local salon, can be enjoyed over and over again providing excellent value for money. As always Remington offers welcome peace of mind with a generous 2-year product warranty.

All 14 pieces are packed neatly together in a nice storage case, so you can easily take the kit with you wherever you go or store when not in use. Nice bonus: The built-in high speed dryer helps your nail polish to dry quick smart, stay tuned for more nail polish tips (and a giveaway!) tomorrow.

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Hip & Hygenic

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May 192013


Here I was thinking my life would get easier once the twins were big enough to reach the tap and wash their own hands. I guess I should be happy they remember to wash their hands after going to the toilet but boy, can these two make a mess. Wet sleeves, wet mirror, wet ground and soap everywhere, now I spend my time drying the bathroom and filling up the soap dispenser. I think I may have to invest in one of these:

MyBaby Touch Free Soap Dispenser ($29.99)

MyBaby Touch Free Soap Dispenser ($29.99)

The MyBaby Touch Free Soap Dispenser looks gorgeous and is a great help when it comes to washing hands. Not only does it deliver the perfect amount of soap every time (my little monkeys love using a handful), kids don’t even have to touch the dispenser as it is fitted with a clever motion sensor. While they wash their hands a cute 20 second song will play, the ideal time for a decent clean as recommended by the Center for Disease Control. The music function can be turned on/off and the unit works on 3 AA batteries. Just fill this friendly bathroom buddy up with your favourite liquid soap and he’s ready to go.

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