Door Jam Height Charts

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Mar 042016


Now that we have told the kids about our surprise holiday to Europe later in the year they won’t stop talking about all the fun stuff they are keen to do and see. Of course a visit to Disneyland Paris is high on the wish list so they have dug up the measuring tape to check if they meet the guidelines for all the cool rides. I can’t believe how fast they grow!


The kids may be excited to see how much they have grown but it always makes me a little sad, if there was a slow-down button I would press it. If you’re looking for a sweet way to record your little one’s growth check out this fabulous find from Foolhouse.

Door JamIf you have ever had to move house and leave behind a doorframe marked with precious milestones you know how heartbreaking this is. Packed in a cute storage jar the GoGoberry Door Jam height charts are the perfect solution to this age-old problem. This slim and stylish height chart fits most doorways and when you move you can pack up your memories and take them with you, how awesome is that?

GoGoberry Door Jam height charts (RRP $28, 2.10m) are proudly designed and made in Australian and currently available in five different designs to suit boys and girls of all ages.

To find out more about Foolhouse, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Dec 112015


Christmas Countdown – Day 11

If you are anything like me you have picked your children’s Christmas clothes well in advance, ready to be worn on the big day. I decided on five lovely outfits and even sourced the hair accessories to match but only this week realised I forgot all about the footwear, oops! Upon closer inspection some of their shoes really aren’t up to Christmas standards anymore so I did some quick shopping to complete the look.

Skeanie Mary Janes

Just like her older sisters our cheeky Sybil is crazy about shoes, I wonder who she gets that from? She is also quite picky and if shoes aren’t 100% comfortable there is no chance of getting them on her feet again. Lucky for me these gorgeous Skeanie shoes totally passed the test.

Skeanie Snug BootsAustralian footwear label Skeanie ticks all the important boxes: the range is stylish and on trend, the leather is soft and comfortable, the materials are high quality and durable and the designs are supportive for healthy, growing feet. As an Associate Partner of The Australian Podiatry Association (NSW) Skeanie is putting our children’s foot health first, such a great reassurance. The range is even Fair Trade, how awesome is that?

Skeanie SandalsBoots and loafers, Mary Janes and sandals, trainers and gumboots, the Skeanie collection is always growing and with sizes ranging from teeny infants up to size 41 (depending on the style) they have all kids covered. With the Christmas season around the corner festive colours like red, silver and gold are always hugely popular so you better grab your party shoes before they sell out. How sweet are these Cross Over Sandals?

SkeanieFor Sybbie we decided on the classic Mary Jane shoes (RRP $49.95, available in 8 stylish colours) in timeless patent navy leather, they look gorgeous with bare feet in the warmer months and equally awesome with tights in cooler weather. I particularly love how the elasticised back adds that little bit of stretch to make the shoes more comfortable and easier to put on for little hands and of course the velcro closure is quick and convenient.

Skeanie Mary Jane Navy

To find out more about Skeanie, to browse the range and to order online visit

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VIVOBAREFOOT, healthy shoes for active kids

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Apr 172015


When it comes to babies and infants most parents are well aware and agree that going barefoot is the healthiest choice for little feet. We let our small children crawl and toddle around without shoes whenever possible or opt for soft soled shoes that allow their growing feet to develop naturally. The big question is, when does ‘barefoot is best’ end?


At VIVOBAREFOOT they believe that ‘barefoot is best’ is a lifestyle, and by walking barefoot from early on people can grow strong and naturally healthy feet. They first created the original barefoot shoe in 2003 and today they offer the largest range of barefoot shoes on the market. You may have seen the ‘grown-up’ VIVOBAREFOOT shoes around but have you spotted the VIVOBAREFOOT kids range too?

Neo Velcro WhiteBecause a child’s foot is not fully formed until late teenage years and consists of bones that are soft and malleable, any artificial alternations in the shape of ‘pre-formed’ shoes (e.g. stiff materials and hard soles, padded pitch and arch support) will interfere with natural foot development. Allow your child’s feet to get naturally strong and go barefoot with one of VIVOBAREFOOT’s trendy kids shoes.

Neo Velcro PinkWhether you need a traditional black school shoe, a white runner for PE, a stylish boot, a comfy water shoe or a colourful sneaker for sport and play the VIVOBAREFOOT range has got all kids feet covered from a tiny size 18 up to a generous size 36. Our very active miss 4 is always running, jumping, climbing, crawling, hopping or skipping so these bright pink Neo Kids shoes (RRP $89.95) are perfect for her and the velcro closure makes them super easy and quick to put on (ideal for kindy days!).

At first the VIVOBAREFOOT design takes a bit of getting used to, but when you see how easy her feet slide into the shoe, how lightweight and breathable the shoe is and how it wraps around the natural shape of the foot the barefoot principle is very obvious. According to miss 4 her Neo Velcro Kids shoes are very comfy and she can run really fast in them so she’s a happy little camper.


To find out more about Vivobarefoot, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Dec 242014


Christmas Countdown – Day 24

So the tags have been cut off, the creases have been ironed out, the hairstyles have been tested and the accessories are picked, the kids’ Christmas outfits are ready for the big day tomorrow… or aren’t they? Don’t forget to finish the look with a gorgeous new pair of shoes, Pediped has got all little feet covered this festive season:

Pediped Christmas

Red and glossy, silver and sparkly, gold and shiny, purple and velvety… you can find all the popular party colours in store at Pediped and of course they have plenty of styles for the rest of the year too.

Pediped DakotaAcross their three shoe lines Originals®, Grip ‘n’ Go™ and Flex® award winning US label Pediped caters for growing feet from a tiny size 17 up to size 36. Starting with the youngest the Pediped Originals® (size 0-24 months) are the ultimate first shoes that allow for small feet to move freely, naturally. Originals® have a flexible non-slip sole, comfortable fit and are made with high quality leather and velcro closure for easy dressing.

Pediped FrankThe next step up is Pediped Grip ‘n’ Go™ (size 18-23), the ideal in-between shoe to take your tot from early to confident walking in style. Featuring a soft rubber sole (suitable for indoors and outdoors), rounded edges that mimic the natural shape of a child’s foot, heel stability and a soft toe box that allows toes to curl and grip the floor Pediped’s Grip ‘n’ Go™ shoes will help wobbly little feet find steady ground.

Pediped GrettaOnce walking and running has been mastered and climbing and jumping has been conquered it’s time to move on to the Pediped Flex® range (size 20-36). Flex® shoes are built to support active kids, offer excellent comfort and encourage healthy foot development. The innovative Flex Fit system allows you to adjust the fit so you can enjoy your shoes for longer, more bang for your buck!

You can find Pediped footwear in over 2,500 stores in the United States and 40 countries worldwide with an offering of more than 140 designs.

If you want to be the first to know about the latest Pediped products and special promotions keep an eye on the Pediped Facebook page or follow Pediped on Twitter.

For more information about Pediped, to browse the latest range and to locate your nearest stockist visit

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Sep 092014

The sweet days of lazy breakfasts, relaxing in the garden and strolling along the boulevards are over, I’m still recovering from almost two full days of air travel and transit and now school and work are calling again. As a busy mum your only choice is to keep going but unfortunately exhaustion and stress can take their toll on your health, happiness and even your looks.

Nioxin Diaboost

If you’re one of the 50% of adults (men and women!) who suffers from hair thinning you will recognise that jealous feeling of seeing someone with a beautiful head full of thick, glossy, bouncy hair. Don’t fret, the hair experts at Nioxin have developed a fabulous new daily leave-in product that will instantly give you the look and the confidence you’re after. Nioxin Diaboost ($59.95) is a scientifically designed and tested product that increases the diameter of each existing hair strand, giving you the look of 11,000 more hair strands.

Diaboost is the perfect product for busy mums, simply apply to towel-dry hair and that’s it! There is no need to wait months and months to see results, no difficult, time-consuming regime is required and you don’t even have to rinse it out, Diaboost works straight away and results last up to 8 hours. Diaboost boosts the diameter of every single hair strand instantly, makes your hair more manageable and full and the best part is that all this hair magic fits in a convenient 100ml bottle, how handy!

To find out more about Nioxin, to browse the Nioxin range and to locate a Nioxin salon near you visit

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Aug 202014


Big Birthday Bash – Day 20

When it comes to children’s shoes only the best is good enough, after all those little feet will have to last a life time. Known around the globe as the footwear experts US label Pediped is the go-to brand for parents who want their children’s feet to develop naturally and healthily.

Pediped range

Pediped delivers exceptional quality, unsurpassed comfort and distinctive styling with every pair of Pediped shoes, catering for growing feet as little as size 17 up to size 36 (European sizing) with styles to suit every occasion. As the fastest growing children’s footwear brand in the United States Pediped has won several awards for their fantastic products including Company of the Year and Best Footwear.

Pediped GrettaPediped has been awarded the Seal of Acceptance for the promotion of healthy foot development by the American Podiatric Medical Association and their footwear is highly recommended by preeminent orthopedic medical professionals. But there is more, Pediped truly is a business with heart and has donated more than $2,800,000 worth of products and monetary support to children across the globe through the wonderful Pediped Foundation.

You can find Pediped footwear in over 2,500 stores in the United States and 40 countries worldwide with an offering of more than 140 designs for boys and girls between their three lines Originals®, Grip ‘n’ Go™ and Flex®.

Pediped Summer

If you want to be the first to know about the latest Pediped products and special promotions keep an eye on the Pediped Facebook page or follow Pediped on Twitter.

For more information about Pediped, to browse the latest range and to locate your nearest stockist visit

For your chance to win 2 pairs of Pediped shoes in the style/size of your choice (subject to availability) enter our giveaway below:

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Pediped – Fall/Winter 2011

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Oct 312011

When I first started working with children’s clothing I was surprised by how early the new season’s collection arrives in store; in the middle of summer the new winter range would come in and it would fly off the shelves, scooped up by fashion savvy mums who don’t want to miss out. Where most of us are on just getting our summer gear together the real trend watchers are already looking at the new winter styles from US labels where the autumn/winter products are now in store. Top brand Pediped has released over 80 new styles and colour combinations across the Pediped footwear range, these are some of the designs to look for when preparing for the colder season:

This season purple is more popular than ever with several designs sporting this hip colour for girls of all ages. The gorgeous Kat boots (USD $69, ages 1-8) are available in four different colours and feature the Pediped Flex Fit system which allows you to adjust the fit of the shoe for longer wear (you get more for your money!). As with all Pediped shoes only high quality materials have been used and the inside zip makes it really easy and quick to put on these stylish boots.

The slightly higher Bella boots (USD $69, ages 1-8) are decorated with three sparkly flowers on the side, something my oldest daughter will most definitely approve of. Normally I am not a big fan of sparkles and glitters but even I think this style is just lovely. The soft dark brown suede will not show every little mark so it is a great choice for winter and thanks to the Flex Fit insole I know they will last her through the whole season.

Within the Pediped footwear system there are three ranges: Originals (soft-soled shoes for newborns to age 2), Grip ‘n’ Go (thin rubber-soled shoes for children ages 9 months to 3 years) and Flex (rubber-soled shoes for children 1 to 8 years). I have got my eye on these divine little Eva shoes (USD $32, ages 0-24 months) for my youngest who is starting to turn into a very confident little walker these days.

Some interesting facts about Pediped:

  • Pediped has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for the promotion of healthy foot development so you can be sure your child’s feet are well looked after.
  • The Pediped footwear system has also recently been endorsed by researchers associated with Harvard Medical School and Children’s Hospital Boston.
  • Pediped likes to give back which is why they created the Pediped foundation. Since the company’s founding in 2005 Pediped has given nearly $1 million in product and monetary support to children in need.

If you want to be the first to know about the latest Pediped products and special promotions keep an eye on the Pediped Facebook page or follow Pediped on Twitter.

For more information about Pediped, to browse the latest range and to locate your nearest stockist visit