Bamboo Bargain: Save 40% at Linenly

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Jun 262019

During these chilly winter nights there is nothing I enjoy more than snuggling up in a nice warm bed with a good book. All evening I look forward to that wonderful moment of finishing my final chore of the day and sliding into bed. Although relaxing in bed sounds fabulous, when you know what’s hiding in your bedlinen it may not be such a good idea at all!

Australian company Linenly recognises not only the value of rest and relaxation, but also the importance of high quality organic materials and ethical production. Linenly has made it their mission to provide Australian families with beautiful 100% organic bamboo bedlinen that is both luxurious and loving for your health and the environment, ensuring you the sweetest of dreams night after night.

Carefully sourced by owner Luyang the entire Linenly range is made from silky soft 100% organic bamboo fibre which is completely free from nasty toxins or harmful substances (backed up by Oeko-Tex certification). Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and anti-microbial which makes it the perfect choice for eczema sufferers and those with other sensitive skin conditions.

Fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillow cases and even quilt covers, single, double, queen or king, Linenly has every bedroom covered. With a range of classy colours to choose from there is a Linenly look to suit your style and decor perfectly. Prices range from $44.95 to $239.95.

Want to discover the many benefits of bamboo for yourself without breaking the bank? Right now you can save a massive 40% on all Linenly bamboo sheet sets, now that’s what I call a sale! Prices as marked.

As we recently upgraded to a king size bed this was the perfect opportunity to spoil myself with some Linenly luxury too. My new bamboo sheets have just arrived and I can’t wait to put them to the test. Obviously I’ll make sure to share my thoughts a little later so keep an eye out for my review. I am excited!

To find out more about Linenly, to browse the range and to order online visit

Jul 152016

KicKee Pants

When I ordered my very first piece of KicKee Pants gear a few years ago it was love at first sight. I was very impressed by the gorgeous prints, super soft fabrics, comfy fits and excellent quality, so the brand has been a personal favourite ever since.

Romper KicKee Pants

With only a handful of Aussie stockists it is not easy for Australian mamas to get their hands on some KicKee Pants, but you can always count on eco boutique Avidiva to have some in stock:

KicKee Pants Popsicle TeeMade from a luxurious bamboo blend KicKee Pants clothing is gentle against delicate baby skin, it is also nice and stretchy so your baby can move around freely and keeps baby warmer in winter and cooler in summer. By choosing bamboo you are making an eco-friendly, sustainable choice, providing you with peace of mind that your precious bundle is not breathing in any nasty chemicals.

Jade Ruffle RomperAnyone who has met one (or all) of my youngest three girls as babies will recognise those pretty KicKee Pants ruffles. Ruffle footies, coveralls, pants, onesies and rompers, we’ve tried them all. I love how the simple addition of some sweet frills adds a special festive touch, whilst staying comfortable and practical at the same time. The KicKee Pants Stork Romper ($42, size 0-12m) is one my top ruffly picks, isn’t the jade colour divine?

KicKee Pants Crimson FootieThe range caters for trendy little boys and girls and from birth up to 3 years (depending on the style), there are even a few pieces for lovely mamas who enjoy a little bamboo luxury. As a mother of five I am a firm believer in buying quality product that is durable and stands many washes, KicKee Pants has proven over and over again that their clothing maintains its softness and shape so it’s a real winner for us.

KicKee Pants Romper

To find out more about Avidiva, to browse the KicKee Pants range and to order online visit

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Up to 70% off Kidsberry Closing Down Sale

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Jun 212016


After a bunch of birthdays, farewell parties, special achievements and other events that calls for gift giving our present cupboard is looking a little sad. I always like to be organised and keep gifts on hand for all kinds of occasions, that way I am never left empty handed. If your gift cupboard needs a refill too now is the time to stock up during the Kidsberry Closing Down Sale, there are huge savings up to 70% to be had:

Mother's Corn Bubbles SetThe Mother’s Corn Bubbles Set (RRP $19.99, now $8) consists of an innovative blowing tool, a 200ml bottle of bubble liquid and a special tray for your bubble liquid. The funky looking blowing tool and tray are made from corn starch and are non-toxic, antibacterial, biodegradable, BPA free and contain no environmental hormones, carcinogens and heavy metals. Now surely it can’t get much safer than that?

Mother's Corn Bubbles PNGThe unique Mother’s Corn bubble liquid is made of natural cellulose extracted from trees, which is generally used for medical or food additives in ice cream or bread so there is no need to worry about nasty chemicals. Even better, the blowing tool is specifically designed to prevent a backflow of liquid, making sure the bubbles only go away from and not into your child’s mouth. Kids love this special bubble liquid because it allows you to blow stackable, touchable bubbles, how awesome!

Mother's Corn Smart Toddler SetIf your little one is just starting to self-feed look no further than the biodegradable Mother’s Corn Feeding Range (now from just $5.48), made from corn this handy tableware is non-toxic and eco friendly so there will be no nasties making their way into your child’s food. Cute divided plates in different sizes, mugs, cups, bowls and more, all pieces are strong, microwave safe and durable so they can be enjoyed for years.

To find out more about Kidsberry, to browse the range and to shop the Closing Down Sale online visit

Natursutten giveaway

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May 172016


Today it has been 7 weeks since little miss Harriet had her tongue snipped. Initially I feared it had made no difference at all but slowly we are starting to see some great improvements. Breastfeeding is becoming easier, she is able to eat some solids and even manages to keep in her dummy for a short while (up until now it would just fall out).

Natursutten 1

Just like her older sister Harriet has taken a liking to the fabulous natural soothers by eco-label Natursutten. These European made pacifiers are made from soft, 100% natural, sustainable rubber and therefore contain no toxic chemicals, this makes them super safe for your baby and the environment.

Natursutten RoundAt first sight Natursutten Natural Soothers may look a bit funny but this innovative design is made out of one piece so there are no tiny gaps or joins for nasty bacteria or yucky residue to hide in (Have you looked at your baby’s dummy lately, and I mean closely?…. Exactly!). At the same time the one-piece design lowers the choking hazard, standard dummies are at risk of coming apart and as a result your baby could possibly choke on small particles.

Natursutten OrthodonticInitially I had my doubts about the unique shape of this dummy, the round shield is larger than normal and seemed big for such a little face. However once I read up on the Natursutten pacifier a bit more I started to appreciate this design a lot. The larger shield prevents baby from bending the rubber and fitting it in his/her mouth. It also nearly touches baby’s nose and in doing so it mimics the feeling of the mother’s breast, making this is a great dummy for breastfed babies like our Harriet.

You can find the Natursutten soothers (RRP $9.95, round or orthodontic) in store at Avidiva, choose from size Small (0-6 months), Medium (6-12 months) and Large (12 months +).

Natursutten 2

To find out more about Avidiva, to browse the Natursutten range and to order online visit

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May 082016


If you are a parent of young children you most probably have mixed feelings about fundraisers, I know I do. On the one hand we know that many schools and communities rely on them but on the other hand there are only so many sausages, chocolates and donuts one can eat! If you have had enough of seeing the same familiar fundraising events over and over again you will love this fresh new idea by ecostore:

The clean and green specialists at ecostore have put their hands together to come up with an exciting alternative for your next fundraising project, allowing you to raise money for your school, club, group or charity in a healthy way.

Good Soap boxThe Good Soap for a Good Cause initiative involves the sale of ecostore’s special Good Soap (80g), available in fresh Lemongrass or Grapefruit & Mint. At a RRP of just $2.50 per soap they are affordable for people to buy and easy to sell and a huge $1 of every soap goes to your cause, that quickly adds up! I know I would much rather purchase a few bars of soap for our family (and put some away as gifts) than buy yet another sausage on a roll.

Good Soap LemongrassSo what makes Good Soap so incredibly good? Not only do these bars of soap smell amazing, they are also completely free from nasty chemicals like cocamidopropyl betaine, propylene glycol or synthetic dyes, they are cruelty free and proudly made in New Zealand. Good Soap is gentle on your children’s skin and on the environment they grow up in, making it a good choice all around.

Good Soap GrapefruitTo help you get started ecostore has developed a special SOAPport kit that can be downloaded for free from the ecostore website. The kit includes flyers, tally sheets, a certificate template and a bunch of handy tips that will help you to make the most out of your Good Soap for a Good Cause event. Cute tip: The box of the Grapefruit & Mint Good Soap features a blank panel so you can include a message about your good cause.

Like the sound of this fun, fresh and fragrant fundraiser? Grab all ecostore fundraising details here, pick your favourite fragrance and place your order online, delivery is free Australia wide.

Good Soap Ecostore

To find out more about ecostore, to read up on the ecostore Fundraiser initiative and to start raising funds for your cause visit

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Oli & Carol

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Apr 022016

Oli & Carol

Poor Hattie. Six months immunisations, a tongue-tie release procedure and three teeth coming through, she is really having a rough few weeks. On my hunt for teething relief I stumbled upon these adorable baby toys by Oli & Carol, aren’t they just divine?

Oli & Carol Forest Range

Made from 100% natural rubber from Hevea Malaysian trees these whimsical delights are not only super cute but also super safe and gentle on your baby’s sensitive gums and delicate little teeth. Free from nasty chemicals like PVC, BPA, Phthalate and Nitrosamine and lovingly hand painted with food graded dyes they offer complete peace of mind for concerned parents.

Oli & Carol StrawberryYour baby can safely munch away on a rabbit ear, gnaw on (non-toxic!) mushrooms and chew on a brightly coloured strawberry, apple or pear, too cute! Designed with interesting textures, shapes, bumps, ridges and grooves there is lots to be discovered. Oli & Carol toys are biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly so they are a great pick for your precious bundle and the world we live in.

You can find the Oli & Carol range in store at Australian online store My Messy Room, prices start at just $14.95.

To find out more about My Messy Room, to browse the Oli & Carol range and to order online visit

Feb 212016


Drooling, chewing, biting, chomping, not sleeping and just plain grumpy… if this last week is anything to go by it won’t be long until Harriet’s first tooth will make its appearance. We know looking after those little toothy pegs is very important but it can also be a bit tricky, all parents want to do what is best for our children’s health but how do you know what is best?

Jack n' Jill

Eco-mama and Avidiva owner Caroline understands these worries perfectly and has found the answer for you in the shape of Jack n’ Jill. Developed and made right here in Australia this all-natural toothpaste takes the worry out of dental care and keeps those chompers healthy and clean from day 1.

Jack n' Jill ToothpasteJack n’ Jill toothpaste (RRP $6.50, 50g) is a fantastic natural formula that is free from fluoride, sugar, colour, SLS, preservatives, gluten and other yucky chemicals that are often hiding in children’s toothpastes. This means it is 100% safe for your precious bundle, even if accidentally swallowed (something that is hard to avoid while little ones get the hang of tooth brushing).

Jack n’ Jill toothpaste is rich is xylitol to fight tooth decay and organic calendula to soothe gums and comes in a range of yummy organic flavours that kids will love. We have been using Jack n’ Jill toothpaste for several years and blueberry is the hot favourite in our home, there are never any complaints about tooth brushing here!

Jack n' Jill Bio BrushNot only is Jack n’ Jill gentle on little teeth and gums, it is gentle on the environment too. Take the gorgeous Jack n’ Jill Bio Brush (RRP $5.50), it has soft, rounded nylon bristles for thorough cleaning and an ergonomic handle made from 100% corn starch. Once used you can break off the toothbrush head and place the handle into your compost where it will break down in just 90 days (on average) as opposed to clogging up landfill, now that’s eco!

Tooth & Gum BrushIn the early days you may find a toothbrush a bit tricky to get in there, as tiny as they are, locked jaws are a challenge to pry open! We have had great succes with the Jack n’ Jill Tooth & Gum Brush (RRP $6.95) with baby no.4 so we’ll definitely try the same with little Hattie. The soft medical/food grade silicone doesn’t feel as invasive as a normal tooth brush (it feels more like a teething toy) and by gently rubbing it over the teeth it easily cleans all around, job done without tears.

Jack n' JIll Bunny Gift Kit

Gift idea: With Easter just around the corner why not replace the basket of chocolate eggs by the awesome Jack n’ Jill Bunny Gift Kit (RRP $35.95), much healthier and no sugar-hit! This 5-piece gift set is filled with all your Jack n’ Jill favourites including a cute sleep-over bag and the bunny theme is a perfect fit for the occasion.

To find out more about Avidiva, to browse the range and to order online visit

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