Counting piggies at bedtime

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May 142016

Worlds Apart

After what feels like a very long week I am so glad it is finally weekend. I missed out on a Mother’s Day sleep-in last week so hopefully I can sneak in a snooze today or tomorrow. Getting our cheeky Sybil to stay in bed once we’ve put her down is not always easy but with a few little tricks we’re finally getting there. Our new helper is pink, totally adorable and loves jumping in muddy puddles, any guesses on what could it be?

Peppa 1

This gorgeous Worlds Apart Go Glow Buddy was received with open arms by our biggest Peppa Pig fan. In fact, when she opened up her new night light she wanted to go to bed immediately even though it was only midday. Who wouldn’t if they had a cute bedtime pal like this to light up the room and keep them company?

Peppa 4

The Peppa Pig Go Glow Buddy (RRP $39.95, ages 2+) is designed with little people in mind, she is easy to hold, lightweight, soft to touch and simple to use. Not only is she a sweet night light that gives a warm, pinkish glow, if you pick her up she instantly turns into a clever torch with a bright beam shining from the bottom (perfect for playing blanket forts, treasure hunts and shadow puppets).

Peppa 2

The Go Glow Buddy is cordless so you can easily move it around and works on 3AAA batteries. When in nightlight mode Peppa will automatically switch off after 15 minutes to save you battery, 5 minutes when in torch mode. She can be turned back on by pressing a simple button underneath. Sybbie can carry Peppa from room to room and take her along for midnight bathroom breaks, very handy.

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Aug 112015

Fake Bake

A little peek on the calendar will tell you that spring is exactly three weeks away. After such a long and cold winter I am sure we’re all very much ready for the warmer weather to arrive, I know I can’t wait to put my winter coat, scarves and boots away. Of course that healthy spring look doesn’t come without a bit of work, getting your lazy winter legs into summer shape might take some exercise but giving those milky whites a beautiful glow is surprisingly easy with Fake Bake:

Fake Bake range

The award-winning Fake Bake label is hugely popular with women all over the globe. From the girl-next-door to beauty experts and celebrities, everyone loves the instant sun-kissed look created by these market-leading self tan products.

Fake Bake ButterLotion, mouse, butter, moisturiser… with an extensive range of products to choose from Fake Bake is able to deliver the ultimate self-tan experience for every skin type and tanning situation. Gone are the days where you needed to book an expensive tan at your local beauty parlour, now you achieve quick, salon-style results in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else you feel the need for added glow) at a fraction of the costs. Prices start at just $22.

Fake Bake PerfectionUsing specially developed botanical ingredients Fake Bake has been able to remove nasty ingredients like parabens and artificial preservatives from its formula so you can safely achieve the sunny shade you are after. And that’s not all, thanks to naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose­ you can enjoy longer lasting (up to 50% longer), more natural-looking results too. Not sure where to start? The Fake Bake Tanalysis will help you out, you’ll be on your way to the perfect tan in no time.

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Mar 292015

Carol's Beauty

As the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler there is no denying it, summer has come and gone. I know many of you love a beautiful healthy summer glow and are a bit sad to see it replaced by milky white winter skin, so here’s a little trick to make the most of your little time in the sun:

Carol's Beauty Range

Carol’s Beauty specialises in certified organic, natural and 100% safe tanning products which allow you to sport that lovely tan we all adore without having to worry about nasty chemicals and synthetic ingredients, it’s a double win.

Carol's Beauty Sun Tanning Enhancer OilUsing natural tanning agents like carrot seed oil and henna extract Carol’s Beauty products can be used in combination with your favourite sun screen, keeping you safe in the sun while enhancing and speeding up your tan (naturally!). Not only does Carol’s Beauty help you to achieve a healthy glow, it looks after your skin too with moisturising ingredients like almond oil and bees wax.

Carol's Beauty Sun Enhancer Tanning LotionAll Carol’s Beauty products are proudly developed and made right here in Australia using high quality, Australian Certified Organic (ACO) ingredients. The current Carol’s Beauty range consists of Carol’s Sun Tanning Enhancer Lotion (RRP $34.99, 100ml) and Carol’s Sun Tanning Enhancer Oil (RRP $34.99, 150ml), handbag sized travel flacons (RRP $9.99, 30ml) are available too.

Make the most of your next walk around the block and pop on some Carol’s Beauty oil or lotion before you head out, Carol’s Beauty makes a little sun go a long way!

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