Dec 032015


Christmas Countdown – Day 3

These last weeks of term are so incredibly busy that I can’t wait for the laziness of school holidays to start. For our munchkins holidays are all about late breakfasts, good books, playing outside, awesome family outings, yummy baking and of course loads of crafty fun. Colorific has lots of cool and creative gifts to put under the Christmas tree, here’s one for the girl who loves a bit of fairy magic:

Sparkletopia Jewellery Set

If you are afraid of glitter you better click away, because FairyLites Sparkletopia is all about sparkles, shimmer, glitter and glam and the best part is: no glue! This gorgeous collection of craft kits is perfect for young designers aged 4-9 and with prices starting at just $14.99 it’s affordable too.

Sparkletopia Secret Diary KitWith a new year about to begin now is the time to start a new tradition like keeping a diary. This gorgeous Secret Diary Set will help your little girl design a cute sparkly (lockable!) diary, perfect for recording big adventures, short stories and lovely dreams. Using the special fairy wand tool and plenty of sticky charms, gems, stencils and sparkle sheets this colourful set is sure to keep her busy these school holidays.

If you’re looking for a set to entertain multiple children (great for siblings, friends, family get-togethers or even parties) you can’t go wrong with the Fairy Jewellery Set or the Charm Set Assortment. Both packs contain a range of smaller ‘projects’ so kids can share the Sparkletopia fun. I know my girls would love wearing a necklace, ring or cuff of their own design so this is definitely going to be on our school holiday to-do list.

FairyLites Sparkletopia

There are currently five different FairyLites Sparkletopia packs to choose from, each pack contains all the tools you need to design your own unique creations: charms, jewellery, a jewellery cabinet and even a diary, go on and add a sparkle to your day!

To find out more about Colorific, to browse the FairyLites Sparkletopia range and to locate a stockist near you visit

For your chance to win 1 of 5 FairyLites Sparkletopia packs (RRP $24.99, choose from Fairy Jewellery Set, Jewellery Cabinet Set and Secret Diary Set) enter our giveaway below:

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Jul 092015

Bloom Pops

What can I say, we’re four days into these school holidays and we’ve already seen more rain than during the whole month of June! Luckily we’ve got a lovely fireplace to keep us snuggly warm indoors and I stocked up on a whole range of awesome boredom busters so (so far) we’re keeping very busy and happy here at Hip Little One HQ. This awesome new range from the craft experts at Colorific was a massive hit with my two oldest daughters:

Clear off the table and watch your budding designers work their magic with Bloom Pops (ages 5-12). Think art and craft, glitter and gems, felt and fragrance, flowers and charms and you can see why this fabulous new collection of craft kits is so popular with young girls.

Colorific Bloom Pops

Bloom Pops fun is an easy 3-step ‘Pick, Stack and Pop’ concept that kids will get the hang of very quickly, after showing my girls (4 and 6 yo) once they did it independently without any trouble and I enjoyed 1,5 hour of peace and quiet, bonus! Pick your favourite felt shapes, colours and patterns, stack them up and decorate to your taste, then pop them together with the special Bloom Pop maker, easy as pie.

Bloom Pops BouquetThere are currently 9 different Bloom Pops packs available to create a range of exciting products eg. jewellery, hair accessories, a purse or even a flower bouquet. Unlike many craft kits on the market that are one-use-only Bloom Pops can be re-used over and over and you can change your designs as often as you like, this makes Bloom Pops excellent value for money. Simply ‘unpop’ and start again!

Bloom Pops packs are priced between RRP $14.99-$34.99 and are packed in large, attractive boxes so if you are looking for a great, affordable birthday gift that is sure to impress the birthday girl look no further. You can find the Bloom Pops range in store right now at leading toy retailers across Australia.

Bloom Pops packaging

To find out more about Colorific, to browse the Bloom Pops range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Jan 242014

Giggle Me Pink

Earlier this week I took the twins to school to pick up their uniforms and while they were very excited miss 5 was a little sad when she realised she won’t be wearing her favourite colour pink to school. Luckily I was able to cheer her up with the thought of a beautiful pink backpack and lunch bag, after all most girls have a soft spot for pink and pretty. If you are sending your little girl to school this year too make sure you check out Giggle Me Pink:

GMP BackpacksAustralian label Giggle Me Pink is designed here in Australia by lovely mum and daugher team Angela and Kate. Together they have created a lovely accessory collection for girly girls like mine who love pink and purple, sparkles and glitter and fairies and ballerinas. The range consists of backpacks, lunch bags, handbags and purses for little ladies who want to carry their treasures around in style.

Ballet BackpackGiggle Me Pink backpacks ($39.95) are a lovely mix of practical and pretty, because the eye wants something too! Featuring a zip closure for easy opening and closing and a side pocket to keep a drink bottle at hand the backpacks are perfect for daycare, kindy or a fun day out. The wide shoulder straps are adjustable so they can grow with your little girl and the bag can easily be carried or hung up by the handy little loop at the top.

GMP Fairy Lunch BagGiggle Me Pink lunch bags ($24.95) are sure to get young students excited about recess. Measuring 20 x 24 x 8cm these sweet lunch bags are a decent size and the insulated lining will keep lunch and snacks at the right temperature. Backpacks and lunch bags are available in matching designs, choose from Fairy Wings, Butterfly Wings, Ballet Tutu or Sequin Heart. I struggled to pick a favourite but decided on the Fairy Wings and judging by my daughter’s sparkling eyes it was the right choice.

To find out more about Giggle Me Pink, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit

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Dec 202012


By now pre-Christmas delivery has closed at most (if not all) online retailers and line-ups at the shops are getting longer by the minute, last-minute gift shopping is not pleasant! If you are still missing a few stocking fillers for the little ladies of the family I have one tip for you: Blingles.

The Blingles range is perfect for girls who love a good dose of glitter and glam and who enjoy being busy with their hands. Blingles lets you turn ordinary into fancy by sticking little gems on pretty much anything you can think of. To get you going each Blingles kit comes with several design templates but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be blinging ‘free-range’ in no time, wowing others with your very own unique designs.

The Blingles Accessory Pack ($20) contains a massive 250 gems (that’s a lot of bling!) as well as a photo frame, trinket box, key chain and more all ready to be decorated to your taste. This is a perfect gift for siblings or friends to enjoy together and good to have on hand for rainy (or very hot) days when you’re stuck inside. With so many components this box is sure to provide hours of entertainment (and some peace and quiet for mum).

How much peace and quiet does depend a bit on the age of the child, younger children will still need some help while older ones can easily bling away independently (the Blingles range is recommended for ages 6 and up). I helped my two 4-year olds quite a bit as they were decorating their Christmas cards last night, they absolutely loved doing it though and that is all that matters. Today they will finish off the colouring and the cards will be ready for family, friends and neighbours.

Handmade Christmas cards all 'blingled' up

Handmade Christmas cards all ‘blingled’ up

Blingles products are a hit with girls young and old and they are widely available at big retailers all over the country, just pick up some Blingles fun at your local K-mart, Target, Big W, Toys’r’Us or other big toy store. There are different Blingles kits available and with prices starting at just $10 they are a great stocking filler that won’t break the bank.

To find out more about Blingles, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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