Nov 172014


I know some people say Christmas decorations shouldn’t go up before the first of December (or if you are Dutch like me you have to wait until after Sinterklaas) but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your shopping yet. Most of the items on my December gift list are already ticked off and last week I dropped by Target and purchased some lovely pieces for our Christmas lunch:

Celebrate Christmas Table

White and sparkly, purple and glittery, pink and shiny, there are plenty of modern Christmas colour schemes to choose from but personally I like the traditional colours. I love a beautifully made up table and as a family of six I have plenty of big family gatherings ahead of me, it’s so much fun setting the Christmas table for a lovely group of special people.

Celebrate Share Plate

Especially for the December celebrations Target has released a festive range of tableware in a classic red and white colour scheme, just how I like it! The exclusive Celebrate collection captures the essence of Christmas (or any other special occasion) with words like joy, share, friends, celebrate, family and enjoy printed on beautiful and practical tableware. From porcelain plates and serving platters to glass tumblers and champagne flutes and from cake stands and butter bowls to table cloths, placemats and much more, they’ve got your next party covered.

Celebrate Butter Bowl

With 4 young children and a bunch of cousins and little friends I am afraid lengthy, fancy meals are out of the question so we’re keeping it simple this year with lots of yummy ‘easy’ dishes that can be enjoyed in between games, play and stories. Homemade herb butter in this sweet Celebrate Bowl with Spreader ($10) with freshly baked baguette served on the Celebrate Sandwich Platter ($15), a refreshing fruit salad, quiche, vegies and dips, Dutch cheese and plenty of other tasty treats to fill hungry tummies of all sizes, it may not be your traditional Christmas lunch but I have no doubt my kids will give the menu the thumbs up.

Celebrate Serving Platter

Of course you all know I like to shop smart so I made sure to combine some of the special Christmas pieces with a few ‘plain’ items for everyday use. The red table runner ($5) and large Canteen Plates ($7) can be purchased all year around and with their bright red outside these simple yet elegant plates are the perfect match for the smaller Celebrate Plates ($15 per 3-pack), they look just beautiful together. Next to the plates I will pop a Celebrate Christmas Cracker ($7 per 6-pack), I know the jokes are usually not the best but my kids love them anyway and the little hats make for the cutest photos.

Celebrate Enjoy Plate

Now that the twins have learnt to write they are very keen to give each of their school buddies a Christmas card on the last day of term so on my way out I quickly grabbed a few packs of these Handmade Christmas Cards ($4 per 10-pack), they are very strategically placed next to the checkouts so you can’t miss them. The cards feature the same beautiful words as the rest of the Celebrate range and they’re very well priced, bonus!

Celebrate Christmas Cards

To find out more about Target, to browse the range and to locate a Target store near you go to

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Jan 112014

Back 2 School Target

Confession time: In two short weeks my babies are starting school and I am terrified, in fact I am losing sleep over it. Kindy was sort of okay but now they are going to (insert scary voice here) ‘the big school’. Since I never went to school here in Australia I am extra nervous about it all, probably more nervous than they are! Everything about school is different in The Netherlands, from the age they start school (there is no such thing as kindy, Dutch children start primary school at 4 years old) and what/how they teach to the fact that Dutch children don’t wear uniforms and come home to eat their lunch.

This whole Aussie school business may be totally new to me and I am feeling completely lost on most fronts, but when it comes to shopping school supplies I think I’ve got it all under control:

Boys RunnersWith the school booklet in hand and some helpful advice from other mothers under my belt I managed to put together a complete shopping list that covers absolutely everything, or so I hope. From school uniforms and school shoes (don’t forget the runners) to lunchboxes and drink bottles and of course all the necessary school stationery bits, almost all items on my list are now ticked off so we’re good to go.

Master 5's pick: Printing Paper and new textas

Master 5’s pick: Printing Paper ($3) and new textas ($3 per pack)

NotebookWith only two weeks of school holidays left you’ll probably find that you just don’t have time to go from store to store to collect (amd compare prices for) all your school supplies. Luckily Target is offering a helping hand with a huge range of Back to School products at the best prices, allowing you to enjoy a one-stop-shop and be done in a flash. You can even shop ‘all the tools, all the cool’ online so you don’t have to leave home!

Miss 5 spent her $10 wisely, a savvy shopper just like mum

Miss 5 spent her $10 wisely, a savvy shopper just like mum

Lexar USB StickTimes have changed a lot since I went to school (and that’s not even that long ago!) and these days kids need more than just a nice pencil case filled with a new set of pencils, a gluestick and an eraser. It won’t be long before my little students will need USB sticks, endless supplies of printing paper and even their own tablet, call it the digital days. I was glad to see Target has those areas covered too with affordable options that won’t break the family budget.

42 piece Stationery Set, a bargain at just $5 each!

42 piece Stationery Set, a bargain at just $5 each!

To help you with your Back to School shopping we are giving away a $50 Target gift card, get your entries in below.

To find out more about Target, to browse the Back to School range and to shop online visit

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Jun 172013

Cheeky Pickle

Sneakily I was pretty chuffed with our bread dough creations from last week, but of course there is always boss above boss when it comes to handmade treasures. Australia houses a lot of amazing artists and I know many of you love buying handmade pieces but you do need to know where to find them so I love sharing some my latest discoveries with you. This week’s handmade medal has to go to Cheeky Pickle, I think you will love their delightful range:


Cheeky Pickle Owl PrintCheeky Pickle is the love baby of Ali Benyon, a talented Melbourne designer with a keen eye for style, design, texture and patterns. She combines these interests in her own unique range of handmade, stitched paper designs featuring a range of different themes. From the sweetest animals and beautiful flowers to cute nursery designs and even personalised styles, what could be ordinary pictures turn into eye catching when Ali is finished with it.

Cheeky Pickle Light House PrintIf you are looking for a special piece to decorate your wall or compliment your nursery a Cheeky Pickle Art Print could be just what you are looking for. Each Cheeky Pickle Art Print ($24) is an (unframed) print of an original, stitched paper collage by Ali. The prints are full of beautiful little details; the wonderful colours, different patterns and most importantly the delicate stitching make each print a striking piece of art.

Cheeky Pickle FoxAs the prints are A4 size it is super easy to find a suitable frame for them and you can select a frame that really suits your room and decor. If you love Ali’s handywork you will be pleased to know that there is a range of Cheeky Pickle Gift Cards and Cheeky Pickle Gift Tags available too, the same wonderful handstitched designs but in bite-size pieces will add a lovely touch to a sweet gift or personal message. How gorgeous is this adorable fox from the Woodland Collection?

Cheeky Pickle Girl Theme

To find out more about Cheeky Pickle, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit Shipping is free Australia wide.

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Jun 192012

When I had my twins, and later my third child, someone told me I was very lucky that they were all born in August. She answered my confused look by telling me about the ‘Big Toy Sale in July’ and how easy it would be for me (and others) to buy the kids great presents at fantastic prices. At the time I didn’t see myself rushing to the stores just for toys but a few years on and I am scanning the toy sale catalogues just like any other mum. This week Australia’s Biggest Toy Sale kicks of at Target and I have already got my list ready for the VIP night this Wednesday.

First of all, you don’t have to attend the store to enjoy the big savings, you can easily browse and order the toys online and get them delivered at home or pick them up from your local Target store. Christmas shoppers can put their favourite toys on Lay-by for pick-up/delivery in November. Now that’s bargain shopping made easy: no parking, no hiding Christmas toys from curious little eyes and no lining up at the checkout.

I myself have my eyes on a few things from the Toy Sale Catalogue that are going to be perfect for our trip to Europe, I had sneakily been hoping to pick them up on sale close to our departure so I am glad I waited. The first thing I will be searching for is two Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Cameras ($50). The kids will be so excited to be taking their own pictures, at the airports, on the plane and of course during the holiday. Can’t wait to see their shots!

I am also hoping to pick up some new games for our LeapPad and Leapster Explorer, the LeapFrog games are fantastic and will keep the twins busy for ages on the plane. At 25% off these LeapFrog games are well priced so I think we’ll get two and they can swap half way through the trip. If you don’t have a LeapPad or Leapster Explorer yet you can buy them in the Toy Sale with good discounts too.

Obviously I don’t want to forget about my youngest but she is a little tricky to buy for, she just always wants what the bigger kids have. However I am quite sure I can’t go wrong with this Fisher-Price Little People Doodle Pro ($19). She absolutely loves drawing and it will save me bringing a supply of paper and picking up crushed crayons. The Doodle Pro will also be perfect for play guessing and drawing games with the older two, a great travel toy and currently 30% off.

To find out more about the Target, home of Australia’s Biggest Toy Sale, to browse the Toy Sale Catalogue and to order (or layby) your favourite toys online visit

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