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Oct 152020

When we booked our European adventure last year, we could not ever have imagined how the world would be turned upside down just a few months later. No amazing new memories with our Dutch family, no exploring new countries and cities, no tasting new foods or trying new languages… it was a such a disappointment when our tickets were cancelled indefinitely. However through a stroke of luck the kids have still been able to go on a (virtual) trip around the globe, thanks to this amazing invention from Oregon Scientific:

At first sight you may think this is just another ordinary world globe, but I can assure you there is nothing ordinary about the SmartGlobe Explorer AR (RRP $399, Ages 5+). Using clever interactive technology the award-winning design allows children to learn all about the world they live in, the earth they live on and the solar system they are surrounded by. Come and explore with us!

The large SmartGlobe is absolutely packed with features and even after months of investigating there is still so much more left to discover. With a simple touch of the special SmartPen children can explore over 220 countries, learn 20,000+ interesting facts, play 42 educational games and so much more. From countries to capitals, from continents to currencies, from languages to landmarks, from anthems to animals, from the weather to world time, the SmartGlobe is an endless well of information for young and old.

But there is more to the SmartGlobe Explorer AR than meets the eye. As the world’s first and only ‘open’ globe in the market the SmartGlobe opens up to reveal a unique view of the earth’s interior, as well as the solar system. Grab your SmartPen and learn all about the planets, find their place in the milky way and delve deeper into the layers of the earth. The SmartPen is wireless, rechargeable and is stored safely at the back of the unit when not in use.

By downloading the SmartGlobe App onto your smart phone you can actually bring your SmartGlobe to life, simply move your phone around the globe and be treated to a fabulous augmented reality experience. Watch exotic animals walk into your screen, visit famous landmarks and even check out delicacies from around the world. You can also use the app on its own, which is great fun on-the-go when you’re not near your SmartGlobe, and test your world knowledge with a cool quiz or two.

As a mum of six children I particularly love that this design caters for different ages and interests, making it a valuable investment for growing families. By selecting the right age group (Ages 5-8, Ages 9-14 and Ages 15+) you can automatically customise the SmartGlobe content to match your child’s development stage. This keeps things interesting, age appropriate and fun, no matter how old your child is. Siblings and friends can also enjoy learning together because the SmartGlobe allows for up to 4 multi-players, now that’s what I call family friendly!

Of course the world’s facts and figures are forever changing, so to ensure your SmartGlobe teaches your children the latest and most accurate information Oregon Scientific offers unlimited updates to your SmartGlobe for the first 12 months (from date of registration). After this you can access updates for a small fee of $14.99 per year.

Hip Tip: Sign up for the Oregon Scientific newsletter to receive a 10% discount code for you to use on your first purchase, bonus!

To find out more about Oregon Scientific, to take a closer look at the SmartGlobe Explorer AR and to order online visit

Jun 192017

EK Books

After spending twelve fun-filled months with our five little friends in A Canadian Year it’s time to continue our world trip. This time we’re going to explore a destination a bit closer to home in the latest A Kids Year adventure, New Zealand here we come!

In A Kiwi Year (RRP $19.99) we are taken by the hand of tour guides Mason, Charlotte, Oliver, Ruby and Kaia who can’t wait to tell us all about life in New Zealand. Come discover the special traditions, favourite places, typical New Zealand foods, fun celebrations and other unique things that make their home country so amazing.

In Summer Kiwi kids spend time at their bach or crib (a holiday house), they wear their Jandals, eat Hokey Pokey ice cream and celebrate Waitingi Day. They also love exciting activities like tramping and biking in the mountains, black water rafting, bungy jumping and you can even dig your very own hot pool at the beach, there is no time to get bored.

When the weather cools down and the rainy season starts you have to wear your gumboots and take a brolly but don’t worry, there is still plenty to do! How about a tram-trip to Auckland’s Museum of Transport and Technology, a look-out from the Sky Tower, a dip in in the Hot Springs of Rotorua or a visit to the Orana Wildlife Park? You may spot one of New Zealand’s many native birds (eg. Kiwi, Kakapo, Weka or Takahe) or see beautiful nature like silver ferns or Kowhai trees.

I especially love New Zealand’s December festivities. Kiwis have their own native Christmas tree (a pohutukawa), they sing along to Te Haring, enjoy a Christmas Hangi (a traditional Maori way of cooking) and wish each other a Meri Kirihimete. Merry Christmas everyone!

You can find the A Kids Year series in leading book stores across Australia.

To find out more about EK Books, to browse more Tania McCartney books and to order your favourite titles online visit

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Jun 092017

EK Books

Over the past few years Aussie author Tania McCartney has taken us on some fabulous A Kids Year adventures, showing us a glimpse of what life is like for children living in a range of interesting countries and cities around the globe. This month you’re invited to travel with us to two brand new destinations, for our first trip you may want to put on your gloves and pack your beanie as we’re heading all the way to Canada:

In A Canadian Year (RRP $19.99) we meet five Canadian kids who each have their own history and story to tell. Over the course of the book, which is divided over 12 months, these young Canadians share about their families, the languages, the weather, the food, the places they live, their hobbies, favourite Canadian festivities and more through fun, colourful illustrations… Come and meet Chloe, Oki, Ava, Liam and Noah!

Being so very different to Australia our kids love reading all about this foreign country, they can’t imagine what -30°C feels like but they sure get very excited about the sound of ice hockey, sled races, skiing and riding the toboggan. Everyone is chatting  about igloos and ice hotels, we discover the meaning of Inuit and why houses in North Canada are built on stilts.

But Canada does get sun too, which is when Canadian kids go berry hunting, hiking in the Rocky Mountains or enjoy a weiner roast on the beach. Throughout the year they celebrate Peacekeepers Day, Canada Day, Vimy Ridge Day and there are plenty of other interesting celebrations that are new to us.

Want some more cool Canadian facts and inside scoop? How about  ‘Ogopogo’ (The Lake Okanagan monster), Loonies and Toonies (pocket money), Mounties (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), Bannock (Canadian flat bread) or Tartan Day? Once you’ve finished ‘A Canadian Year’ you’ll be a true Canada connoisseur.

You can find the ‘A Kids Year’ series in leading book stores across Australia.

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Nov 132014

Adventure Passport

Ever since our European adventure a few months ago the kids have been intrigued by different continents, countries and cities and are forever studying the world map to locate the places we’ve visited. Even if your child has never been outside of Australia they are able to learn more about the world we live in with their very own Adventure Passport:

Adventure Passport

From Europe to The Americas and from The Orient and Africa to Asia Pacific, each Adventure Passport (RPP $39.95) Geo Discovery Activity Kit will take your little explorer on a fun adventure around a different part of the globe.

Adventure Passport EuropeFriendly twins Preston and Sienna are off travelling the world and they would love to keep your child in the loop by sharing all about the people they meet, the things they see, the languages they learn, the animals they spot, the things they eat and much more. Created with children aged 5-10 in mind these colourful kits are fun, educational and interactive and they make a fabulous holiday project.

Adventure Passport The AmericasEach kit contains letters from the twins’ latest holiday destination, a map, an oversized toy passport to personalise, sticker sheets, photos and a fabulous selection of activities based on your chosen part of the world, all neatly packed together in a cool little suitcase. If you’ve been looking for a way to spark your child’s interest in geography Adventure Passport is exactly what you need!

There are currently 4 different Adventure Passport kits to choose from, where would you like to go next? Please note that Adventure Passport kit contents may differ from the pictures. You can find the Adventure Passport range in the Coccinella store at super stylish market place Down That Little Lane.

Adventure Passport kit

To find out more about Down That Little Lane, to browse the Coccinella store and to order online visit

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