Jul 202018

Right when I feared that the madness of these crazy, loud, messy school holidays with six kids would get to me I was rescued, just in time. Yesterday sanity arrived in the shape of a bunch of adventurous garden dwarfs called Gnomeo and Juliet and our 7-year old Juliet was super excited to see ‘herself’ on the big screen once again:

In Sherlock Gnomes we catch up with loveable garden gnomes Gnomeo and Juliet (who we met in their first movie adventure). The adorable blue and red hatted gnomes are about to move into their own piece of London ‘paradise’ but first the place will need a good tidy up, and we all know renovations cause friction in the best of relationships…

In an attempt to bring back the love Gnomeo tries to surprise Juliet with a special flower. Unfortunately things don’t exactly go to plan and to top it off they return to find all of their gnome friends have disappeared. Time for dwarf detective Sherlock Gnomes, accompanied by his side kick Watson, to start an investigation. Will they be able to return the gnomes and restore peace in the garden (and in the marriage)?

Sherlock Gnomes is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD at all good retail stores across Australia.

To take a closer look at Sherlock Gnomes or other exciting new releases and to order your favourite titles online visit www.theviewinglounge.com.au.

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Oct 222015


Now that Spring is well and truly here it’s time to get your home and outdoor area ready for a Summer long of entertaining, true Aussie style. Dust off the outdoor setting, oil the deck, trim the bushes and mown the lawn so you can send out the invites for your first BBQ of the season. As always you can count on the party specialists at PartyLite to make your next get-together a stylish one:

PartyLite Garden Vines

The latest PartyLite catalogue (Everyday Vol.2, 2015) is filled with new fresh and fragrant arrivals that are sure to deliver a real Spring experience. Looking for some inspiration? Put your feet up and click through the beautiful full-colour catalogue online or get a group of girlfriends together for a relaxing PartyLite party in the comfort of your own home.

Garden VinesOne of the highlights of the current outdoor collection is this beautiful Garden Vines Hanging Votive Holder (22cm, RRP $75 each or $135 per set) in classy bronze-coloured metal. It looks amazing hanging from your veranda using the included chain and even more eye-catching when you combine multiple Garden Vines Hanging Votive Holders hanging at different heights. Bonus: I love how the extra height keeps the candles away from curious little hands.

Peach Honey CitronellaOf course you can also place the candle holder on your outdoor table as a unique centre piece for your next dinner party, while enjoying the scent of your favourite PartyLite candle. The glass cup inside is the perfect fit for the famous PartyLite votive candles or tealights, which are available in an extensive range of wonderful fragrances to suit your personal taste, the season or special occasion. The sweet and summery Peach Honey Citronella blend is the perfect pick for the warmer months ahead.

To find out more about PartyLite, to browse the latest catalogue or took book a PartyLite party visit www.partylite.com.au.

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Jul 212015

Penguin Australia

Graeme Base has done it again! This time the talented Aussie artist is inviting young readers into Uno’s special garden to meet a range of interesting creatures and learn about numbers along the way in Uno’s Garden Counting Book:


Sleepy Snortlepigs and Timid Tumbletops, Magnificent Moopaloops and Feathered Frinklepods, I bet you haven’t seen those in your backyard before! These quirky looking garden-animals make your everyday earwigs, worms, spiders and millipedes look a tad boring.

Uno's Counting Garden Book

Explore Uno’s Garden by unfolding the flap in this lovely Aussie picture book, study Graeme Base‘s colourful illustrations and count the animals on each page, can you spot them all? It’s a gorgeous book to help kids practise the numbers 1-10 in a playful way and with so many things to look at it will keep little readers entertained for ages.

Uno's Garden Counting Book

To find out more about Uno’s Garden Counting Book (RRP $14.99) by Graeme Base, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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Spring Party Style (on a budget!)

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Oct 142014


Spring is here and so is party season. When you have four children like me you are bound to receive a big pile of party invitations and of course the kids love wearing something special which can be a costly business. Don’t worry, thanks to Target‘s Everyday Low Prices you can get the kids party pretty with a pleasant price tag:

Target Kids Spring Dress

Miss 6 is a real girly girl and would be horrified to be sent to a party in anything else but a dress. She would wear dresses every day if she could so I am not surprised by her Target pick, the Girls Star Print Pleat Dress ($25, size 1-7) was made for her. I absolutely love the navy colour, so classy and timeless and very forgiving when it come to little spills, after all a party wouldn’t be a party without a few accidents. The dress closes with buttons at the back for easy dressing and has an elasticised waist to add a nice shape, the pleated skirt always falls down nicely so there is no need to constantly pull on it to keep it neat.

Target Girls star Print Dress

Now I couldn’t find the Girls Spotted Playsuit ($20, size 1-7) online so you’ll have to pop into your local Target store for this one. This super stylish playsuit was the first thing I spotted in store and I knew it would be perfect for miss 4. It was a bit tricky to find the right size, size 4 was just too long in the leg so I went with size 3 (she has a gorgeous ’round’ shape so it’s a tad tight around her belly but I think it only makes her more adorable). Nice bonus: Being a bit more fitted at the ankle the suit won’t drag over the ground so it won’t get damaged or dirty as easily.

Target Girls Spotted Playsuit

The youngest of our bunch is always moving, still a bit wobbly on the legs and needs regular outfit changes so I decided to go for two separate pieces. This will allow you to change just the top or just the bottom if needed. Comfort and easy dressing is a big priority when shopping for a baby so the soft cotton Girls Sorbet Lace Back Tank ($8, size 1-7) and Girls Nautical Daisy Tiered Skirt ($15, size 1-7) are ideal, they’re both easy to mix and match with other items in her wardrobe and the lace detail on the back of the singlet is so cute.

Target Girls Lace Back Singlet

Master 6 sees a garden party as the perfect opportunity to run, climb, jump, roll and be silly with his friends so I went for casual and practical with the Boys Woven Shorts ($15, size 1-7) in green and the Boys Number Print Tee ($8, size 1-7). They are comfortable, easy to wash and wear and toilet breaks are a breeze thanks to the soft, stretchy waistband. As he is the most boisterous of our kids I know clothes may not last that long and with affordable price tags like this I don’t have to be too upset about a stain or a green knee (in saying that I didn’t pick green shorts for no reason).

Target Boys Woven Shorts

I couldn’t resist scooping up an extra little outfit for miss Sybbie, as soon I as saw these gorgeous Girls Floral Print Shorts with Belt ($15, size 0-24m) I knew I couldn’t leave the store without them. The pastel colours are very much on trend and the floral print just screams ‘spring’, how sweet is the plaited belt? (I would like one for myself too!). I teamed the shorts up with the Baby Girls Stripe Tee with Pocket ($10, size 0-24m), together the set cost me just $25 which I think is a very fair price.

Target Girls Floral Print Shorts

To find out more about Target, to browse the range and to locate a Target store near you go to www.target.com.au.


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Oct 092014


Lazy Sundays, daylight savings, sunny weather, great friends and yummy barbecue dinners, Summer season has kicked off (even if slightly hesitant to start with) so we christened it in style with a fun game of KLOP:


Originally born in beautiful Finland this super trendy game is now available in Australia and it’s tossing over Australians one KLOP at a time. KLOP (RRP $59.95) is a fun outdoor game for all ages, it’s perfect for birthdays in the garden, picnics at the park, afternoons on the beach, evenings at the caravan park and anywhere else you can get together with a group of people who love a good game.

KLOP gameEach KLOP game consist of 12 chunky wooden pegs, a ‘chuck’ and a score block, all neatly packed together in a sturdy wooden storage box with carry handle. The pegs are set up in starting position and you use the chuck to toss over the pegs, it has a bit of a Flintstones feel to it. You may think KLOP is just another ordinary bowling game but it is much more than that, it really gets your brain working as you use your strategic skills to reach the required score.

All players take turns tossing the chuck to knock over the pegs, obviously you can set any goal you like but the basic KLOP game aims for a score of exactly 50. If you toss over multiple pegs you add the number of pegs to make up your score but if you toss over 1 single peg the number on the peg marks your score, all scores are noted in the scoring book. Each throw changes the location of the pegs so every round you have to recalculate how many more points you need, then locate and knock over the peg(s) that can give you the points you’re after.


Adult players will love the strategic side of this game, having to earn an exact number of point is not as easy as it sounds and requires a bit of thinking ahead. If you love a game that gets those radars turning KLOP is just what you need! Younger players, even if they are too little to add up, will love a good throw of the chuck and every peg down is a step closer to the finish, you can just simplify the game by crowning the first person to reach 50 or more the winner.

To find out more about KLOP, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.klop.com.au, shipping is FREE Australia wide.

Feb 172014

Vuly logo

If you regularly read our updates on the Hip little one Facebook page you may remember that we were considering purchasing a trampoline for our little tribe. After lots of researching, comparing, reading reviews and asking around we finally decided on one and ordered the Vuly Thunder from Australian outdoor play specialist Yardgames:

Vuly Thunder

Vuly Thunder

Born in 2008 right here in Australia the Vuly brand is now one of the biggest names in trampolines, you can find their trampolines in backyards all over Australia and around the world. Following the success of the original model (the Vuly Classic) Vuly last year released a brand new, innovative and highly anticipated design called the Vuly Thunder, a revolutionary trampoline designed to be strong, safe and have the best bounce of any recreational trampoline in existence. I thought that sounded pretty awesome so I set out to find out more.

Unlike most other trampolines the Vuly Thunder is made without traditional coil springs, instead it uses super strong, quiet and extremely bouncy, leaf springs, eliminating the risk of limbs getting stuck in springs and removing the annoying clanging noise that many trampolines make when in use. Because the mat and the net are one piece there is no slipping off the trampoline either making it extremely safe for our precious bundles.

Vuly versus Springfree, a question we asked ourselves too. I’ll admit that we did consider a Springfree but after comparing the two we made up the balance and felt the Vuly Thunder ticked all the boxes for us, had some great benefits over the Springfree and was simply much better value for money.

Vuly Thunder in action

The Vuly Thunder in action

One of the first things people look at when buying a trampoline is the size. You want a trampoline that can accommodate your own children (and any little guests that come to visit), now but also as they grow. As a family of six we knew we had to invest in a big trampoline so we decided on the Vuly Thunder XL, a round trampoline with a jump mat diameter of 3.8m. The Vuly Thunder is also available in size M (2.5m diameter) and L (3.2m diameter) for smaller yards/families.

No matter how big (or small) your trampoline is, the fact that it is big enough doesn’t mean it can hold the weight of the jumpers so the weight limit is extremely important. As we have four children it is likely there will be multiple children, and sometimes an adult, on it at the same time so we wanted to make sure our new trampoline could handle the weight. The Vuly Thunder, regardless of which size you choose, has a massive weight limit of 150kg (that means even hubby and I can have a jump together!). Only the biggest and most expensive Springfree has a 150kg limit, the others can only hold 115kg.

Also very important is the weight of the trampoline itself. The Vuly Thunder is a very solid and extremely heavy trampoline which is very important in our windy neighbourhood, the Thunder XL weighs in at more than 250kg so it won’t blow away with a strong gust of wind. For comparison, even the biggest Springfree trampoline comes in at less than 150kg.

Fun and exercise in one

Fun and exercise in one (inside the Trampoline Tent)

Obviously a trampoline is a big investment so you want to make sure you are buying a high quality and very safe product that will last the distance. The Vuly Thunder is designed with strong, heavy duty, thoroughly tested parts and does not involves any nuts, bolts or screws so it is not only easy to set up but there is also no chance of screws becoming loose leading to a potentially dangerous situation.

Zip Free Trampoline Entrance

Zip Free Trampoline Entrance

You may not be able to do the same tricks (yet) as the Olympic medalists that tested the Vuly Thunder but you can definitely try whilst being safely protected by Australia’s tallest trampoline safety net. The strong mesh is not too loose and not too rigid and has small holes so fingers and toes won’t get caught. The net is stitched to the mat so jumpers won’t tumble off the trampoline.

After having seen several Springfree trampolines with broken zips around the entrance, and hearing from others users with the same issue, we felt this was a big worry as it leaves an open door for kids to fall out and get injured. The entrance of the Vuly Thunder is completely zip free, instead the safety net and the door opening overlap. This layered designed allows for a tight side opening (admittedly a bit of a squeeze for an adult) that is not accidentally accessible while jumping.

Fun on the HexVex Mat

Fun on the HexVex Mat

The Vuly Thunder is fitted with a super bouncy mat with HexVex print which adds a whole new dimension of play to your trampoline. From a game of Trampoline Twister to Mimic Me and Story Hop, kids will have no trouble coming up with new games to play using the fun illustrations on their Thunder.

Unlike most other trampolines the Vuly Thunder comes complete with free trampoline skirt which looks neat and keep limbs, toys and animals from getting under your trampoline. Another bonus is the handy step that is built into the frame, removing the need for a ladder, Springfree trampolines are delivered without ladder and it will cost you an extra $99 to add one.

The bonus Trampoline Tent is awesome!

The bonus Trampoline Tent is awesome!

If you keep an eye on the Yardgames website you will notice that there are regular offers for a free Vuly Trampoline Tent when you purchase your trampoline. This is an awesome accessory that our kids absolutely love, you can use the complete tent with roof and sides or just the roof alone, transforming your trampoline in a super cool cubby.

Quite the adventure, 'camping' on your Trampoline

Quite the adventure, ‘camping’ on your Trampoline

By buying your Vuly trampoline through Yardgames, a registered Vuly reseller, you can rest assured you will receive full warranty, ongoing support and half price spare parts for the life of the trampoline directly from Vuly Australia.

When you add all these great features and bonuses up the Vuly Thunder came out on top for value, quality, safety and fun and we’re super thrilled with our purchase. If you happen to walk by our yard you’re sure to hear lots of laughter and giggles thanks to Vuly.

To find out more about Yardgames, to browse the Vuly range and to order your own Vuly trampoline online visit www.yardgames.com.au.

Explore the outdoors with HABA (+ save $15)

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Dec 222013


Next week we’re off for a few nights away in beautiful Halls Gap, it’s is such an amazing place and even though we’ve been there a few times before we never get bored by it. From kangaroos and emus to cockatoos and lizards, from waterfalls to mountain tops and of course wonderful flowers, there is so much to see and do! If your kids like exploring the outdoors too they will love these fun HABA toys from Where Did You Get That?:

Terra Kids Key Ring CompassI don’t know about your children but I know my little tribe would absolutely love a real compass like this Terra Kids Key Ring Compass ($14.95). Both fun and educational this cool gadget is a real must-have for your mini Bear Grylls, take it with you on walks in the neighbourhood, while out camping or when visiting your local park. Just like a real adventurer you can clip your compass onto your belt or backpack so it’s always within reach.

Terra Kids Beaker MagnifierWhether you are playing in your own backyard or are out in the real bush, there are always plenty of creepy crawlers around that make a very interesting study object. If you’re game enough you can pop the little wrigglers in this Terra Kids Beaker Magnifier ($8.50) and inspect them up close, or if you prefer to leave them in their natural habitat just use the Terra Kids Key Ring Pendant Magnifier ($7.95) instead. Like the compass it attaches to belt/backpack so you won’t lose it.

Other items in the range include a whistle, nesting box, camping light, LED lamp and more. The HABA Terra Kids range is designed with real, active children in mind and with prices starting at just $4.50 Terra Kids products make great gifts for birthdays, stocking fillers and even party favours.

HABA 'Terra Kids' range

HABA ‘Terra Kids’ range

Simply spend $60 or more at Where Did You Get That? and receive $15 off your order. Enter the code ‘THATGIFT’ at checkout, offer ends December 24, 2013.

To find out more about Where Did You Get That?, to browse the HABA range and to order online visit www.wheredidyougetthat.com.au.