‘Wonky Fruit & Vegetables’ giveaway

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Sep 162019

I’m sure by now you’ve all spotted the Coles ‘I’m Perfect’ fresh produce range and the ‘Odd Bunch’ section at Woolworths, but here’s a delightfully different alternative you’ve (most likely) not heard of before:

Dutch social enterprise Kromkommer (Krom means crooked, Komkommer means cucumber) has joined forces with sustainable play specialist and multiple award-winner Plan Toys to bring funky formed fruit and vegetables to toy kitchens around the globe. Grab a quirky apple and bumpy pear, add a two-legged carrot and heart-shaped tomato, throw in a curvy cucumber and you’ve got the Wonky Fruit & Vegetable Playset.

The Wonky Fruit & Vegetables Playset (RRP $50.99, 18 months+) is a powerful platter in many ways: It encourages children to use their imagination and grow social skills during pretend play, it helps budding chefs to develop fine motor skills as they cut their food with the (toddler-safe) toy knife, it stimulates logical thinking as kids match the food halves to make pairs, it teaches children about different fruits and vegetables and the importance of healthy eating habits AND it shows them that fruit and vegetables come in many perfectly imperfect shapes that are all tasty and worthy!

Loved and cherished across the globe Plan Toys are made from replenishable rubberwood which is preservative free and naturally processed. No harmful additives or colourings are used during manufacturing and the carefully selected water-based paints are safety certified, making Plan Toys a fantastic sustainable choice for modern eco-conscious parents. After all we all know pretend meals sometimes involve real bites or cheeky chomps and your child’s safety is Plan Toys’ priority.

Australian families can find the Wonky Fruit & Vegetable Playset at Knock On Wood ToysThe Coffee Apple, Amazon and Twigs Toy Boutique. Enjoy your meal!

To find out more about Plan Toys, to take a closer look at the Wonky Fruit & Vegetable Playset and to locate a stockist near you visit www.plantoys.com.

For your chance to win a Wonky Fruit & Vegetables Playset (RRP $50.99) hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter, good luck.

3 Natural solutions for your teething baby

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Jul 252015

Natural Teething Solutions

Brought to you by Heinz Infant

Lots of tears, crying and screaming, rosy cheeks, pulling the ears and chewing on everything they can get their hands on… when you spot these early signs of teething you know that first white bud can’t be far away. There is no straight answer to the question ‘When do babies start teething?’ as every child is different but a teething chart can give you some indication.

As mean as it sounds, there is no avoiding this horrible stage so it’s simply a case of battling through (You will get there, we all do!). If you are in desperate need of a few tried-and tested survival tips here are my three favourite teething remedies:

Teething Toys
Kangaroo TeetherTeething toys come in all shapes, sizes and colours but I myself particularly like the plain and simple wooden teethers which are usually finished with a food safe oil. The smooth, natural material and rounded shapes are perfect for little hands and baby can chew to its heart’s content without damaging those new teeth or inhaling nasty chemicals. Think ahead and look for designs with an interesting contour so they can reach the back molars too when they rear their ugly head.

Teething Oil
If your teething baby refuses to let you anywhere near those sore gums you may find a natural teething oil (eg. Grumpy Gums Teething Oil) applied around the ears and jawline is your best call. This gentle non-toxic formula contains safe essential oils well known for their anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, cooling and soothing properties which will help with the symptoms of teething and it’s great for teething rash too, nice bonus.

Grumpy Gums Teething OilThe molecules in essential oils are so tiny that they are instantly absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream so your unhappy baby should start feeling better in as little as ten minutes. Many parents swear by natural teething oil so talk to your fellow mummies or read the reviews online to find one that works for you, it could be just the gentle alternative for Panadol or Nurofen you are looking for.

Frozen Treats
Our four children have always been extra fussy with their meals when teething, so I found a frozen treat was the perfect way to combat those nasty teething pains, cool the gums and get some food into them at the same time. To create a soothing snack for your baby you can use a traditional ice lolly maker to freeze the food or add frozen fruit to a mesh baby feeder. From my experience even the grumpiest baby can be won over with a yummy ice block on a colourful stick, just be prepared for a bit of mess.

HEINZ Baby FoodIf you don’t have fresh fruit on hand or lack the time to cook and mash it, most mums are super busy as it is, you can still make a refreshing teething treat with one of the convenient Heinz Baby food jars. Heinz infant food is prepared right here in Australia and there are lots of tasty fruit combinations (and consistencies) available that babies love. They contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives making it a perfect healthy option and you can use these handy jars of goodness straight from your pantry or even the store shelf, it’s so quick and easy!

Zoku Quick Pop MakerA little tip: A few years ago we got the handy Zoku Quick Pop Maker which allows you to make ice lollies in just 7 minutes and it really is a fabulous invention. You keep the Zoku unit in your freezer permanently and when teething trouble strikes you grab it out, fill the slots with your child’s favourite Heinz baby food (or fresh fruit, juice or other ingredients), slide in the handles and minutes later your teething relief on a stick is ready!

You can check out the entire Heinz Baby range and nutritious recipes on the Heinz for Baby website or join the ‘Recipe for Happy’ conversation on www.facebook.com/HeinzForBabyAustralia.

If you have another awesome teething tip I would love to hear it, please share your mama wisdom below.

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Breakfast with George

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Apr 062015


With four young children to get ready our mornings are generally a crazy rush. Making breakfast (often different types to please everyone), packing lunches, dressing kids, changing nappies, braiding hair, last-minute homework and presentation checks, doing up shoe laces… there is lots to do and very little time to do it in. Quite often I end up walking out the door without having had breakfast myself which is obviously not very healthy. A few weeks ago things changed and I have been having breakfast with George most mornings.

George Foreman Mix & Go

‘George? Who is George?’ I hear you wonder. Don’t worry, I haven’t swapped my wonderful hubby for a new man. I am talking about the clever Mix & Go by George Foreman. ‘Breakfast with George’ is easy, quick, healthy, convenient and versatile, just the way I like it!

Mix & Go SmoothieThe Mix & Go (RRP $39.95, 300W) is a compact personal blender that allows you to create yummy smoothies at home in a matter of minutes. It’s the perfect kitchen gadget for busy people on-the-go as it blends single serve drinks directly into a 600ml, travel size drink bottle. Just grab a Mix & Go bottle, add your favourite ingredients and screw on the Mix & Go top with ice-crushing blades, pop this on the Mix & Go base and within no time your drink is made to perfection.

Milk, yoghurt, fresh fruit, juice, frozen berries, ice cubes, breakfast sprinkle… the Mix & Go enables you to create a drink that suits your needs, preferences and mood perfectly and as they are single serves you can make something different for everyone, after all not everyone likes the same things. Not unimportant, using the Mix & Go is also much more budget friendly than buying a smoothie at the shops and you know exactly what goes in your drink!

Mix & Go BottlesThere is no need to tip your drink over into another container, glass or bottle, just replace the Mix & Go blades by the Mix & Go bottle lid and you can run straight out the door with your fresh, healthy breakfast in hand. The Mix & Go comes complete with two 600ml, BPA free, dishwasher safe drink bottles. Additional Mix & Go Drink Bottles (RRP $9.95 each) are available in a range of fruity colours, so every family member can have his/her own personal Mix & Go bottle.

To find out more George Foreman, to browse the range and to discover delicious recipes online visit www.georgeforeman.com.au.

Mar 072014


Turning one is a pretty big milestone, one that deserves to be celebrated in style with a wonderful party. Now I don’t know about you but at our parties the food is often the highlight and I spend quite a lot of time baking and preparing yummy treats to fill all those hungry tummies. This year the big winner was not the beautiful birthday cake or the tasty cupcakes, it also wasn’t the plate of freshly made Dutch meatballs or vegies with dip sauce, the champion of the party was by far the home-made ‘ice cream’.

Yonanas Elite RedI can hear you thinking: ‘Isn’t little Sybil allergic to cows milk?’ and ‘I thought you’re into healthy foods, not sweet sugar loaded stuff like ice cream?’ You are definitely right but at the same time, a February birthday is bound to be sunny and warm and ice cream is a refreshing treat every party guest loves. Luckily it turns out you can truly have it all thanks to Yonanas, the healthy dessert maker.

Just in case you have never heard of Yonanas before, Yonanas is a clever kitchen gadget that turns frozen fruit into a delicious and healthy dessert (or afternoon snack or sneaky late night treat, whenever you feel like it!). Yonanas looks and tastes similar to soft serve ice cream yet it contains no dairy, added sugar, artificial colours or flavours or nasty preservatives so it’s great for all ages and most diets and (not unimportant) it’s guilt free. Yonanas is the new must-have kitchen appliance for modern, health conscious families.

So how does Yonanas work? The main ingredient of most Yonanas recipes is (surprise surprise) frozen bananas, a simple but magic way to recreate the soft, creamy texture, look and flavour of soft serve ice cream. The bananas need to be over-ripe so those spotty bananas on your fruit bowl or that bag of reduced bananas from your local fruit and vege shop are ideal, you’ll never throw out a banana again! Depending on your taste and mood you can add raspberries or mango, strawberries or pineapple, pear or melon; virtually any fruit can be turned into Yonanas, just make sure it’s very ripe and peel and chop before you pop it into the freezer.

Peel, chop and freeze

Peel, chop and freeze

After 24 hours in the freezer your fruit is ready to be made into a Yonanas treat. Take out a few pieces of bananas and any other fruit you like and let it thaw for ca. 10 minutes. Assembling the Yonanas maker takes only a few seconds, place a bowl under the chute and turn on the machine. Drop your banana pieces, alternated with any other fruit, down the chute, gently push it down with the plunger and watch your own homemade ‘ice cream’ fill up your bowl, so easy and so quick!

Yonanas Elite

Ready for some Mixed Berry Yonanas

Over the past few weeks we’ve tried many different Yonanas recipes from the Yonanas Recipe Book and the recipe section on the Yonanas website (you’ve got to love $2.49/kg bananas). We were blown away by all the options and it turns out your Yonanas maker can make plenty of non-banana recipes too as well as delicious fruit sorbets. Yonanas allows me to make a tasty and healthy after school snack for my hungry little students without having to worry about mystery ingredients and our little Sybil can happily eat Yonanas without getting an allergic reaction.

Instant and very healthy 'ice cream'

Instant and very healthy ‘ice cream’

Too often food allergy sufferers have to miss out on treats and snacks, something I realise even more since Sybbie’s diagnosis, so I love how Yonanas allows her to have a special treat too. If you have little (or big) food allergy sufferers in your family a Yonanas maker is a great investment for your kitchen and you’ll find you use it a lot.

Happy faces all around

Happy faces all around

Nice bonus: the recipe book includes quite a few ‘grown up’ recipe ideas, they look really fancy and impressive and you can just make them on the spot. Our family favourite, and the hit of the party, was by far mixed berry Yonanas which is really fresh and tangy, closely followed by my personal favourite cinnamon/cocoa Yonanas. If your guests insist on coming into the kitchen to check out how you made that yummy instant icecream you know Yonanas is a big success.

The Yonanas Maker is available in two different models, the Yonanas Original (RRP $89.95) and the Yonanas Elite (RRP $189.95) and a great range of colours to suit your kitchen decor.

To find out more about Yonanas, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.yonanas.com.au.

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Feb 092014


As much as I would like to become the queen of Bento lunches at some point in time I am afraid at the moment I am just a ‘boring’ ham sandwich mum. After two weeks of making school lunches for the twins I am still finding my way; what’s tasty and healthy, what’s easy to make and convenient to pack and eat and of course what’s cost efficient. Making lunch boxes more fun, nutritious and budget friendly is surprisingly easy with Squooshi:


Designed with busy families and active kids in the mind the colourful Squooshi Reusable Food Pouches allow you to make your very own squeezy food snacks at home. From yoghurt to vegie puree, from custard to fruit and grain combis, you get to decide what you fill them with. Pick your favourite ingredients depending on your diet, your mood, the weather, your day, the options are endless.

Squooshi Filling StationInstead of buying individual serves of yoghurt you can now buy your yoghurt in bulk or make your own vegie mix in the blender and split it into single portions at home, a huge money saver when you have multiple children in school. You can fill your Squooshi by hand, using the secure zip on the bottom of the pouch, or you can make life easy and invest in the Squooshi Filling Station which holds 500ml and can fill up to 7 pouches.

As the Squooshi range is reusable you are doing your share for the environment too, no more pre-packaged food pouches, yoghurt cups or disposable spoons to be added to landfill. All Squooshi pouches are completely free from BPA, Phthalates, PVC and lead so you don’t have to worry about any nasties ‘leaking’ into your child’s food. After use simply wash your pouch by hand or dishwasher and you’re ready to fill it up again with your next healthy combination.

Squooshi Geo PouchesSquooshi Food Pouches are now available at Whimsy Child in a range of different styles and print and two different sizes (70ml and 130ml) to suit little and big tummies. The friendly animal designs are perfect for cheering up little students at recess while the geometric print is a stylish pick for teenagers and adults on the go. Get the most out of your Squooshies with one of the great value kits complete with Content Labels, Replacement Caps and/or baby friendly Sip’n’Soft Tops.

To find our more about Whimsy Child, to browse the Squooshi range and to order online visit www.whimsychild.com.au.

A Christmas wish on a dish

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Dec 092013

Wholeberry Folk

A few months ago I picked up a gorgeous star-shaped muffin tray for just $3, I am always thinking ahead and figured it would be perfect for baking some yummy Christmas treats for our neighbours as opposed to traditional Christmas cards. Now you never really know how baked treats will turn out until you try so two weeks ago I did a quick test-run with a new home-style baking mix from Wholeberry Folk:

Wholeberry Folk

I would like to say that the cupcakes didn’t turn out very well and that’s why we had to eat them but that would be a lie. They turned out really well and were absolutely perfect but we still ate them all, without giving any to the neighbours… After trying one we just couldn’t resist, they were scrumptious. There are four different Wholeberry Folk cupcake and cookie mixes to choose from, we chose Banana Split (chocolate cupcake with banana icing) and it was delicious.

Ready to go in the oven

Ready to go in the oven

Not only were the Wholeberry Folk Banana Split Cupcakes really yummy, they are also preservative and additive free and made with only natural ingredients, real fruit, nutritious spelt flour and 25% less sugar than other leading brands. That’s a lot of wholesome-ness for something you find on the shelves of your local supermarket! I’ll definitely be keeping a few packets in the pantry for unexpected guests or a tasty after school treat. Bonus: You can even make these delights dairy free by replacing milk and butter by soy milk and coconut oil.

Fresh out of the oven

Fresh out of the oven

After giving the first batch the thumbs up we tried again a week later, they looked super cute finished and this time we quickly delivered them to our neighbours before we could eat them all. One packet of Wholeberry Folk cupcake mix is enough to make 12 BIG cupcakes or you can make 24 smaller treats like we did, there even was some left to be licked up by my hungry bunch.

A Christmas wish on a dish

A Christmas wish on a dish

The Wholeberry Folk range is available in Woolworths stores nationwide, find your favourite Wholeberry Folk products (RRP $6.49) in the baking aisle.

To find out more about Wholeberry Folk and to browse the range visit www.wholeberryfolk.com.au.

Aug 172013

Whole Kids

As you can imagine getting four little ones ready on school days is quite a challenge, even for organised people like me. The twins still need some help getting dressed (so do the two youngest ones of course) and then there is breakfast and lunch to be made and backpacks to be packed. From the start I have been really strict on what sort of snack food they take to school and luckily my kids really enjoy fruit and vegetables. In saying that they like a bit of variety too and it would be so easy to fall into the trap of unhealthy treats…

Whole Kids Apple JuiceSugary bars, chocolate biscuits, salty crisps or lollies in chemical colours, when it comes to convenient, individually packaged foods parents are bombarded with snacks that are far from nutritious. Melbourne parents James and Monica discovered that even so called ‘healthy’ products were full of added (unnecessary and harmful) colours, flavours, preservatives and other nasties so they decided to start a new movement in Australia and create kids snacks that are 100% wholesome.

Whole Kids Fruit BarsThe Whole Kids range offers a yummy selection of kids food that is 100% organic, filled with delicious fruit and fresh vegetables, tasty cereals and corn and absolutely nothing else. Nutritionists, dieticians, mums and of course kids all gave Whole Kids the thumbs up as being healthy and tasty and there is more. The food is conveniently packaged, lunchbox friendly (does not need refridgerating), easy to handle for little hands and comes in child appropriate sizes, it is simply the ideal choice for kids schoolbags.

Frooshies Fruit & VegetableWhole Kids Frooshies are the perfect example of what Whole Kids is all about. These convenient squeezy pouches are filled with fruit, fruit and vegies or fruit and cereal. From strawberry to mango, from beetroot to carrot and even rice flakes and quinoa (a real super food!), Frooshies are full of natural goodness. It’s 100% real, high quality food without any junk added to it, only the best is good enough for our precious kids!

Frooshies Fruit & CerealOn top of the dietary peace of mind there is another nice bonus, Frooshies pouches are virtually mess free so they’re perfect for on the go. No wiping sticky hands or finding a bin for that banana peel or apple core, just screw the lid back on and pop back in your bag. My kids think these are so yummy and after trying one myself I have to agree. When summer comes around you can also freeze them so they make a refreshing lunchtime snack. 

When you buy Whole Kids you are not only looking after the health of your children, you are also supporting a small Australian family business and your purchase helps them get bigger and better so that more families will be able to ditch the junk and go for 100% real food.

To find out more about Whole Kids, to take a closer look at the range and to order online visit www.wholekids.com.au.

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