Disney Princess giveaway

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May 272018

With princesses being hot news at the moment there are many girls dreaming of finding their own prince charming. Gorgeous dresses, a sparkling crown, a real castle, a dashing prince and preferably a golden carriage and some talking animals too, there is nothing as magical as a princess life. Especially for those little dreamers Disney has created a royal gift fit for a princess:

Exclusively available at Chemist Warehouse the Disney Princess Story Book Perfume (50ml, RRP $19.99) will make any girl feel like a true princess. Each bottle of Story Book Perfume comes beautifully packaged in a special keepsake tin picturing one of Disney’s much loved princesses. Frozen, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella, which Disney Princess is your favourite?

As a mum of four girls I knew that these delightful scents would be a huge hit, the only question was which princess to match with which daughter… Going by the delighted look on their little faces I think I did well, big smiles all around and of course the house smells particularly nice these days as they are making very sure to keep up the perfume throughout the day! They really love the pretty tins with the peek-through window, a lovely place to store their treats and treasures.

Good to know: All Disney Princess Story Book perfumes are ethyl alcohol free and safe for children aged 5 and up. What a wonderful gift idea for your young Disney fan!

To find out more about the Disney Princess Story Book Perfume collection, to locate a stockist near you or to order your favourite online visit www.chemistwarehouse.com.au.

Hop on over to our Instagram page (@thewoottons) and follow the prompts under the Disney Princess giveaway photo for your chance to WIN a Disney Princess Story Book Perfume (RRP $19.99).

May 232017

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At 18 months old miss Hattie is proving to be a lady of few words, just like Sybil was. She may not say much but Harriet is very clear in what she likes (and dislikes!) and sure knows how to use her vocal cords when it comes to her favourite song. With three older sisters who are crazy about Frozen it is no surprise she can already ‘sing’ along too and I can’t wait to see four sets of little eyes light up next month when we surprise them with a visit to Disney On Ice presents Frozen:

From the moment the world first met royal sisters Anna and Elsa and fell head-over-heels in love with Olaf back in 2013 (really, it has been that long!) everyone has been waiting impatiently for the Frozen cast to put on their ice-skates once again and slide onto the smooth, slippery floor of Disney On Ice. Well the wait is over and they’re about to whirl into Australia, Disney On Ice presents Frozen arrives in Perth on June 2 and will visit Adelaide, Wollongong, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne with the curtains closing in Sydney on July 17, 2017. Hot off the press: Due to overwhelming demand, Disney On Ice presents Frozen will return to Melbourne on July 22 and 23 for three additional shows. Grab your tickets while you can!

It promises to be a dazzling 2-hour experience featuring all your much-loved Frozen friends, your all-time favourite couple Mickey and Minnie as well as a host of beautiful Disney princesses and even a visit from loveable characters from Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Lion King. With such a stellar cast the show is sure to please guests of all ages and I just love how the characters move around the entire stage so that every spectator, no matter where they sit, gets a great view of their personal faves.

Get ready to be amazed by a magical mix of dancing and singing, jaw dropping stunts and mind-blowing costumes, if you’ve every had the joy of seeing Disney On Ice you know it is a memory that will be treasured forever. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this unforgettable celebration of love and friendship, book your seats before they’re all gone!

To find out more about Disney On Ice presents Frozen, to check out the tour schedule and to book your tickets online via Ticketek visit www.DisneyOnIce.com.au.

Want to treat your family to a magical evening of Frozen fun? Thanks to our wonderful friends at Disney On Ice one lucky Hip Little One reader will win 4 tickets to see Disney On Ice presents Frozen on Friday 7th July 2017 (7pm) at Melbourne’s Hisense Arena, they will even throw in two awesome Disney On Ice merchandise bags to make the evening extra special. Giveaway ends June 23, 2017, travel to/from venue not included, total prize value RRP $320.

For your chance to win this amazing prize enter our giveaway below:

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Jan 302016

Top Trumps logo

I won’t lie, after seven weeks of school holidays with five kids at home even my patience was starting to run a little thin. We’ve made Lego castles and Mecano cranes, we’ve held tea parties and dressed up, we played puzzles and built forts, we baked cookies and created art but I was slowly running out of ideas. So how do you keep two 7-year olds and a 5-year old happy for less than a tenner? Check out Top Trumps:

Top Trumps range

Top Trumps (RRP $9.99) by Winning Moves is a fun, affordable, easy-to-play card game for kids and a perfect example of ‘good things come in small packages’. Each pack of Top Trumps consists of a plastic storage case with 30 themed cards based on the topic of their choice, this could be characters from a TV show or book, different countries or animals and much more.

Top Trumps Countries

Players pull a card each and compare their statistics, the highest number comes up ‘Top Trumps’ and wins both cards, easy! While the concept is simple there is an educational side to it too. Top Trumps is a very enjoyable tool to practice recognising numbers (and learning about higher and lower), reading words and of course pick up some interesting facts in the process.

ShopkinsThe compact game is an ideal size for your handbag, kids’ backpack or even the dashboard of your car, it’s an excellent way to keep the kids entertained (and save your sanity) when you are out and about. You’ll be surprised how much they’ll love it and how long they can play Top Trumps without getting bored! Our kids even love just looking at the cards and checking out all the facts; peace and quiet, pocket size.

Countries of the WorldWith more than 40 different Top Trump titles to choose there is a fun pack for everyone. From popular characters like Barbie, Frozen, DC Comics and Doctor Who to educational gems like Countries of the World, Space, Dinosaurs and Volcanos, Top Trumps has got all interests covered. Priced at just 10 bucks it’s a fantastic pocket-money buy and kids can save up to collect all their favourite titles.

Top Trumps are readily available at some of Australia’s biggest stores e.g. Toys’R’Us, David Jones, Dymocks and ABC Stores, so pick up a new pack on your next shopping trip.

To find out more about Winning Moves, to browse the Top Trumps range and to order online visit www.winningmoves.com.au.

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3 Natural solutions for your teething baby

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Jul 252015

Natural Teething Solutions

Brought to you by Heinz Infant

Lots of tears, crying and screaming, rosy cheeks, pulling the ears and chewing on everything they can get their hands on… when you spot these early signs of teething you know that first white bud can’t be far away. There is no straight answer to the question ‘When do babies start teething?’ as every child is different but a teething chart can give you some indication.

As mean as it sounds, there is no avoiding this horrible stage so it’s simply a case of battling through (You will get there, we all do!). If you are in desperate need of a few tried-and tested survival tips here are my three favourite teething remedies:

Teething Toys
Kangaroo TeetherTeething toys come in all shapes, sizes and colours but I myself particularly like the plain and simple wooden teethers which are usually finished with a food safe oil. The smooth, natural material and rounded shapes are perfect for little hands and baby can chew to its heart’s content without damaging those new teeth or inhaling nasty chemicals. Think ahead and look for designs with an interesting contour so they can reach the back molars too when they rear their ugly head.

Teething Oil
If your teething baby refuses to let you anywhere near those sore gums you may find a natural teething oil (eg. Grumpy Gums Teething Oil) applied around the ears and jawline is your best call. This gentle non-toxic formula contains safe essential oils well known for their anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, cooling and soothing properties which will help with the symptoms of teething and it’s great for teething rash too, nice bonus.

Grumpy Gums Teething OilThe molecules in essential oils are so tiny that they are instantly absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream so your unhappy baby should start feeling better in as little as ten minutes. Many parents swear by natural teething oil so talk to your fellow mummies or read the reviews online to find one that works for you, it could be just the gentle alternative for Panadol or Nurofen you are looking for.

Frozen Treats
Our four children have always been extra fussy with their meals when teething, so I found a frozen treat was the perfect way to combat those nasty teething pains, cool the gums and get some food into them at the same time. To create a soothing snack for your baby you can use a traditional ice lolly maker to freeze the food or add frozen fruit to a mesh baby feeder. From my experience even the grumpiest baby can be won over with a yummy ice block on a colourful stick, just be prepared for a bit of mess.

HEINZ Baby FoodIf you don’t have fresh fruit on hand or lack the time to cook and mash it, most mums are super busy as it is, you can still make a refreshing teething treat with one of the convenient Heinz Baby food jars. Heinz infant food is prepared right here in Australia and there are lots of tasty fruit combinations (and consistencies) available that babies love. They contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives making it a perfect healthy option and you can use these handy jars of goodness straight from your pantry or even the store shelf, it’s so quick and easy!

Zoku Quick Pop MakerA little tip: A few years ago we got the handy Zoku Quick Pop Maker which allows you to make ice lollies in just 7 minutes and it really is a fabulous invention. You keep the Zoku unit in your freezer permanently and when teething trouble strikes you grab it out, fill the slots with your child’s favourite Heinz baby food (or fresh fruit, juice or other ingredients), slide in the handles and minutes later your teething relief on a stick is ready!

You can check out the entire Heinz Baby range and nutritious recipes on the Heinz for Baby website or join the ‘Recipe for Happy’ conversation on www.facebook.com/HeinzForBabyAustralia.

If you have another awesome teething tip I would love to hear it, please share your mama wisdom below.

TeethingTips_HeinzInfant copy

Last-Minute Kris Kringle gifts from Hallmark

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Dec 222014


With Christmas only three sleeps away the time for online shopping is long gone, even a trip to the city maybe too much of an ask with such limited time left. Don’t worry, you can scoop up these gorgeous last-minute gifts and gorgeous stocking fillers from Hallmark just around the corner at your local newsagent, Target or gift store:

Itty Bitty Disney Princesses

If your daughter is as crazy about Disney princesses as my girls are she is sure to adore these gorgeous new Itti Bittys by Hallmark, aren’t they cute?

Itty Botty SuperheroesItty Bittys are cute and cuddly collectable mini dolls available in a range of iconic characters to suit boys and girls: from Marvel Superheroes to cheeky monsters Mike and Sulley, from Star Wars to Wizard of Oz, from Mickey and Minnie to Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, from Disney Princesses to Batman and Wonder Woman, there is a perfect Itty Bitty for everyone! Even Frozen’s hugely popular Anna and Elsa are making an appearance, just in time for Christmas.

Itty Bittys FrozenPriced at just RRP $7.99 per individual character Itty Bittys are a fun and affordable stocking filler that won’t break the bank. They’re the perfect size for little hands and small backpacks so they’re the ideal travel buddy for your upcoming school holiday trip. Just pop in to your local stockist to start your collection, be warned: Itty Bittys are so sweet they’re very hard to resist! You can tick off all your buddies on the Big List of Itty Bittys as you go.

To add a bit of extra magic to your Christmas celebrations Hallmarks has also released a special Northpole est. 1820 collection that will warm the hearts of everyone who believes. This delightful range of Northpole inspired gifts comes straight from Santa’s home and the elves’ workshop, no matter how old you are you can’t help but smile when you see what Hallmark has in store for you this festive season:

Find Me Santa SnowflakeWith so many presents to deliver in such a short amount of time it can’t be easy for Mr. Claus to remember everyone, after all he’s not that young anymore. Make sure you won’t miss out this Christmas by putting this super clever Find Me Santa Snowflake (RRP $9.95) up at the window. Personalise this pretty decoration with your child’s name and you can count on the glowing LED lights to signal Santa and tell him exactly where to find you.

Hallmark Light-a-MagicI know my children would have endless fun with these cool Light-a-Magic (RRP $19.99) decorations, they’re such a classic gift and gorgeous keepsake. Each unit plays two different Christmas tunes, add to that the beautiful lights and moving images and you’ve got the perfect traditional Christmas decoration that will be enjoyed year after year. You can even click the individual units together for a bigger Christmas story, the three Light-a-Magic decorations would make a great gift for siblings to share together.

Magic SnowballWe may not be able to experience a white Christmas here in Australia but that doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying a good old snowball fight. Hallmark’s Magic Snowball (RRP $3.95) is soft, fluffy and lights up with the colours of the Northern Lights as you throw it and the best part it is: it won’t melt! Get the family together and enjoy a toss of Northpole fun in the comfort of your own home for less than 5 bucks.

To find out more about Hallmark, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.hallmarkcards.com.au.

Frosty dreams with Olaf

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Nov 142014

Two weeks ago I was invited to the twins’ school to talk to the children about Hip Little One. We talked about spotting cool stuff, trends, TV, popular toys and characters, Christmas wish lists and the impact other people have on our shopping. We ‘reviewed’ a couple of items together and it was really interesting to see how their little minds work.

Olaf Pillow Pet

One of the products we looked at was a Pillow Pet, a very popular item amongst young Australian children. The students all agreed that Pillow Pets are totally cool, they are soft and cuddly and an excellent companion for snuggles on the couch or bedtime hugs. From a mother’s point of view I like that Pillow Pets are safe and machine washable so they will last for years. That’s a pretty good review if you ask me!

Pillow Pet OlafThe Pillow Pet family is always expanding with gorgeous new designs so there is a friendly pal to suit everyone. The girls loved everything pink, purple and sparkly, the boys were more into dinosaurs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Cars, there are so many different options! Just in time for Christmas Frozen’s favourite snowman Olaf has made his first appearance, he’s soft, white and huggable and won’t melt no matter how many warm hugs you give him!

Let’s hope the mums don’t blame me for all the Olaf Pillow Pets that have now made their way onto the Christmas wish lists!

The Olaf Pillow Pet (RRP $34.99, size 16″) is now available at Target, Big W, Spotlight, TRU and independent toy stores across Australia.

For a limited time only, order two or more items from www.mypillowpet.com.au and receive free shipping Australia wide.

To find out more about Pillow Pets, to take a closer look at the different designs and to order online visit www.mypillowpet.com.au.

Jun 202014

It’s been quite some time since Frozen first appeared in cinemas across Australia and even after six months it is still hugely popular with children (and adults) of all ages. From Frozen dress ups to Frozen dolls and from Frozen parties to Frozen stationery, lunch boxes and more, kids just love the Winter magic. You may not be able to take them on a trip to Arandelle but you can treat them to a Frozen experience much closer to home these school holidays:

Medibank Icehouse Family

From June 30 until July 13 Medibank Icehouse will be entertaining young Frozen fans with a range of exciting Frozen inspired activities that will have little eye sparkling with delight. Dress up as your favourite Frozen character, put on your ice skates and skate along to the Frozen soundtrack, join the Frozen Karaoke Contest and listen to a special performer singing live on the ice, join the Snowman Building competition and see if you can put Olaf together or win a copy of Frozen on DVD in one of the games, there is plenty of Frozen fun to be had for your little Anna, Elsa or Christof.

Medibank Icehouse Ice Hockey

And there is more, the Winter Skate Festival has got young and old, beginners and experts covered with a fun filled ice skating program. Take part in a free beginners lesson, learn how to skate backwards, try a spot of ice hockey or watch figure skaters perform and you can even explore the ice at night and enjoy the glow.

Medibank Icehouse Couple

Events are on at selected days and times, entry is for the whole day so you can join in multiple activities and make a fabulous day out of it. Entry fees are very family friendly with prices starting at $13 per child (including skate hire) and a family pass (2 adults and 2 children, including skate hire) for $80.

To find out more about Medibank Icehouse, to discover all the exciting programs on offer and to check opening times visit www.icehouse.com.au.

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