Dec 172016


Christmas Countdown – Day 17

While you are preparing a delicious feast for your Christmas guests, don’t forget about the baby! Save yourself time and hassle on Christmas Day by planning ahead and whipping up some baby-friendly treats now to pop in the freezer. To help you store and serve your homemade babyhood safely and in style Wean Meister has put together a fabulous $75 prize pack for one lucky reader:

Wean Meister Freezer PodsFirst up is Wean Meister’s hero product and best seller, the Freezer Pod (RRP $25 each or $60 per 3-pack). These clever freezer trays are made from flexible silicone and divided over 9 handy 75ml serves. Fill them up with your own homemade puree, mash, sauce, yoghurt or even breast milk and pop the pod in your freezer, that way you always have fresh and healthy meals on hand in ideal portions for little eaters.

adoraBOWLSIf you are looking for all the benefits of the Freezer Pod but prefer one slightly bigger container look no further than the cute AdoraBOWLS (RRP $25, 2-pack). I absolutely love the beautiful colours of the AdoraBOWL range, my kids would love to pick a bowl each. With a convenient 250ml capacity the AdoraBOWL is perfect for baby and toddler meals, soups or leftovers from dinner and you can heat the contents directly in the bowl.

Not only is Wean Meister storage super pratical, safety is very high on the priority list too. The high quality BPA-free silicone is bacteria resistant and no tiny grooves and corners for germs to hide in). It can even safely be used in freezer, fridge, microwave AND oven (up to 240°C), now that’s what I call multipurpose. Once you’ve tried Wean Meister you’ll definitely want to stock up, make sure to grab one of the well-priced value packs while you are there.

Because baby feeding does tend to get messy Wean Meister has come with a great solution for that problem too. The new Easy Rinse Bibs (RRP $25, 2-pack) with crumb catcher tray are light in weight, prevent spills and crumbs from dropping down your baby’s clothes and have an adjustable neck fastening. Best of all they’re easy to clean, just rinse/wipe off and they’re good to go! The bibs are available in three stylish colour combinations and are suitable for ages 6 months – 2 years.

To find out more about Wean Meister, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

For your chance to win a $75 Wean Meister Prize Pack (Turquoise Freezer Pod, AdoraBOWL Greens 2-pack and Green Easy Rinse Bib 2-pack) enter our Christmas Countdown giveaway below:

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Jul 252015


There is no denying it, life with a family of six (soon seven) is BUSY. There is always something happening, books to be read, hair to be plaited, jokes to be shared, tears to be dried, chores to be done, meals to be cooked and much more. Most days I manage to stay sane (some I don’t!) thanks to my organised nature. I am a planner, someone who thinks ahead where possible and gets things sorted in advance to avoid chaos.

Decor 5-piece SetLike all mums I have many jobs and some I am better at than others, I’ll be honest and admit that cooking will never be my big talent but of course my hungry tribe still needs to be fed so it has to be done. Thankfully it is okay not to be good at everything and there are some wonderful mamas out there who generously share their gifts and ideas to keep you inspired like the lovely Katrina at The Organised Housewife.

Decor Fridge

Grab & Go, just the way I like it!

I often jump onto Katrina’s blog to discover new recipes and meal ideas and I particularly love her helpful Lunchbox Ideas section. Prepared with a big stack of Décor containers and inspired by The Organised Housewife I regularly fill up my freezer with delicious meals, lunchbox snacks for our kids, that way I never find myself empty handed! I love opening my fridge or freezer and seeing a stack of red containers full of yummy, homemade food waiting for us.

Decor Oblong 1

Easy left-overs for hubby’s lunch

The reusable Décor Microsafe range is ideal for storing meals in fridge or freezer and even defrosting, heating and steaming in the microwave thanks to the handy steam release vent. Doing all of this in one single container means no need to transfer food and create more dirty dishes, yay! The stackable containers are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes (perfect for family meals, single meals, cakes, soups and sauces) and you can use your fridge and freezer space as efficiently as possible.

Tellfresh Tag SetTo help you keep track of your stash you can label your meals with Tellfresh Tags that can be attached to the  side of each container. The Tellfresh Storer System Tag Set (RRP $3.49) comes with 12 waterproof tags, a little pencil and eraser (yep, they’re reusable) so you will never be guessing what exactly is inside and when you cooked it, that means there will be less wasted food. Décor Microsafe products are made right here in Australia and are free from BPA so they keep your food fresh AND safe.

To find out more about Décor, to locate a stockist near you and to browse the range visit

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Dec 122014


Christmas Countdown – Day 12

With the school holidays upon us most Australian families will be planning their share of picnics in the park, days at the pool and trips to the beach. We are so luckily to have such a beautiful country to live in and I think we should all make the most of it by spending lots of time outside. No matter where you go, this summer you can keep your food and drinks cool in style with Fridge-to-Go:

Cool Tote

At first sight the Fridge-to-Go Cool Tote (RRP $59.95) looks like a trendy carry-all with plenty of storage space and handy pockets, however there is more to this shopping tote than meets the eye. The real magic is on the inside, using a simple flap you can divide the bag into a top and bottom half to change the lower compartment into a special cooling area.

Fridge-to-Go Cool ToteThanks to the clever removable chilling panel (included) you can keep the contents of the bottom part cool for 4 hours, exactly what you need for a nice lunch away from home, a bottle wine for a party or to keep baby’s meals or bottles cool when out and about. It is also very useful when you do a quick grocery shop, just pop the chilled items in the bottom half and your regular products in the top. Additional side chilling panels are sold separately if desired.

Not only does the tote keep your food fresh, it keeps it safe too with BPA-free, lead-free and PVC-safe lining that won’t leak nasty chemicals into your foods and drinks. After use you can simply clean the micro fibre interior with soap and water so it’s good to go for your next on-the-go meal. With its sweet floral print the Fridge-to-Go Cool Tote is the ideal Christmas gift for mums, grandmas, aunties, sisters and even teachers, finally a gift they will actually use and love!

Fridge-to-Go Cool Tote

To find out more about Fridge-to-Go, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit

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Aug 082014


Big Birthday Bash – Day 8

Pureed apple, mashed potato, squashed banana and steamed cauliflower, when you start your baby on solids a whole new world opens up. All this cooking, boiling, blending and mashing is rather time consuming so the best way to win back some precious time is by cooking in bulk. Designed by a clever Aussie mum Wean Meister takes the hassle out of storing, freezing and serving your homemade baby food.

Wean Meister Freezer PodsThe original Wean Meister Freezer Pod ($20, available in 3 colours) allows you store your freshly prepared, nutritious baby food in nine convenient 75ml portions. Just fill, pop the lid on the tray and store in your freezer, then when it comes to meal time simply pop out a cube and defrost, easy as pie! Freezer Pods are made of flexible silicone, they are freezer, microwave and oven safe and free from BPA plus (very handy) they’re stackable too so you can efficiently fill your freezer to the brim!

The gorgeous Wean Meister AdoraBOWLS ($20 per 2-pack) have only recently been added to the range but they’re already a huge hit with modern Australian mothers. Not only are they the perfect size for defrosting and feeding your (Freezer Pod) baby foods, they are also a fantastic bowl for serving kids snacks and storing leftover meals. AdoraBOWLS are made from the same soft and safe material as the Wean Meister Freezer Pods so they make the ultimate healthy mealtime solution.

Wean Meister AdoraBOWLS

To find out more about Wean Meister, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

For your chance to win a $60 Wean Meister Prize Pack containing 2 Freezer Pods and 1 set of AdoraBOWLS enter our giveaway below:

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One Pot Cooking

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Dec 012013


As you can probably imagine dinnertime is pretty crazy for our family of six. It takes quite a bit of organisation to get four hungry little people fed, showered and teeth brushed before 7pm so no time for fancy dinners here. When it comes to preparing dinner I try to be as efficient as possible which is why I love oven dinners: while they cook away in the oven I clean away all the dishes so I have a nice clean bench top and only one big pot left to wash up afterwards, so easy!

Chasseur French Oven, for easy one pot cooking

Chasseur French Oven, for easy one pot cooking

This week I made one of our favourite quick and simple dishes, it takes just a handful of ingredients and I cooked it all in our big, reliable cast iron Chasseur French Oven (27cm, perfect size for all of us!). It’s easy, always tastes lovely and gives you about half an hour of free time to make the table and get everything and everyone organised.

Start with one small diced onion

Start with one small diced onion

To start I finely chopped one small onion and sauteed it in the pan for about 2-3 minutes, followed by ca. 150gr diced bacon for another 2-3 minutes.

Last minute mushroom addition

Last minute mushroom addition

Next I added roughly 500 grams of cubed chicken breast (I really dislike cutting chicken so I cut mine when frozen to avoid the slippery mess) and one clove of garlic. Stir every now and then until the chicken is browned. Just before the chicken is browned add 5-6 mushrooms (sliced finely), but you can choose other vegies too if you don’t have mushrooms.

Bring to the boil...

Stir in 300 grams of white rice, 500 grams of tomato passata (or a jar of pasta sauce, straight from the pantry cupboard) and 500 ml of water, season with salt and pepper and bring to the boil. Once the contents are boiling cover the French Oven with aluminium foil and transfer it to a preheated oven and cook for about 30 minutes on 180°C or until most of the liquid is absorbed. While it is cooking away in the oven you can clean up your utensils, make the table and wipe the stovetop and kitchen bench so you have less work to do after dinner.

Oven bake with melted brie, ready to be demolished

Oven bake with melted brie, ready to be demolished

Place the covered dish on your bench top and let it sit for 5 minutes, then stir in a tablespoon of fresh basil (I have used the ‘herbs in tubes’ before when I didn’t have basil on hand, tasted fine too). Now for the final touch, and this is what makes it such a delicious meal, place a layer of sliced brie on top, put it under the grill for a few minutes until the brie has started to melt and your easy-peasy oven meal is ready to be demolished. Enjoy!

Now it is fair to say that this is not my original recipe, I ate it somewhere else a few years ago and have since adapted it to suit our family, taste and pantry. I am sure you will give it your own personal touch again, make sure to come back and share!

Panasonic Chasseur

If you would like to get your hands on some beautiful Chasseur cookware too make sure you check out the latest Panasonic promotion. If you purchase a new Panasonic refridgerator from any authorised Panasonic participating retailer nationally before 31 December 2013 you can claim a fabulous Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware Set valued at $478 completely FREE, now that’s what I call a nice (and useful!) Christmas gift!

Panasonic 554LPanasonic’s clever Econavi technology is ideal for busy Aussie families like ours, in simple words it memorises when you use your fridge most (in our family around breakfast and dinner time) and adjusts its energy use accordingly. This efficient use of energy keeps the contents of your fridge cooler and it saves you on your electricity bill, a double win! Add to that the handy Vitaminsafe technology that keeps food fresher for longer and you’ve got the perfect family fridge.

For more information about Panasonic, to learn all about Panasonic’s Econavi and Vitaminsafe technology and to discover how you can score a free Chasseur cookware set visit

Loubilou brings you Fletcher May

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Oct 102013


Whether you like it or not, online shopping is here to stay. I myself am a big fan of online shopping: it is quick, easy, convenient and often a real life saver for a busy mama with no time to hit the stores. With Christmas coming up you can save yourself lots of time by browsing, comparing and ordering online. You don’t have to drive to the shopping centre, fight for car park, push your way through fifty different stores (hoping that what you’re after is not out of stock!) and line up at the checkout, instead there is only one word to remember: Loubilou.

Hot Air Balloon Magnetic BoardLoubilou is an exciting new online marketplace that has just launched in Australia. It is already a huge hit in the UK and now Australian mums can enjoy all the benefits of Loubilou too. On the Loubilou website you will find an evergrowing range of childrens wares brought to you by independent Australian sellers. By bringing all these products together your shopping has become even easier, just browse the category of your choice and check out all the products that are available, regardless of who sells it.

Fletcher May

By simply ticking a few boxes your screen will automatically be filled with a selection of products that suits your selection criteria. You can even see the prices of all the products, and whether the seller accepts PayPal, without having to go into each product first. From clothing to toys, from decor to books, from furniture to prams, Loubilou has got your whole shopping list covered and new products and sellers are being added all the time. I’ll be keeping an eye on the new arrivals and share with you my favourites, starting with the very hip Fletcher May range.

The 'new girl' keeps us organised and she's fun to play with too

The ‘new girl’ keeps us organised and she’s fun to play with too

South Australian business Fletcher May is on a mission to help modern Aussie families stay organised without losing their sense of style. Their fabulous range of magnetic boards and chalk boards are a simple, stylish and very effective way to keep track of appointments, hold memos and treasure little artworks whilst keeping your fridge door clean and neat. Fletcher May Magnetic Boards are available in a range of colours, styles and sizes to suit your decor with prices starting at $35.95, delivery is free Australia wide.

Paper Doll Magnetic BoardIf I hadn’t spotted this gorgeous Paper Doll Magnetic Board ($59.95, 62cm tall) I may not have discovered Fletcher May at all, but I’m so glad it did. The hot pink gloss finish is very eye catching and my girls were really taken by the new female in the house. We have given her a lovely spot in the playroom where the kids can reach her so they can stick on their latest drawings. They also love decorating her with magnetic letters, a great way to practise their ABCs without hogging the fridge.

To find out more about Loubilou, to browse the Fletcher May range and to order online visit