Nov 012012

As you have probably read the twins started kindy this term, they had a lovely start and really enjoyed their first week. However after that things went a little down hill and one by one they came down with bugs and viruses. The second week they didn’t get to kindy at all and only last week did they manage to attend half a day. Luckily everyone is healthy again this week so they are back in full force and determined to come home with some fabulous artwork.

It took a little while but hip daddy finally got out the drill and hung up our four Da Vinci Art Frames, one for every child. I chose the wall next to the dining table because I have no doubt there will be lots of story sharing during dinner and everyone can admire their creations. I think the frames look absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see all their art on display (of course we will have to wait a few years before baby no.4 can add to the collection).

On the first day of kindy the twins brought home an interesting looking pile of glued papers (miss 4) and a piece of wood with a nail and a strip of cardboard (mister 4), they were very proud of their art and of course we were too. They were however a little disappointed that they didn’t get to make a special painting for the new Art Eater frames so they are definitely on a mission this week. I will make sure to share a photo with you once the frames have been filled.

Da Vinci Art Cabinets are available in White, Black and Cherrywood and come in three different sizes (A2, A3 and A4). You can store up to 50 sheets of paper in your cabinet, that’s a lot of children’s art! Hanging the frames up is very easy, the back of each frame is secured to the wall at the top and bottom so you can safely open the ‘door’ to add, remove or change the art on display without it moving or even coming off the wall.

As promised, here is a little update of our art cabinets in action. The paintings/drawing were a little small for the frame but it still looks absolutely amazing, everyone asks about them when they spot them on the wall!

Finally, some art on display!

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