Almond Choc Chip Balls

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May 032016

Russell Hobbs

A few weeks ago I picked up a few big bags of almond meal at an excellent price, ready for plenty of cooking, baking and of course eating with the kids in the school holidays (calories don’t count when you’re on holidays right?). During term I have to abide by the school’s no-nut policy so it was nice to be able to cook whatever we wanted for a change. These were two of our favourite creations, both made in the Russell Hobbs Colour Control Multi-Processor:

Raw Almond Bliss Balls

Almond Choc Chip Balls

1 2/3 cup Natural Almond Meal (Blanched is OK too but natural is slightly healthier)
2 tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil (Melted)
3 Medjool Dates
1/4 tsp Himalayan Pink Rock Salt
1/4 tsp Bicarb Soda
1/2 tsp Organic Vanilla Bean Paste
3 tbsp Dark Choc Chips

Russell HobbsTo make my super easy Almond Choc Chip Balls I set up my Colour Control Food Processor with the titanium coated blades and added all the ingredients except for the choc chips. Using speed 3 (Blending) I combined the lot to create a mixture that appears very crumbly but will stick together when you squeeze it, this will take about 30 seconds. Toss in the choc chips and give it a quick whizz to combine, but not actually chop the chocolate.

Using your hands press the ‘dough’ together to create 12 yummy Almond Choc Chip Balls, when made by little kids’ hands they may not be perfectly round but they’re just as tasty. Pop them on a plate and in the fridge to firm up. Enjoy!


Raw ‘Biscuits’
1/2 cup Natural Almond Meal
1/2 cup Organic Coconut Flour
4 medjool dates, pitted
4 tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil (Melted)
1/4 cup Raw Organic Cacao Powder
1/4 tsp Queens Vanilla Bean Powder
Pinch of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

Raw Filling
1/2 cup Coconut Butter (Make it yourself like I did or save time and buy ready-made)
2 tbsp Coconut Cream
2 tsp Maple Syrup
Pinch of Queens Vanilla Bean Powder

For several months I have been wanting to try my hand at some homemade Raweos (a healthy take on the famous Oreo cookie), they look so good and very indulgent. There are lots of different Raweo recipes available online so I mixed and matched a little to create a recipe that would work with the ingredients I had in my pantry and fridge already.

Raweo Processor

Making the biscuit layers was a simple food processor job (speed 3, blending), initially I thought the mixture was too crumbly but once compressed it was just sticky enough. I placed the biscuit mix on a tray between two layers of baking paper and rolled it with a rolling pin to create a nice slab for easy cutting. The outside of the slab was quite crumbly so I picked up the loose crumbs and added them to the middle, then rolled the slab again until the whole slab was sticking together. I was able to cut enough shapes for 11 sandwich biscuits (22 halves). Pop your tray in the fridge so the biscuits can firm up a little.

Raweo Biscuit

As I did not have ready-made coconut butter on hand to use for the sandwich filling I decided to make my own, it’s definitely cheaper than using store-bought but also a lot more time consuming. Lots of food bloggers say that many food processors tend to struggle with small quantities so I used twice the amount of coconut flakes, that way the blending would be easier and I could use the left-overs for another recipe.

Coconut Flakes

Blend, scrape down the sides, blend again, scrape down the sides, blend more, scrape down the sides, you have to be patient but eventually the dry flakes will transform into a paste that resembles a thick and creamy peanut butter. This could well take around 10 minutes or even longer, depending on your processor, the quantity you are working with etc. As you can see my huge processing bowl full of coconut flakes eventually looked a lot emptier, great to see my food processor was up to the task.

Coconut Butter

To my freshly made coconut butter I added the remaining ingredients and blended them in the processor to make my biscuit filling. All that is left is to sandwich the biscuit together with the filling and your raweos are ready. I was really pleased by how they turned out and they looked really special, perfect for a birthday or to serve to guests with a nice drink.

Note: Quite some time went into making these yummy raweos (mainly due to me making my own coconut butter) so I think next time I would make a double batch, just to make my efforts more worthwhile. They were absolutely delicious so my hungry tribe gobbled them up in no-time, that’s the downside of having such a big family!

Mar 152016

Russell Hobbs

A few weeks ago I made the mistake no one on a diet should make: I went to the supermarket on an empty stomach. I admit it took some self control but I made the (diet)wise decision to pass the confectionary aisle and picked up something from the health food section instead. I decided on a nice ‘raw coconut rough’ superfood bar which turned out to be absolutely delicious but sadly also very expensive…

As I sat in the car slowly enjoying my special treat I studied the packaging and read it only had 7 ingredients. It got me thinking that if I could source those ingredients I could try and replicate the same product at home so it would be more suited to our family budget. I found all the ingredients at my local supermarket and health food store (bulk is the way to go with a large family!) and got out my Russell Hobbs food processor.

Russell HobbsThe high gloss Russell Hobbs Colour Control Multi-Processor (RRP $149.95, 850W) with stainless steel finishes is a stylish and versatile kitchen appliance designed for chopping, shredding, grating, whisking, whipping, blending and beating. It comes with a large 1.7 litre processing bowl, 1.5 litre blending jug and a range of accessories to help you take your homecooking from simple to chef.

Raw Coconut Rough Russell Hobbs

To make my Raw Coconut Rough I used the extra strong titanium coated blades (much harder than uncoated stainless steel) to easily cut through and chop the coconut flakes. The processor has four different speed settings to suit all your prepping needs and you can see by the colour of the handy light-up ring which setting the machine is on, to get my mixture to the right consistency I used a combination of speed 3 (blending) and P (chopping, processing).

Raw Coconut Rough Slice

The only downside of making my own snacks in my food processor is that it does take a bit of washing up. You have to take all the pieces apart for a thorough clean (by hand or dishwasher) afterwards, so the best way to make the dishes worthwhile is by making a few big batches at the same time. After making my Raw Coconut Rough I also made a batch of Raw Almond Bliss Balls, hubby and the kids go crazy for these.

Raw Coconut Rough

The Russell Hobbs Colour Control Multi Processor comes with a generous 2-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

To find out more about Russell Hobbs, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Here’s my homemade Raw Coconut Rough recipe and the products/brands I used:

Raw Coconut Rough

  • 4 tbsp Raw Organic Cacao Powder (Power Super Foods)
  • 1 tbsp Raw Organic Lucuma Powder (Loving Earth)
  • 3 tbsp Raw Organic Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 tsp Organic Vanilla Bean Paste (Queen Fine Foods)
  • 3 heaped cups Coconut Flakes (try the ‘bin’ section at your health food store for best value)
  • 15 Medjool Dates (pitted)
  • pinch of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

With the measuring part done the rest is smooth sailing, just throw everything in your food processor and blitz to combine (there should be no big coconut flakes left!). It may take a while to come together and don’t forget to scrape down the sides from time to time. Once everything is combined it may still look a bit crumbly, but if you can squeeze it and it stays together well it will work.

Line a large baking tray with baking paper with plenty of baking paper hanging over on the side. Place your mixture on the baking paper and fold the ‘overhanging’ baking paper over the top. I used a rolling pin to flatten the mixture and smooth it to cover the entire tray, my slab was about 7-8mm thick but obviously there may be some variances. Pop your tray in the freezer for an hour or so.

Your raw coconut rough slab should now be quite solid and not as sticky so it is very easy to cut. I cut mine in little bars weighing approx. 30g each. Remember that due to the dates the sugar content is quite high even though they are natural sugars, so you don’t want to make your bars much bigger than this. I feel this is the perfect size and chocolatey snack to keep me going. Keep in the fridge, enjoy!

Nov 282013


It feels like I just blinked and 9 months went by. Not much longer and Sybbie won’t be a baby anymore, she is standing up, cruising the furniture and eating two whole slices of bread for lunch. With no teeth in sight Sybil is still enjoying her baby meals but she is quickly becoming more independent, feeding herself with her hand and trying very hard with a spoon. If you are about to start your baby on solids you can count on Tommee Tippee to make your life easier. Check out these awesome Tommee Tippee baby feeding products and enter to win them all:

Food ProcessorNow don’t let the name of this multifunctional gadget fool you, the All-in-one Food Processor (RRP $169.95) is so much more than just a food processor! Yes it steams and blends, allowing you to create nutritious, fresh meals for your baby whenever you want (and saving you a bucketload of money compared to store bought jars and pouches) but there is more to this clever kitchen appliance. Aside from the food preparation part it warms baby bottles and foods and it can even sterilise your bottles for you too.

Tommee Tippee Food ProcessorSo that’s 5 great uses in one unit and no, it will not take up your whole kitchen bench. It is suprisingly compact in size and comes complete with storage bag perfect for at home or on holiday. It takes just a few simple buttons to control so even dads and grandparents can master it. You can cook separate meals for your baby or you can just add the ‘family meal’ to the processor for a quick blend, easy as pie.

Soft Bite SpoonsAnd then there you are, a bowl of freshly made up baby food in hand and hopefully a camera ready for those ‘first solids’ photos. The Soft bite spoons (2-pack RRP $7.25, 4 months+) are created with adults and babies in mind: the long spoon is easy to hold for parents (the extra length is very handy when feeding from a jar) and it has a small tip to fit in little mouths. Many babies will ‘insist’ on holding a spoon too so for them the shorter spoon is perfect. Both spoons are soft and gentle on gums and teeth.

Roll 'n' Go BibSolids equals mess: on their face, in their hair, on the high chair, on the ground, you better get the wipes ready! I’ll admit that it is hard to end a meal with clean clothes but you can always try, the Roll ‘n’ Go Bibs (2-pack RRP $14.75, 4 months+) are a great size so they cover most of the front, have a useful food catcher, are easy to wipe clean (plus dishwasher safe) and you can roll them up into a compact package for in your nappy bag.

Fresh Food FeederWe used the Fresh Food Feeder (RRP $6.75, 6 months+) for all of our children and with summer coming up we’ll definitely be using it a lot. Fill these clever tools with fresh or even frozen fruit (our favourites are pear, apple, watermelon, rockmelon and grapes) and you’ve got your hungry little baby a delicious, healthy snack without the risk of choking. They can hold it themselves, it works a treat for teething and comes with keep-clean cover and 2 extra feeding bags.

First Fork and SpoonSooner or later your baby will want to start feeding him/herself, it’s both a delightful and very messy stage but I guess they have to learn by doing it. The colourful First Fork and Spoon (RRP $11.20, 12 months+) may look a little odd to us grown-ups but their ergonomic design make it much easier for little ones to bring the food to their mouth without spilling. They’re BPA-free, easy to hold and feature blunt edges for extra safety.

Miomee First Drinking CupWhether your baby is breastfed or bottlefed, quite early on you can start offering your baby little sips of water in a cup. The Tommee Tippee Miomee First Drinking Cup (RRP $12.95, 4 months+) is specifically designed for young babies featuring a soft feel spout (requiring similar suction to a normal teat) and easy hold handles making it the ideal next step up from a regular bottle. Very practical: the cup, bottle ring, handles and spout are interchangable with the rest of the Miomee range.

Also included is a bonus hard spout and a lid to keep the spout clean and protected when not in use. With a 150ml capacity this is the perfect starter cup for little ones and excellent value compared to other cups, especially because the extra spout is included.

Discovera Trainer CupJust like the spouts on the First Drinking Cup the 260ml Discovera Trainer Cup (RRP $12.95, 6 months+) is fitted with innovative SAMTECH technology, this clever non-spill valve design protects against messy, sticky, inconvenient spills and drips and it can even withstand a good shake (because babies just love shaking their bottles!). The handles will help your baby learn to drink independently.

Discovera Active TipperOnce your baby becomes more confident at drinking from a bottle and drinks larger amount of water he/she can move on to the Discovera Active Tipper (RRP $12.95, 12 months+). All Tommee Tippee Discovera cups and bottles are BPA free and have a very handy write-on area so you can personalise it with your child’s name, that way it is easy for babysitters and childcare workers to give your child the right bottle.

To find out more about Tommee Tippee, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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