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Christmas Countdown – Day 13

Now that Summer is finally here many Australian families will be spending as much time as possible outside with their little ones. Going out with kids can be quite an undertaking; nappies, drinks, snacks, there is so much to bring! Thanks to Cherub Baby we have a fabulous Summer Gift Pack to give away that will make those on-the-go meals a breeze:

Cherub Baby Summer Gift Pack

We all know Cherub Baby from its fantastic range of baby bottles and cups but did you know Cherub Baby also helps mums create convenient, healthy, homemade food and snacks for at home and on the go without breaking the bank?

Reusable Food PouchesThere is no denying it, those so called ‘convenience foods’ for babies are a costly business. All those single serve pouches and pots are terribly expensive and I haven’t even started about the nutritional value of many pre-packaged snacks. Save yourself a bucket load of money and know exactly what’s going in your baby’s tummy with the convenient Cherub Baby Reusable Food Pouches ($12.95, 10pk). They are microwave, bottle warmer, freezer safe, portable and ideal for babies on solids.

On-the-Go Food Pouch WarmerWhether you want to serve your baby a warm dinner or a cool snack, Cherub Baby will ensure it’s always at the right temperature no matter where you are. The compact On the Go Food Pouch Warmer and Cooler ($24.95) is specifically designed to fit store bought or home filled food pouches. It warms and cools without the use of batteries or electricity, over and over again, how amazing is that? No more looking for a microwave or heating in warm water!

Freeze n SquuezeThe brand new Cherub Baby Freeze n Squeeze Reusable Ice Pop Pouches ($12.95, 20pk) are an absolutely must have for warm summer days. Fill them up with your favourite drink or yummy fruit puree and pop them in the freezer, that way you will always have a healthy and refreshing treat on hand to surprise kids of all ages. The easy-to-use ziplock pouches are leakproof and of course they are completely free from PVC, BPA and Phthalates.

To find out more about Cherub Baby, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

For your chance to win a Cherub Baby Summer Gift Pack (RRP $103.75) containing a Cherub Baby Insulated Cooler Bag, On The Go Food Pouch Warmer & Cooler, On The Go Food Pouches With Bonus Spoon (10pk) and Freeze N Squeeze Reusable Ice Pop Pouches (100pk) enter our giveaway below.

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Feb 092014


As much as I would like to become the queen of Bento lunches at some point in time I am afraid at the moment I am just a ‘boring’ ham sandwich mum. After two weeks of making school lunches for the twins I am still finding my way; what’s tasty and healthy, what’s easy to make and convenient to pack and eat and of course what’s cost efficient. Making lunch boxes more fun, nutritious and budget friendly is surprisingly easy with Squooshi:


Designed with busy families and active kids in the mind the colourful Squooshi Reusable Food Pouches allow you to make your very own squeezy food snacks at home. From yoghurt to vegie puree, from custard to fruit and grain combis, you get to decide what you fill them with. Pick your favourite ingredients depending on your diet, your mood, the weather, your day, the options are endless.

Squooshi Filling StationInstead of buying individual serves of yoghurt you can now buy your yoghurt in bulk or make your own vegie mix in the blender and split it into single portions at home, a huge money saver when you have multiple children in school. You can fill your Squooshi by hand, using the secure zip on the bottom of the pouch, or you can make life easy and invest in the Squooshi Filling Station which holds 500ml and can fill up to 7 pouches.

As the Squooshi range is reusable you are doing your share for the environment too, no more pre-packaged food pouches, yoghurt cups or disposable spoons to be added to landfill. All Squooshi pouches are completely free from BPA, Phthalates, PVC and lead so you don’t have to worry about any nasties ‘leaking’ into your child’s food. After use simply wash your pouch by hand or dishwasher and you’re ready to fill it up again with your next healthy combination.

Squooshi Geo PouchesSquooshi Food Pouches are now available at Whimsy Child in a range of different styles and print and two different sizes (70ml and 130ml) to suit little and big tummies. The friendly animal designs are perfect for cheering up little students at recess while the geometric print is a stylish pick for teenagers and adults on the go. Get the most out of your Squooshies with one of the great value kits complete with Content Labels, Replacement Caps and/or baby friendly Sip’n’Soft Tops.

To find our more about Whimsy Child, to browse the Squooshi range and to order online visit