Nov 302016


Now that December is finally upon us everyone is getting excited about warm family get-togethers, special trips and much anticipated holidays, I can’t wait! While most of us looks forward to the fun, friends and festivities that await at our destination, the thought of travelling there is a lot less inviting. If you are planning a plane trip with young children you are going to love this sanity-saver:


Created by two clever mothers and seasoned travellers the Fly-Tot (RRP $120) is an absolute travel must-have for young families, If only I had discovered it before our last European adventure, it would have been such a great help!

fly-totThe Fly-Tot concept is simple but genius: First place your Fly-Tot cushion in front of your child’s plane seat, then blow it up with the included foot pump to instantly create a comfortable lounge seat for your little jet-setter. It’s almost like turning your regular Economy seat into First Class luxury! Thanks to all this added space little ones can rest their legs and even curl up for a nap without limbs continuously sliding off the seat, how clever is that?

fly-tot-compactFly-Tot has been thoroughly tested to fit nice and snug in between plane seats and even if you are in a Super Economy seat (very little space!) you can use the Fly-Tot upside down. If you are travelling with two children you can double the Fly-Tot comfort by using two cushions next to each other to create ‘beds’, it’s a bit like camping on a plane. When not in use your Fly-Tot cushion deflates to a compact package and a handy carry-strap for easy transport is included.

As you may know we travel to Europe every second year to visit my family so I know all about exhausting long-haul flights, tired children and uncomfortable sleeping positions. Fly-Tot is such an easy way to make the journey more enjoyable, after all happy, well-rested children equal happy parents!


To find out more about Fly-Tot and to order your own Fly-Tot online in time for the holiday season visit

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Apr 122016

Fly Babee

With just over 4 months to go until our European holiday I am starting to get very excited. I can’t wait to see my loved ones again and of course to introduce baby Harriet to her Dutch family. As she will be 11 months old when we travel Hattie will not get a seat on the plane, but thankfully we received confirmation that a bassinet has been allocated to us. Together with our super handy Fly Babee that means she’ll hopefully be able to snooze in peace during the flight:

Fly Babee

Hailed as a real must-have for travelling families the award-winning Fly Babee (RRP $99.95) is the world’s first sleep-easy cover designed for airline bassinets, pram carry cots and strollers. It’s compact, portable and extremely light-weight (just 600 grams!), yet big enough to comfortably fit around airline baby beds and large prams and provide your baby with a private place for a little nap.

Fly Babee Storage BagThe practical pop-up design makes Fly Babee extremely easy to use, it unfolds in the blink of an eye and attaches to the bassinet or pram frame with simple clips. This same strong pop-up frame creates a safe, spacious ‘dome’ around your baby without a claustrophobic feel or the risk of collapsing. When not in use you can keep your Fly Babee cover safely tucked away in the handy carry bag (included) which attaches to your pram with two velcro straps.

Fly Babee Pram CoverFly Babee is packed with plenty of other great features to make travelling with a baby a little easier, for example block-out fabric that locks out over 90% of surrounding light, 100% breathable fabric to avoid overheating and a convenient ‘Chance a Glance’ window so parents can have a little safety-peek without disturbing your tiny dreamer. Whether it’s a walk around the block, a short domestic trip or a long international flight, Fly Babee takes the stress out of your next family adventure.

To find out more about Fly Babee, to order online or to locate a stockist near you visit

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Sep 152013

During the 9 months of pregnancy most parents spend weeks, if not months, researching which pram to get. Prams are an expensive purchase and most of us use our pram quite a lot for a number of years. If you are anything like me you are pretty precious about your pram and the way you transport and store it, so when it comes to airtravel it can be hard to hand your beautiful ride over to the airport staff. At phil&teds they understand that people care about their pram and want to protect it during travel, which is why they designed the Universal Travel Bag:

The phil&teds Universal Travel Bag (RRP $100) is full of clever features to help make your trip easier, more comfortable and give you peace of mind. The strong polyester fabric is tough, hard wearing and built to withstand the (often) rough treatment on airplanes and airports. At the same time the padded lining provides your precious cargo with a soft cushioned ride.

phil&teds Universal Travel BagWhile the Universal Travel Bag is lightweight (less than 2kg) and compact when not in use, it is surprisingly large when it counts. You wouldn’t guess it but it ‘grows’ to a very generous 106 x 64 x 34cm! This means it is the ideal size for any phil&teds pram or car seat (as well as most other brands) with plenty of room left for other bits and pieces that you want to take on your trip. The adjustable sizing and heavy duty velcro closures allow for a nice, snug fit at any time so your luggage is not flopping around inside.

Universal Travel Bag ChilliYou can cart your Universal Travel Bag around airports, car parks and train stations with ease thanks to the sturdy wheels and if you need/want to carry it you can use the handy shoulder strap. The bag is available in a selection of stylish colours, from timeless and classic to bright and eye catching (easy to spot on the airport conveyor belt). The exclusive colour range is only available in the phil&teds Online Store.

Universal Travel Bag MossWe have taken our children overseas two times and we tend to do plenty of walking while on holiday, I would have loved to have our comfortable and very reliable pram with us on our trips but I have always been worried about it getting damaged during transport. It looks like I might have to get one of these fabulous Pram Travel Bags to take along on our next adventure, they look fantastic!

To find out more about phil&teds, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

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