Dec 172017

As the end of the year draws near I am secretly getting excited about getting back in shape in the new year, I have a wardrobe full of pre-baby clothes I can’t wait to wear again. As you can probably imagine delivering a 4.6kg baby was no easy task, recovery has been slow and unfortunately I am yet to get the doctor’s tick of approval to start exercising again. It has been almost three months since Ted was born and thankfully I am feeling a bit stronger every day so I am slowly picking up the pace with the help of Maze Activewear:

Designed for new, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers of all shapes and sizes Maze Activewear offers stylish, high quality activewear that is both practical and flattering. I am a bit disappointed that I only discovered this awesome label after Ted was born as I am loving this supportive yet comfy sports gear!

Most expecting mums will know that it is important to stay active during pregnancy, but at the same time your changing body and that rapidly growing bump can leave you feeling a bit out of balance and unsure. Don’t worry mama, Maze Activewear will help you feel confident and supported in all the right places with their fabulous over-the-belly Maternity Tights (RRP $79.95-$89.95, size XS – L).

Featuring a breathable and seam-free tummy panel that grows with you as your baby belly grows, stability power mesh that will make you strong and steady and hi-tech performance fabric these tights are your ultimate exercise buddy. They are available in both full length and a shorter 3/4 length and come in a range of neutral colours to compliment all your favourite workout gear.

Once baby has arrived most mamas will find their new body will take some getting used to, after 6 babies my body most certainly isn’t bouncing back the way celebrities seem to do! The Maze Activewear High Waisted 3/4 Tights (RRP $49.95, size XS-L) do a fantastic job keeping all those wobbly bits in place while the Active Core Stability technology provides much needed support for this poor mummy tummy which has had quite the beating. Added bonus: A handy zip pocket at the back to keep your gym pass or keys safe and mesh panels on the lower leg for extra air flow.

Whether I am at home or out and about and whether I am relaxing or working out, our big boy counts on easy nursing access. With the Nursing Sports Bra (RRP $59, size XS-L) you can get fit and feed at the same time, easy drop-down cups allow for convenient breastfeeding (and a nursing pad if desired) while the powerful nylon/spandex/cotton blend will keep you comfortable and supported through your entire training session. The ergonomic racer back design distributes the weight evenly and stops me from getting a sore back and shoulders.

Hip Tip: When you buy the Maternity Tights and Nursing Sports Bra together you get a welcome 15% bundle discount. For an even bigger saving why not join the Maze Activewear mailing list to enjoy an additional 10% discount on your first order, simply enter your email address at the bottom of the home page to receive your discount code in your inbox.

Want to get started on your workout as soon as possible? Make sure you refer to the handy Maze Activewear Size Chart to select the size that is right for you. For extra peace of mind a hassle-free returns and exchange policy is in place.

To find out more about Maze Activewear, to browse the range and to order online visit, shipping is free Australia wide.

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Jul 252014

Michelle Bridges formulated Blackmores

Many mums will know her from the famous 12WBT (12 Week Body Transformation) and most of us have seen her in action on The Biggest Loser, whipping unfit Aussies back into shape. What you may not know is that well known personal trainer Michelle Bridges has recently teamed up with Blackmores to develop a fantastic range of vitamin and mineral supplements and naturally-sourced protein products to complement a balanced diet and support health and wellbeing, after all, even if you try to live as healthy as you can there is often room for improvement.

The Michelle Bridges formulated by Blackmores range contains 10 premium quality protein powders and snacks, whole food powders and nutritional supplements that are healthy, convenient and full of natural goodness:

Michelle Bridges Protein Blend ChocolateThe product that first caught my eye is the Protein Blend with Ancient Grains ($39.99, 350g), available in vanilla and chocolate flavour. Protein shakes are extremely popular at the moment because they are so convenient, but unlike most other protein shakes this vegan protein blend has the added benefit of ancient grains including organic oat Bran, organic quinoa, organic chia and more as well as all the key amino acids.

Simply combine the powder with water, skim milk or a milk alternative, shake and go, so easy! I drink mine with almond milk as a quick breakfast, it is really thick, almost creamy, and gives a full feeling so it’s a good start to the day. Bonus: The Protein Blend with Ancient Grains is even suitable for those who are sensitive to whey and soy.

Chia and Organic Linseed SprinkleYou only need two teaspoons of it but this Chia & Organic Linseed Breakfast Sprinkle ($14.99, 200g) will make a huge difference to your daily bowl of cereal, yoghurt or porridge. This little add-on contains organic linseeds, organic sunflower kernels, organic almonds and chia seeds, it is really yummy and it’s full of omega-3, protein, dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Another simple way to add this into your diet is by adding it to your next batch of muffins, cake or cookies.

Cherry Coconut Protein BitesFor me one of my biggest downfalls is snacks, as a busy mum it is so easy to grab something quick and (unfortunately) often unhealthy to keep you going. These low carb Cherry Coconut Protein Bites ($2.99, 30g) are just as convenient, they taste delicious and natural and one sachet equates to one serve so it’s a fantastic option for those who struggle with portion control. Yay for a little snack without the guilty feeling!

Vitality Greens Body BoostIf you prefer a smoothie, juice or shake as a speedy pick-me-up Blackmores has got you covered too with the Vitality Reds Body Boost and the Vitality Greens Body Boost ($19.99, 100g). Grab 100-200ml of water or juice, add 5g of powder and you’re good to go. Using Michelle a blend of berries and superfruits goji, pomegranate, acai and mangosteen (reds, my favourite) or green vegetables powders, grasses, sprouts and fruits (greens) you can be sure you’re drinking nothing but nutrients. With 20 servings per sachet this is a really great value product.

Puremega Wild Salmon OilIn addition to the protein and whole foods the range also offers four different vitamin supplements to complement your busy lifestyle: a broad spectrum Multivitamin ($19.99, 30 tablets), Relax and Unwind ($24.99, 30 tablets) to help you calm and relax, Puremega Wild Salmon Oil ($19.99, 60 tablets) for your daily dose of Omega 3 and ImmuneCare ($19.99, 90g) to support natural healthy immune function, wound healing and tissue repair. Which one do you need most?

To find out more about Blackmores, to browse the Michelle Bridges formulated by Blackmores range or to locate a stockist near you visit

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