Jun 302012

I find it hard to believe that in just over a week we’ll be in The Netherlands, hopefully enjoying lovely summer weather. One of the things my husband remembers clearly about our past visits to Holland is the bikes, they are everywhere and everyone owns one. Kids learn to ride their bikes from an early age, they ride bikes all day and most of them travel by bike to school (even many adults ride their bikes to work). The twins are very interested in bikes too and I think that is why they loved watched the new Dora the Explorer DVD, Dora The Explorer: First Bike.

In Dora the Explorer: First Bike Boots rides his first bike and of course his best friend Dora is there to help him all the way, isn’t that what friends are for? Sometimes all you need is some encouragement from your friends to get you started whether is riding a big bike or jumping with the skippy rope. As always this Dora the Explorer DVD is filled with learning moments like counting and Spanish words.

And there is more, Dora and her friends also go on a holiday which is (obviously) a hot topic in our household at the moment. In ‘Vacaciones’ kids learn about planning ahead and ticking off everything they need to bring from their list. What do you need to pack for a summer holiday and what do you take on a skiing trip? In ‘Bouncy Boots’ there is a little mix up at the shoe shop and you have to help Boots get his own boots back.

All kids love a bit of magic but in ‘The Big Red Chicken’s Magic Wand’ they’ll find out that magic doesn’t always work out the way you want. The Big Red Chicken turn Boots into a chicken which is fun at first but then the Magic Wand breaks and Boots can’t be turned back. Time to find the Wand Shop and get it fixed. My oldest two absolutely loved this episode with all its rhyming jokes.

Dora the Explorer: First Bike ($19.95, by Paramount) is available from major retailers Australia wide.

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