Oct 272012

Now that I am 23 weeks pregnant it is becoming much easier to feel the baby move, for me but also for hubby and the other kids. The twins are often trying to feel the baby’s little kicks and rolls with their tiny hands, sometimes they claim to feel movement that wasn’t there but that doesn’t spoil their excitement. I wonder if the baby will recognise all these little voices that talked to him/her all the time through my tummy?

Research has shown that babies are able to recognise and remember familiar voices and sounds they were exposed to when in the womb, you can start creating those early memories from as early as 20 weeks. How special would it be to see your newborn respond to your favourite CD or a nursery rhyme daddy used to sing during the pregnancy? Bellybuds gives expecting parents a helping hand with their cleverly designed ‘bellyphones’, allowing you to play music to your baby hands-free.

To get started simply plug your Bellybuds into any standard digital music player and place the two round bellyphones on your bump using the skinsafe, form-fitting hydrogel adhesive rings. Now you are ready to play your favourite nursery rhyme, your most loved CD, a classical tune or a voice recording from dad or grandparents, or why not make your own personal baby play list?

Bellybuds kit ($49) contains everything you need (except for the digital music player of course) including an audio splitter so mum can listen to the sound at the same time as the baby. Bellybuds ‘bellyphones’ are discreet and compact, so you can wear them under your normal clothes and still do your regular activities, although personally I like the sound of a relaxing lay-down with baby on the couch a lot more!

To find out more about Bellybuds, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.bellybuds.com.au.

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May 112012

If you are a regular Hip little one reader you may have read before that I am one of the many mothers who has lost an unborn baby. I don’t usually share my personal story but I know there are so many mums out there who have gone through this too and it is something that will always stay with me and has defined me as a person and a mother. After losing our first baby in a missed miscarriage I was terrified of it happening again when I was carrying the twins. The doctors ordered plenty of checkups just so I could hear/see the babies, but there were still many times that I wish I could quickly hear that reassuring sound of a beating heart and I would have loved to have my very own doppler to use at home.

At Parents Like Us they know a lot of mums feel like this, which is why they stock a great selection of fetal dopplers so you can listen to your baby’s heart whenever you want in the comfort of your own home. With a Sonotech Fetal Doppler you can share those wonderful moment with your husband, children or other family and friends who would love to hear the heartbeat of your unborn baby from as early as 10-12 weeks.

There are different doppler models available in store ranging from the basic Sonotech Lite Fetal Doppler ($69) to the Sonotech Xpress Fetal Doppler ($89.90) and finishing with the top-of-the-line Sonotech Pro Fetal Doppler ($149.90). This last model has loads of amazing features like a TFT colour LCD with diagnostic graph display, out of range fetal heart rate alarm indicator, crystal clear sound with noise isolation (very important) and much more.

Your new Sonotech doppler conveniently connects to two sets of headphones and computer for listening to and recording of those wonderful, amazing moments of hearing your unborn baby’s heartbeat, movements and hiccups. All Sonotech dopplers ship free of charge with tracking and come complete with 250ml ultrasound gel and 12 months warranty directly through Parents Like Us.

If you were thinking of getting yourself a doppler you are in luck, right now you can enjoy 20% off storewide at Parents Like Us. Simply enter the code ‘MUM20’ at checkout, hurry though as offer ends May 13, 2012.

To find out more about Parents Like Us, to take a closer look at the Sonotech doppler range and to order online visit www.parentslikeus.com.au.

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