Nov 272015

George Foreman

Now that baby Harriet is two months old and we’ve settled into some sort of routine it is time to get working on my post-baby body. I’ve cleared our pantry of all the unhealthy comfort food (it was fun while it lasted) and stocked up on fresh, tasty, nutritious ingredients, bring on a healthy 2016! Luckily for me I am huge fan of salads and with so many different ways to create a yummy salad I have plenty of delicious lunches and dinners to choose from.

Salmon Salad

Being a busy mum of five my time is precious, which is why I have come up with a few ‘quick and easy’ meal hacks. Every few days I fill a stack of containers with freshly chopped vegetables: cucumber, carrot, capsicum, mushroom, cherry tomatoes and red onion. Just add a bowl of pre-washed spinach leaves, a few pine nuts and a sprinkle of grated cheese and you have got a super easy but very tasty base salad, all that’s missing is some much needed protein.

George Foreman Grill

Picking the right ingredients is one thing but the way you cook your meals is also very important, which is why I rely on George Foreman to keep my food lean and clean. Whether it’s chicken breast, a piece of salmon, steak or even vegetables, within a few short minutes they are juicy and grilled to perfection on the new Convertible Easy to Clean Grill (RRP $149.95) without the need for oil or butter. This clever convertible cooking appliance can be used closed as a contact grill or opened up like a griddle, making it extremely versatile for use at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

George Foreman Chicken

The slightly angled design allows yucky fat to run off the cooking plates into a removable drip tray, removing up to 42% of fat so you can enjoy your meal without a guilty conscience. I have to admit this fabulous feature was a real eye-opener for me, I never realised how much fat was hiding in certain foods! Of course hubby’s breakfast bacon will never be healthy but at least whatever fat ends up in the tray you are not consuming so it is a huge improvement from the ordinary fry pan.

George Foreman Open GrillThe Convertible Easy to Clean Grill is compact enough for use on an ordinary kitchen bench but surprisingly large in cooking surface, especially when used open (great for families). On the other hand I would never have bothered to turn on the outdoor BBQ to cook lunch for just myself but the Easy to Clean Grill is very convenient and fast for small serves too, and no need to go outside in the heat or rain.

George Grill dishwasherThe new ‘George Tough’ Pro coated plates can be removed with the touch of a button, are dishwasher safe AND three times more durable than standard non-stick coating. Once you’re done cooking just place the dirty plates in the dishwasher and sit down to eat without having to scrub and clean up afterwards, how mum-friendly is that? There is nothing like putting up your tired feet after dinner without worrying about a kitchen bench full of dishes.

George Foreman Salmon

Need a simple and fast dinner for the kids before heading out for swimming? Just pop some sausages, rissoles or burgers on the Easy to Clean Grill and they’ll cook while you butter the rolls. Not only is it easy to use and quick to clean, one look at all the fat running into the drip tray and you know the George way of cooking is a healthier way.

George Foreman Rissoles

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