Dec 032015


Christmas Countdown – Day 3

These last weeks of term are so incredibly busy that I can’t wait for the laziness of school holidays to start. For our munchkins holidays are all about late breakfasts, good books, playing outside, awesome family outings, yummy baking and of course loads of crafty fun. Colorific has lots of cool and creative gifts to put under the Christmas tree, here’s one for the girl who loves a bit of fairy magic:

Sparkletopia Jewellery Set

If you are afraid of glitter you better click away, because FairyLites Sparkletopia is all about sparkles, shimmer, glitter and glam and the best part is: no glue! This gorgeous collection of craft kits is perfect for young designers aged 4-9 and with prices starting at just $14.99 it’s affordable too.

Sparkletopia Secret Diary KitWith a new year about to begin now is the time to start a new tradition like keeping a diary. This gorgeous Secret Diary Set will help your little girl design a cute sparkly (lockable!) diary, perfect for recording big adventures, short stories and lovely dreams. Using the special fairy wand tool and plenty of sticky charms, gems, stencils and sparkle sheets this colourful set is sure to keep her busy these school holidays.

If you’re looking for a set to entertain multiple children (great for siblings, friends, family get-togethers or even parties) you can’t go wrong with the Fairy Jewellery Set or the Charm Set Assortment. Both packs contain a range of smaller ‘projects’ so kids can share the Sparkletopia fun. I know my girls would love wearing a necklace, ring or cuff of their own design so this is definitely going to be on our school holiday to-do list.

FairyLites Sparkletopia

There are currently five different FairyLites Sparkletopia packs to choose from, each pack contains all the tools you need to design your own unique creations: charms, jewellery, a jewellery cabinet and even a diary, go on and add a sparkle to your day!

To find out more about Colorific, to browse the FairyLites Sparkletopia range and to locate a stockist near you visit

For your chance to win 1 of 5 FairyLites Sparkletopia packs (RRP $24.99, choose from Fairy Jewellery Set, Jewellery Cabinet Set and Secret Diary Set) enter our giveaway below:

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Dec 112014

'Lil Fairy Door

Christmas Countdown – Day 11

As we near the end of the year I can’t help but look back and see how much our kids have grown these lasts 12 months. O how I wish I could keep them small for longer, I love their innocent trust in all that is good and the way they believe in magic. Children have the biggest imagination (especially this time of year!) and often the littlest things lead to big adventures like this gorgeous ‘Lil Fairy Door:

'Lil Fairy Door Red

Three years ago Australian mum Sally created the very first ‘Lil Fairy Door, her own little girl loved everything ‘fairy’ and this gorgeous miniature door opened up to a delightful imaginary world. Three years on ‘Lil Fairy Door is available in 400 stores across Australia and overseas, allowing children of all ages to explore their fairy fantasies through pretend play.

'Lil Fairy Door GreenTo create a special fairy entrance in your home you need to attach your ‘Lil Fairy Door to the wall, somewhere low to the ground or high on a shelf (an ideal location if you need to keep it away from young children who may cause damage or eat small parts). It would look gorgeous in a little girl’s bedroom, playroom or reading corner and with choice of 12 different colours there is a perfect ‘Lil Fairy Door for every child and every decor, prices start at $36.

'Lil Fairy MushroomsLittle by little you can grow your little piece of fairy land using the adorable range of ‘Lil Fairy accessories. From mini mailboxes to tiny footsteps, from small mushrooms to a teeny teaset and petite tooth fairy notes and much more, at ‘Lil Fairy Door they know how to capture a child’s imagination. With Christmas in mind there are also some brilliant Christmas themed accessories available, once you’ve seen this frosty evidence you will be a believer for life.

‘Lil Fairy Door will be exhibiting at the annual Kids Instyle trade event at the Royal Hall of Industries & Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (19 – 22 February, 2015).

To find out more about ‘Lil Fairy Door, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Aug 122014

Big Birthday Bash – Day 12

Finlee & Me owner and mum-of-two Angela appreciates how important pretend play is for a child’s development, which is why she has dedicated a whole category in her amazing store to imaginary play. Encourage your little people to use their imagination, to get creative and to practise the art of story telling with one of the many toys, games, dress-ups and props handpicked with care by Angela herself. One of the hot favourites in store is the wonderful Lil Fairy Door range:

Lil Fairy Door

Just like the name suggests a Lil Fairy Door ($44.95) is a beautifully crafted miniature door, a magical gateway through which pretty fairies can enter your house, your little girl’s bedroom or playroom and come for a play. Simply attach the little door to your skirting board or even against the wall on a shelf and watch your child create her own unique fairy stories inspired by this tiny door. Bonus: Next time the kids ask you where the tooth fairy lives you will have your answer ready!

Lil Fairy Door MailboxTo add to the magic you can add one or more of the sweet Lil Fairy Door accessories, you can grow your whimsical fairy garden as big as you like. Add a set of Lil Fairy Door Mushrooms, hang up a mini mailbox, roll out some grass or serve up a cup of fairy tea, you can even invite your little fairy to your Christmas celebrations and attach a teeny tiny Christmas wreath to your Lil Fairy Door. The range is available in a rainbow of colours to suit your personal taste and decor perfectly.

To find out more about Finlee and Me, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Jul 192014

We all know that sometimes it takes a while for dreams to come true and that’s definitely the case in the Woddlers ‘I Dream Of’ competition. Last year I told you all about this fantastic initiative by Woddlers owner Meegan Cassell, inviting Australian kids to design their very own Woddlers backpack and raising money for the wonderful Starlight Foundation at the same time. Well the winners have been chosen, the Woddlers design team has been busy creating the winning backpacks and now the time has finally come to unveil this special, and very meaningful, collection:

Woddlers Fairy

The Woddlers ‘I Dream Of’ collection consists of three boys designs and three girls designs, all styles are available as a lunchbox ($29.95), toddler backpack ($39.95) and kinder backpack ($49.95). Featuring a fairy, unicorn and ballerina for the girls and an astronaut, pirate and robot for the boys the range has all little kids’ dreams covered. My personal favourite is the fairy, which design would your child like most?

Woddler Toddler BackpackWoddlers Toddler Backpacks are designed with little adventurers in mind, big enough for a change of clothes, lunch and a drink bottle they are the perfect companion for daycare or a day at grandma’s without being too heavy or bulky. Woddler backpacks are 100% PVC free and made of strong nylon for extra durability. The wide shoulder straps are adjustable so you can create the right fit for your child and change them as he/she grows.

Woddlers Kinder BackpackJust like the name suggests the new Woddlers Kinder Backpacks are a little bigger in size than their toddler sibling. Not only are they taller and wider so they offer more internal storage, they also have an extra pocket at the front. The carry handle makes it easy for kids to hang their bag up in their locker and thanks to the mesh side pocket they can keep their drink bottle easily accessible and safely away from school books and home work in the main storage compartment.

Woddlers Lunchbox AstronautTeam up your new I Dream Of backpack with a matching insulated Woddlers Lunchbox for the ultimate Woddlers look, they look gorgeous together and it makes it easy for children to recognise their belongings. Just like the backpacks these cute lunch boxes have a stitched on name label, you wouldn’t want to lose your stylish new bag or lunchbox! Woddlers lunch boxes have a waterproof and food safe inner so you can just wipe them clean after lunch.

Bonus: To make room for the new I Dream Of arrivals the original Woddlers Animal range has been reduced by a massive 50%, now is the perfect time to grab a bargain and stock up for your next birthday party or Christmas.

To find out more about Woddlers, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Mar 062014

Wilderness Fairies

When our little miss 5 and her best school buddy K. get together they have the best of fun, their favourite game is fairies which is easy because besides your imagination you don’t need much. Often their props include rocks, leaves and flower petals and if they can find a dandelion floating around in the garden their adventure is sure to get even better. I bet if they could read they would be big fans of the new Wilderness Fairies series by Australian author Jodie Wells-Slowgrove.

Wilderness Fairies 'Daisy's Quest' and 'Daisy's New Wings'

Wilderness Fairies ‘Daisy’s Quest’ and ‘Daisy’s New Wings’

The first two titles in the Wilderness Fairies book series have just hit stores across Australia, introducing lovable little fairy Daisy to the public. Starting at the beginning Daisy’s Quest tells of sweet Daisy and how she dreams of finally earning her wings, when will it be her big day? From rainbows to waterfalls and from friendly beetles to fragrant blossoms, Daisy lives in a magical world I would love to walk around in one day.

Daisy's New Wings

After having received a pretty set of bright yellow wings from the Fairy Queen in the first book, Daisy is now ready to spread those wings and learn to fly in Daisy’s New Wings. But that’s not as easy as it sounds, it is actually very tricky especially if patience is not your strongest side. We all know practice makes perfect so with the help of Aunt Acacia Daisy learns to turn her gentle flutter into a strong, powerful flap.

Written with primary school children in mind the books feature a larger, easy to read font, whimsical illustrations by Kerry Millard and with 120 pages per book it is a light and enjoyable read (Bonus: the $9.99 price tag is light on the budget too).

If you live in New South Wales you are in luck as you can attend one of two Wilderness Fairies book launches. Meet the author and illustrator, enjoy craft activities and snacks and you could even win a prize for best dressed fairy! Visit the website for details and to RSVP.

To find out more about the Wilderness Fairies series, published by Penguin Books Australia, to discover fun craft activities and to order online visit

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Feb 232014


As I walked into school this week I spotted one of the twins’ class mates with a big empty spot exactly where his front tooth had been just last week. All I could think was that surely children don’t lose their first tooth at 5 years old? I realised how quick our babies are growing up, while I hope it is still a while off I am afraid it won’t be long before our own children start losing their precious baby teeth too. If you are looking for a cute Tooth Fairy tradition of your own you’ll love this sweet Tooth Fairy Doll at Shnookums:

Tooth Fairy Doll Front

This delightful Ragtales Tooth Fairy Doll is sure to catch the imagination of little children with her head full of hair and adorable purple outfit. Kids can pop the lost milk tooth in her tiny backpack and in the morning they’ll find it replaced by a shiny coin, I wonder what the going rate for baby teeth is these days? If you know please drop me a note so I can leave our tooth fairy some helpful instructions.

Tooth Fairy Doll Back

As children have a fair few teeth to lose these nightly visits are a costly business for the Tooth Fairy, at least you can save yourself some big bucks on the Tooth Fairy Doll. She is currently on sale for just $15, what a bargain and such a lovely keepsake!

To find out more about Shnookums, to browse the range and to order online visit

Jan 242014

Giggle Me Pink

Earlier this week I took the twins to school to pick up their uniforms and while they were very excited miss 5 was a little sad when she realised she won’t be wearing her favourite colour pink to school. Luckily I was able to cheer her up with the thought of a beautiful pink backpack and lunch bag, after all most girls have a soft spot for pink and pretty. If you are sending your little girl to school this year too make sure you check out Giggle Me Pink:

GMP BackpacksAustralian label Giggle Me Pink is designed here in Australia by lovely mum and daugher team Angela and Kate. Together they have created a lovely accessory collection for girly girls like mine who love pink and purple, sparkles and glitter and fairies and ballerinas. The range consists of backpacks, lunch bags, handbags and purses for little ladies who want to carry their treasures around in style.

Ballet BackpackGiggle Me Pink backpacks ($39.95) are a lovely mix of practical and pretty, because the eye wants something too! Featuring a zip closure for easy opening and closing and a side pocket to keep a drink bottle at hand the backpacks are perfect for daycare, kindy or a fun day out. The wide shoulder straps are adjustable so they can grow with your little girl and the bag can easily be carried or hung up by the handy little loop at the top.

GMP Fairy Lunch BagGiggle Me Pink lunch bags ($24.95) are sure to get young students excited about recess. Measuring 20 x 24 x 8cm these sweet lunch bags are a decent size and the insulated lining will keep lunch and snacks at the right temperature. Backpacks and lunch bags are available in matching designs, choose from Fairy Wings, Butterfly Wings, Ballet Tutu or Sequin Heart. I struggled to pick a favourite but decided on the Fairy Wings and judging by my daughter’s sparkling eyes it was the right choice.

To find out more about Giggle Me Pink, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit

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