Secret Christmas Wishes

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Dec 012016


With all eyes on the kids on Christmas morning it is easy to forget about their wonderful mamas, who (usually) have been very good yet often miss out on presents. Of course it is totally normal to put your children first and spend your entire December budget on fulfilling their Christmas wish lists (meanwhile Santa takes all the credit!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few sneaky Christmas wishes too. Just in case there is a generous Santa reading along, here are my five secret Christmas wishes:

kirstin-ash-bespokeFor some time I have been admiring the stunning Kirstin Ash ‘Bespoke’ collection, a gorgeous range of mix and match jewellery that allows you to create your own unique look. I have been picturing a pretty silver and rose gold combination of five initial charms (to represent my precious tribe of kids) and two or three add-ons, I think it would look fantastic and I would definitely wear it with pride.

sneaking-duckWith the new year just around the corner I always feel the need to change my look and make a nice fresh start. Getting the big chop at the hairdresser is generally followed by regret, so this time around I might going for a less drastic change with a new pair of glasses. I am currently coveting these trendy Sneaking Duck spectacles, the classic blue and traditional bamboo mix is just my style and would go with pretty much anything.

endota-spa-gift-voucherAs much as I adore my big family, being a mum of five young children is hard work and there is rarely any time for relaxation. The thought of some proper pampering, a good massage and a quiet room (and maybe a tiny snooze…) is pure bliss to me, so to find an Endota Spa gift voucher under the tree would be absolutely amazing. The only small problem will be to find the time to actually go there, but I will just have to lock it in on the family calendar.

love-my-teethAnother secret little Christmas wish of mine is whiter teeth. Although I thankfully have quite straight teeth thanks to wearing expensive braces as a teenager I would really love to brighten them by just a few shades. The high costs of in-chair treatment at the dentist (and the fact that success is not guaranteed) have been holding me back, but maybe a safe, in-home teeth whitening kit will fit within Santa’s budget?

brother-sewing-machineLast but not least, and I know this may sound a little dorky, I have always wanted to learn how to sew and make my four girls some lovely handmade dresses. Right now I can just sew on a lost button and fix a broken knee on school pants but that’s about it, to own a good, easy-to-use sewing machine would be a dream come true (and if it came with a few classes for beginners that would be even better!).

Go on, tell me about your secret Christmas wishes…

Aug 032015

After almost 10 years together my wonderful hubby knows very well how to make me feel special, as opposed to ‘materialistic’ gifts he prefers to shower me in ‘experiences’ which is so much fun every single time. On Saturday I celebrated my 32nd birthday (I can’t say I feel 32 at all!), it was a very cold and wet day and I woke up with a terrible cold which wasn’t really in line with hubby’s big surprise plan. He had booked me in for a relaxing pregnancy message at Endota Spa in the beautiful Adelaide Hills (yep, he is a true gem!), followed by a Dutch-style picnic lunch with the family. Oh well, you have to work with what you’ve got so I had my massage with a box of tissues within reach and afterwards we picnicked under a shelter, all warm and cosy in our winter coats. Another birthday to remember, celebrated with the special people in my life.

Mama on Monday

Barossa Valley

Picnic Lunch

Tommie and Sybbie


Cowl Neck Dolman Maternity & Breastfeeding Top (RRP $79.95) by Milk and Love
This comfortable Mothers En Vogue slouchy knit is getting a great work-out this winter. Originally I purchased this top when breastfeeding baby no.4 (and had already lost the baby weight) so it’s probably at tad too snug for this far into my pregnancy but it’s so easy to wear I can’t resist it. The asymmetrical design consists of a loose, over-the-shoulder knit and a nursing singlet in a matching colour to allow for discrete breastfeeding once baby is born. Made from a soft and stretchy bamboo/cotton blend it is lovely gentle against the skin. This season this style is available in three new shades so I may have to order a new one for when baby has arrived, I am leaning towards the pretty deep blue colour.

Jessa Denim Jean (RRP $129.95) by Ripe Maternity
These casual stonewashed jeans were the first maternity pants I purchased for this pregnancy, way back in the first trimester when I couldn’t do up my regular jeans anymore but didn’t want to give our secret away yet either. They are very supportive, stretchy in the right places, thick and warm and I absolutely love the over tummy knit waistband.

JAMiE Ankle Boot (RRP $255) by FRANKiE4