ENJO Floor Cleaner (+ special ENJO offer!)

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Nov 282014


Earlier in the year I told you how we keep our kitchen clean, shiny and germ free the natural way with Enjo. Ever since we discovered the magic of Enjo Fibres I have been tossing up about the Enjo Floor Cleaner; our floors need cleaning every single day (sometimes even twice or three times a day), it looks so easy to use and if it works as well as our Enjo Kitchen Glove and Cloths it would be absolutely perfect, but is it worth the expense?

As you know I like to do my research and compare my options before I buy so it is important to know what makes the Enjo Floor Cleaner (RRP $99) different than regular floor cleaners. The extra long Enjo Floor Cleaner Handle is light in weight, simple to assemble and use, comfortable to hold and manoeuvre and it slides under furniture easily. Giving the kitchen floor a quick wipe down after dinner takes just a few short minutes and requires very little effort making it ideal for busy mums and dads and well lived-in kitchens like ours. However the real difference is in the special Enjo Floor Fibres you use to wipe the floor with.

Enjo Floor FibresI know it is hard to believe, and I didn’t believe it either until I witnessed it with my own eyes, but Enjo Fibres work their magic with just a squirt of water. There is no need for nasty chemicals or detergent, there is no sticky residue and you can reuse the fibres over and over again, just wash them in the your washing machine and you’re ready for your next clean. Using nothing but water Enjo Fibres remove 95-100% of bacteria so can keep your home healthy and clean and children and pets can play on the floor safely.

There are six different Enjo Floor Fibres (RRP $99) to choose from, each type of fibre suits a different floor type so you can achieve perfect results on every floor. Wooden floors, tiles, bamboo, vinyl, lino, marble, concrete, there is an Enjo Floor Fibre that is right for you. The cleaner head simply slides into the floor fibre like an envelope and you’re good to go, unlike disposable wipes that come undone easily and need ‘tucking in’ repeatedly the Enjo Floor Fibre stays perfectly in place no matter what angle you use it on or how hard you push. When you’re done just unlock the cleaner head with your foot to remove the floor fibre for rinsing or washing.

Enjo Floor Cleaner Pack

The verdict? Considering the impressive 3-year life span of Enjo Fibres, the eliminated need for special floor cleaners and wipes full of nasty chemicals, the absence of chemical residue afterwards and the ease of use (and less waste) compared to other alternatives on the market the Enjo Floor Cleaner is well worth the investment. Yes it is a big expense at first but now I won’t have to buy any floor cleaning products for 3 years and it is healthier for my family too! Christmas has come early for me and I couldn’t be happier with our new floor cleaner.

Receive a FREE Limited Edition Green Floor Cleaner (RRP $99) when you buy any two Enjo Floor Fibres. Offer is valid while stock lasts so be quick and order your preferred Floor Fibres today.

To find out more about Enjo, to book an Enjo demo and to order your favourite Enjo products online visit www.enjo.com.au.

Sep 092014

The sweet days of lazy breakfasts, relaxing in the garden and strolling along the boulevards are over, I’m still recovering from almost two full days of air travel and transit and now school and work are calling again. As a busy mum your only choice is to keep going but unfortunately exhaustion and stress can take their toll on your health, happiness and even your looks.

Nioxin Diaboost

If you’re one of the 50% of adults (men and women!) who suffers from hair thinning you will recognise that jealous feeling of seeing someone with a beautiful head full of thick, glossy, bouncy hair. Don’t fret, the hair experts at Nioxin have developed a fabulous new daily leave-in product that will instantly give you the look and the confidence you’re after. Nioxin Diaboost ($59.95) is a scientifically designed and tested product that increases the diameter of each existing hair strand, giving you the look of 11,000 more hair strands.

Diaboost is the perfect product for busy mums, simply apply to towel-dry hair and that’s it! There is no need to wait months and months to see results, no difficult, time-consuming regime is required and you don’t even have to rinse it out, Diaboost works straight away and results last up to 8 hours. Diaboost boosts the diameter of every single hair strand instantly, makes your hair more manageable and full and the best part is that all this hair magic fits in a convenient 100ml bottle, how handy!

To find out more about Nioxin, to browse the Nioxin range and to locate a Nioxin salon near you visit www.nioxin.com.

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Easy as ENJO

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Jul 042014


Confession time: I am not a cleaner, I have never been and probably never will be a big fan of cleaning. Of course I do what needs to be done but I prefer not to spend any more time on it than necessary. I need cleaning to be quick and efficient leaving me with as much time as possible to enjoy my little ones who grow up way too fast.

The kitchen is definitely the busiest room in our house and it is not just busy around meal times, we are in and out all day. Getting a drink, preparing a baby bottle, making a snack, games, homework, craft or puzzles at the big dining table, it’s the heart of our home. This may sound sweet and lovely but is also messy, sticky, wet and drippy, there is always something that needs cleaning up or wiping down.

The team at ENJO figured I could do with a bit of cleaning help so they sent me some great ENJO Kitchen products to try out in our messy kitchen. While I had heard of ENJO before I had never tried it as, I’ll be honest here, I expected it to be a bit of hyped up product (plus I dislike cleaning so I didn’t bother looking into it much). But I am always happy to try new things so I entered with an open mind, read up on the ENJO concept and got out the gloves.

ENJO Kitchen GloveENJO offers chemical free, reusable and effective cleaning solutions for all around the home, now who doesn’t like the sound of that? At the heart of the ENJO magic lies the unique ENJO fibre, created in Austria and 100 times finer than a human hair. The unique shape of these innovative fibres lifts, traps and holds dust, dirt, bacteria, grease and grime leaving your surfaces clean, spotless and free of nasty bacteria that lurk around your home.

There is no need for chemical filled sprays, wipes, soaps and foams that could harm your family’s health and it gives you much more room in your cleaning cupboard, nice bonus! After use simple wash your ENJO gloves and cloths in the washing machine to remove all the dirt they picked up while cleaning and they’re good as new again. I always thought our marble kitchen bench top was clean, but after using the ENJO Kitchen Glove ($49) I have come to realise it must never have been completely clean. It is so shiny and sparkly now and the same goes for our range hood, I don’t think it has ever been this glossy since we purchased this house.

ENJO Kitchen MiracleI am also totally smitten with the way our kitchen cupboard doors have come up now that we use ENJO. With six pair of hands touching them all day long they get grubby very quickly and it takes lots of rubbing to get them clean. I am very aware of the kids putting their hands in and near their mouths or faces so I didn’t want to use a chemical spray but water only just didn’t lift the fingerprints completely. Thanks to ENJO they are now shiny without the worry, it takes just a quick wipe to leave the doors clean and streak free.

ENJO benefits: Being able to clean without using chemicals is safer for your family, better for the environment and it reduces the number of cleaning products you need. I even found my husband browsing the ENJO website and looking at the items he thinks we should buy so I think we can safely say the cleaning results are absolutely fantastic. We are so impressed that we have decided to save up for the ENJO floor cleaner so I can keep the floor clean and safe for the kids to play on, in particularly the baby.

ENJO downsides: I will be honest, ENJO does come with a price tag that scares many people off, before I tried it myself I was a bit taken aback by the prices too. However when you do the maths ENJO comes out really well, the products are washable and reusable and just a few ENJO products can replace a large range of nasty chemical cleaners. You can also buy an ENJO bundle for even better value, it’s a great investment that will save you dollars and health in the long run.

To find out more about Enjo, to book an Enjo demo and to order your favourite Enjo products online visit www.enjo.com.au.