Nov 242012

Before I became a mum I used to remember everything, my husband always joked that I had the memory of an elephant (sometimes a good thing but sometimes also a little annoying). However that all changed when I fell pregnant with the twins and it has only gone downhill since then, just like many other mother I discovered that pregnancy brain and baby brain are not just a myth. These days I take down notes, write shopping lists and take my daily Omega-3’s all in an attempt to keep my memory from failing completely (I even solve a Sudoku from time to time).

We’ve all heard about Omega-3’s and how they are really good for healthy brain development, but did you know fish oil is not the only way to get those important Omega’s into your body? Essential Omega-3’s can also be found in krill oil and it is structure of the Omega-3’s in Krill Oil that makes the difference. The magic word here is phospholipids, without going into much detail Omega-3’s in phospholipids form (krill oil) are much easier for your body to digest than in triglyceride from (fish oil).

Of course both fish oil and krill oil are really good for you and if you want to find out which one of the two is best for you just visit the Blackmores Eco Krill website. Good to know: Blackmores Eco Krill is the only krill oil available in Australia that has been certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. Now in short this means that the krill is harvested in an innovative, eco-friendly manner so it can be processed as fresh as possible as not to lose any of its nutritional values. It also means there is less loss of other marine wildlife in the process. For more detailed information click here.

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