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Feb 122015


With school back in full swing it won’t be long before the first birthday invites start coming in. A little gift here, a little gift there, I make sure we have a well-stocked gift cupboard all year around so that I always have a quick present on hand. If your shelves are looking rather empty after the Christmas period here’s your chance to stock up big at bargain prices:

It is with a sad heart that Coccinella will soon be closing its virtual doors so they are clearing out with a huge 50% off storewide. This fantastic offer is valid for a limited time only so stock up while you can!


From sweet baby gifts to cool kids toys or games, no matter who you are shopping for you are sure to find something gorgeous in store and with such great prices you will be left with more money in your family budget.

Betty the Tightrope DollAs you may remember we have the gorgeous Betty Tightrope Doll (was RRP $44.95, now $22.45) and she is so very cute, she would make the perfect friend for a special little girl. With her sparkly tulle tutu and purple velvet cape decorated with stars Betty is pretty as a picture and offers lots of dressing up fun. Betty comes packaged in a lovely gift box, ready to be presented to a lucky recipient.

Ebulobo Pound a Ball WolfIf you have a cheeky tot who loves exploring and working things out this colourful Crazy Wold Pound a Ball (was RRP $64.95, now $32.45) by Ebulobo is just what you need. Children can practise their fine motor skills by placing the three balls in the holes and give them a tap with the hammer, after which they will re-appear in the big mouth of the crazy wolf. It’s one of those toys that will keep kids busy for ages, they’ll want to try it over and over again.

When I first wrote about Plus-Plus (now from $4.95) it was a huge hit, this fun and interesting take on the traditional building block encourages kids to use their imagination and come with creative designs. It’s a brilliant boredom buster on a rainy day and suitable for girls and boys. In the current clearance sale you can pick up a pack from as little as $4.95, what a steal! Plus-Plus sets make really great gifts and are available in basic, neon or pastel colours.

Plus-Plus 3-in-1 Neon

To find out more about Down That Little Lane, to browse the Coccinella store and to order online visit www.downthatlittlelane.com.au/coccinella-eco.

Jun 262014

It’s been a while since I brought you an update on Ebulobo but today I’ve got news and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. A brand new delivery of Ebulobo toys has arrived from France and made it into the Coccinella store on Down That Little Lane, they’re soft, huggable and gorgeous as always and make the perfect buddy for your little one:

Super Monsieur Louloup

Even though he measures a very impressive 100cm in length this big wolf is far from scary. Kids will be running towards this cuddly Super Monsieur Louloup ($99.95) to give him a big squeeze and he has no big sharp teeth for grandma to worry about. Like all Ebulobo toys he is made with precious little bundles in mind, all of Europe’s strictest safety standards are met and he contains only safe and non-toxic elements for your peace of mind.

Trendy Monsieur LouloupWho said fairytales are old fashioned? Clearly this Trendy Monsieur Louloup (65cm, $59.95) knows his chances of eating Little Red Riding Hood for dinner are very small so he has brought along his mobile phone to order take away instead. Mr. Wolf has flexible long legs and arms that are the perfect size for little hands to hold on to and on his belly you’ll find a handy storage pouch for his phone, you didn’t know wolves could have pouches did you?

Little Bag BettyDo you remember Tightrope Betty from the Ebulobo Magic Circus Collection? Well she is back for another performance this season in the shape of this adorable Little Bag Betty ($39.95). Little girls can carry around there special treasures wherever they go in this sweet pink cord shoulder bag decorated with Betty in her pretty gold tutu. I’ve popped one of these away for my daughter’s upcoming birthday, she is going to love it!

Ebulobo WoodbearThis year Ebulobo has given old favourites Gustave, Louloup and Woodbear an extra snuggly makeover and transformed them into flat cuddly toys ($34.95), combining the eye catching look of Ebulobo toys with the soft, comfortable feel of snuggle blanket. Unlike with ordinary ’round’ soft toys there are less bumps and bulky shapes that could be uncomfortable to sleep on and it makes them more compact to pop in your bag too.

Ebulobo Toy Blankets

To find out more about Down That Little Lane, to browse the Coccinella store and to order online visit www.downthatlittlelane.com.au.

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Oct 242013

A roaring lion, a magician with a rabbit in a hat, a delicate tight rope dancer, a cheeky clown and a very flexible acrobat… Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the circus is coming to town! Created by the very talented designers of Ebulobo the brand new Magic Circus Collection is sure to delight young and old and you can find it on the shelves at Coccinella:

Ebulobo Circus

Ebulobo Magic Circus Collection

Over the past few years we have come to know and love French toy brand Ebulobo for it’s unique, colourful, charming designs and the new range is once again a winner. The classic circus theme is always a favourite and just never gets old, it brings back old memories for adults and introduces little ones to the magical world under the big top.

Betty the Tightrope DollHow gorgeous is pretty Betty the Tightrope Doll ($44.95)? Betty wears a sweet tulle tutu and purple velvet cape decorated with stars, both can be removed for lots of dressing fun. Standing 35 cm tall and with flexible long arms and legs she makes a perfect huggable friend for a special little girl. Great bonus: after a few too many drops from the tightrope or bed (don’t worry she won’t get injured) she can be machine washed. Betty comes packaged in a lovely gift box, a beautiful Christmas gift idea.

Ernesto the Musical RabbitThen there is Ernesto the Musical Rabbit ($56.95), a cute twist on the rabbit in the hat act. Don’t worry, you are never too small to pull this trick! Pull the strings until Ernesto is out of the hat, then watch as the little white bunny slowly disappears back into the hat while playing a lovely lullaby. I think Ernesto looks just adorable and I am sure kids will keep practising this trick again and again.

Marcel the Circus LionA traditional circus wouldn’t be a circus without Marcel the Lion ($69.95) to keep the public on the edge of their seat. Of course there is no need to be scared of this furry animal, he’s already had his dinner. Marcel’s tummy is filled with Ernesto, Alfred and even the ringmaster, hours of fun guaranteed with this fabulous activity set. There are six different circus characters to choose from and they all have their own unique features to discover and play with. Prices start at $33.95.

To find out more about Coccinella, to browse the Ebulobo range and to order online visit www.coccinella.com.au.

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May 282012

A few months ago I wrote about the gorgeous Ebulobo Happy Farm range, a collection of colourful animal toys that stole the heart of many little ones (and their mums). Born in France the beautiful Ebulobo label is designed by two talented artists who burst with ideas for wonderful kids toys, in Australia you can find Ebulobo at Coccinella. Just like at a real farm there is always something happening and there have been some new arrivals recently, let me introduce you to them:

Probably still jet lagged from the long trip is this stunning Ebulobo Happy Farm Play Mat which arrived on our shores just last week. I don’t think baby will be bored easily, there are so many features to discover and explore. The five fun activity toys can be hung from the (removable) arches or attached to the soft cushion. Tummy time will be no punishment on this play mat! Right now when you purchase this beautiful nursery piece you will receive a free Happy Farm blanket (offer ends June 28, 2012).

Also available in the Happy Farm collection are three rattles in the shape of Happy Farm characters Antoine the Dog, Jeff the Rabbit and Huguette the Goat. These adorable soft rattles are the perfect size for little hands and fit easily in your baby bag for some entertainment while out and about. At Ebulobo they know babies love to taste their toys too so all fabrics are completely safe, non-toxic and have passed all safety tests.

Your toddler will love sharing meal time with his/her friends from the Happy Farm; the quicker the food is gone, the sooner all those beautiful illustrations are revealed. This colourful melamine Happy Farm Divided Plate has high sides making it easier to eat without much mess. You can complete the set with the matching Happy Farm Spoon and Mug. With pleasant pricetags between $4.95 and $14.95 these meal time products are a fabulous gift idea.

To find out more about Coccinella, to browse the Ebulobo range and to order online visit www.coccinella.com.au.

For your chance to win a 5-piece Ebulobo Happy Farm prize pack valued at $84.85 (Ebulobo blanket, rattle, plate, mug and spoon) visit www.coccinella.com.au and answer the following question: Aside from the items featured above, which other Ebulobo design do you really like in the Coccinella store?

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Mar 252012

In the past 2,5 years I have met a lot of lovely store owners and I feel like I have made some great friendships along the way. Working from home can be a little isolating so it is really nice when you get to know your online contacts a little better and find out a bit more about someone than just a name under an email. In our ‘Sunday coffee with’ series you can meet some of the people behind some great Australian businesses.

Although I have never personally met Renata from Coccinella we get along very well and always find something to talk about, possibly because we are both relatively new to Australia? You can get a taste of Renata’s Polish roots in her online store Coccinella where she sells some of Europe’s best eco friendly toys and clothing labels for Australian mums to enjoy.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
An ideal Sunday would see us at a market or an event as a family selling all our wonderful toys and clothes. Otherwise a nice and relaxing day with not too much excitement and lots of sleeping in. (Not that such a thing is possible with 2 small children and one large one, my husband that is).

Why did you start Coccinella?
We started www.coccinella.com.au in the hope of earning some additional money since mortgage payments and a constant stream of bills never left us with any savings. We later realised just how amazingly cool all these handmade imported toys actually were and decided to introduce these toys to as many mums and dads as we possibly could. And in this day and age with one parent working full time and the other at home with her hands full with the kids it meant selling online.

How did you decide on the name Coccinella?
Ladybug in Italian, the idea was just too cool and most importantly the name was available here in Australia. When picking a name not only does it help if it is cute but it also has to be commercially available and not something too long to type in your web browser. You have to admit that being able to use a ladybug as your logo is something we just could not pass up.

What is your favourite item in store?
It’s a struggle to choose only one toy as our favourite. Should we choose the Ebulobo Cuddly Wolf because it’s so beautiful and it sells the most? Or should I go with my real favourite the Lovely Monster even though most people think it’s an elephant? Or wait let’s not forget the Mime. Everyone thinks it’s a convict! Luckily to Australians it conveys some sort of nostalgia and also seems to sell quite well. Let’s just go with all of the above perhaps.

What do you love most about being a mum?
Taking care of my children and watching them grow and learn new things every day. Working parents miss out on so many things and do not get to experience the daily adventures and accomplishments of their kids, even if it’s just potty training or learning to tie their shoes. Finger painting is also quite exciting as long as it’s confined to only the paper and not the walls and the plasma TV.

To find out more about Coccinella, to browse the  range and to order online visit www.coccinella.com.au.

Feb 042012

A little while ago I wrote about Coccinella and all the unique eco products available in store. Owner Renata has managed to secure some of the world’s best eco friendly brands, some of them very hard to find here in Australia. I first laid eyes on the French Ebulobo toys last year and was very impressed, so I was excited to see the new Ebulobo Happy Farm family arrive at Coccinella.

The Ebulobo Happy Farm is a colourful animal toy family that is eco-friendly and lives in a quiet rural community. Each of the five family members has a different role to play: managing the vegie patch or selling cheese, producing milk or looking after the kids in the little village, together they really are a fantastic bunch. The Happy Farm range consists of 9 different toy designs: soft dolls, activity dolls and even a musical doll.

The Ebulobo activity toys offer a bit of extra stimulation and entertainment. Take Anemone the Cow, she comes packed with a flower mirror, milk bottle rattle, squeaker cheese and a yummy brown cookie teether. Her sweet pink and orange colours make this a perfect gift for a little girl that is sure to be welcomed with open arms. A smaller (but just as cute) version of Anemone is available too, without the activities she is more bedtime friendly and my baby girl has taken to her immediately.

Don’t worry, instead of waking your baby before dawn Bob the Musical Rooster will (hopefully) put your little one to sleep by playing a lovely Bob Dylan song when you pull the flower. Babies love music so this little fella will be a favourite in no time. Don’t you just love his colourful plumage? Bob’s job is to entertain the rest of the friendly Ebulobo gang by playing songs on his guitar, I think he is absolutely gorgeous.

To find out more about Coccinella, to browse the Ebulobo range and to order your favourites online visit www.coccinella.com.au, prices start at $34.95.