Feb 192017

EK Books

As a mother of five little ones, and only one of them a picky eater, I can’t really complain. Our kids happily munch away on vegetables, love every single fruit and are always excited to try new foods. If you have a fussy child who needs a bit of gentle encouragement when it comes to healthy eating here’s a gorgeous read by EK Books to win him or her over:

In Our Dog Benji (RRP $19.99) we meet a loveable dog called Benji, a friendly fellow with an impressive appetite. Wherever Benji goes he is jumping at the chance to put his teeth in something tasty and his hunt for food brings him to all kinds of interesting places. He even eats Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, olives and avocado, can you believe that? Of course you don’t have to pretend to like flowers, bones or bugs but maybe you could learn from Benji and try something new from time to time too…

To find out more about EK Books, to browse the range and to order your favourite titles online visit www.ekbooks.org.

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Aug 022016


Considering I have had a baby (or even two) on my hip for eight years straight I have become quite the multitasker: from making sandwiches to brushing teeth and hanging up the washing, being a busy mum of five I thought I was pretty good at doing things with just one hand. In saying that, with my right hand currently out of action everything takes a little longer and most of the cooking is up to hubby at the moment.

One Handed Cooks

If you’re looking for some fabulous kitchen inspiration and simple, healthy recipes that you can make (almost) single handedly you will love what this clever mum, dietician and teacher trio are serving up:

Hitting the shelves this week One Handed Cooks (RRP $39.99) is a fun, refreshing and family-friendly cookbook that is specifically developed for carers of young children aged 0-5 (but even I would gobble up most of these tasty dishes!). From the moment your little one has its first taste solids you are on a journey to raise a healthy, happy eater, it may not always be smooth sailing but One Handed Cooks is here to help you along the way.

Rainbow Shreddies

As well as over 100 recipes to inspire you in the kitchen the book covers a lot of important background knowledge that will help you understand how little brains and bodies work. This will equip you with all you need to tackle common mealtime battles and deal with fussy eaters calmly. Rainbow Vegetables Shreddies, Creamy Banana and Apple Porridge, Chicken, Pumpkin and Spinach Bread Pies, Turkey and Cauliflower Tots… getting the kids excited about nutritious foods (hidden or not) was never this easy, the book really contains something for everyone!

Scrumptious lunch

With five hungry tummies to feed it can be a tad tricky to come up with meals they will all love, all it took was one quick flick through this beautiful full-colour cookbook to leave me super keen to whip up some new creations. The recipes look amazing yet surprisingly simple to make, the instructions are easy to follow and there are lots of helpful tips in regards to storage, different variations and allergies. Add all these ingredients together and you’ve got a tasty winner for your kitchen bookshelf.

To find out more about One Handed Cooks by Allie Gaunt, Jessica Beaton and Sarah Buckle and to order a copy online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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Eat, Love, Mae

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Apr 262016

Love Mae

As a mum of five I know very well that mealtimes with little people can be tricky. While we mostly have happy, healthy eaters we also have our beautiful Sybbie for whom food is an ongoing battle. Wherever possible I try not to make too much of a fuss about things, the less attention you give it the more likely she is to at least eat a few bites of everything. Letting her pick her own plate and cutlery is always a happy start to the meal and I think she would adore these delightful new Love Mae arrivals:

Love Mae bamboo dinnerware

Ever since its first release Love Mae’s Bamboo Dinnerware has been brightening up tables all across Australia and the globe. In May these two lovely dinner sets will be added to the range, aren’t they cute? Get your pre-order in today so you don’t miss out.

Love Mae cutleryThe new designs are just gorgeous and sure to bring smiles to the table, even the fussiest eater can’t resists a serve of whimsy! Love Mae dinnerware is made from eco-friendly, biodegradable bamboo and free from nasties like BPA, phthalates and other toxins, making it gentle on the environment and safe for your hungry eater too. All pieces are created with little hands in mind, a great way to encourage independent eating and make mealtime fun for the whole family.

Love Mae cupFairy Garden, Hungry Bear, Woodland Supper, Dinosaur Feast, On Safari and more, there are lots of different designs to choose from so there is a perfect theme for everyone. You can even pick a different set for every child so they can recognise their own dinnerware, yay for no more arguments! My personal favourite is Peacock Plumage, so pretty. Prices range from RRP $29.95 (3-piece set) up to $44.95 (5-piece set).

To find out more about Love Mae, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.lovemae.com.au.

Good + Simple

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Mar 272016

Random House Australia

Eggs, cakes, tarts, slices, mousse, cookies and biscuits… for many of us this Easter weekend is filled with tasty chocolate treats in one or more varieties. If, after all this indulging, you need a bit of help to get back on the ‘clean eating’ track you are going to love this amazing new cook book from the skilful hands of the clever Hemsley sisters:

Good + Simple

Good + Simple (RRP $55) is an absolutely stunning cookbook that’s choc-a-block with delicious, healthy, nutritious recipes for the whole family. As you know I recently acquired a new food processor so I am terribly excited to try all these yummy foods, with a huge 140 different recipes to choose from there is no shortage of inspiration.

As food writers for Vogue sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley are true masters in the kitchen. They specialise in homemade, wholesome and sustainable food that is big in flavour yet small in effort, just the way I like it. If, like me, you are a busy mum who has little time to cook difficult dishes but you do want to feed your family clean, healthy food Good + Simple is a must-have for your kitchen (and an excellent Mother’s Day gift idea).

Who doesn’t like the sound of cinnamon, raisin and quinoa muffins and 3-ways chestnut pancakes for breakfast or spinach and bacon tart with a nutty almond crust and Chinese style beef and broccoli for dinner. Or how about caulironi cheesespiced winter apple chutney or DIY noodle pot? I cannot wait to try them all out for myself.

Coconut Macaroons

Don’t worry, there are plenty of sweet treats included too. Last night we satisfied our sweet tooth by whipping up these scrumptious chocolate drizzle coconut macaroons, all it took was 10 minutes and just 6 ingredients. Move over Easter eggs, the Hemsley sisters are here with Good + Simple!

To find out more about Random House Australia, to browse the range and to order your favourite titles online visit www.randomhouse.com.au.

Dec 152015

Exisle Publishing

Christmas Countdown – Day 15

As we get closer to the end of the year many people are busy making New Year resolutions and a big diet overhaul is often on top of the list. Unhealthy habits can sneak in easily so make sure you give your little ones a great start in life with healthy, nutritious meals from the very first spoonful. Not sure where to start? Little Foodie has got every bite covered:

Little Foodie

Little Foodie (RRP $24.99) is a playful and practical cookbook for modern parents who want to look further than simple puree and mash and care about what food their children eat and where it came from.

Lovingly created by mum Michele Olivier, writer of the blog Baby FoodE, and nutritionist Sara Peternell this refreshing cookbook is filled with delicious and nutritious step-by-step recipes using whole foods, herbs, and spices. If the sound of kale and quinoa, pinto beans and coconut milk, organic and farm-to-table gets your tastebuds tingling you are going to love Little Foodie.

With 200+ pages of culinary delights there is plenty of cooking to be done. Starting at little foodies of just 4 months old up to cheeky toddlers, including the transition to the family table, Little Foodie is a kitchen must-have that you’ll grab over and over again. Aside from the recipes the book also offers a valuable insight in the way we cook, the foods we choose and the way they affect us and the planet, a real eyeopener.

Our Harriet is almost three months old so it won’t be long until we can start whipping up some of these lovely recipes, I am excited! With appealing names like ‘Peach + Strawberry + Vanilla Bean’, ‘Rustic Pear + Oat Porridge + Cloves’ and ‘Baby’s First Thai Beef + Broccoli’ you almost wish you could dig into a serve of scrumptious baby food yourself too.

To find out more about Exisle Publishing, to take a closer look at ‘Little Foodie’ and to order a copy online visit www.exislepublishing.com.au.

For your chance to win 1 of 2 copies of Little Foodie (RRP $24.99) enter our giveaway below:

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Oct 282014

Edible Education

There is no denying it any longer, many Australian adults are overweight due to an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Sadly as a result of this many children grow up with little knowledge of healthy, nutritious foods, important food groups and correct portion sizes, it’s a worrying trend that needs to change and one Australian mum has found a creative way to do just that:

The Healthy HarvestAs a mother of two Emma Martin recognises the importance of healthy eating and she has made it her mission to inform children all over the country about healthy foods and where they come from using her very own book series called Edible Education. The first title in the range has just been released and we got to have a little peek at this fun and educational read, The Healthy Harvest.

The Healthy Harvest ($14.95, 32 pages) is a full colour, paper back picture book written specifically for primary school children. The book introduces young readers to Alfie Apple, Sammy Salmon and Wally Wheat and other interesting food characters and teaches them what these foods do for your body, where they come from and how much of them you should eat every day.

The Healthy Harvest Alfie Apple

This first Edible Education book is a fantastic tool for parents, carers and teachers who want to spread this valuable message in a fun, age-appropriate way. At the same time it is a good reminder for adults to make sure you cover all the food groups when planning your meals and keeping an eye on the recommended serving sizes for each of the food groups too. Before you know it the kids will be telling you exactly what is on their plate!

The Healthy Harvest Dairy

To find out more about Edible Education, to take a closer look at The Healthy Harvest and to order your copy online visit www.edibleeducation.com.au.

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Baby Bud by Mamas & Papas

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Jan 202014

Mamas and Papas

As some of you are aware our little Sybil has been a bit of a troublemaker in the eating and sleeping department. At 11 months old she still wakes up several times overnight and while we now have the vomiting under control with medication we are still fighting daily food battles. At this stage Sybbie is not gaining as much weight as she should and refusing most foods, add to that the recent diagnosis of cows milk allergy and we’ve got our work cut out for us. Time to spruce up mealtimes at our household:

Mealtime fun

Mealtime fun

In the hope that the little lady would be distracted by her siblings and eat more we’ve swapped our highchair for this funky booster seat by Mamas & Papas so she can join the others at the big table. The Mamas & Papas Baby Bud sits on your normal dining chair and provides a raised seat for young diners aged 6 months up to approximately 3 years old. Sybil is currently 11 months old and sit in it really well, safely strapped in by the 3-point harness.

Baby Bud Play TrayJust like a normal high chair the Mamas & Papas Baby Bud comes with a meal tray ideal for self feeding and optional fun play attachment for the meal tray. The ‘toy tray’ has lots of different play areas to explore and offers great entertainment for during and after meals (or before as you’re doing the cooking!) and it simply attaches with strong suction caps. I never thought we would use this as much as we do but Sybil absolutely loves it.

Mamas and Papas Baby Bud BlueThe Baby Bud meal tray has raised edges to keep food from dropping on the ground and is easy to wipe clean. Depending on the size of your baby (and his/her belly) you can pull the tray closer to/further away from baby, it simply locks in on the sides. I love that you can take the tray off completely as it gives you lots of room to put your baby in without blindly fiddling with a harness under a tray and after dinner you can clean around/ under your baby easily while baby stays safely strapped in.

Mamas and Papas Baby Bud RaspberryTo make sure the Baby Bud sits safely on the chair and does not wobble or slide it is secured by two straps across the backrest and seating area. We have leather dining chairs which can get slippery but the straps are nice and tight (without causing damage) so there is no movement in the seat. The Baby Bud also features four rounded feet that are easily adjustable so you can set the booster seat at the right height for your table.

The Baby Bud Booster Seat is great for at home but makes a clean and safe baby seating solution when eating out too. As your baby gets older you can eventually leave off the meal tray completely and just slide the dining chair with Baby Bud closer to the dining table.

Baby Bud

To find out more about Mamas and Papas, to take a closer look at the Baby Bud (RRP $99) with Baby Bud Activity Tray (RRP $24.95) and to locate a stockist near you visit www.mamasandpapas.com.au.