Nov 262012

Two weeks ago at kindy pickup time I found my little miss 4 running around bare feet. Now this is not unsual for her especially after playing in the sandpit, except that this time her beautiful red sandals were nowhere to be found. Not in the big shoe crate, not in her pigeon hole, they just vanished. After 30 minutes or so it turned out that another little girl had fallen in love with the cute red sandals too and decided to slip on those gorgeous strappy shoes and head off while leaving her old shoes behind…

Of course we swapped the shoes back and we had a little chat about property and looking after your things. Miss 4 felt the talk was a waste of time, we ‘just need to put my name on my shoes Mum’ and I had to agree that would be very helpful (although maybe no protection against other fashion savvy girls!). When we got home we grabbed our DYMO Letratag Labelmaker and labelled all our belongings, here’s to no more lost property at kindy for my twins!

Many of us will know DYMO as the brand to go to for printing labels, eg. to organise your pantry or the folders in your office. The awesome thing about the DYMO Letratag Labelmaker ($59) is that you can use it to print on lots of different labels all with the one unit, very convenient. So far we have printed on paper and iron-on labels (no more lost jackets at kindy) but plastic and metallic labels are available too.

Unlike in the olden days of wasted labels you can now actually see on the digital display what you are about to print before you do, this gives you a chance to check for spelling errors. Another big bonus is that you can print 1 or 2 lines on each label, so even long names and phone numbers will fit on nicely (more chances of getting your lost goodies returned to you). With choice of different fonts, sizes, symbols and ‘boxes’ you can print your labels just the way you want them.

(The labelmaker has a memory function too but I didn’t want to spoil the twins’ fun as they thoroughly enjoyed ‘helping’ by typing their names over and over)

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