Jun 172016

Dora The Explorer

Sometimes parenting calls for desperate measures: today we’re on day 5 of toilet training miss Sybbie and I am using every trick in the book to make it a success. It has taken lollies, stickers, special undies, charts and even prizes for a full a chart, but I think we’ve finally turned a corner! If you know your child’s soft spot you can achieve a lot and Dora is definitely scoring brownie points. If you have a little Dora fan in the house too you are sure to enjoy this new release by Universal Sony Pictures:

It's a Puppy Party DVD

Who can resist an adorable little puppy? Our favourite explorer Dora sure can’t! Join Dora and her friendly pals for four fun and furry adventures in the brand new DVD Dora the Explorer: It’s A Puppy Party.

No challenge is too big for dog lover Dora, who is always happy to lend a helping hand or find a solution for a tricky problem. Together with her best buddy Boots she tracks down runaways, returns lost pets and even travels back in time for a very special rescue, get ready for more than 90 minutes of pawesomeness with Dora.

‘Dora the Explorer: It’s A Puppy Party’ is now available on DVD (RRP $19.95) at all good retail stores across Australia.

To find out more about Universal Sony Pictures and to take a closer look at ‘Dora the Explorer: It’s A Puppy Party’ visit www.theviewingloungestore.com.au.

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Jun 302012

I find it hard to believe that in just over a week we’ll be in The Netherlands, hopefully enjoying lovely summer weather. One of the things my husband remembers clearly about our past visits to Holland is the bikes, they are everywhere and everyone owns one. Kids learn to ride their bikes from an early age, they ride bikes all day and most of them travel by bike to school (even many adults ride their bikes to work). The twins are very interested in bikes too and I think that is why they loved watched the new Dora the Explorer DVD, Dora The Explorer: First Bike.

In Dora the Explorer: First Bike Boots rides his first bike and of course his best friend Dora is there to help him all the way, isn’t that what friends are for? Sometimes all you need is some encouragement from your friends to get you started whether is riding a big bike or jumping with the skippy rope. As always this Dora the Explorer DVD is filled with learning moments like counting and Spanish words.

And there is more, Dora and her friends also go on a holiday which is (obviously) a hot topic in our household at the moment. In ‘Vacaciones’ kids learn about planning ahead and ticking off everything they need to bring from their list. What do you need to pack for a summer holiday and what do you take on a skiing trip? In ‘Bouncy Boots’ there is a little mix up at the shoe shop and you have to help Boots get his own boots back.

All kids love a bit of magic but in ‘The Big Red Chicken’s Magic Wand’ they’ll find out that magic doesn’t always work out the way you want. The Big Red Chicken turn Boots into a chicken which is fun at first but then the Magic Wand breaks and Boots can’t be turned back. Time to find the Wand Shop and get it fixed. My oldest two absolutely loved this episode with all its rhyming jokes.

Dora the Explorer: First Bike ($19.95, by Paramount) is available from major retailers Australia wide.

To find out more about Dora the Explorer, to play fun Dora games and download free Dora printables visit www.nickjr.com/dora-the-explorer.

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Dec 152011

In October we were lucky enough to have my parents visit from The Netherlands. When they visit Australia they always like to make the most of it (I can’t blame them) so they usually rent a campervan to travel around in for a week or two. Although my parents were the ones travelling in it I think the twins were equally (or even more) excited by the look of the campervan. They thought it was fantastic and are still talking about the van with all its special features, so when I spotted the Dora’s Vacation Adventure set from Mega Bloks I knew they would love it.

To be very honest I only ever knew Mega Bloks from the chunky building blocks, we have a gigantic basket full and the kids love them. We even have several vehicles and the Play ‘n Go Table which they set up several times a week. If your children love Mega Bloks this is a great product to add to your collection, it is really generous in size so multiple children can play at it, it can be used to build blocks on but also to store blocks in and it folds away nice and flat for storage.

But to my pleasant surprise there is more to Mega Bloks than the blocks alone, in fact the Mega Bloks range consists of a very large range of licensed construction toys featuring popular characters that kids love. With options for children as young as one year old up to five years and up there is a suitable Mega Bloks product for every child. Now that the twins are 3 they are the perfect age for the smaller construction components that come with Dora’s Vacation Adventure.

Dora’s Vacation Adventure is a fantastic playset based around the much-loved character Dora and her monkey friend Boots. Dora and Boots are going on an adventure with their beautiful pink campervan, filled with furniture and beach accessories to make their holiday a success. The set consists of 46 pieces so hours of playing fun are guaranteed. Just like in a real campervan the bed transforms to a table with seats, a spare skirt is hanging up on the wall, there is a fridge and something to eat and drink, Boots has even brought his guitar along for some musical entertainment, what else do you need for a relaxing holiday?

The twins worked out very quickly how to put the campervan together and all the things you can do with the different pieces. Even though the pink colour is probably most popular with the girls my son enjoys playing with the set, he just plays the role of Boots.  Every now then they do get in a little argument, easy to solve by sending one off with Dora on the scooter and Boots gets a turn in the camper.

The kids especially love that Dora and Boots can really hold onto things and stand on the scooter or in the campervan without falling off when they ride them around. Within the Mega Bloks Dora series there are several other sets available and they are all compatible with eachother, somehow I think our collection doesn’t stop here! I have already got my eye on this Dora’s Playtime Adventure set, so cute.

Dora’s Vacation Adventure (RRP $39.99, ages 3-6) is now available at Target, Big W, Toyworld and independent retailers across Australia.

Nov 022011

As some of you may know I moved to Australia five years ago and although I am now very much used to speaking, writing and listening to English all day for me there is nothing more relaxing than watching some Dutch television or reading a Dutch book. Our children speak English at home but they are slowly picking up more and more Dutch words which I am very excited about. Teaching children another language can be tricky but also a lot of fun, kids just love learning so it is no wonder they really like Dora the Explorer who speaks English and teaches a bit of Spanish too. In fact, my kids watch the new Dora the Explorer DVD not only in English but also in Dutch, making it both relaxing and educational.

The latest release Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures consists of three separate tales featuring the very mysterious enchanted forest, elves, fairies and even a unicorn! As always Dora is on a mission and together with her friend Boots she goes on her way, using the map to reach her goal. She meets new friends along the way and sings a whole bunch of catchy songs that kids will love and are easy to sing along with.

Now you may not want to take my word for it when I say my twins really enjoyed the DVD, and that is okay, but surely you can’t argue with a whole bunch of excited kids who love it too? Listen to what these mini VIP guests had to say after they watched the new Dora the Explorer DVD in cinema (aren’t kids just incredibly funny?):

As well as the three Dora the Explorer parts (Tale of the Unicorn King, The Secret of Atlantis and Dora Saves King Unicornio) Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures also contains a bonus Go Diego Go episode. The total running time is 91 minutes but obviously this is very easy to break down in smaller segments to limit television time for children.

As of November 3 you can find Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures (RRP $19.95) at leading retailers across Australia.

For your chance to win a copy of Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures answer the following question: Do your children speak any languages other than English and if not, which language would you love them to learn?

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