20% off Klorofil Magic Tree House

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Jun 142016

Vintage & Nostalgia Co.

One of the things I love about going back to The Netherlands is being able to show the kids where I used to live, where I went to school and what toys I used to play with. My lovely parents have held onto many of our childhood toys so now our children can enjoy our extensive Care Bears, Playmobil, Pinypon and Dufti collections all over again.

Klorofil Magic Tree House

Sadly our old Magic Tree House didn’t survive the years, but if you are keen to relive your ’80s childhood you can soon get your hands on this limited edition of the famous Klorofil Magic Tree House.

Tree Tots familyTo celebrate the 40th anniversary of this wonderful retro children’s toy French label Vulli had released this gorgeous anniversary edition of the Klorofil Magic Tree House (RRP $159, ages 3+), so many memories come flooding back to me when I look at this! My sisters and I loved playing with our tree house and I still remember cranking the lift up and down to reveal the little dolls in the elevator.

Klorofil Tree HouseThe fabulous pop-up Magic Tree House is home to the Tree Tots family (mum Violette, dad Sylvain and their two kids Choupette and Choupi) as well as the loveable pet dog Youpi. Designed with the original 1970s decor, retro furniture to furnish the three rooms, a car, a dog house, a swing and even a moving elevator this beautiful play set is guaranteed to bring hours of entertainment for the next generation.

You can pre-order the 40th Anniversary Klorofil Magic Tree House at Vintage & Nostalgia Co. for delivery in July 2016, delivery is free Australia wide.

Right now you can save a huge 20% storewide at Vintage & Nostalgia Co., simply enter the code ‘LONGWEEKEND’ at checkout. This awesome deal ends today so if you want to secure your very own Magic Tree House at a brilliant price you better be quick!

To find out more about Vintage & Nostalgia Co., to take a closer look at the Klorofil Magic Tree House and to order online visit www.vintagenostalgia.com.au.

Dec 082014


Christmas Countdown – Day 8

Is your child’s Santa Sack filled with noisy, plastic, battery operated toys that are lucky to survive until the end of the holidays? Make sure to also include some classic, high quality presents that will pass the test of time and will become a keepsake for the future like these gorgeous gifts from The Little Haven:

Moover Toys

The beautiful wooden delights by Danish designer label Moover Toys are a very welcome change from what you see in most toy catalogues. Made from strong, high quality timber and plywood they are built to last and played with for years to come.

Moover Mini Dolls PramHow gorgeous is this Moover Mini Dolls Pram (RRP $69.95, available in red or neutral)? It’s the perfect size for little dolls and teddies and compact enough to take with you on holidays and visits to grandma. I just love the soft, rounded shapes making it safe to use for young doll mothers and teddy bear babysitters. Don’t worry, the solid timber wheels with rubber tyres are gentle (and quiet) on your floors.

Moover PuzzleIf you are looking for a lovely developmental toy that is fun, sturdy and full of old-school charm you will no doubt love the Moover Puzzles ($29.95). Available in a boys (with truck) or girls (with rocking horse) design these sweet puzzles will help small hands practise their fine motor skills as they find the right spot for each puzzle piece. With just 8 pieces they are a great first puzzle for a special little person.

To find out more about The Little Haven, to browse the range and to order online visit www.thelittlehaven.com.au.

For your chance to win a Red Moover Mini Dolls Pram from The Little Haven enter our giveaway below:

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Ground Floor Fun with IVI Rugs

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Feb 182014


For months I have been admiring the stunning IVI Interactive Play Rugs and with our girls moving into the same room recently I finally had a good excuse to get one. I took me a little while to decide on the design as they are all divine but eventually I made up my mind and ordered this one from The Little Haven:

IVI Family Play Rug

IVI Family Play Rug

The IVI Family Play Rug features a stylish house with lots of separate bedrooms, kitchen, living rooms and bathroom, a lovely green garden and even a pool with sunbeds. It’s hard to show in a picture but it’s the unique 3D design that makes IVI Play Rugs so special. The rug pile is raised to form the walls, furniture and objects in the house, all you need are your favourite dolls and your own imagination (something my girls have plenty of) and you’re in for hour after hour of pretend play fun.

My girls' room

Beds and bedside tables, a shower, basin and a bath mat, a plush rug and coffee table, side tables and tv cabinet, it’s all there. Our children don’t have many little dolls but that didn’t spoil the fun, some Duplo people, their Sonny Angel dolls and even a few Barbies live peacefully alongside eachother in the IVI house. Outside an exotic garden full of jungle animals offers entertainment for sun bathing guests, oh to be three and five years old again.

Hours of fun

All IVI rugs feature lots of different colours so they will blend in well with any decor but eventually the leading colours pink and green of the Family Play Rug won me over as they tie in beautifully with the rest of our girls’ bedroom. We already had the Mocka Six Cube Storage Unit with pink fabric boxes and the very pretty Habitat Baby Garden Party bed linen and the end result is such a bright, fresh and happy room, the girls love playing in it.


Depending on the size of your room and the number of children who will be playing on it you can choose between a small (100 x 150 cm) or large (134 x 180 cm) rug, please note that designs differ slighly between small and large rugs. Because our new rug was going in a shared bedroom I decided on the larger rug and as you can see it is a great size with plenty of room for a few little people to play together. But no matter how big the rug, your cheeky baby sister will still know where to find you and you need to guard your favourite dolls with care!


There are currently 11 different IVI Activity Rugs to choose from to suit boys, girls and gender neutral bedrooms, prices start at $159.95 and delivery is FREE Australia wide.

To find out more about The Little Haven, to browse the range of IVI rugs and to order online visit www.thelittlehaven.com.au.

Snuggles & Smiles

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Jun 082013

Snuggles & Smiles

When I spotted this collection on Facebook I knew I had to share, I am sure you will all love it as much as I do. Designed and handmade by Australian craft talent Sheryl from Snuggles & Smiles these gorgeous calico cottages and dolls are absolutely unique, no two pieces are exactly the same. I think we all know a special little girl or two who would love to receive one of these fairytale play sets:

Calico Cottage with Family

Calico Cottage with Calico Family by Snuggles & Smiles

The whimsical cottages are available in different shapes, fabrics and colours, I particular like the ‘traditional’ house shape with its handy carry handle. You can open it from the top or side to store away or unpack your very own doll family. A handsome prince and beautiful princess, sweet girls and funky boys, adorable babies and friendly pets, who is going to live in your Snuggles & Smiles Calico Cottage?

Snuggles& Smiles Calico Prince and Princess

Snuggles & Smiles Calico Prince and Princess

The cute dolls are made from non-bleached 100% cotton calico (hence the name) and filled with a recycled polyester fibre. Because they have a cardboard disc stitched in the base they are able to stand up independently, allowing kids to create the loveliest play scenes without having to hold every doll up straight by hand and of course this is also perfect for displaying your collection on a shelf. After all, these sets are way too beautiful to be hidden away.

Calico Cottages

Calico Cottages in all shapes and colours

To find out more about the Calico Cottages and dolls visit the Snuggles & Smiles Facebook page, take a look at all the different options and place your custom order via email.

Sep 202012

On one of our trips in Holland (well actually we were in Belgium that day, got to love the distances over there) we stopped at a small road side cafe for a drink. Our beautiful miss 4 had just had a little meltdown and the lady from the cafe spotted the last remaining tears on her face. To cheer her up she gave all the kids a candy necklace, you can imagine the smiles. I think we all know them, those children’s necklaces made of little round lollies, beaded onto elastic. They are still talking about this yummy necklace so I knew they would love this gorgeous creation from Dutch label 2 Cute 2 Be True.

The DIY Candy Necklace (€17.95) looks just as colourful as the real treat, only supersized! Each DIY kit contains 14 ready-to-use crochet beads in a selection of colours, all you need is a ribbon or piece of string and your little one can make a fabulous necklace they can really wear. Kids will love this and so will parents, there is no need to worry about articifical colours and a high sugar content.

Here’s another one of designer Judith’s clever DIY kits, a colourful garland that you can put together in a flash. Each crochet piece closes with velcro so kids can easily do this themselves, they will love helping with the decorations for their own birthday party or special occasion. The 16-piece DIY Garland Kit (€17.95) is available in bright and pastel colours. If you are talented with your hands you can create more crochet pieces yourself and make your garland even longer.

But there is more to 2 Cute 2 Be True than the DIY collection, in store you’ll find lots of lovely crochet goodness in a range of sizes from big huggable animal friends to tiny little playsets. The 2 Cute 2 Be True dolls (€17.50) are absolutely adorable, each character measures ca. 25 cm tall and they love getting cuddles. Which one is your favourite, is it Lulu Lamb or maybe Barbara Bunny?

To find out more about 2 Cute 2 Be True, to browse the range and to order online visit www.2cute2betrue.com, flat rate postage to Australia is AUD $20.

For your chance to win a 2 Cute 2 Be True DIY Candy Necklace visit www.2cute2betrue.com and answer the following question: Which 2 Cute 2 Be True design is your favourite and why?

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Jul 202012

With the kids growing up so fast I feel like I am constantly putting away clothes they have outgrown. Some pieces don’t mean that much to me but others hold special memories and it saddens me to see them folded away in a storage box, safely packed until they can be worn by a sibling or when I am ready to say goodbye to them. But there is a clever solution to this problem, check out these dolls from Oobicoo.

New to Australia the Oobicoo dolls are a perfect buddy for young children, they are soft, cuddly and the same size as an average 6 month old (60cm tall). This means you don’t have to buy special dolls clothes, the Oobicoo dolls can just wear your child’s old baby clothes. What a fantastic way to recycle old baby clothing and op-shops should be able to provide an instant wardrobe if you needed any more clothes.

The Oobicoo dolls can sit up unaided which is great for role play and as you can imagine they are also a perfect tool for preparing your child for the arrival of a new baby brother or sister. He/she can look after Oobicoo while mummy cares for the new baby! The dressing and undressing, doing up buttons and zips, tying up laces etc. will aid the development of fine motor skills in young children.

There are three different Oobicoo designs available: Ollie, Orla and Olwyn, so there is a huggable Oobicoo friend for both boys and girls. The recommended age is 3 years and up but children as old as 9 are known to enjoy playing with Oobicoo too. Oobicoo dolls ($69.95) are made from recycled and recyclable materials and each doll comes with its own Oobicoo bodysuit and fabric ‘pod’.

To find out more about Oobicoo, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.oobicoo.com.au.

For your chance to win your favourite Oobicoo doll (subject to availability) visit www.oobicoo.com.au and answer the following question: Which Oobicoo doll do you like most and why?

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A house fit for a queen: Miniio

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May 182012

As a child I remember dreaming of a beautiful, big doll house, I was particularly jealous of the one my cousins had. They owned a three storey Barbie doll house with the matching furniture and even the Barbie campervan. Now that I am a mum myself I can’t see the beauty in all that plastic, pink and glitter so I am very pleased to see that there is a very stylish new type of accommodation available to house our daughter’s precious dolls.

The stunning Miniio dollhouses are designed and handmade in Poland and you can now find them in Australia too. These works of art are made by hand from wood, metal, stone (plus a few other modern, yet non-toxic and food-safe materials) and they are finished with natural beeswax. No wonder they are well received by modern, eco conscious parents.

Unlike many other dollhouses the impressive Miniio homes are sized down from reality six times making them the ideal size for 30cm fashion dolls like Barbie. It may not be Barbie’s favourite colour but she will soon realise that there is such a thing as ‘too much pink’ and you can make a home your own by adding a few of your own accessories. I on the other hand love the neutral coloured decor, it is not too girly and very timeless.

This amazingly beautiful Miniko design features two storeys and comes complete with everything you need to decorate this modern house. From a stylish sofa, coffee table and bookcase to lights, mirror, rugs and much, much more; this is not your ordinary starter home. The Miniko home looks as if it comes straight from a high class architecture and interior design magazine, styled by a very talented designer.

You can be sure that a Miniio dollhouse will be used for years, handed down to siblings and kept as a keepsake. Years from now it will be taken out again for precious granddaughters to play with when they come visit.

To find out more about Miniio, to take a closer look at the range and to order online visit www.miniio.com.au.