A Little Love for my Mini-Me

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Nov 272017


As little as she is miss Hattie has proven to be a very interested big sister, who doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to her new baby brother. She is very keen to help out with changing and dressing him and watches closely when the nurses or doctors check out our little Ted. If you don’t keep an eye on her at all times she’ll even try herself to check his ears and rub some cream onto his face! To reward her caring attitude (and to give Ted a break from all that attention every now and then) we felt this clever VTech creation would make the perfect 2nd birthday gift:

Isn’t she adorable? Young boys and girls will instantly fall in love with Little Love Cuddle & Care (RRP $59.95, ages 2+), a darling girl doll who is in desperate need of some tender love and care. Time to get out your medicine bag and make her feel better…

Little Love encourages children to use their imagination, listen carefully and respond to her needs with the help of six included doctor tools. Miniature doctors can grab the stethoscope to listen to her heart, use the thermometer to check her temperature, inject the syringe, get out the medicine bottle and spoon or cover up an imaginary injury with a pretty bandaid.

Pretend play gets extra real thanks to the special sensors on her body which recognise and react to the different accessories, eg. when you touch Little Love’s heart with the stethoscope you can hear her heart beat, a quick check of the ear with the thermometer confirms if her temperature is normal, when her elbow hurts a bandaid does the trick and a spoonful of medicine takes care of a sore throat.

From sound and colour effects to short, easy-to-understand phrases (simple health lessons in disguise!), with Little Love there is loads to see, hear, learn and discover. By recording your child’s name Little Love will form a special bond with her ‘doctor’. You can even go to the VTech website to select your child’s birthday, favourite things to do and set meal- and bedtimes, then sync these to your doll to get personalised responses.

I love how VTech uses fun, engaging pretend play to teach children about different body parts and everyday health problems, and what a fantastic way to prepare kids for a doctor visit or hospital stay too! If your little one gets nervous when medical professionals perform basic body checks Little Love can be just the friendly companion your child needs to put his/her mind at ease.

VTech toys are available at major department stores, select online stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.vtech.com.au.

Sep 012016

After two long and tiring flights we have arrived safe and sound in The Netherlands, what a wonderful feeling to be on Dutch soil again! As we had not flown with Emirates before I was not sure what to expect but everything went smoothly and the staff was absolutely lovely and helpful, accommodating our large family wherever possible. At home we had thoroughly talked about and prepared for the flight and the girls even dressed up their Australian Girl dolls in style:

AG Stewardess

I just love this neat Australian Girl Airlines Flight Attendant Uniform (RRP $29.95) in classic navy with gold details, it looks so real and fits perfectly in a holiday story-line. The uniform consist of three separate garments (dress, jacket and knickers) and the signature wings embroidery really finishes off the look. If your Aussie girl is dreaming of becoming a stewardess this gorgeous set is sure to win your brownie points.

AG Doctor

Of course Australian girls can be whatever they want to be: A vet or a hairdresser, a scientist or a chef, an artist or a teacher, a police officer or a doctor, it is so important to empower your daughters and teach them to dream big!

AG Doctor CoatYour little doctor (or nurse) in the making can already start preparing for the job with this awesome Doctor Coat and Scrubs (RRP $24.95) outfit. The 7-piece kit will see your Australian Girl dressed from top to toe, ready to head into hospital theatre and save precious lives. This set would also be a great conversation starter and gentle preparation for girls who need to undergo surgery themselves or a thoughtful gift afterwards.

Australian Girl AstronautIf you are dreaming of something more adventurous and want a job that is really out of this world the Astronaut Rig (RRP $29.95) is your ideal match. Defy gravity, explore space, ride the milky way and set foot on the moon wearing the bright orange zip-up NASA Astronaut Uniform with matching black cap. Make sure to bring an Australian Girl flag to make your mark before you head back to earth!

To find out more about Australian Girl, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit www.australiangirldoll.com.au.

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Oct 202015

Kids First Aid

Welcome Baby Giveaway – Day 20

It’s a simple case of doing the numbers: the more children you have the higher the risks of accidents. As parents of five young children (aged 0-7) that means hip daddy and I have to be prepared for absolutely everything and know what to do in case of emergency. I’d like to think we are always cool, calm and collected but I know I panic easily so to boost our confidence and refresh our knowledge I sent hubby along to a Kids First Aid course on Sunday:

Kids First Aid offers the only first aid courses in Australia delivered exclusively by experienced paramedics, designed to teach parents and caregivers how to respond calmly and confidently to 10 of the most common first aid emergency situations involving children. Kids First Aid courses are currently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide.


Over the course of three hours (a ‘do-able’ time for busy parents) the friendly Kids First Aid paramedics guided participants through a range of childhood emergencies that any parent will most likely experience at some point in time. In our family we have so far ‘ticked off’ choking, fractures, fevers and burns and while I obviously hope we will never encounter any of these horrible situations it is very important we know what to do when it does happen.

KFA DVDThe hand-on approach, the obvious experience of the course leaders and the fact that the course tailored to the specific needs of young families have left hip daddy more confident and prepared. It had been several years since he last attended a first aid course so it was a valuable and practical refresher, hubby was especially grateful to learn the latest CPR instructions (which have changed considerably over time) and how to deal with cases of drowning and bleeding.

At the end of the session participants were given a handy poster that you can hang up at home as a quick reference guide, for the participant but also for any other caregivers in the home who may need to act in a case of emergency. As I was unable to attend the course myself the poster helped hubby talk me through the different situations with all the information still fresh on his mind, now we both feel better prepared for the scary side of parenting.

To find out more Kids First Aid, to browse locations/dates near you and to book a course online visit www.kidsfirstaid.com.au. For a welcome 10% discount get in touch with Kids First Aid via email today.

For your chance to win a First Aid Kit (RRP $35.95) AND a free ticket to a Kids First Aid course near you (RRP $85, subject to availability) enter our giveaway below. Please note that by entering this competition the lucky winner agrees to answer six short questions about his/her experience with Kids First Aid.

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LeapFrog Mobile Med Kit

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Oct 122014

A few weeks ago we took miss Sybbie for her 18 month old immunisations and to say I was not looking forward to is an understatement. After all the doctor appointments, blood tests, X-rays and checkups she has had this past year she is (rightfully) not a big fan of doctors and I was expecting a lot of tears. While she is still small and doesn’t understand exactly what is happening we thought she might enjoy a bit of doctor pretend play herself with this gorgeous (and pain free) new LeapFrog you:

Mobile Med Kit

The LeapFrog Mobile Med Kit (RRP $34.99, ages 2+) is one of the latest additions to the range of LeapFrog learning toys. As you would expect from LeapFrog this awesome pretend play ambulance is the perfect mix of musical and educational entertainment and is great for the development of fine motor skills, it’s a winner all around.

Mobile Med KitIs there a doctor in the house? The colourful emergency vehicle doubles as a doctor’s bag and contains 4 cool doctor tools (stethoscope, thermometer, syringe and otoscope) to encourage imaginary play. Little people can visit their patients and drive them to the hospital, perform their own check ups and learn all about the human body through song and play. The ambulance and doctor’s instruments are chunky in shape and easy to hold for smaller hands.

LeapFrog Mobile Med Kit

As the ambulance rolls along your mini doctor hears helpful tips about hygiene (eg. Remember to sneeze into a tissue, to drink lots of water and to get lots of exercise and fresh air), can sing along to ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ and even gets a gentle reminder to tidy up after playing. Of course your future doc also learns the name and colour of each doctor’s tool and what to use it for, prepare to get your heartbeat checked over and over again!

Mobile Med Kit by LeapFrog

To find out more about LeapFrog, to browse the range and to locate stockist near you visit www.leapfrog.com.au.

May 092014

They say you’re never too young to learn and Disney’s Doc McStuffins is the ‘living’ example. The patients in her toy doctor’s clinic keep this little mini-doctor very busy, with every patient she discovers more about how the human body works and how to fix it when it’s not working properly (sometimes with a bit of help from her mum who is a real doctor). Kids all around the world (including mine) love watching Doc McStuffins on TV and DVD and thanks to LeapFrog they can now get interactive with Doc McStuffins too:

Doc McStuffins The New GirlThe newest title in the LeapReader library, Doc McStuffins: The New Girl (RRP $24.99, ages 4-8), is sure to be a hit with little wanna-be doctors. Next patient please! Who will walk into Doc’s office this time and will she be able to solve the problem? On today’s agenda is Kiko, an action toy that is out-of-action. Time to find out what’s causing the trouble and to get Kiko moving properly again.

Using the special LeapReader pen young readers can listen to the story and read it independently, learn new words, play games, meet the team at Doc’s clinic, help Doc diagnose a case of Weak-Muscle-itis and help her little patient feel much better, all by simply touching the words, pictures and pages. With 25 pages to explore the book is sure to keep kids entertained and little minds working.

Doc McStuffins: The New Girl

Doc McStuffins: The New Girl

Our miss 5, who is in term 2 of Reception, is not a very keen reader and having a twin brother who jumps level after level after level is not very motivating. I knew she would enjoy hearing a new Doc McStuffins story and it’s a simple and fun way to practise her reading, to see her sound out letters and words with a smile on her face is just lovely. Her favourite part is when Kiko says ‘Thank You’ in Japanese, my daughter’s Japanese is now officially better than mine!

Doc McStuffins Learning GameYou can also get up close with the world’s most loveable toy doctor on your LeapPad or LeapPad Ultra (as well as the older Leapster GS and Leapster Explorer) with the new LeapFrog Learning Game Doc McStuffins (RRP $44.99, ages 3-5). The game is set in Doc’s toy clinic where you can look around, meet her helpful assistants and check out all the contents of Doc McStuffins famous doctor’s bag.

Every toy patient has its own little story, can you help Doc find out what’s wrong with them? Soothe scratches, fix little cuts and get some helpful tips about staying healthy along the way. The game is specifically designed for pre-schoolers and covers basic (but important!) skills like tracing lines, spot differences and put pictures in the right order.

If you want to stay up-to-date with all the latest LeapFrog news, specials and competitions make sure you keep an eye on the LeapFrog Australia Facebook page, that way you’re always the first to know.

To find out more about LeapFrog, to take a closer look at the range and to locate stockist near you visit www.leapfrog.com.au.

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Jan 032013


The more children you have, the more you get to deal with sickness too (at least in our house that’s definitely the case). Each child has its own medical history, allergies and little accidents and when you combine your baby brain with sleep deprivation it is easy to get things mixed up. I am sure you all agree that your child’s health is not something you want to play with so I think you will love this great product by MessPots: the I’ve got an ow! Medical Journal.

I've got an ow!

I've got an ow! journalThe I’ve got an ow! journal was created by Australian mum Monique to help parents and carers keep track of their child(ren)’s big and little ‘ows’. The compact notebook is a great aid for your (sometimes foggy) memory and you’ll grab it more often than you think. It lets you record anything from immunisations (and side effects) to small complaints, from allergies to hospital visits and anything else that concerns your child’s health. I’ve got an ow! keeps it all in one spot, making life easier for everyone.

If you are looking for a thoughtful and useful gift for a new or expecting parent that doesn’t end up gathering dust at the back of a drawer this is it, any parent will love this handy journal! If you have multiple children you can keep one for every child, it will not only prevent mix-ups (Was is master 3 or miss 5 who complained about a sore ear just last month?) but it will also make a nice keepsake for later. I think our oldest daughter will have a whole pile of them by the time she’s grown up!

I've got an ow! journal insideWith over 70 pages you’ll have plenty of room for all your notes over a long period of time, so you (or the doctor/health nurse) can look back months or even years. The I’ve got an ow! journal is a fantastic tool to recognise patterns that you may have missed otherwise, I have high hopes that it will help us see the big picture and find a reason for miss 4’s reoccurring complaints. No more ‘Didn’t she have this before?’ moments for us!

To find our more about MessPots, to take a closer look at the ‘I’ve got an ow!’ journal ($24.95) and to order online visit www.messpots.com.au.

For your chance to win 1 of 3 I’ve got an ow! journals visit www.messpots.com.au and answer the following question: Do you ever ‘mix up’ your children and what things do you mix up?

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Nov 072011

When I was pregnant with the twins I read all kinds of pregnancy and baby books, hoping that they would prepare me for the big journey ahead of me. I fell pregnant with baby number three when the twins had only just turned one so I thought (hoped) my memory was still pretty fresh and I would remember everything once the baby was born, besides that I didn’t have time to read up anyway. I was terribly wrong, there were lots of times where I wasn’t sure about something and I know the Simply Baby book would have been a life saver.

Whether you are a first time or fifth time mum you will love the Simply Baby book, a compact reference guide with quick and easy to understand answers to all your baby questions. Designed for busy parents on the go this book does not contain random fluff, unnecessary information and silly jokes. The Simply Baby books covers all important topics like Sleeping, Health, Eating, Development and more in just 114 pages and there is even room for personal notes. It will take you only 1.5 hour (roughly) to read from cover to cover, or do a few pages every day whilst you rest your feet. This book may be small in size but is definitely not small in information.

How many sleeps does a two month old baby need and how long do they sleep for? How much (breast)milk does a 4 month old baby drink? What are great first finger foods? What to do when baby chokes, gets burnt, has a fall on the head? Which milestones does an average baby reach around 6 months of age? These are just a few of the many questions that are addressed in the Simply Baby book. The First Aid section and emergency contact page are fantastic and it would be a great reference for babysitters or carers if something was to happen.

Written by a mother and a pediatrician this book offers professional advice about things all mums need and want to know about (raising) their baby. The two authors have managed to make important information available in bite-size chapters that are easy to read and understand, they even included in-depth nutritional information and sign language, something you usually only find in very specific, thick books that will take weeks to plough through!

To find out more about the Simply Baby book, the authors or content and to order online visit www.simplybabybook.com. The book costs just USD $13.95 making this is a fabulous useful and affordable gift for new mums.

For your chance to win a copy of the Simply Baby book visit www.simplybabybook.com and answer the following question: Which one of the chapters would you most like to read?

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