Nov 142014

Coles Big Nappy Change

Have you tried the new Coles Little Explorer nappies yet? We recently took the 5-day Big Nappy Challenge and gave them the thumbs up. The great 3-Way Active Fit, reliable seals (no leaks during our test period) and permanent affordable pricing make Coles Little Explorer disposable nappies a fantastic nappy choice and I will purchase them with confidence.

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Coles Little Explorer front

Apr 132012

Thanks to the public holidays we had the opportunity to spend some nice days out together. Great fun but also quite a challenge, car trips are not so relaxing when you are travelling with 3 small children. As if two freshly toilet trained toddlers are not enough there is also the baby, who likes a delicious bottle milk before her sleeps but no place to clean and sterilise a bottle on the go. Luckily I recently discovered a fabulous product by Gelpack, the Steri-Bottle.

The Steri-Bottle is, you guessed it, a feeding bottle for babies that is pre-sterilised. This eliminates the need to wash and sterilise bottles when out and about, now that is what we call super easy and convenient. These clever bottles are designed in the UK and made in a hygienic, state-of-the-art facility in the USA. Thanks to Steri-Bottle your baby can enjoy a clean bottle anywhere and anytime, there is no need to worry about boiling water, brushing and scrubbing and yucky dried up milk in hard to reach spots.

Even though these bottles are single use and disposable they still meet the same high standards as ordinary bottles so of course they are BPA and phtalates free and they are recyclable too. The teats are fast flow and suitable for ages 3 months+. Steri-Bottles are available in a 2-pack (RRP $5.34) and 5-pack (RRP $8.85) which works out to be $1.77 per bottle, a small price to pay for the ease and convenience it offers.

In our case we were well prepared and brought the Steri-Bottles along for the drive, but of course they are also a brilliant solution for when you find yourself without a bottle and away from home, a case of emergency when you are dealing with a hungry baby. Instead of paying more for an ordinary bottle and trying to find a place to sterilise it before use you can pick up a Steri-Bottle for a fraction of the cost and use it straight away.

Did you know that Gelpack is a proud sponsor of the Miracle Baby Foundation? By buying Gelpack Nappy Sacks you are helping raising much needed funds for this great cause.

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Apr 062012

More and more parents are trying to make eco friendly choices which is absolutely fantastic, it is encouraging to see how many people have started using reusable water bottles but of course you can’t use them for your daily dose of coffee. You grab your first one at the petrol station, number two in the office canteen and number three during your lunch break at the cafe, all those paper cups add up! Luckily there is hope for all the coffee addicts out there, you can enjoy your caffeine shot the green way by using the KeepCup.

The KeepCup ticks all the boxes: it is reusable (so eco friendly), it is BPA free and non-toxic (so safe), it is barista standard (standard takeaway size and perfect fit for most espresso machines) and it is dishwasher safe, microwaveable and splash proof. Use it at home, in your car or your pram and at your favourite cafe, once you have discovered the KeepCup it will go with you wherever you go.

The cool thing about KeepCup is that you can design your very own custom KeepCup, because eco-friendly and reusable does not have to be boring. You can pick your ideal size (extra small, small, medium or large) and select your favourite colours from a huge colour palette. Keep it simple or combine a rainbow of colours, it is totally up to you so the chances you bump into someone else with the same KeepCup are very slim.

Even kids have been spotted with the KeepCup, the extra small (120ml) is a perfect size for little hands and the small opening makes it easy to drink a yummy babychino without spills. Why not design a custom KeepCup for the whole family? You get to drink from these fabulous cups and are helping the environment at the same time, I think that is pretty sweet. Prices range from $10.00 (extra small) to $16.00 (large).

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