Jun 252012

Last week I wrote about how more and more families are trying to live a little greener and it is important that kids learn the value of this from a young age. From not wasting water to throwing rubbish in the bin and from playing with recycled boxes and paper to separating the waste, there are lots of ways to teach kids about being green. Australian company Leaf. Paper for Life has thought of a great way to encourage kids to go outside and explore all that nature has to offer.

What child wouldn’t love to keep A Scrapbook just like Dirtgirl’s? Go on an adventure in your own backyard, the local park or maybe even on a holiday in the Australian outback. There is so much cool stuff to be found, you just have to start looking and you’ll be surprised at all there is to discover. You can enjoy your adventures over and over again if you record your findings in this cool Dirtgirl Scrapbook by Leaf Journals.

As you’d expect from a real nature lover like Dirtgirl this fabulous scrapbook is printed on 100% recycled paper, right here in Australia. With 64 blank pages to write on, decorate, colour in, stick on or paint on there is plenty of scrapbooking fun to be had. There are some fantastic scraps and craft papers included to get tou started but of course you can find heaps of good scrapbooking materials outside too and they cost you nothing, have you ever noticed how every leaf is different?

Maybe you want to use your scrapbook to study your garden or keep a diary of your next camping holiday, maybe it can be a notebook for your very own adventure club, you can use it for all kinds of things and you’ll find more great ideas in the scrapbook. A Scrapbook Just Like Dirtgirl’s ($39.95) is a great fun and educational gift idea that kids will love looking at again and again. Go outside and get grubby!

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