Do the Dino Dance

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Nov 242019


After five girls it seems I had totally forgotten how loud, cheeky and active little boys can be. Ted has turned into a big, boisterous two year old who never sits still. He loves noise (he has the deepest, booming boy voice already!) and is always stamping, dancing and singing which is why this colourful VTech character made a perfect gift for him:

When you first spot the triangle, round and square pegs you might briefly think this is just another ordinary shape sorting toy, but you could not be more wrong… This cool walking, talking and dancing Learn & Dance Dino (RRP $49.95, ages 2-5) offers epic entertainment in more ways than you would think!

Measuring an impressive 30cm tall and 35cm long this large green dinosaur has a ‘shape sorter’ back with three coloured spots where his spikes should be. Each spot sports a different colour, is a different shape and has a different effect, time to add the magic spikes! Once you successfully match the correct spike with the right ‘hole’ your dinosaur will suddenly come alive…

The yellow triangle pegs represent three emotions (happy, sleepy and angry), the red circle pegs trigger three personalities (Dino, Robot and Monster) and the blue square pegs activate three different music styles (marching, hiphop and ballet). In a perfect example of the cause and effect principle your child can handpick each peg and watch dino reward their choices with a fun display of song, dance and sentences.

Dance alongside a sleepy ballet monster, stomp after an angry marching robot or bust some moves with a happy hiphop dinosaur, it’s all possible! Between the nine different pegs kids are able to create 27 unique combinations, what a fantastic sneaky introduction to coding! The dance moves train gross motor skills, the music pegs introduce children to catchy music styles and the three emotions teach children about different feelings eg. ‘Let’s practise calming down, take a deep, deep breath’ ‘When you smile it makes me happy’.

Even young children can press the chunky light-up buttons to hear colours, shapes and phrases or turn the switch to swap between singing or talking, giving them a feeling of independence and control over their new dino friend. Handy accessory: When not in use the coloured pegs can be neatly stored in the big orange dinosaur egg.

You can find VTech’s Learn & Dance Dino at your local Target, Kmart, select online stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Dec 312018

2019 is just around the corner and we’ve found the perfect way to start the year. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s exciting and fun for the whole family: Silvers Circus is on the road again and has set up its tents for another season of circus magic!

Silvers Circus has been touring Australia since 1976, entertaining families all over the country with entertaining, mind boggling, jaw dropping circus acts, even after more than 40 years of circus fun Silvers Circus still manages to capture the magic of the circus perfectly and new memories are made with every show. This year guests are in for an extra special treat as on top of the 90-minute long show a special surprise of epic proportions awaits…

As you enter the big top you’ll be transported back in time and find yourself surrounded by giant, life-like dinosaurs, don’t worry, they don’t bite! The ‘Jurassic Unearthed’ dinosaur exhibition is completely free with your Silvers Circus admission ticket and is full of cool creatures, fun facts and photo moments, which dinosaur is your favourite? The exhibition opens 1 hour prior to every show and you can stay as long as you like after the show too, now that’s a dinosaur-sized opportunity not to miss.

The most amazing artists from around the globe have been enrolled to make this year’s Silvers Circus tour a huge success. Little boys will be sitting on the edge of their seat watching 4 dare-devil riders conquer ‘The Globe of Death’ on their impressive motorbikes while little girls hold their breath as the beautiful Madeline shows off her skills on the Cloudswing high up under the big top.

Argentian artist Gypsy will have you scratching your head as she keeps a huge 80 hoops in the air, there is juggling, magic, unicycling and don’t forget the Wheel of Steel. Of course a circus wouldn’t be a circus without a hilarious clown performance so you can count on Dominik Gasser and his comedic friends to get visitors young and old roaring with laughter.

All these and many more fantastic acts will be expertly talked together by internationally renowned ringmaster Simon Tait. With more than 25 years of entertainment experience under his belt he will take the whole circus public on an unforgettable journey so that every single visitor will walk out with a precious memory to last a lifetime.

The Silvers Circus’ Big Top at Bata Show Grounds, Mornington (VIC) will open to the public on January 2 with daily performances until February 3. Stay tuned to find out where they will travel next!

To find out more about Silvers Circus, to take a closer look at the tour schedule and seating plan and to book your tickets online via TicketMaster visit

For your chance to win a Silvers Circus family pass (RRP $120, admits 2 adults/2 children) for Friday 18th January, 8pm at Bata Show Grounds, Mornington hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page. Good luck!

Dino’s Delightful Day

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Dec 142018

At 14 months old Ted is trying very hard to make himself heard in his own little language and we can actually understand quite a lot of it. He likes yelling ‘die die’ at people when they leave and when I give a one, two, three warning to one of the other kids he cheekily shakes his finger and says ‘two, two’. Ted also loves copying sounds and songs so this cute LeapFrog toy book is very entertaining:

Dino’s Delightful Day book (RRP $34.95, ages 12 months +) is a fun, interactive book that combines lots of features cheeky toddlers like. Colours, sounds, music, books, balls, buttons, lights… it’s got it all!

Let’s start with the outside. This green dino is quite the big fella with a chunky handle for little hands to hold onto. It has 10 numbered buttons, a large yellow butterfly button and his left foot features a spinning bead roller. Dino’s lovely bright colours make him very appealing to young children, you will regularly find Hattie or Ted in a quiet corner checking him out.

Across 16 pages the book not only tells the story of Dino’s Delightful Day, it also teaches letters, numbers, colour, words and music. Simply choose the ABC (letters/words), Music or Book mode to get started. Once you’ve had a good shot at practising those letters you can test how much you’ve learnt by pressing the Butterfly button: Find the letter …! If you get it right she’ll say it’s correct, or otherwise she’ll simply tell you the sound of the letter you pressed, no harm done.

I particularly like that the ABC mode teaches different words than most standard ABC books (eg. E is for Exercise, M is for Market, P is for Popcorn and Y is for Yawn) and that the words tie in with the story in the Book mode. You can also play seek-find and spot each ‘word’ written in the story and pictured in the illustration. This really helps children to recognise words, understand their meaning and how to use them in sentences.

To find out more about LeapFrog, to browse the range and to locate stockist near you visit

May 012017

Pan Macmillan Australia

While I always love having the kids home on school holidays I do admit it can make things a little tricky. A simple visit to the doctor or a stint in a hospital waiting room can be pretty challenging when you have five cheeky monkeys to entertain! Thankfully I always come prepared with a nappy bag full of tricks, this time I packed some sturdy new board books that kept the little ones happy for ages:

A perfect size for small hands and mummy’s handbag this Dinosaur Roar! The Tyrannosaurus Rex (RRP $14.99) board book is the perfect read for young dino fans. Once you’ve got the tricky dinosaur names right (don’t worry, the book will help you!) you can embark on a roaring and rhyming prehistoric adventure. The dinosaurs are colourful and friendly and you’ll even learn some interesting dino facts along the way.

From the day he hatched out of his egg there is nothing Dinosaur Boo loves more than scaring his dino-buddies with an unexpected ‘Boo!’. It’s all fun and games for Dinosaur Boo! The Deinonychus (RRP $14.99), until one day he gets a taste of medicine when he bumps into the green giant from the previous story… The deafening roar from a real Tyrannosaurus is a lesson Boo will never forget!

To find out more about Pan Macmillan, to take a closer look at ‘The World of Dinosaur Roar!’ and to order your favourite titles online visit

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20% off Dinosaur Educational Kits

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Mar 312014

With school holidays rapidly sneaking up on us many mums are stocking up on sparkly, glittery craft activities to keep the girls busy on a rainy day. But what about the boys? Instead of wasting money on disposable art and craft why not invest in something that is fun to do and makes an epic room decor piece afterwards:

Mor-Stor Dinosaur Kit Black

These awesome Australian made Dinosaur Educational Kits start of as a fantastic building toy and once finished will become the eye catcher in your son’s bedroom. The wooden pieces are individually numbered making it easy to click them together and no screws or glue are needed so it’s a very child friendly design.

Mor-Stor Dinosaur Kit NaturalAs you would expect from a dinosaur these impressive creatures are no teeny, tiny bedside table pieces, measuring a huge 1.2m from their sharp teeth to the tip of their tail they will foot print that’s hard to miss. What a fun project for parents to do with their children or for siblings to work on together. The handmade Dinosaur Building Kits are available in classic natural finish ($99.95) or a more bold navy or red finish ($109.95) so you can pick the colour that suits your bedroom or playroom decor best.

Right now you can save a dinosaur sized 20% on all Dinosaur Educational Kids at Mor-Stor. Simply enter the code ‘DINO20’ at checkout, stock is limited and offer is valid for a short time only so be quick!

To find out more about Mor-Stor, to browse the range and to order online visit

A prehistoric cookie

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Oct 272013

Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

When it comes to Christmas gift shopping it can be hard to come up with original gifts, especially when you are trying to stick to a budget too. Particularly when you are buying presents for friends and neighbours as well as your own family the costs add up quickly, which is why I always keep a steady supply of ‘low cost’ presents in my gift cupboard to help me out at Christmas time, on birthdays and other occasions.

If you are looking for an original gift for a cool little dude look no further than these hip 3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters from Oranges and Lemons Boutique:

3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Cookie CuttersThe 3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters by Londen label Suck UK are sure to be a hit with dino crazy little boys. First there is the fun of making the dough, cutting the shapes and baking them followed by the assembling and of course the eating. Each dinosaur kit contains 4 cutters and together the four shapes make a fabulous edable 3D dinosaur that can stand up all by himself! There are four different dinosaurs to choose from and with a pleasant $14.95 price tag you may want to collect them all.

Cut, Bake, Build and Enjoy!

Cut, Bake, Build and Enjoy!

To find out more about Oranges and Lemons Boutique, to take a closer look at the Dinosaur Cookie Cutters and to order online visit