Maternity Jeans: Do’s and Don’ts

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Oct 142016


We all know a fabulous pair of maternity jeans is an absolute must-have for your pregnancy wardrobe, but what should you look for in your maternity denim? Four pregnancies (and several disappointing buys) later I have come up with a list of features that make the difference between a winner or a ‘binner’:


Your beautiful baby is not the only one growing, over the course of 9 months your body is bound to change in shape and size too (sometimes going up several clothing sizes). Keep an eye out for adjustable waists and elasticised sides that allow you to create the perfect fit for tiny little bumps, big round tummies and post-baby bellies. With a bit of luck that means the same pair of jeans will fit beautifully throughout the whole journey and you won’t have to buy new jeans every trimester.

Make sure your maternity jeans are soft and stretchy to help accommodate the rapid body changes your body will go through during pregnancy and post-delivery. It’s all about balance when it comes to stretch: As a proud, pregnant mama you want denim that is stretchy yet strong, you definitely don’t want a unflattering jegging (jeans x legging) that offers no support and loses its elasticity after one wear.

Thankfully the denim experts at Jeanswest understand that being pregnant doesn’t mean giving up on your sense of style, so they have created a great range of maternity jeans to suit everyone. The skinny fit is right on trend and with different washes and finishes you can mix and match to your heart’s content. The award winning Jeanswest Maternity Jeans range caters for sizes 6 up to 18 and even comes in length options Short, Regular and Long, they have all expecting mamas covered.

Tummy Support
tummy-bandPersonally I love the extra support and comfort of a soft, elasticated tummy band that sits nicely over your belly. It gives beautiful shape to your growing bump and prevents it from being accidentally exposed (and getting cold). Especially near the end when your bump is at its biggest the under-belly styles can get a little bit ‘awkward’…, a builders-crack doesn’t look good on anyone! The belly band also offers gentle support for a painful belly button or sore back.

To find out more about the Jeanswest Maternity range, to locate a Jeanswest store near you or to order online visit

Aug 032015

After almost 10 years together my wonderful hubby knows very well how to make me feel special, as opposed to ‘materialistic’ gifts he prefers to shower me in ‘experiences’ which is so much fun every single time. On Saturday I celebrated my 32nd birthday (I can’t say I feel 32 at all!), it was a very cold and wet day and I woke up with a terrible cold which wasn’t really in line with hubby’s big surprise plan. He had booked me in for a relaxing pregnancy message at Endota Spa in the beautiful Adelaide Hills (yep, he is a true gem!), followed by a Dutch-style picnic lunch with the family. Oh well, you have to work with what you’ve got so I had my massage with a box of tissues within reach and afterwards we picnicked under a shelter, all warm and cosy in our winter coats. Another birthday to remember, celebrated with the special people in my life.

Mama on Monday

Barossa Valley

Picnic Lunch

Tommie and Sybbie


Cowl Neck Dolman Maternity & Breastfeeding Top (RRP $79.95) by Milk and Love
This comfortable Mothers En Vogue slouchy knit is getting a great work-out this winter. Originally I purchased this top when breastfeeding baby no.4 (and had already lost the baby weight) so it’s probably at tad too snug for this far into my pregnancy but it’s so easy to wear I can’t resist it. The asymmetrical design consists of a loose, over-the-shoulder knit and a nursing singlet in a matching colour to allow for discrete breastfeeding once baby is born. Made from a soft and stretchy bamboo/cotton blend it is lovely gentle against the skin. This season this style is available in three new shades so I may have to order a new one for when baby has arrived, I am leaning towards the pretty deep blue colour.

Jessa Denim Jean (RRP $129.95) by Ripe Maternity
These casual stonewashed jeans were the first maternity pants I purchased for this pregnancy, way back in the first trimester when I couldn’t do up my regular jeans anymore but didn’t want to give our secret away yet either. They are very supportive, stretchy in the right places, thick and warm and I absolutely love the over tummy knit waistband.

JAMiE Ankle Boot (RRP $255) by FRANKiE4

Mama on Monday

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Jun 152015

It’s a quick one today as I’ve been looking after our sick little girl all weekend. Nothing like a midnight hospital visit to throw your relaxing weekend plans out of the window! This quick and comfy casual maternity outfit is perfect for days like this (and any other day really!).

Isla Jeggings



Isla Jegging (RRP $119.95) by Ripe Maternity
I picked up these stretchy Ripe Maternity jeans on sale a few weeks ago and loved them so much I got them in two colours, one to wash and one to wear I say. They fit really well, have a lovely high back and don’t get all floppy and stretched after a few hours of wear. The elasticised side tabs allow for plenty of bump growth and thanks to the belt loops (not that common on maternity jeans!) they can be worn post-baby too while you get back into shape.

JAMiE Ankle Boot (RRP $255) by FRANKiE4
If you have seen me around our neighbourhood lately you have no doubt noticed I LIVE in these FRANKiE4 Ankle Boots. They feel like comfortable slippers and the low heel makes them perfect for chasing after my tribe whilst still being feminine and classy (they look great with jeans). In my opinion the JAMiE boots are the ideal mama-shoe this Winter.

Mama Tricot Trop (€9.99) by H&M Mama
Mama Fine Knit Jumper (€29.99) by H&M Mama
Floral Tube Scarf (€12.95) by Pieces

Jun 302014

ByKay Carry Your Love

Since becoming a mum almost six years ago I have tried several different styles of baby carriers (some I loved, some not so much) but I always put the Mei Tai in the ‘too hard basket’, it just looked difficult, time consuming and more intended for hardcore baby wearers which I do not consider myself to be. Everything changed the moment I saw a picture of the ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim, it looked so hip and comfortable and it simply had my name written all over it.

ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim

ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim

My new ByKay Mei-Tai arrived just as I was heading out the door for school pick-up but I was so excited I couldn’t wait, I had to try it out straight away. No time to read the instructions, I tied on the waist strap, popped the little passenger in and the rest was very straight forward: over the shoulders, cross over on your back, cross over again on your front and tie up at the back. It immediately felt really comfortable and supportive and the weight was spread out beautifully.

ByKay Mei-Tai Denim

Because the wide straps cross over as opposed to going straight down they don’t dig in, the fabric surrounds your body like a second skin and follows your every move, the best way to describe the Mei-Tai feeling would be ‘natural’. Miss Sybbie snuggled into my chest like she always does when I hold her and she clearly enjoyed the warmth and cosy Mei-Tai hug. The mums at school admired the stunning denim carrier and commented on how happy and content Sybil looked and when she fell asleep on the way home I knew I would never look back again.

ByKay Mei-Tai Back

Our gorgeous girl is not a fan of strangers, new environments, loud noises etc so places like busy shopping centres, crowded events and big airports cause her a lot of distress. By carrying her close to me in the ByKay she feels safe and protected, crisis averted. At the same time, when you have a big family like ours you are always short of hands and especially in those crowded situations it is important to hold onto those little hands tightly so I love how the ByKay Mei-Tai allows me to keep two hands free to look after my children.

ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe

These photos were taken a few weeks ago when we headed into the city to run a few errands for the holiday. Sybil was very tired which usually means super cranky and on edge but the ByKay totally prevented a melt down. She rested, smiled, cuddled, slept, looked around, enjoyed plenty of kisses and hugs and even munched on a biscuit and not a single tear which is amazing. I feel so much more confident about our upcoming plane trip now, thanks ByKay!

ByKay Deluxe Denim

A few facts and figures: The ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim ($199.95) is made from a super soft cotton/linen blend and is available in dark jeans or stonewashed, the carrier is machine washable. The clever adjustable design and wide shoulder straps make it an ideal carrier for all ages from newborn to 4-5 years old (obviously this will depend on your child’s weight) and can be worn front, hip and back. For extra shade, shelter from the rain, a cosy sleep environment or extra head support a handy sleep hood is attached, this is a fantastic and very practical feature that I use a lot.

If you haven’t entered our ByKay giveaway yet there is still time, you could be taking home a brand new ByKay carrier! For your chance to win a ByKay Essential or Design Baby Carrier just let us know which colour/style you would most like to win, for more details visit our original ByKay giveaway or take a shortcut and get your entries in below.

To find out more about ByKay, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Easter goodness from Bluebird & Honey

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Apr 212014

Bluebird & Honey

I know it’s already Easter Monday but I couldn’t help but squeeze in these adorable new Bluebird & Honey arrivals just before Easter wraps up:

Denim Bunny Pinafore by Bluebird & Honey

Denim Bunny Pinafore by Bluebird & Honey

Last year I wrote about Australian label Bluebird & Honey and its lovely range of baby clothing and gifts and it’s obvious that behind the scenes they’ve been working very hard on some beautiful new products. The fresh and fabulous A/W range has just been released and it’s so sweet and stylish, I am loving the classic colours and timeless designs.

Denim Bunny PinaforeNow of course this scrumptious Bunny Pinafore ($59.95) is not just a favourite for Easter, it’s a perfect little dress for all year around and you can wear it from season to season. Team it up with tights and boots, a long sleeve top and cardigan when it’s cold and chilly or pop it over a short sleeve tee and footless tights with ballet flats or cute canvas Mary Janes for a sunny day, it’s up to you.

Blue Bunny PinaforeThe Bluebird & Honey Bunny Pinafore is available in size 2-3 years or 3-4 years old and comes in three great colours: classic navy denim, soft pink corduroy or lovely light blue corduroy each with cheerful red/white polkadot lining. Fresh out of the packaging and still a little wrinkled from transport you can find the new Bluebird & Honey pinafores on the virtual coat hangers of The Little Haven.

To find out more about The Little Haven, to browse the Bluebird & Honey range and to order online visit]

Aug 222013


We all know the big names by now and it is nice to shop at familiar stores where you know what to expect and find the brands and styles you love. On the other hand it is also lots of fun to discover a new shop on the block, something that’s a little different and original. Here at Hip little one we love sharing our hip finds with you and we’re excited to tell you about the newest name on the shopping strip: Jrfashionista.

Striped Summer SkirtAt Jrfashionista you will find a fast growing collection of baby and kids clothing, accesories and toys handpicked by mum Michelle. Michelle is always on the hunt for unique pieces that are fun, on trend and last but not least affordable. We all know dressing little ones can be expensive so it is nice to be able to give the kids wardrobe a nice top up without breaking the bank. 

Foral Hooded Vest

When I spotted this gorgeous Floral Hooded Vest online I knew it would be perfect for our little 3-year old daughter who was in desperate need of a cute, comfortable and easy-to-wear garment to keep out the chill. We often hop in and out of the car for school drop offs or a visit to the supermarket and this is zipped vest is so quick to put on, much easier than a big winter jacket. This lovely floral printed vest is available in sizes 2-4 and at just $25 I think it is very well priced too, choose from three different colours.

Wooden Letter GameOne of the latest additions to the store is this cool Wooden Card Alphabet Game ($30). Used on Montessori schools this game uses colourful picture cards and wooden letters to teach young children about the alphabet, as well as stimulate their fine motor skills. The aim of the game is to find the letter that matches the word and picture on the card, great fun and of course educational too. The letters are neatly packed together in a clear bag for easy storage. Also available with numbers.

Everyday Denim JeanJrfashionista caters for boys and girls, sizes depend on the garment. All boys big or small need a nice of pair jeans to wear, my son wears jeans almost every day. Sometimes casual, sometimes dressed up, we all know denim is just so easy to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe. The Everyday Denim Jean ($38, size 1-10) would feel right at home in any boy’s wardrobe and is designed to withstand the rough and tumble of active boys who love the outdoors.

To find out more about Jrfashionista, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Dec 032012

If you have a cool tween in the family you might be struggling with your Christmas shopping, usually they are not that easy to buy for. Any smart person would know to stay away from clothing (because admit it, we just don’t get the latest teenage fashion) and no one likes giving a boring gift voucher or (even worse) money in an envelope. One thing everyone agrees on is that most tweens like to lounge around and that you can’t go wrong with denim, so how about this hip denim bean chair as a Christmas gift idea?

Cloud Chair Bean Bag

The Cloud Chair Bean Bag by Life! Live It Up ($49.95) is comfortable and stylish, made with durable denim fabric and it suits both genders. It will fit right in your child’s bedroom and can be mixed with any colour. Even as your child gets older or the decor changes this will still be a hot favourite and a brilliant relaxing spot. It even has a special storage pocket on the side, perfect for the remote, phone or music player.

Australian label Life! Live It Up is passionate about making your life easier and more fun with hip, affordable designer products for the whole family. From comfy bean bags for young and old to cool laptop and iPad sleeves, camera bags and more, you can find the every growing range online and delivery within Australia is just $5 (free for orders over $100). Usually your order will arrive within 3-5 days, easy.

With Summer on the horizon there are some great outdoor seating options available too. The funky Coast Junior Bean Bag ($49.95) features water resistant fabric so it the ideal choice for the poolside or the garden. Don’t let the kids ruin the cushions on your garden chairs with their wet bathers, just put out a row of Coast Junior Bean Bags for your tribe. Available in different colours and in adult size too.

To find out more about Life! Live It Up, to browse the range and to order online visit

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