Slow and Steady with SRC

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Jun 252016


If there is one thing I have learnt after having had 5 babies it’s that ‘bouncing back’ after giving birth is (mostly) reserved for celebrities. Unlike what the media tries to make you believe for most mothers it will take more than a few short weeks to get their pre-baby body back, in fact many of us strong mamas never completely will and we will have to learn to love a new and changed version of ourselves.

A few days before giving birth to Harriet

My own wise mum always says that ‘it takes nine months to grow a baby and (at least) as long to recover’ which I felt was a reasonable and achievable timeframe. For the past nine months slow and steady has been my motto and with a combination of healthy eating and gentle (doctor approved) exercise I am now officially back to my pre-baby weight. Considering I gained a whopping 25kg during my pregnancy (I am feeling a connection with Kim Kardashian here) I am pretty pleased and also a tad proud to have reached my goal. I do have 5 more vanity kilos I’d like to lose but I’ll deal with them once I have stopped breastfeeding.


Due to pregnancy complications I have had, and still need, to take things easy but thankfully I had some welcome support during my journey. As you may remember I was really pleased with the performance of the SRC Pregnancy Leggings during my pregnancy so I had a lot of confidence in their Recovery Shorts too. Looking back I am convinced I could not have achieved these results without them.


Highly recommended by health care professionals SRC Recovery Shorts are specifically designed to reduce pain and increase pelvic/back support post-pregnancy or abdominal surgery. They are fitted with special anatomical panels that provide consistent gentle medical grade compression to C-section or perineal wound areas so they support and protect in all the right places. Nice bonus: They also help you regain your pre-baby body shape faster!

SRC Recovery ShortsBeing rushed into hospital for delivery a few weeks early meant I didn’t get to pack my SRC Recovery Shorts but I did wear them from day 2 onwards. I won’t lie, the first time I wrestled my way into these shorts I cried, a lot. Being exhausted and emotional, a dose of the baby blues, one big swollen belly and a pair of small, super tight shorts are not exactly a winning combo for any new mum’s confidence. Initially I feared I couldn’t even get them on but within a few days it got easier and as the weight came off the shorts became easier to put on and take off too.

Closely following the product recommendations I wore my Recovery Shorts almost 24/7 for the first three-four months post delivery, only taking them off to shower or for a quick wash overnight. Yes it was unpractical during toilet breaks, rather hot in the middle of summer and a bit tricky wardrobe wise (short dresses or skirts/shorts were a no-go) but the end result has been worth every minute. If I was to have another baby I will most definitely use SRC again both during pregnancy and after delivery, I can not recommend their product enough.

SRC Recovery ShortsIt may sound silly but I actually became a little addicted to my shorts, the support they gave my tummy and back was amazing. Instead of feeling weak I’d feel strong and supported wearing them and they helped me maintain good posture during the many hours I walked around soothing a crying baby. Every time someone commented on how great I looked so quickly after birth I felt encouraged, giving my confidence a boost and ensuring me the shorts were really working.

During my twin pregnancy I developed a significant case of ‘Diastasis of the Rectus Abdomens Muscle’ which never fully healed and only got worse during subsequent pregnancies. This time around it was so bad my obstetrician used my tummy as study material for training doctors, not exactly something to be proud of! I honestly felt like there was no hope for me but diligently wearing my SRC shorts has made a huge improvement, even my doctor was pleasantly surprised.

SRC Recovery Shorts

Around two months after delivery I had lost such a decent amount of weight that my initial SRC shorts had become too big and were no longer providing enough compression to be effective. Based on the fantastic results I had already witnessed I decided to keep going and moved on to a smaller size which helped continue the healing process.

Wearing the correct size is crucial if you really want to get the most out of your Recovery Shorts, so make sure you watch the helpful measuring video and use the size chart to determine the size that is right for you.

To find out more about SRC, to locate a stockist near you or to place an order online visit

Handy tip:
If you have private health insurance you may want to check with your insurer before making a purchase from SRC Health. Many private health insurers in Australia will provide a Health Fund Rebate to customers who purchase an SRC product as they are considered a medical compression garment, designed to aid with the recovery and health of expectant and new mothers. You could save yourself some welcome dollars to spend on gorgeous baby goods!

Make mum feel extra special this Mother’s Day

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Apr 292015

Fresh Flowers

Brought to you by Fresh Flowers

With Mother’s Day just around the corner I always have mixed feelings. On the one hand I am very blessed to be a mum myself to 4 beautiful children and I love how they make me feel extra special and appreciated on Mother’s Day. On the other hand it makes me miss my own mother, who lives all the way across the oceans in The Netherlands, terribly. Since moving to Australia in 2006 I have not been able to spend a single Mother’s Day with her and all we can give her is a phone call and a card in the mail.

My beautiful family

My beautiful family

If you are lucky enough to live close to your parents please take some time out of your busy schedule to visit them on Mother’s Day, how wonderful that you can just show up on her doorstep with a little present and make her day! And don’t forget to take a snap of the two of you together, you never know when you get that chance again every time I say goodbye to my mum I wish we took more photos.

One of the few photos of Mum and I since moving to Australia

One of the few photos of Mum and I since moving to Australia

If you, like me, live too away to drop by personally you can still make mum feel really loved from a distance by sending her some handmade goodness made by the kids, recording her a cute video or having a sweet gift delivered to her door.

Fresh Flowers bouquetThanks to Fresh Flowers it is super duper easy to organise flower delivery online in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. Unfortunately Sunday delivery is not available, but for many areas same day delivery is possible so get that Saturday order in as soon as you can. Make sure you sign up as a Fresh Flower member because you will be rewarded with a welcome 10% discount on your first order, that’s some extra change in your pocket for a lovely card to go with the gift.

If you will be spoiling your mother, grandmother or mother-in-law with a pretty bunch of flowers this Mother’s Day I would love to know what you’ll be getting her. What are your mum’s favourite flowers? If anyone wants to treat me to a little bouquet my vote goes to… Dutch tulips of course!

Fresh Flowers Hamper

Emotions at the airport

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Jun 272014
Adelaide Airport, 2 years ago. Three excited kids ready to board!

Adelaide Airport, 2 years ago. Three excited kids ready to board!

With exactly one month to go until we arrive at Amsterdam airport I can’t help but feel a bit emotional. I dream about the reunion with my family almost every night and I love thinking about that moment when they will meet their youngest grandchild for the very first time, so special. When you move to the other side of the world airports definitely become a place of mixed emotions.

Airport Exhaustion

Airports can be very exhausting too

When we leave Adelaide Airport and walk through the sliding doors in Amsterdam we’re always excited and warmly welcomed, when we leave we are very sad to say goodbye knowing it will be another couple of years until we meet again. At the same time it’s good to be back on Australian soil and walk into your own lovely, familiar, cosy home after a long and very exhausting flight.

Fresh Flowers TulipsNext month marks eight year since I moved to Australia. I still can’t believe I agreed to move to the other side of the world, to live in a country I had never been to and marry a man I had only just met. It was the best decision of my life and I wouldn’t change my Aussie life with my beautiful husband and 4 precious children for the world. I will never forget the sight of that incredibly nervous, handsome young man waiting at the airport holding a bunch of pretty tulips to make his Dutch fiancee feel at home, I’ve had a soft spot for tulips ever since.

If you want to surprise someone special (or spoil yourself) with a gorgeous bunch of flowers too it doesn’t get much easier than, they deliver fresh flowers Australia wide and same day delivery is available (just check your area at the top of the website). I love how their Fresh Flowers Facebook page shows the flowers being cut and bouquets being arranged in store, just beautiful!

Tulips by Fresh Flowers

Pretty tulips for a lucky someone

Stay tuned for some photos of our reunited family next month!

Oct 042013

Now that baby Sybil is 7 months old and eating three meals a day like the rest of us it was time to play musical chairs again, something that never ends when you’re a family of six. Luckily miss 3 happily vacated the highchair to make room for the baby and moved onto a proper dining chair. I say happily but at first she wasn’t too keen to give up her spot in the tower, it was only once she discovered she was getting a Toosh Coosh seat like the twins that she jumped out and she hasn’t looked back since.

Toosh Coosh Support Seats

Toosh Coosh Support Seats

We first discovered the Australian designed Toosh Coosh Support Seat 1,5 years ago when the twins got too big for their highchairs but at the same time were too small for our dining table. Since then we have used our two ‘red seats’, as they are known in our house, every single day, not only at mealtimes but also when doing craft, puzzles or baking and of course when eating out. These cleverly designed wipe clean booster seats have proven to be worth their weight in gold and when we have little visitors parents often ask me where to buy them as they see how practical and high quality they are.

Toosh Coosh PileThe twins are now five, they still use their seats and I think they will be doing so for quite some time which meant we had to get Juliet her own Toosh Coosh seat. Since it was first released the Toosh Coosh seat has had a little makeover, the new and improved design has a more rounded, modern looking shape, is lighter in weight and features a handy built-in carry handle so you (or even your child) can easily carry the seat around.

Toosh Coosh BottomWhile many other boosters seats have straps or clips that needs to be attached to your chair Toosh Coosh seats are completely strap free, making them quicker and easier to use. The seats are fitted with an innovative circular grip pattern on the bottom which keeps the seat from slipping and sliding around. We have smooth leather dining chairs and the support seats always stay put, without leaving any damage to our chairs.

Toosh Coosh RedToosh Coosh Support Seats are currently available in red and charcoal and are priced at $49.95 for a single seat or $90 for a sibling 2-pack. When I think of how long we have been using ours for and how many more years we will enjoy them this is such a good price, these seats are worth every cent. For a limited time you can order your Coosh Toosh seat (with free carry bag) online and receive FREE DELIVERY Australia wide.

Mealtimes without MayhemBut that’s not all, you will also receive a free download copy of the book ‘Mealtimes without Mayhem’ written by the talented designer and mum behind Coosh Toosh Jo Turner. This fantastic book is a must-read for Australian families who would like to start eating their meals together. Research has shown there are many benefits of families sharing meals, yet a lot of families struggle with this for various reasons. Mealtimes without Mayhem is full of handy tips and tricks that will make mealtimes more fun and less stressful.

To find out more about Toosh Coosh, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Sunday Coffee with Designer Mamas

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Aug 122012

As tomorrow marks my daughter’s second birthday I have been thinking a lot about her birth, our short time in hospital and her very first days. When I look at the photo’s of her arrival I remember clearly how happy I was not to be wearing one of those ugly hospital gowns, instead I was dressed in my very own, stylish gown from Designer Mamas.

Designer Mamas hospital gowns are designed by Australian mum Nicole. What made her decide to create a fashionable alternative to the hospital gown and which one of the gowns is her personal favourite? Join us for Sunday Coffee with Designer Mamas to find out.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
Living up in North Queensland we just have the most sensational weather at this time of year so I love when we go and spend the day out at the beach. Although with 4 little ones it is quite a mammoth effort but all worth it in the end.

Why did you start Designer Mamas?
After I had an emergency c/section with my 3rd baby I just felt there had to be something better than those ugly hospital issued gowns to give birth in. After extensive research I realised there just wasn’t hence the concept and product was developed! Although not planned I then actually had the benefit of using all of my gowns for my 4th birth, a planned c/section and for weeks after at home whilst recovering.

What do you like most about running Designer Mamas?
I really love when people love the concept and the product as much as I do! I get comments all the time about what a fantastic idea it is so it’s really nice to see that other people share my enthusiasm about my product.

What is your favourite Designer Mamas design?
My favourite is the Chic Mama – I just love the freshness about it and I am a big fan of the blue and green combination.

Apart from a Designer Mamas gown, what is your mama-must-have tip for the hospital bag?
Lip gloss (hospital air is always so drying) and a post pregnancy belly wrap to help flatten your tummy and give your back some stability and support. I’m loving Vespa & The Ladybird right now.

To find out more about Designer Mamas, to browse the range and to order online visit

Nov 032011

When it comes to children I am pretty good at selecting a nice gift. A small token ‘just because’, a great birthday gift or a unique present for a special occasion, I know by now where to look for children’s products. For adults I struggle a little more, I really try to stay clear from a boring toiletry set or a Coles/Myer gift voucher but I never know where to look for other ideas!

Rainbow Designs takes the hassle out of gift shopping, their extenstive hamper range caters for both adults and children, men and women, congratulations or get well wishes, Christmas or Mother’s Day, you name and it and they have suitable gift on offer. To make your shopping even more stress free all Rainbow Designs gifts include FREE delivery Australia wide, how easy is that?

One thing you won’t find at Rainbow Designs is flowers, instead you can pick from a large selection of yummy sweet and savoury treats, entertainer sets complete with alcoholic beverage and snacks to match and many other products carefully put together in hampers for every budget. With Christmas just weeks away this is a simple way to organise a fabulous Christmas gift for family and friends, whether they live close by or interstate.

Most people really enjoy a relaxing night at home with tasty snacks and good company (I know I do) so they will no doubt appreciate one of the Rainbow Designs hampers filled with treats you may not often by for yourself. Each hamper contains something to please almost everyone so they make great gifts for both families and individuals. Prices range from $12 to $299.

If you are buying for a sweet tooth the Sweet Selection Noodle Box Hamper ($70) would make a perfect gift, this gift pack contains nearly 2kg of assorted sweets (more than enough to share). Each lolly flavour is packed separately in a little noodle box and all those cute little boxes are placed in a stylish glossy black gift box, the receiver of this hamper will most definitely be impressed by this indulgent collection of delicious lollies.

To find out more Rainbow Designs, to browse the fabulous range and to order a gift for someone special visit

For your chance to win a Rainbow Designs Sweet Selection Noodle Box Hamper valued at $70 visit and answer the following question: Which gift(hamper) in store do you like most and who would you send it to?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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