Creating cupcakes with Chicago Metallic

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Sep 272013

Chicago Metallic

I know I said that after making 5 different birthday cakes last month I would not to be doing any baking for a while, but surely cupcakes don’t count?

Ready to go in the oven

Ready to go in the oven

I am a terrible cook and while I enjoy making yummy treats they usually don’t look very impressive. Of course the kids don’t care about looks but the eye wants something too, so when I spotted the Cupcake Creation Station by Chicago Metallic I figured that was exactly what I needed to take my next batch of cupcakes from boring to beautiful.

Cooling down

Cooling down

Cupcake Creation StationThe Cupcake Creation Station ($34.95) is a handy kit filled with special tools that will help you turn your cupcakes into something magazine worthy. Inside the box you’ll find a cute cupcake shaped container, 4 decorating tips, 50 icing bags and a clever retractable spatula. I baked my chocolate cupcakes like I always do and let them cool while I made the icing but instead of fidling around holding a messy piping bag in one hand and trying to fill it with the other I set up the Cupcake Creation Station.

A retractable spatula, so clever!

A retractable spatula, so clever!

To start you simply open one of the icing bags, place it in the bottom half of the cupcake container and fold over the edges. You can then easily spoon the icing in the bag by using the retractable spatula, that way you get even the last bit of icing off the spatula without having to use a knife (or your fingers!). Once the icing is in the bag you lift it out and screw on the decorating tip of your choice followed by the fun part (that I need to practise a little more), decorating the cupcakes!

Trying my hand at icing

Trying my hand at icing

Cupcake Creation Station StandThe top half of the cupcake container provides a raised ‘stand’ fitting a standard cupcake so you have more room for your hands to move around and the slightly raised edges stop the cupcake from sliding around when you ice it. You can also turn the top upside down and place the cupcake in it so that excess sprinkles stay neatly contained. When the Cupcake Creation Station is not in use you can store the decorating tips and icing bags in the cupcake container, all ready for your next baking adventure.

All this practising is bad for my waist line

All this practising is bad for my waist line

Obviously I still have to work a bit on my icing technique and the icing recipe but once I have perfected those I can already see this will be really easy and the result is lovely. Afterwards I let the kids have a try with the Cupcake Creation Station and they had the best time!

Tick of approval

Tick of approval

To find out more about Chicago Metallic, to take a closer look at the Cupcake Creation Station and to browse the rest of the range visit

Feb 112013

Big Kids Graphics

So you quite like the thought of a quick and easy room makeover with a wall decal but the sight of all those childish prints and bright colours is putting you off? Check out the funky alternatives from Big Kids Graphics:

Balloon GirlI am sure it won’t surprise you when I tell you that Big Kids Graphics is all about cool wall decals for ‘big kids’, and rest assured there is no limit to how old a big kid can be (maybe it is you!). The quirky black and white designs, with a touch of colour here and there, are sure to catch people’s eye and make a great conversation starter. Be prepared for a bit of controversy when you browse the Big Kids Graphics range!

In This HouseAs you know I have a soft spot for typography so I would love to see the inspirational In This House Wall Graphic ($59) somewhere in our home, such a lovely reminder for busy families like ours. It would be perfect for a kitchen or living area, somewhere the family gets together often and will be reminded of what really matters. Good to know: the In This House Wall Decal can be made to fit your space perfectly, just ask Big Kids Graphics for a quote.

Rat PaintAnd there is more, you can not only change the size of most of the graphics, even the colours can be customised to suit your decor and taste. Big Kids Graphics uses a very low tack self-adhesive matte vinyl film and the decals are easy to remove from most wall surfaces. It’s all pretty straight forward but for some great tips and tricks on how to apply your Big Kids Graphic just check out the ‘How to’ video on the website.

To find out more about Big Kids Graphics, to browse the range and to order online visit

For your chance to win the Balloon Girl Wall Graphic visit and answer the following question: Aside from the designs featured above, which Big Kids Wall Graphic is your favourite?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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Oct 192012

A few weeks ago we moved our twins into another bedroom and put up a bunkbed, something they had been asking for for a long time. Of course they were very excited about the bed but my daughter especially loved her new decorative cushion, such an easy way to brighten up the bed! My son was very sad he didn’t get one, maybe I should get him one of these cool Go Home Junior cushions from Little Obsessions?

These funky pillows ($34.95) are a perfect addition to a kids bedroom, playroom or any other little hiding place where your child likes to sit down and relax. They are part of the My Escape range, full of stylish homewares for hip kids who like using their imagination. I know my kids would come up with endless stories using these cushions as props, the designs may be simple but that makes them super versatile for storybuilding.

Also part of the range are these gorgeous My Escape Tree Bookcases ($59.95), what a lovely way to store and display your child’s favourite books. There is room for ca. 20 books of different sizes, make sure you keep this lovely bookcase away from the bed or the kids will never go to sleep! The bookcase is made of high quality birch plywood and measures 34cm, there is also a very cute red toadstool design available.

If you love the My Escape cushions as much as I do make sure you hop over to the Little Obsessions blog, this month they are giving away THREE of these beautiful babies to one lucky entrant. Now how’s that for a cool prize?

To find out more about Little Obsessions, to browse the My Escape range and to order online visit

Christmas gift giving with Bright Star Kids

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Nov 242011

A few days ago, as we were driving through the beautiful Grampians, my husband and I talked about our dream jobs. Well, it was actually just me doing the talking but I tried to make it into a conversation. I know you will probably laugh but my dream job would be to be a professional gift wrapper. A room filled to the brim with the most beautiful wrapping paper, ribbons and decorations is my idea of heaven. I just love the detailed folding, being precise and matching all the colours, textures and prints up perfectly so it is no wonder I am excited about Christmas coming up.

Last night I made a start on my Christmas gift wrapping, starting with all the small presents I have been collecting for months. Our huge dining table was well prepared with several rolls of gorgeous wrapping paper, ribbon and some sweet Christmas labels from Bright Star Kids. The Cute Christmas Labels kit ($8.95) contains 14 Merry Christmas stick-on labels in different shapes and colours, perfect for adding some extra Christmas cheer.

You probably know Bright Star Kids from the range of personalised name labels but they make a large selection of preprinted labels too. The Made With Love Stick On Labels ($14.95) can of course be used the whole year around but they will no doubt be very popular around Christmas time to finish off a parcel of delicious home made treats. Each kit contains 12 ‘fill out’ labels, 10 seals and 12 decorative mini hearts.

If you prefer a little retro touch you can decorate your parcels with the 14-piece Vintage Christmas Labels. You can’t go wrong with the traditional red and green Christmas colours and aside from delivering season’s greetings to the recipient they also hold the ribbon neatly in place, a nice bonus. Order your Christmas labels today, Australian orders over $20 ship free of charge (or $2.50 shipping for orders under $20).

To find out more about Bright Star Kids, to browse the range and to order online visit