Jul 062018

I know I say this every year but once again I am amazed by how cold Australia gets in winter. You’d think as a native Dutch girl I am very much used to these chilly temperatures but I am really feeling it this year! My mum always used to tell me that moving was the best way to keep warm, so I think we think we can safely say the talented crew at Irish Celtic is comfortably warm while on stage:

Featuring the finest performers from Ireland’s top dance companies Irish Celtic: Spirit of Ireland is a spectacular show filled with mind-blowing dance routines, irresistible rhythms and amazing choreography.

The audience will be whisked away to a traditional pub in Southern Ireland and taken on a heartwarming journey through Celtic history by genial landlord and owner Paddy. Get ready to tap along to familiar tracks from Braveheart and Last of the Mohicans and many more (performed by a five-piece on-stage band) and watch the 12 extremely talented dancers work their magic through a series of high-energy dance acts.

After France and Germany it is now the turn of Australian fans to tap along to Irish Celtic: Spirit of Ireland at The Palms at Crown in Melbourne (July 31 – August 5) or at Capitol Theatre in Sydney (August 7-12). It’s promising to be an unforgettable evening of music, storytelling and dance, making ‘Irish Celtic: Spirit of Ireland’ the perfect night out on a chilly winter night.

To find out more about Irish Celtic, to take a closer look at the tour schedule and to book your tickets online visit www.irishceltic.com.au.

For your chance to win 2 tickets to see ‘Irish Celtic: Spirit of Ireland’ (RRP $170) on Tuesday 31st July 2018 (7pm) at The Palms at Crown in Melbourne (VIC) enter our giveaway below:

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ABBA: You Can Dance

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Dec 152011

When I was a child I once entered a colouring in competition and won a Nintendo Gameboy, the dream of every child at the time. Game consoles were on every child’s wishlist back then and I remember very clearly the excitement when I (and my three siblings) finally got the Super Nintendo we had been asking for for a long time. With two controllers we often had to wait for our turn but we didn’t care, we thought game playing couldn’t get any better. Things have changed a bit since then and these days adults can have just as much fun with game consoles as children. I am not talking about car racing, soccer or fighting (maybe relaxing to some but not my cup of tea), I am hinting at the new Wii game ABBA: You Can Dance.

Big name game developer Ubisoft (well known from the Just Dance series) has just released the new title ABBA: You Can Dance, combining the big ABBA hits from the 70’s with the newest Just Dance technology. If you thought you were too old for playing computer games think twice. Instead of just singing along to the famous ABBA tunes from the olden days, get on your feet and show off your dance moves like only a real dancing queen can. It is not only fun but also a great way to add some exercise to your day (something many adults could really use).

As you probably know Wii games are played by simply holding a Wii remote (no endless pressing buttons like with old school controllers) and the same goes for ABBA: You Can Dance. Playing is as easy as copying the dance moves you see on your tv screen whilst holding your Wii remote in your hand. The remote will register how well (or maybe not so well) you are doing the actions so you can see on the screen if you really are as good a dancer as you think.

ABBA: You Can Dance can be played by up to four players at a time so it is a great activity for a family or small group of friends, in the end everyone loves ABBA so it will be a hit with people of all ages. With over 25 songs including Mamma Mia, Waterloo and Dancing Queen and three game modes there is plenty to be discovered. Dance to your favourite track in the Dance mode, sing along Karaoke style (while you dance or in the special Karaoke mode) or, my favourite, play a role in an ABBA mini-musical in the Musical mode. In this last mode you get to act out a short story by singing and dancing, great fun when working with multiple ‘actors’!

Nice to know: it is not important how good your dance moves are and what your scores are, as long as you are having fun. In saying that, I am also not game enough to upload a video review of me and the hubby dancing in our living room so you’ll have to do with the above screenshots and this awesome trailer. We had a fabulous time dancing to ABBA and really got into it straight away! The real ABBA fans will enjoy exploring the extra’s, featuring interesting facts about ABBA and the band members as well as lyrics to all the songs used in the game.

To find out more about ABBA: You Can Dance by Ubisoft (RRP $69.95), to watch scenes from the game and to order online visit the dedicated ABBA/Ubisoft website. The game is now available at gaming retailers all over Australia.