Dec 192014


Christmas Countdown – Day 19

Whether you love or loathe them, school holidays are impossible to avoid so you better make the most of these weeks with your little students home. Stock up on crafts, plan some fun outings, explore the neighbourhood, organise catch-ups with friends and get busy in the kitchen. If your kids are crazy about cooking they are sure to love today’s Christmas Countdown prize courtesy of our friends at That!:

Junior Chef CookbookDeveloped by the kitchen experts at Women’s Weekly this gorgeous Junior Chef Cookbook is the perfect gift for your little mini masterchef. With 64 pages of step-by-step recipes with photographs, handy tools and tips specifically created for young chefs there is plenty of kitchen fun to be had. From yummy breakfasts to delicious main meals and from scrumptious desserts to tasty baked delights, your family is in for a treat this summer.

Junior Chef UtensilsTo make sure the recipes are as fail-proof as possible (nothing like slaving away in the kitchen to end up with a cooking disaster) they have all been triple tested in the Women’s Weekly Test Kitchen so you can count on them to deliver each and every time. To help the kids get started straight away this lovely book comes with three brightly coloured kitchen tools (a spatula, a whisk and a pastry brush) that are easy for little hands to hold.

Obviously this great pack wouldn’t be a That! Prize pack without a big stash of That! Dairy Snacks and That! Milkshakes so they’ve thrown in a 1-month supply of That! goodness too. The super convenient That! pouches are a tasty, calcium rich snack that is perfect for at home and on the go, they make the ideal clean treat for your next Summer holiday outing.

That! giveaway

To read more about That!, to learn what makes That! snacks stand out from other dairy snacks and to discover great healthy snack and activity ideas for your family visit

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Aug 292014


Big Birthday Bash – Day 29

Regular Hip Little One readers will know by now that the team at That! head quarters knows all about delicious and nutritious kids’ snacks. That! Dairy Snack and That! Milkshake are made with real Aussie milk, have as few calories as an apple plus calcium for strong bones and they do not have to refrigerated, they’re simply the perfect lunchbox treat.

That! Prize Pack

But of course there is more to healthy living than eating the right foods, being active is just as important so especially for our Big Birthday Bash That! has put together a fantastic prize pack for healthy kids. Imagine the sparkling eyes and the grin on your little soccer fan’s face when he/she sees this awesome That! package!

To read more about That!, to learn what makes That! snacks stand out from other dairy snacks and to discover great healthy snack and activity ideas for your family visit

For your chance to win a fabulous That! Prize Pack valued at $150 (pack contains a month supply of That!, signed Melbourne Heart soccer ball, signed Melbourne Heart t-shirt and Melbourne Heart cap all fun-packed into a backpack) enter our giveaway below:

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May 202014


With the kids back at school and term 2 in full swing now is a great time to take a look at your shopping list and pantry contents and consider your kids’ meal and snack options. We all want to provide our children with healthy, tasty food but with TV commercials and shopping catalogues full of convenient treats it can be hard to sort the good from the bad.

When it comes to healthy kids’ foods you can count on the team at That! for reliable advice, handy information and helpful tips, they even have a dedicated That! dietician on board to answer all your kids’ diet questions. If you’re looking for some quick brain food ideas for your little learners watch this speedy 85 second Brain Food for Kids video.

That! MilkshakeThe That! YouTube channel is specifically created for modern parents with quick, informative videos covering popular food topics like Travel Snacks, Calcium and Healthy Lunchboxes. All videos are short and bite-size (2 minutes or less) so they’re perfect for busy, time poor parents (aren’t we all!). There are many more great clips to come so tune back in regularly for your dose of useful That! advice.

That! Dairy SnackThat! Milkshake and That! Dairy Snack are currently available in three popular flavours: Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate. You can find That! Dairy Snack at Coles and Woolworths in the jelly and pudding aisle, That! Milkshake can be found in the chilled milk fridge at Woolworths. All That! products are lunchbox friendly, they don’t need refrigerating so keep a stack in your pantry and you’ll always have a healthy snack on hand.

Thanks to That! five lucky Hip Little One readers will win a month supply of That!, that’s 36 pouches of yummy dairy goodness for your hungry little student(s)! For your chance to score one of the five That! prize packs answer one simple question and enter your details on the special That! competition page.

To read more about That!, to learn what makes That! snacks stand out from other dairy snacks and to discover great healthy snack and activity ideas for your family visit

Oct 152013


And off they went, today our beautiful twins started their very last term of kindy. After two weeks of school holidays they were very keen to go back to kindy and although I am looking forward to getting on top of the household chores I am not so excited about the prospect of all the lunches I will have to make. While I am yet to discover a quick way to prep the sandwiches (share your tips if you have any!) I can definitely help you with a speedy, tasty and healthy snack fix:

That! Dairy SnackYou may have already spotted That! Dairy Snack on the dessert shelf of your local Coles or Woolworths, but dismissed it as yet another sweet, sugar loaded treat you better avoid. What you may not know is that compared to many other dairy snacks (like frozen yoghurt, chilled kids’ yoghurt and custard) That! stands out from the crowd as a Healthy Kids Registered Green Product with fewer calories, less sugar and less fat.

Of course we all know variety is the spice of life so the clever people at That! have come up with a super delicious new range that is sure to get kids of all ages excited, meet That! Milkshake:

That! Milkshake Providing kids with all the benefits of real Aussie milk and much needed calcium to support those growing bodies That! Milkshake is a simple way to mix up a boring lunch box and give the kids a fresh burst of energy. As each pouch contains as few calories as an apple it is a perfect addition to a healthy kids’ diet. If you want to try these tasty shakes for yourself keep an eye out next time you visit your local Woolworths, you can find them in the chiller.

Now of course you don’t just have to take my word for it, for all your kids’ diet and nutrition questions you can count on Michelle, That!’s very own dietitian to help you out. Michelle shares a bunch of very valuable and practical tips on the That! website and she also regularly drops by on the That! Facebook page so if this is a topic you care about make sure you give them the thumbs up.

That! Milkshake ChocolateBesides the nutritional value and yummy taste there is another great reason That! Milkshake and That! Dairy Snack make a fantastic kids’ school snack: the convenient re-sealable pouches are easy to use (even with one hand), they are virtually mess free and ideal for on-the-go, plus at 120g they are the perfect size for hungry little tummies. Yay for no more sticky containers and missing spoons.

That! Milkshake and That! Dairy Snack ($1.69) are currently available in three popular flavours: Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate.

To celebrate the launch of the new That! Milkshake range five lucky people will win a 1-month supply of That! Milkshake, surely that should score mum some brownie points? Entering is super easy, for your chance to win enter the competition here.

To find out more about That!, to browse the range and to enter the That! Milkshake competition visit

Aug 092013

Allergy Riders

With three of our little ones celebrating their birthday this month I am in for some busy weeks. Shopping for and wrapping gifts, organising lolly bags and decorations and of course plenty of cooking and baking. These days there are more and more children who have special dietary requirements and serving the wrong food to the wrong party guest can have serious consequences. Make sure all little visitors, allergies or not, can join the party with Allergy Riders.

Allergy Riders Baking Cups ($6.95, 50pcs)

Allergy Riders Baking Cups ($6.95, 50pcs)

Australian mum Amy experienced first hand how tricky parties can be when you suffer from food allergies like her son Ned. Always having to check labels, ask the host questions about the food or even bring your own snacks just to be sure, surely that not what a fun party should be like! Amy decided to take matters into her own hands and created Allergy Riders, taking the hassle out of allergies.

Allergy Riders Baking CupsThe concept is very easy: By using Allergy Riders baking cups and food flags that are easily recognisable by colour and text allergy sufferers can quickly identify which foods are safe for them to eat. Less time wasted on questioning cooks and labels, just grab the ‘colour’ that fits your diet and dig in! The Baking Cups are perfect for delicious muffins and cupcakes while the Food Flags can mark most other snacks, easy as pie.

Allergy Rider Food FlagsThe Allergy Riders range covers four of the most common allergies (Dairy, Nut, Gluten and Egg) as well as a Vegan diet. The bright colours are appealing to little eyes whilst not being childish so they can be used by grownups too. If your child can’t read you can just tell them which colour to look for, very handy. Each pack of 50 Baking Cups is priced at just $6.95 and 25 Food Flags cost only $5.95 plus shipping is capped at $5 Australia wide.

To find out more about Allergy Riders, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Dec 292011

If living and eating healthier is one of your New Year resolutions (it is for many!) you are probably feeling very excited and motivated right now, just a few more days until the start of a new, healthier you. The first days, weeks or months might be relatively easy but for most people it gets harder after a while, get yourself in a good habit from the beginning by learning all about which foods are good for you so you always have healthy options to choose from. You can find out all about these superfoods in the awesome new book Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes.

You might know Australian author Lee Holmes from her regular column in the WellBeing magazine or her articles on Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics blog. Maybe you have already discovered her own website, the perfect place for people to learn all about healthy foods (and which ones to avoid), explore recipes and to find all the tools you need to look after yourself the best possible way. In her new book Supercharged Food Lee shares more than 90 delicious recipes that are healthy, nutritious, elegant, easy to make, boost your immunity and will provide you with refreshed energy.

If you could use some food guidance and are ready for a positive change in your diet this book might just become your food bible. With 192 pages of recipes, accompanied by beautiful full colour photographs and background information there is sure to be a mouthwatering meal to everyone’s taste, even changing just a few of your ordinary meals or snacks for a healthy supercharged alternative will do you well!

Supercharged Food is a real eye opener for anyone who thinks that eating healthy or dealing with allergies rules out all yummy food. These days many children (and adults) suffer from food allergies and it can be hard to adjust to the new diet and to come up with meals that appeal to everyone. All the recipes in Supercharged Food are gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar-free so everyone can join in!

What I love about this book is that it contains a bit of everything, it covers your whole day from breakfast, lunch and dinner to desserts, drinks, snacks and much more. I was surprised by how achievable the recipes were with ingredients the whole family can enjoy (not just fancy grownup food). I have added many of the dishes to our family menu but some absolute toppers are spinach toast and aromatic herb & garlic crackers.

To find out more about Lee, to learn how food can change your life for the better and to order Supercharged Food (published by Murdoch Books, $34.99) online visit

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