And off she goes… with Crocodile Creek

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Jan 222018

Crocodile Creek

One week from today our miss Sybbie will be starting school and I am not exactly sure how to feel about that just yet. Long time readers will remember that she has had quite a few challenges to overcome, so as a result I am a bit extra protective of her. Thankfully her confidence has grown a lot this year and as you can tell by this photo she is very excited about the adventure ahead of her:

Even though Sybil’s Crocodile Creek kindy backpack and lunch boxes from last year were still in top shape (big thumbs up for durability!) I felt the transition to big school deserved some cool new school gear, so our little student got to take her pick and instantly fell in love with this adorable bunch of backyard friends. Obviously everything needed a proper try out this week, making sure it lives up to the expectations.

Miss Sybbie is a real girly girl who loves wearing twirly skirts, pretty dresses and sweet headbands, the pastel colours of the Backyard Friends backpack really suit her style. It’s an ideal size for our nearly 5-year old, big enough for her lunchbox, bottle and homework folder but still lightweight and comfortable to wear thanks to the adjustable, padded shoulder straps and did you spot the handy front pocket for some little treasures and special notes from mummy or the teacher?

On the side of the backpack a stretchy pocket ensures a refreshing drink is always within hand’s reach, at the same time it keeps messy spills or wet condensation safely away from school work, library books or homework assignments. The no-spill Backyard Friends bottle (475ml) is a perfect fit and the strong and durable Tritan material is totally kid-proof. Double win: Sybbie adores the animal print and how simple it is to flip open and close, mummy loves how easy it is to clean with a removable straw and being dishwasher safe.

As Adelaide summers get very hot an insulated lunch bag is a real must, this spacious Backyard Friends classic lunchbox has practical wipe-clean lining (that’s free from nasties like PVC, Phthalate free and BPA) and there is plenty of room inside to pack your child’s lunch, fruit and some ice packs to keep lunch fresh and cool for even longer. On the front a zip pocket safely stores cutlery and some spending money for the school canteen.

Speaking of cutlery, I have no doubt these adorable Backyard Friends big kid utensils will be the cutest fork and spoon in class (no mix-ups). They are made for small hands and allow for a greater variety in lunches, think pasta, salad, yoghurt, rice or noodles; after all sandwiches do get a little boring after a while!

To find out more about Childsmart and to browse the Crocodile Creek range visit or get social with @Childsmart on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Blue Brontide

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Sep 232016

Blue Brontide

As small as she is miss Hattie has everyone wrapped around her little finger, one of her favourite things to do is making everyone laugh at mealtimes with her silly faces and funny sounds. She loves feeding herself (and making lots of mess) so I think this adorable Little Lola Boutique dish would totally make her day:

Blue Brontide Rabbit cutlery

Brought to you by UK eco-label Blue Brontide this pretty mealtime range will delight even the fussiest little eater and turn dinner struggles into dinner smiles, guaranteed.

Blue Brontide BunnyI know they usually say no pets at the dinner table, but how you can say no to this sweet bunny? The beautiful eco-friendly Rabbit Plate (RRP $39.95, 20 x 20cm) is made from natural pine wood and features three different sections. Our children love eating from divider plates as it makes a large meal less overwhelming, they can keep foods separated (great for those with sensory issues) and eat in stages.

Bunny CutleryFor the ultimate dinner experience there is matching Rabbit Cutlery available too (RRP $25.95, fork and spoon) with the same laughing or happy rabbit design on the sturdy wooden handle. Designed for small hands the fork and spoon set is soft and smooth to touch with rounded corners. I think the colour differences in the wood grain add such a special touch to this unique eco mealtime collection.

To find out more about Little Lola Boutique, to browse the mealtime range and to order online visit

Plate Up with Petit Jour Paris

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Jul 102016

Petit Jour Paris

With just 7 weeks to go until we leave on our European holiday we are getting more excited by the day. Of course we are most looking forward to spending time with our Dutch family and friends (and eating our tummies round with delicious Dutch food!) but we’ve got plenty of other fun stuff planned too. We can’t wait to revisit Paris and explore the many beautiful spots, typical French streets full of character and special attractions, there is so much to love about Paris.

Petit Jour Paris - Forest Set

Can’t make it to Paris? Don’t worry, Australian online store Where Did You Get That? is bringing a piece of Paris to you with the divine Petit Jour Paris dinnerware range that arrived in store this week. Isn’t it just gorgeous?

Petit Jour Forest MugFeaturing stunning illustrations in warm, vibrant colours Petit Jour Paris is sure to delight even the most stubborn little eater. Petit Jour Paris dinnerware is made from strong, durable melamine (100% BPA free) and designed with small hands in mind, what a stylish way to encourage independent eating! There are several sweet themes to choose from: Jungle, Forest or Farm, which one is your favourite?

From delightful 4-piece or 5-piece gift sets to individual plates, bowls, mugs, cutlery, placemats and more, the handy mix and match collection allows you to create the perfect setting for every occasion. Sneakily I am coveting the whimsical Forest Gift Set for baby Hattie’s birthday, the colours and prints are simply amazing. Prices start at $7.95 up to $49.95.

Petit Jour Paris - Jungle

To find out more Where Did You Get That?, to browse the Petit Jour Paris range and to order online visit

Mar 142014


You’d think after three children you know what you’re doing but life is full of surprises. Our first three kids are all very good eaters so I wasn’t at all prepared for the feeding and weight issues of our fourth baby. After many months of sleepless nights, doctors visits, hospital tests and trials with food and medication we are now slowly finding our way but boy, it’s a challenge.

The Tommee Tippee Stickee Bowl in action

Right now we’re combining Sybbie’s reflux medication with a dairy free, soy free and gluten free diet (not that easy!) but it’s already paying off so we’ll stick with it for a while. We’re on a mission to make mealtime interesting so that our little lady will hopefully start gaining some weight. Lots of colour and fun self feeding tools are a great way to get babies and young children excited about eating, starting with the Tommee Tippee Stickee Bowl.

Stickee BowlThis cleverly designed bowl offers the perfect balance between a happy baby who likes to try its hand at self feeding and a happy mum who doesn’t have to clean a tipped up bowl from the ground every five minutes. Thanks to the strong suction function the bowl stays neatly in place on high chair or table, making it much easier for your baby to get food on the spoon or fork without the bowl continiously sliding away.

The Stickee Bowl (6 months+) comes complete with looped ‘starter spoon’ and lid, so you can pack a meal or snack for on the go and use it when out and about. Of course the set is completely BPA free so you don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals leaching into your child’s food.

Twin Compartment BowlNow the Tommee Tippee Twin Compartment Bowl with Spoon (6 months+) has been one of my favourite mealtime products for three years or so. We have a few of these bowls and use them all the time when going out because they are so convenient. The two separate compartments are ideal for main and dessert or two different snacks, I often pack some crackers on one side and fresh fruit or sultanas on the other.

The biggest selling point for me however is the specially designed lid with little flap to store the spoon in, it means you’ve got a complete meal sorted in one container. You’ll never find yourself without a spoon again and you don’t have to pop a dirty, sticky spoon in your baby bag afterwards either.

Roll 'n' Go BibI know I’ve mentioned the handy Roll ‘n’ Go Bibs (4 months+) before but they’re still getting a great work out at our house. They do an awesome job catching dropped food and after dinner I just rinse them under the tap, much quicker than fabric bibs that need to be washed in the washing machine and hung up to dry. Instead of digging for dropped food on her lap and under her legs (and getting everything dirty in the process), Syb just picks it out of the food catcher.

My First Cutlery SetOf course a small knife is still a while off but little miss independent is giving her first fork and spoon a pretty good try, we all have to start somewhere! She’s been closely watching our 3-year old using her First Cutlery Set (24 months+) and tries to copy her which is adorable to watch. We usually do the main feeding while she does her training (Shhh… don’t tell her) and that way dinner doesn’t take forever.

To find out more about Tommee Tippee, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Sep 292013


When the twins were born five years ago we got given many gifts by friends and family: toys, clothes, teddies and of course plenty of nappies and toiletries, we received it all. One lovely family friend decided to be a little different and gave us two kids Tupperware Feeding Bowls. By now the twins have (obviously) grown out of all the clothes, used all the nappies and finished playing with the toys but they are still using their feeding bowls every day, what a durable baby gift that turned out to be!

Tupperware Grow With Me Feeding Set

Tupperware Grow With Me Feeding Set

The new Tupperware Grow With Me Feeding Set ($39) consists of two of these fabulous Feeding Bowls with lid (240ml and 430ml) as well as a handy Fork, Spoon and Cutlery Keeper. We have just started using the small Feeding Bowl for baby Sybil and it is the perfect size for a decent baby meal. The liquid-tight seals make sure there are no spills in the fridge or nappy bag and the bowl is microwave safe for a quick warm meal, when babies are hungry they want their dinner fast!

Tupperware Feeding BowlAs she gets older and portion size increases we’ll move on to the larger Tupperware Feeding Bowl for meals, this is the size we still use for our 5-year old twins and it’s perfect. Especially when they’re eating foods that roll or slide around the bowls are very practical as the edges keep the food contained and children can easily prick the food with their forks. In the mean while the small Feeding Bowl will make a great container for fruit, yoghurt, crackers and other snacks when we’re out and about.

Tupperware Spoon

Tupperware Spoon

The sweet Tupperware Fork and Spoon are specifically designed for small children, the ergonomic shape makes them easy to hold for little hands and the bright red colour is very appealing to little eyes. If your toddler is just starting to self feed this cutlery set is a great starting point and even if they drop their cutlery (which they no doubt will, over and over again!) the clever shape will stop the ‘biting area’ from touching the ground.

You're never too young for Tupperware

You’re never too young for Tupperware

When not in use you can keep the cutlery clean and safe in the Cutlery Keeper. Coincidentally the Cutlery Keeper also happens to be the perfect size for baby rusks, yay for no more crushed baby crackers in my bag! As our little lady is only small I still do all the spoon feeding but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to try it herself. To keep her content during meals I let her have a hold of, and play with, the fork while I quickly get some food into her with the spoon. It gets very messy but she’s happy and fed and that’s all that matters!

To find out more about Tupperware, to browse the range and to find a Tupperware event near you visit

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Dec 132011

Whether you are celebrating Christmas with a lunch or dinner, and whether you are getting together at your house or at friends or family, someone has spent a lot of time preparing a beautiful meal and everyone wants it to be a success. Adults are usually polite enough to eat what is on the menu but young children don’t always like what is served on their plates which can cause an embarassing and unpleasant drama. For some fantastic tips and tricks to bring some smiles to the table take a look at these fabulous Fred products from Budburst Kids.

Of course the concept of making faces with your food is nothing new, but it doesn’t work that well if you are not very creative and your child can not recognise what you made. For those people the Fred Mr Food Face ($19.95) is the answer, this ceramic plate features a fun face ready to be turned into an edible personality. Carrot eyebrows, potato mash hair, a tomato nose, there are no rules and endless options.

A girl version is available too, so there is no need to fight and maybe the kids can swap some days? Both styles come packaged in a gorgeous box ready to be gifted, each box shows some yummy serving suggestions to get you started. For once having food on your face is not such a bad thing! I love how  spaghetti makes long hair, my oldest daughter would love it (Warning: Dinner might just take a little longer because kids will enjoy having a little play themselves too).

If your boy is not so much into delicate arts but more into the real fist work he might prefer the Fred Chewdriver Cutlery Set ($19.95). The set contains three magnetic utensils that simply snap into the tool handle, your little worker can do the digging, shoveling and lifting himself. So do yourself a favour and pop one of these Fred gifts under your tree, they will make your Christmas lunch or dinner fun for little ones too.

For more information about Budburst Kids, to take a closer look at the Fred range and to order online visit


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Oct 022011

I may have said before that dinner time is the least favourite part of my day. Even though I (only) have three children it feels like I need to feed a whole orphanage: the food can’t be served fast enough, there is always someone unhappy with at least one part of the meal and I haven’t even started about the mess they make… The twins have been asking for grown up cutlery for a while now because plastic cutlery is for babies and I have finally found something that has passed the coolness test.

The TUMTUM range is all about brightly coloured mealtime products for kids, designed  to make mealtime an enjoyable event. Decorated with fun animal themes these hip designs are sure to please fussy little eaters whilst the clever features will be appreciated by parents.

The TUMTUM mealtime range covers both the little ones who are just starting to eat independently (Tiny, ages 1-3) and the older ones who have got it pretty much under control (Trainee, ages 3+). Designers Andrew and Suzanne, parents of two young children themselves, made sure to create a range that is both fun and practical, featuring easy-scoop corners, straws that allow cups and beakers to be emptied completely and other handy features.

The twins are thrilled with their new TUMTUM cutlery sets, they have metal ends just like the grownups (so they can actually ‘stab’ their food without it dropping off, equals less mess to clean up) yet the handle is still chunky making it easy to hold for little hands. The Tiny 6pc Cutlery Set is designed for children aged 1-3 and features cheeky animals on the handles, kids can find the right match or create their own silly animals for some mealtime fun. Good to know: the pieces are dishwasher safe.

Also very cute, and really handy, are the Tiny Snack Pots. They come in a set of four different sizes to hold all kinds of snacks big and small. The Tiny Snack Pots are perfect for fruit, sultana’s and kindy lunch but they are great for at home too. Of course the kids love the vibrant colours and the bug prints, and I like the fact that they don’t take up much room in the cupboard (they all fit inside eachother) and that they are dishwasher safe saving me a lot of handwashing.

You can find the TUMTUM range at David Jones outlets in most states, for more detailed stockist information phone 03 8787 4200.