A tidy house with Minnie Mouse

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Jul 032016

Worlds Apart

Whether it’s a piece of Lego, a Barbie shoe, a crayon stub or a scrap of paper, if you leave anything small on the floor Harriet is sure to find it. Now that our little Speedy Gonzalez can cross the room in the blink of an eye all non baby-friendly toys have been banned to the playroom so that the lounge room is safe all the time. Harriet’s own toys have found a neat new home too thanks to Worlds Apart:

Minnie Mouse 1 copy

This adorable Minnie Mouse 6-Bin Storage Unit (RRP $109.95) allows Harriet to have all her toys within reach and keep our living room tidy and organised at the same time. As small as she is she can easily see all of her toys and pick something she would like to play with, although just tipping out everything seems to be a favourite activity for our little mess-maker.

Minnie Mouse 2 copy

While the Storage Unit is compact in size (60 x 64 x 30cm) I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of storage space it offers, you can fit quite a lot in the six boxes. The fact that the boxes are made of fabric (as opposed to hard plastic) is a big plus for me, it makes them soft to touch and quiet in use. Sometimes I take out one of the boxes and sit her down with it to browse through and play with, it keeps her busy and makes tidying up simple too.

MInnie Mouse 3 copy

The Minnie Mouse Storage Unit comes as a flat-pack and is very easy to put together, the MDF frame is sturdy yet lightweight so you can simply lift it up and move it around the house if needed. The unit is the perfect height for young children, allowing them to safely reach the top boxes and see inside and therefore reducing the chance of accidents.

Minnie Mouse 4 copy

And of course the design is not just practical, with its bright, inviting girly colours and cute Minnie Mouse print with floral details this toy storage unit is every little girl’s dream. It would look lovely in a bedroom, playroom or even the living room and it suits a range of ages. Hattie’s older sisters Sybil (3), Juliet (almost 6) and Olivia (almost 8) are all asking for a ‘Minnie Mouse cupboard’ for their own bedroom, it’s a hit with everyone!

Minnie Mouse 5 copy

Not into Minnie Mouse? Don’t worry, Worlds Apart has all little Disney fans covered. The Bin Storage System is available in other licensed Disney characters too eg. Disney Princesses, Monsters University and Cars, which one is your favourite?

To find out more about Childsmart and to browse the Worlds Apart range visit www.childsmart.com.au or get social with @Childsmart on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Save up to 37% on Mocka Storage Cubes

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Sep 072013


Since we became a family of six people people have started asking me lots of questions about our household, questions they never asked when we had ‘just’ three children. From ‘how many loads of washing do you do every day?’ to ‘how do you get everyone ready in time in the morning?’ and of course the popular question ‘how do you keep your house tidy?’. Four young children make a lot of mess, if I don’t stay on top of it toys will be scattered all over the house which is why we created a playroom.

Our playroom, little people domain

Our playroom, little people domain

To make it easy for little people to keep the playroom neat and tidy we purchased two Mocka Six Cube Storage Units ($99.95) and filled them with (most of) the children’s books and toys. The books are hidden behind the doors, the toys are sorted in handy Fabric Boxes ($9.95) eg. Duplo, dress ups, Mr. Potato Head, toy animals, and trains. With four kids (which equals lots of toys, books and games) you have to be a bit strict: you are allowed to play with the toys but before you move on to the next thing you have to tidy away what you were playing with. As you can see in the picture it doesn’t always go right but it’s a nice aim…

Mocka Storage Unit 4Mocka Storage Units ($39.95-$99.95) are available in 2, 3, 4 or 6 cube size and you can choose from a range of different door colours to suit your decor. We decided on neutral white and add colour with the boxes simply so we could move the units between the bedrooms later on if needed. We have had our units for around 4 months now and they are absolutely brilliant, they were easy to set-up, are very hardwearing and look fantastic (if I may say so myself).

If you are keen to bring some order to the chaos at your house you’re in luck, until tomorrow Mocka is running a sale on the Storage Units with discount up to 37% to be had. You have to be quick though, these units are always very popular and some sizes and colours have already sold out. If you’ve missed out just bookmark the Mocka website in your computer, new stock is just around the corner. Also keep an eye on the Mocka Facebook page for new arrivals and fabulous offers.

Mocka 2 Cube UnitOn the other side of the room you’ll find a wooden toy kitchen and a table for arts, crafts and puzzles, so there is loads of entertainment packed in one room. Our playroom is simple and clean with lots of floor place for the children to play on and the kids think there is nothing better than picking a box from the cupboard and tipping it out on the rug. Instead of having three bedrooms filled with toys and books we keep everything together in the playroom, this keeps the bedrooms tidy and easy to clean and takes away some of the distractions for bedtime.

One very big benefit of the playroom is that the living room is free from clutter and visitors don’t have to wade their way through kids toys. Mini guests justs run straight to the playroom and join my tribe, easy!

To find out more about Mocka, to browse the range and to order online visit www.mocka.com.au.