Sip in style with Steely

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Jun 092016


When it comes to mealtimes our little miss Harriet is getting better by leaps and bounds. She now happily enjoys three small meals a day and her tongue tie is no longer causing any trouble, I am so glad we decided to go ahead with the procedure. She is also getting more confident with drinking from a cup and has sips of water throughout the day using this baby-friendly drink bottle by Steely:

Steely 6

The trendy Steely bottles and cups are made from strong, high-quality stainless steel making them not only stylish but safe too. Unlike many plastic bottles they are completely free from BPA and other nasties so they are the perfect healthy pick for parents who want only the best for their child and the environment (and surprisingly budget friendly!).

Steely 2

With Hattie’s initial feeding issues in mind we felt the Steely First Sipper (RRP $12.95, 4 months+) was a good starting point for independent drinking. The non-slip handles are the ideal size for small baby hands and the easy flow spout makes drinking a breeze, there is no super strong sucking required. I think the 250ml capacity is spot on for young babies, big enough to last the day without too many refills and small and light enough for them to hold.

Steely 5

Thanks to the durable 18/8 surgical stainless steel the water stays cool and fresh for longer and the material does not discolour or smell like plastic often does. One of my other favourite features is the ease of cleaning, the First Sipper comes apart in three separate pieces (cup, spout and ring) that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, less scrubbing for me!

To find out more about Childsmart and to browse the Steely range visit or get social with @Childsmart on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Eat, Love, Mae

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Apr 262016

Love Mae

As a mum of five I know very well that mealtimes with little people can be tricky. While we mostly have happy, healthy eaters we also have our beautiful Sybbie for whom food is an ongoing battle. Wherever possible I try not to make too much of a fuss about things, the less attention you give it the more likely she is to at least eat a few bites of everything. Letting her pick her own plate and cutlery is always a happy start to the meal and I think she would adore these delightful new Love Mae arrivals:

Love Mae bamboo dinnerware

Ever since its first release Love Mae’s Bamboo Dinnerware has been brightening up tables all across Australia and the globe. In May these two lovely dinner sets will be added to the range, aren’t they cute? Get your pre-order in today so you don’t miss out.

Love Mae cutleryThe new designs are just gorgeous and sure to bring smiles to the table, even the fussiest eater can’t resists a serve of whimsy! Love Mae dinnerware is made from eco-friendly, biodegradable bamboo and free from nasties like BPA, phthalates and other toxins, making it gentle on the environment and safe for your hungry eater too. All pieces are created with little hands in mind, a great way to encourage independent eating and make mealtime fun for the whole family.

Love Mae cupFairy Garden, Hungry Bear, Woodland Supper, Dinosaur Feast, On Safari and more, there are lots of different designs to choose from so there is a perfect theme for everyone. You can even pick a different set for every child so they can recognise their own dinnerware, yay for no more arguments! My personal favourite is Peacock Plumage, so pretty. Prices range from RRP $29.95 (3-piece set) up to $44.95 (5-piece set).

To find out more about Love Mae, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Mar 262016

The First Years

Yesterday it was six months ago that our sweet Harriet was born, six whole months of loving on our beautiful girl. Even though we’ve been through this baby stage four times before, I still enjoy every little bit of it. I just love the cuddles and the kisses and all those special ‘firsts’.

Harriet TFY

Babies grow so quickly and their needs change all the time, luckily when it comes to eating and drinking The First Years has got all stages covered.

Wean On Me cupAs Harriet is exclusively breastfed she has not had any experience with drinking from bottles, she doesn’t even take a dummy! However with three little teeth coming through she enjoys biting, chewing and drinking around the clock so we felt a small, spill proof sippy cup with some water might be a welcome distraction. She immediately grabbed on to the handles of the 207ml ‘Wean On Me’ Trainer Cup (RRP $5, 4 months+) and went for it, instant success.

Simply SoftAs your baby gets bigger and becomes more confident with drinking from a cup you can move onto the ‘Simply Soft’ Soft Spout Cup (RRP $5, 6 months+). Like its smaller sibling this 266ml cup has a nice, soft spout that is gentle on sensitive gums and tiny toothy pegs but has a taller, slimmer fit so children can learn to hold the cup properly by using two hands. All The First Years toddler cups are completely free from BPA, after all we don’t want any nasty chemicals near our precious bundles.

Simple SippyFrom 9 months onwards babies can start trying a more rigid spout like the ‘Simple Sippy’ Cups (RRP $8, 2-pack). These colourful cups and lids are stackable for more efficient storage. Not only does The First Years know exactly what works for little ones, they make mum’s life easier too with their clever ‘one piece lid’ design: there are no small pieces to lose, clean, take apart or fit together, so easy! All lids from the ‘One Piece Lid’ collection are interchangeable so you don’t even have to find the matching lid to the right cup saving you time and hassle.

Simple StrawLast but not least there are the cool ‘Simple Straw’ Cups (RRP $8, 2-pack), they are suitable for ages 18 months+ but our 3-year old still loves these ‘bottles’ (and I love the ‘no mess’ part!). Thanks to the pleasant price tag of the ‘The First Years’ feeding range (RRP $5-$8) you can afford to have one cup in the kitchen, one in your baby bag, one at grandma’s and one in the dishwasher, without breaking the bank.

The First Years toddler feeding range is available in many different designs to suit boys and girls and can be found exclusively at Target stores across Australia.

To find out more about The First Years and to browse the range visit

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Clean baby bottles the easy way with Boon

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Jul 182015

Boon Inc

With less than 3 months to go until our new baby is due I have started nesting early and dug up all my baby gear. Looking at piles of tiny baby clothes makes me very excited, the sight of a breast pump and lots of bottles that need to be cleaned not so much… I remember vividly the broken nights and endless pumping and bottle cleaning we did when our twins were small, in all honestly it is a miracle we made it through without going crazy! Luckily this time around Boon Inc. is here to offer a welcome helping hand in the cleaning department:

We’ve come to know stylish label Boon Inc. for its colourful range of practical, nifty and super trendy baby products and Suds is definitely a game changer, watch the video and see for yourself!

Boon SudsIf you like the sound of less work and more play (or sleep!) you are sure to love the clever new Suds Bottle Washer (RRP $19.95), a handy kitchen gadget designed to take the hassle out of cleaning your baby bottles, toddler cups and even your own (wine) glasses. Doing the washing up is as simple as placing your bottle on the pump and pressing it down, now watch the water jets and spinning, scrubbing bristles do the hard work for you. Thanks to the flexible bristles Suds is suitable for most baby bottles.

The base of the Suds keeps the soapy water neatly contained, but just in case a drop or two splashes out of the bowl you can conveniently sit Suds in your kitchen (or bathroom) sink. Like all Boon Inc. products this new addition to the range is free from nasties like BPA, PVC and Phthalate and you can simply pop your Suds in the dishwasher (top-rack only) for a thorough clean. Priced at less than $20 this Boon Inc. creation is a small investment that will save you a bucket load of precious time.

You can find your favourite Boon Inc. products at Baby Bunting, Toys ‘R’ Us, Bubs Baby Shop and Baby Village.

To find out more about Boon Inc. and to browse the range visit

SipSnap, for drinks on-the-go

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Feb 082015

Double Double

You know what it is like, you’re off enjoying a lovely meal at a cafe or restaurant or maybe visiting a friend when you realise you forgot your child’s sippy cup. As a mother of four I know what will happen when you give excited little munchkins an open cup or glass and generally you’ll regret it soon after. The clever mums at Double Double have come up with the ultimate child-friendly solution for drinks on the go, meet SipSnap:

SipSnap TOT

A SipSnap is a colourful, flexible silicone cover that can be ‘snapped’ onto ordinary cups and glass to create a kid-safe drinking solution. Made from durable, high quality, LFGB approved food grade silicone and free from nasties like BPA-, Phthalate-, and Latex-free it’s a super safe choice for your precious babies.

SipSnap CoverNot only are SipSnaps safe for children, they are great for the environment too as they can be used over and over again. After use simply pop them in the dishwasher or steriliser and they’re ready for the next drink. The SipSnap TOT (RRP $24.95 per 3-pack) instantly turns any cup into a sippy cup, easy a pie! SipSnaps are compact, foldable and come with a free carry case so they can just be thrown into your nappy bag.

For older children who are past the sippy cup stage Double Double has come with the stylish SipSnap KID Straw Silicon Covers (RRP $24.95 per 3-pack). They look absolutely awesome and can be used with any size straw, perfect for parties too! While not entirely spill proof these cool covers do reduce the amount of liquid that can splash over the sides when drinking from an ordinary glass or cup. Nice bonus: The cover keeps drinks in and insects out so it is a great picnic product.

SipSnap KID

You can find SipSnap in store at Australian organic baby store Nature’s Child, to browse the range and to order online visit

Jun 282014


When our youngest daughter was born, now 16 months ago, we embarked on a journey with Tommee Tippee. From the Miomee breast pump and bottles to nursery gadgets and health products and from Tommee Tippee mealtime products to the all-in-one food processor, we’ve used it all. The great thing about Tommee Tippee products is that they grow with your child and there are styles to suit every age and development stage, take the BPA-free Tommee Tippee Discovera range for example:

Tommee Tippee Discovera 1

The Tommee Tippee Discovera Trainer Cup (260 ml, 6 months +) is the colourful older sibling of the Miomee First Drinking Cup: Discovera spouts and handles fit all Miomee baby bottles so you can use all products together and your baby can transition slowly. Designed with a sensitive soft feel spout this bottle is gentle on your baby’s teeth and gums and it’s the ideal next step up from traditional soft silicone bottle teats.

Tommee Tippee Discovera 2Like all Discovera products the slightly bigger Tommee Tippee Discovera Trainer Beaker (300 ml, 9 months +) is fitted with the patented Samtech valve, this innovative design makes the bottles and cups non-spill (a must for mum!) yet at the same time allows for easy drinking (great for little ones). Each cup features a handy ‘name strip’ so you can personalise it with your child’s name without the need for stickers or labels.

Tommee Tippee Discovera 3We are currently at the Tommee Tippee Discovera Active Tipper (350 ml, 12 months +) stage and miss Sybbie is going really well with it. The Samtech valve, unique to Discovera bottles, is not only non-spill but shake proof too, our cheeky little girl quickly worked out that crazy shaking does not result in water fun so she has stopped doing it. This bottle is a great size and holds enough for a day out.

Tommee Tippee Discovera 4

The Tommee Tippee Discovera Two-Stage Drinker (400 ml, 24 months +) is the final step in the transition from bottle to regular cup. It teaches the gentle angling of the cup and features a lower sipper spout so children can get used to drinking from a cup. Once they are ready you can simply replace the lid by the plain ring (included) and convert the bottle to a drinking cup. This ring fits all Discovera bottles so you can use them well past the sipper cup stage, great value for money!

To find out more about Tommee Tippee, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Mar 212014

French Bull

Yesterday’s gentle reminder that Easter is sneaking up on us seems to have sparked a bit of discussion. Chocolate treats, cuddly bunnies, painted eggs, something totally different or maybe no gifts at all, how does your family celebrate Easter? If you’re looking for a cool little gift that is hip, affordable and useful all year around check out the new French Bull arrivals at The Little Haven:

French Bull City Everyday TrayFresh croissants, scrambled eggs with bacon, a slice of buttered toast, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a bowl of cereal or yoghurt, on Easter Sunday many families go all out for breakfast. Imagine the delight on Easter morning when you serve your little one’s breakfast on one of these gorgeous French Bull Everyday Trays ($29.95, available in City or Animals)? They come with a matching spoon and transparent lid to help keep food fresh and avoid little spills.

French Bull Rock Star

Also available from French Bull is the very funky mix and match Rock Star collection. The collection consists of 4 plates, 4 bowls and 4 cups featuring awesome rockstar artwork in bright colours that are sure to cheer up any meal.

Rock Star PlatesFrench Bull dinnerware is made from strong, durable melamine that is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Priced at only $9.95-$11.95 a piece these table treats won’t break the bank and they’ll last a lot longer than Easter eggs! Of course you can always include a sneaky snack if you want to: pile up the plate, bowl and cup, pop in a handful of eggs and wrap up in cellophane. Et voila!

To find out more about The Little haven, to browse the French Bull range and to order online visit

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