Nov 042019

Thanks to the recent closing of Uluru there is a shiny new spotlight on the traditional owners of Australia, their rights to protect their sacred sites and the many ways others can treat Australia’s indigenous people with the respect they deserve. The indigenous community has the most amazing stories to tell and Magabala Books makes them available to all. Today we’re learning about the beauty of Darug Country:

Cooee Mittigar (RRP $24.99), come here friend, welcome to Darug Country (the Sydney area). Darug author Jasmine Seymour invites young readers on a special trip to Darug Country to meet the exciting wildlife, explore the different seasons and discover what they mean to Darug people. Along the way you’ll even get a crash course in Darug language so you can understand the locals even better!

Accompanied by stunning illustrations by the hand of Darug artist Leanne Mulgo Watson Cooee Mittigar is wonderfully warm and inviting, just like the beautiful Darug people. As the traditional owners of the Darug region they know where to find the goannas and the echidnas, they read the stars and watch the rains and they wait for the yams to bloom and the bottlebrush to flower. Each Australian season has it signs, you’ll soon learn to spot them too!

Two lucky Hip Little One readers will soon own their very own piece of true Australian art, as we have two gorgeous Jasmine Seymour prize packs to give away. Each winner will take home a copy of Jasmine’s newest title Cooee Mittigar, a copy of her sweet book Baby Business and a very special bracelet designed by a member of the Darug Custodian Aboriginal Corporation. Made with gum nut and Tuckeroo seeds found on Darug Country together with wooden beads these limited edition bracelets are a real treasure.

To find out more about Magabala Books, to browse the range and to order your favourite Magabala titles online visit

For your chance to win 1 of 2 ‘Magabala Books’ prize packs (RRP $49.98, contains a copy of Cooee Mittigar, Baby Business and an exclusive handmade Darug bracelet) hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter. Good luck!

Oct 152016


Dubai, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France… after five weeks of exploring faraway destinations our little holidaymakers have definitely caught the travel bug. Visiting, reading, writing and drawing about all these exciting new places is so much more fun than sitting at a school desk! Even if an overseas holiday is not on the cards for you, there is always the amazing world of books to help you travel the globe:


As the name suggest The Kids’ Bookshop is a fantastic online book store that specialises in children’s literature, combined with the valuable knowledge and expert advice of an in-store (or should I say on-store?) librarian. This wonderful Australian owned and operated business is passionate about children, books and making the perfect match between the two, they love helping customers find the right book for every child, age and situation.

With the travel bug in mind, here are five awesome travel themed reads for young adventurers, handpicked by The Kids’ Bookshop:

are-we-there-yetWe’re starting close to home with Alison Lester’s Are We There Yet? (RRP $24.95), a real childhood classic that has been enjoyed by many Aussie families over the years. This gorgeous picture book follows 8-year old Grace and her family on a memorable journey around Australia. From the Pinnacles to Uluru, from the Great Barrier Reef to the Blue Mountains, from the city to the outback and anywhere in between, the old camper trailer takes them to the most beautiful places.

Not only is Are We There Yet? a fun way to learn about Australia’s hot spots, thanks to the colourful illustrations in Alison’s signature style it is both a joy to read and look at. The older kids have read, and the younger ones have studied, this book many times already, they especially love it when I read it out loud and they can listen, look and dream about all these wonderful places they hope to visit one day.

walk-this-worldUsing rhyme and modern art Finnish illustrator and graphic designer Lotta Nieminen invites children to Walk This World (RRP $34.95). Each page-spread of this picture book features a busy city scene, a short rhyme and lots of lift-the-flap windows and doors waiting to be opened. It’s a bit like a puzzle, readers need to put all the clues together to discover their location. The bright, contemporary art makes this book a real standout that especially older children will be able to appreciate.

mr-chicken-arriva-a-romaHop on board the Vespa and join Mr Chicken as he explores Italy’s capital like only Mr. Chicken can. After the success of Mr Chicken goes to Paris and Mr Chicken lands on London it’s time for a chirpy new holiday in Mr Chicken arriva a Roma (RRP $24.99) by Leigh Hobbs. This funny picture book is sure to delight young readers, our tribe loved the pictures of the big, yellow holidaymaker and me reading the story with my best Italian accent had them all giggling.

Friendly tour guide Federica takes Mr Chicken to see all Rome’s biggest tourist attractions like the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. He learns a couple of helpful Italian words, samples some of Italy’s famous cuisine (delicious pasta and fresh gelato) and enjoys a surprise meal with a real Roman family. Before he knows it it is time to say Ciao, I can’t wait to see where Mr Chicken will go next!

amazing-world-atlasThought geography was boring? The Amazing World Atlas (RRP $29.99) by Lonely Planet Kids is sure to prove you wrong, created especially for older children this large, full-colour kids atlas makes geography exciting, interesting and intriguing. Well known for their popular travel guides for adults the experts at Lonely Planet have collected all their world-knowledge in one amazing book that lets you travel the globe with the flip of a page.

Use the atlas to look up maps and learn about continents, countries, capitals and other big cities, it also tells you all kinds of cool statistics and funny did-you-knows about new destinations and cultures that are sure to give you the upper-hand at the next quiz night. With 160 pages of awesome content this atlas will keep curious minds busy for ages, who knew learning could be so much fun?

my-awesome-bali-adventureAs we planned our holiday in the middle of the school term our three oldest kids were expected to keep a journal of our trip, something they weren’t always keen on. If only I had seen this great journal earlier, it has so many fun diary/journal ideas that kids would love to do and write about. If you are planning a trip to sunny Bali, a popular holiday destination for Aussie tourists, make sure you pack this little gem in your luggage.

My Awesome Bali Adventure: A Travel Journal for Kids (RRP $19.95) by Phillip Gwynne and Eliza McCann helps young travellers to record all their special holiday moments so they can remember them for years to come. This spiral bound journal encourages kids to look, listen and smell their way around Bali, write about the plane trip, to colour and draw, play a game or do a puzzle, practise some new words, learn about the currency and much more, what a fantastic boredom-buster (and a nice keepsake)! Fingers crossed they release different journal titles for other destinations around the world too.

To find out more about The Kids’ Bookshop, to browse the range and to order online visit, shipping is free for orders over $50.

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Apr 202015

Penguin Australia

After almost 9 years in Australia I have become familiar with many typical Australian sayings and habits, but I still remember very clearly how odd it all felt when I just arrived on Aussie shores. While I did speak English quite well some people would still pick up a hint of an accent, generally they’d guess I was from South Africa or some Scandinavian country. As Dutch is quite similar to Afrikaans I appreciated the connection and it is also why Nick Earls‘ new children’s book New Boy really spoke to me:

New Boy

New Boy (RRP $14.99) by Nick Earls tells the story of South African boy Herschelle who moves to Australia with his family. He has to settle in at a new school, learn the Aussie slang, try new foods and meet new mates, it’s all much harder than he thought it would be. It is not always easy and Herschelle even has to deal with racism and bullying but slowly the Van Der Merwe family settles in to Australian life.

As a foreigner living in Australia I recognise some of the struggles and confusions and can only imagine how hard a move like this would be for a child. This is a fantastic read for those new to Australia but also for Aussie kids so they can get some insight into how they can make the ‘new kid’ feel at home. My favourite part was when Herschelle’s mum was to asked to ‘bring a plate’ to school and brought an empty plate, that could easily have happened to me!

To find out more about New Boy, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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Nov 132014

Adventure Passport

Ever since our European adventure a few months ago the kids have been intrigued by different continents, countries and cities and are forever studying the world map to locate the places we’ve visited. Even if your child has never been outside of Australia they are able to learn more about the world we live in with their very own Adventure Passport:

Adventure Passport

From Europe to The Americas and from The Orient and Africa to Asia Pacific, each Adventure Passport (RPP $39.95) Geo Discovery Activity Kit will take your little explorer on a fun adventure around a different part of the globe.

Adventure Passport EuropeFriendly twins Preston and Sienna are off travelling the world and they would love to keep your child in the loop by sharing all about the people they meet, the things they see, the languages they learn, the animals they spot, the things they eat and much more. Created with children aged 5-10 in mind these colourful kits are fun, educational and interactive and they make a fabulous holiday project.

Adventure Passport The AmericasEach kit contains letters from the twins’ latest holiday destination, a map, an oversized toy passport to personalise, sticker sheets, photos and a fabulous selection of activities based on your chosen part of the world, all neatly packed together in a cool little suitcase. If you’ve been looking for a way to spark your child’s interest in geography Adventure Passport is exactly what you need!

There are currently 4 different Adventure Passport kits to choose from, where would you like to go next? Please note that Adventure Passport kit contents may differ from the pictures. You can find the Adventure Passport range in the Coccinella store at super stylish market place Down That Little Lane.

Adventure Passport kit

To find out more about Down That Little Lane, to browse the Coccinella store and to order online visit

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Nana Huchy

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Apr 142012

With Easter behind us it will soon be time for Mother’s Day, a very special day to many and one that often sneaks up on us leaving us no time to buy a little gift for wives and mums. Now I have reminded you today that there is just under one month left until Mother’s Day (Sunday May 13th), plenty of time to pick something lovely so you have no excuse to face your mum or wife empty handed! For a whole range of sweet gift ideas check out Nana Huchy, a stunning Australian homeware label inspired by the beauty of France.

To start with my own mum (who doesn’t use a computer so my secret is safe here) I have already wrapped up this absolutely gorgeous Frill Apron ($61.60). Surely wearing this classic, long length apron you’d picture yourself in a traditional French country kitchen, baking soft bread and rolling dough for home made croissants. I know she will love it, an apron you use (nearly) every day so you might as well add some style to your cooking chores.

It is not just on Mother’s Day that you should treat your mum like a princess, she deserves to be a princess all year around. In saying that, being a princess is not easy and Nana Huchy understands that completely. How cute is this Princess Pillowcase ($30) with lovely pink flower detail around the edge? Add a home made voucher from the kids for a ‘free nanna nap’ and your very own princess will have a brilliant Mother’s Day.

But it is not just the mums who love Nana Huchy‘s French charm, the range also features a delightful kids collection with soft toys, bags, rattles, bibs and much more. This adorable bunny called Becca ($35.50) gives the best cuddles and when you pull her tail she plays music too, such a sweet surprise. If you are looking for a unique, high quality and classy gift for a special little or big person in your life the Nana Huchy store is well worth checking out.

To find out more about Nana Huchy, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Poppy Lou

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Apr 052012

We all know florals can look a little old fashioned and grandma-ish but Australian label Poppy Lou has managed to pull off the country style with great success. I spotted some of the new Poppy Lou designs at Budburst Kids and have fallen in love instantly.

How gorgeous is this Poppy Lou Country Classic Quilt Comforter ($59.95)? It features a lovely combination of sweet little flowers and stripes in pink and green tones and even a touch of blue. The scallop edging adds a soft feminine touch and the reverse side shows a petite floral print on a white background. This comforter would look fantastic in a nursery and as your little girl gets bigger she can enjoy it as a playmat or even picnic rug for all those tea parties.

You might know Poppy Lou from their signature bag range, officially they are called nappy bags any woman could carry one of these stylish bag with or without baby goodies inside. They are designed right in here Australia and made with the highest quality materials and close attention to detail. Poppy Lou bags are available in lots of different styles and sizes but this divine Satchel Shoulder Bag ($149.95) is by far my favourite.

Florals really are for girls of all ages, these Vintage Collection Aprons are seriously cute and you can buy them in a ladies and toddlers size. Surely they make cooking, baking, painting and other messy jobs a lot more enjoyable. These hip Poppy Lou aprons are made from PVC so they are super easy to clean, just wipe them down and they are as good as new. Other prints are available in store.

To find out more about Budburst Kids, to take a closer look at the Poppy Lou range and to order online visit