Jan 202019


And that’s a wrap, almost! Just one last week of school holidays to go until the kids return to the classroom for an exciting start to term 1. For most mums this final week is filled with school uniform fitting, ironing on labels, prepping the freezer with healthy school snacks and grabbing all the must-have stationery items from the shops.

Make sure to leave time for a visit to your local Smiggle store because that’s where you’re guaranteed to find the coolest ‘Back to School’ gear. Hip tip: There is no such thing as a ‘quick’ trip to Smiggle, believe me, I’ve tried! There is simply too much fabulous stuff to see, try, feel and smell and choosing favourites is no easy task.

This spacious Faves Hardtop Strap Lunchbox (RRP $32.95) is perfect for kindy, school, daycare or even just a day out. It has a handy (removable) shoulder strap and handle for easy carrying and two large zip compartments to hold lunch, snacks and fruit to last the day. The lunchbox lining is BPA free and food grade safe, so parents can rest assured that all meals are safe from nasty chemicals. Of course if you score an awesome lunchbag like this you’d hate to lose it, so don’t forget to fill out the name tag inside.

Whether you are creating a unique piece of art or just want to add a pop of colour to a boring homework assignment, these Smiggle Scented Bon Bon Highlighter Pens (RRP $9.95, 10-pack) are exactly what you need. Not only are they dual ended, giving you 20 different ways to brighten your day, they are also scented! I wonder if you’ll get extra points from your new teacher if he/she smells a yummy fragrance when doing the marking?

Mistakes happen to the best of us, and they’re certainly not something to get upset about with the Stax On Erasable Highlighters (RRP $5.95). This giant stack of highlighters measures almost a foot tall and features a range of bright fluro shades. If you’ve gone a little overboard on colour you can erase your work with the magic eraser tip, easy as pie. Alternatively it adds a unique touch to an art project too, using colours as the background and making your drawing stand out in white.

To find out more about Smiggle, to locate a Smiggle store near you or to order online visit www.smiggle.com.au.

For your chance to win a Smiggle ‘Back to School’ pack (containing the Faves Hardtop Strap Lunchbox in black, Smiggle Scented Bon Bon Highlighter Pens and Stax On Erasable Highlighters) hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter. Good luck!

Dec 102017


As for most families December is an expensive month for us, which is why I tend to stock up on gifts all year around. I get the larger, more expensive presents out of the way early and keep an ear out for any small last-minute wishes to give the big day that extra festive touch. If you’re looking for some cool stocking fillers that are both awesome and affordable look no further than Smiggle:

Whether your Christmas allowance is teeny tiny or you are living it large, Smiggle has a huge range of gift ideas to suit every budget. I especially love that they put practical gifts, like stationery for the new school year, in a funky jacket so the pieces are both unique and useful at the same time. Double win!

Take this magical Smiggle Triple Pencil Case Kit (RRP $34.95, ages 6+), a sparkling pencil case that’s totally in line with the current unicorn trend. It comes pre-filled with 18 markers, 17 colour pencils, 2 HB greyleads, 2 ink pens, a ruler, sharpener and eraser, making it a perfect art-pack for holiday projects at home and on the go. And after the Summer break it can become your child’s school pencil case, now that’s good value!

The cheeky Smiggle Christmas Pen Popper (RRP $5.95, ages 6+) sure takes the boring out of writing Christmas cards. Available in a sweet red reindeer and cute blue Christmas bear design these ballpoint pens are fitted with a secret lever… pull the little lever and pop goes the head! Don’t worry, a handy piece of string keeps the head from getting lost, so the kids can shoot and smile over and over again.

From little stories to Christmas wish lists, from secret diary entries to a holiday journal, with 160 lined pages the Smiggle Colour Blast Glitter Luxe A5 Notebook (RRP $16.95) has all the space your young writer needs, hidden between an eye-catching hardcover with glittery swirls (or is it swirly glitter?). A handy little loop on the side allows you to keep a pen or pencil on hand for when inspiration strikes.

This adorable Smiggle Spin It Yoyo (RRP $9.95, ages 6+) is one of those great ‘gift cupboard’ finds: every child loves a yoyo, it’s well priced and it suits any occasion. Birthday? Christmas stocking? Hurt your leg? Great report card? Here’s an awesome yoyo to brighten up your day. You can even brighten their day a bit more with the glow-in-the-dark Spin-It Yoyo, just spin it and go, then watch it glow.

To find out more about Smiggle, to locate a Smiggle store near you or to order online visit www.smiggle.com.au.

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Jan 102017


While the kids are still very much in holiday mode I am slowly starting to get ready for a brand new school year, the first year with 4 little ones at school/kindy. Uniforms, hats and school shoes are not really that special, but a trip to Smiggle is sure to get even the most reluctant student excited about going back to school.

To help you get in the mood too here’s a cool 5-piece Smiggle ‘Back to School’ giveaway just for you:

From little reminders to sweet lunch notes and from helpful tips to handy to-do lists, there is no tastier way to keep track than with the plush Hamburger Jotter (RRP $16.95). Doesn’t this cheeky spiral bound notebook look good enough to eat? With a massive 180 pages of printed and coloured paper (eg. bread, swiss cheese, tomato, meat and lettuce) you can whip up a delicious new combo for every message.

Of course you don’t want to waste your yummy burger notes by making silly mistakes, thankfully Smiggle’s Erasable Gel Pens (RRP $14.95, 6-pack) have got your back. These colourful gel pens allow you to write and re-write to your heart’s content, any errors can simply be erased. You get the smooth lines of a gel pen with the flexibility of a pencil that can be erased, double win! With six great colours per pack your next letter will be a joy to both read and write.

A rainbow pen would have to be the ultimate dream-pen for every child, so many colours in just one pen! Click, slide and change colours as often as you like, and when not in use the Snazzy Rainbow Pen Lanyard (RRP $7.95) can be safely hung around your neck so it’s always on hand when inspiration strikes. For the girls a pretty pink version with rainbows, hearts, stars and clouds is available too.

Make learning fun with the Snazzy Timestable Slapband (RRP $6.95), a funky slap wristband and time tables guide in one. What a great way to encourage a bit of math practice! You’ll be able to master the 1 to 10 times tables in no time, just don’t try to use it as a cheat sheet at school or you might get in trouble… Timetable Slapbands are available in 5 Smiggly colours to suit boys and girls.

In between all the serious studies, endless exercises and boring books you do need to make time for a bit of relaxation from time to time. This awesome City Magic Buss Pass (RRP $12.95) will have the whole class scratching their head, how on earth does it flip your card from the side to side? This classic magic trick never gets old and is available in five stylish colours: Pink, Blue, Green, Purple and Black.

To find out more about Smiggle, to locate a Smiggle store near you or to order online visit www.smiggle.com.au.

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Dec 072016


Christmas Countdown – Day 7

Summer or winter, rain or shine, the Fridge-to-Go range of portable snack, drink and lunch solutions for young and old is popular all year around. From lunch for one to a picnic for the whole family, you can count on Fridge-to-Go to keep your food and drinks fresh and cool. Because the Fridge-to-Go team knows we’re all about families they’ve offered this fantastic family-sized prize for our Christmas Countdown giveaway:


Just like the name suggests the Fridge-to-go MF24 Carry All ($79.95) is one of Fridge-to-Go’s largest cooling bags with plenty of room for all the food and drinks you need for a BBQ at the park, visit to the pool or day at the beach. Big enough to store 24+ cans or 6 wine bottles it’s a family favourite that will be enjoyed again and again.

fridge-to-go-mf24-carry-allThe MF24 Carry All is made with durable ‘TempGuard’ fabric and convenient wipe clean lining and can be transported by the practical carry handle. The three removable chilling panels offer surround cooling for a very generous 8 hours, that’s your next day out covered! Because your family’s health is important this Fridge-to-Go Cooler Bag is free from BPA, PVC and lead so you can enjoy your snacks with peace of mind.

To find out more about Fridge-to-Go, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit www.fridge-to-go.net.au.

For your chance to win a Fridge-to-Go MF24 Carry All (RRP $79.95) enter our Christmas Countdown giveaway below:

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How to beat the heat and keep your cool

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Nov 112016


When I moved to Australia ten years ago I was rather worried about the Aussie climate and I wondered if I would be able to cope with the warm weather. Fast forward one decade and I am no longer fazed by temperatures in the 30s, although I admit I do get a little nervous once we’re heading into the 40 degrees and higher. Thankfully there are some easy measures you can take to keep your cool, here are my three top tips for beating the heat:

fujitsu-ducted-airAfter living in two houses without an effective cooling system we made sure our current home is well prepared for hot Australian summers by installing ducted air-conditioning. Being able to cool down the majority of the house with just one click of a button is such a great feeling and a luxury I will always be grateful for. If you live on the Gold Coast you can count on Deepchill Gold Coast Air Conditioning to keep your family cool and comfortable during summer.

diane-ceiling-fanFor rooms without outlets for your ducted air-conditioning you will have to find an alternative way to keep cool air circulating and yes, there are more attractive options than the traditional white plastic ceiling fan. The trick is to find a fan design that suits your style and colour scheme perfectly so it becomes part of the decor as opposed to a sore in the eye, like a brightly coloured design for the kids’ bedroom/playroom and this classy wood detail Diane Ceiling Fan for your office.

Dyson CoolIn our household we are big fans of this portable desk fan by Dyson. Not only does the powerful and energy friendly Dyson Cool effectively cool down your room, it is also super stylish to blend in with your decor. We love the fact that the Dyson Cool is 100% safe for children to touch without rotating parts that could injure little fingers and it is super easy to clean so a perfect pick for allergy suffers. Being up to 75% quieter than traditional fans you can keep the fan on at night too, even I can sleep with it on and that says something!

With all the cooling preparations done and dusted I think we’re ready for warm weather to arrive, bring on summer!

Feel the breeze with BabyBjörn

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Feb 122016

BabyBjorn logo copy

Can you believe miss Hattie is 4.5 months old already? She is the most gorgeous smiley girl who would love to be attached to mummy 24 hours a day if she could, yay for sweet baby cuddles whenever I want! Most of the time I am more than happy to oblige but I have to admit it does get a little hot and sweaty in this warm South Australian summer weather. Thanks to BabyBjörn I can treasure our close bond and enjoy a refreshing breeze at the same time, happy faces all around:

BabyBjorn Side On

The Baby Carrier One Air (RRP $249.95) combines all the award-winning features of the famous Baby Carrier One with a super soft and airy mesh fabric that allows for much needed airflow, is quick drying and keeps parent and child cool and comfortable.

Baby Carrier One AirThe fantastic 4-in-1 design offers parents the freedom to carry their child as they wish: higher for newborns, lower for older babies, inward-facing, outward-facing, front or back carrying position; the Baby Carrier One is all about versatility. As your baby grows you can change the carrying position to suit your and your child’s needs and you can enjoy carrying your child all the way up to 3 years old (15kg) making it a great investment for young families.

I am not the only one who likes baby wearing, hip daddy does too so I love that the shoulder straps and waistband can be adjusted in size in a matter of seconds. The waistband is nice and firm and the shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort, after having had 5 babies my back is not as strong as it used to be so I really appreciate how the weight is distributed evenly and keeping good posture is very easy.

babyBjorn behind

At BabyBjörn they understand that we all want the best for our children which is why this carrier is developed in close collaboration with leading paediatricians. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has given the Baby Carrier One Air the thumbs up as a ‘hip-healthy’ carrier with an ergonomic wide-leg carrying position and a generous 32 cm seat area.

BabyBjorn Wide Leg

Aside from being safe for your child’s hips and development the Baby Carrier One Air is also safe to chew or suck on, something our little Harriet loves to do when she is all snuggled up for a walk. All fabrics used in this carrier are gentle against your child’s skin and completely free from health-hazardous substances and allergens, that’s one less worry on my mind.

BabyBjorn Carrier One Air

Another great feature of the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One is that it is suitable directly from birth (min. weight 3.5kg), there is no need to purchase a separate infant insert. This not only saves you money but hassle too and you can easily change between passengers of different ages/weights. The clever ‘zipped’ seat can be adjusted to suit newborns up to 62cm (higher newborn position) or older babies (lower baby position), at 60cm Hattie is about to go into the lower position. Just do up the correct zip and you’ll always have the perfect seat for your little traveller, easy as pie.

There are lots of different baby carriers around and some are trickier than others but the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One is definitely easy to use. The main ‘frame’ simply slides on over your head like a sweater, I find this feels really safe, sturdy and reliable. Next you do up the waist band behind you and pull it tight. All that is left is to place your baby on the ‘seat’ and fold the front panel towards you which you then secure with 4 strong safety buckles. Click and go!

The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One Air is currently available in stylish Silver Mesh or Black Mesh.

To find out more about BabyBjörn, to browse the range and to locate stockist near you visit www.babybjorn.com.au.

Dec 172015

Boon Inc

Christmas Countdown – Day 17

Now that the weather is well and truly warming up begins the challenge of keeping your little bundle cool and entertained. Especially for our Christmas Countdown giveaway our lovely friends at Boon Inc. have put together a fabulous prize pack filled with all their favourite bath time goodies:

Boon Naked Baby Bath Tub

The clever collapsible design of the Boon Inc. Naked Baby Bath Tub (RRP $69.95, suitable from birth to 18 months) allows you to create the perfect support position for every stage of your baby’s growth: the reclined position is ideal for newborns as it keeps their head above water and cradles them for a safe, comfortable feeling while the fully-expanded position offers a bigger bathing area to suit sitting infants and toddlers. Unlike many other baby baths the Naked Baby Bath Tub is slim to fold and compact to store or hang up, perfect for small bathrooms or travelling.

Boon Inc. LinksAdding a touch of story time to your daily wash is a piece of cake with the Boon Inc. Links (RRP $12.95, 12 months+). Kids can use the 11 foam pieces to build a range of sea animals: a whale, a crab, a jelly fish or a mysterious creature no one has ever seen before, it’s up to you! Links are fun for a wide age range, they’re a fantastic tool to encourage older children to use their imagination and work on their story telling skills while real little ones can learn about animal names and colours.

Boon Inc. BubblesLike all Boon Inc. bath toys the futuristic looking Bubbles (RRP $19.95, 12 months+) are free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates, no nasties near your precious bundle! You can stick them to each other, the bath tub, the shower screen, the tap or the floor, collect the same colours or mix them up and attach as many as you can to create one big bunch of bubbles. Bubbles are available in two colour ways and each set contains 10 Bubbles in 2 different sizes.

Boon Frog PodWhen not in use you can keep all your bath toys neatly stored in the funky Frog Pod (RRP $59.95, 6 months+). Frog Pod attaches to your wall using the enclosed wall bracket with screws or very strong adhesive strips. The frog’s body is more than just a tidy toy basket, it can also be detached and used as a scoop to collect toys out of the bath water. Designed with convenient drainage holes across the base the Frog Pod ensures your toys won’t be sitting in yucky water afterwards to reduce the risk of mould.

Frog Pod by Boon Inc.

You can find your favourite Boon Inc. products at Baby Bunting, Toys ‘R’ Us, Bubs Baby Shop and Baby Village.

To find out more about Boon Inc. and to browse the range visit www.booninc.com.

For your chance to win a $160 Boon Inc. Prize Pack (Includes Naked Bath, Frog Pod, Bubbles and Links, colours randomly selected) enter our giveaway below:

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