Dec 242016


That’s it, 24 days of giveaways done and dusted! We have loved every minute of it (even if it takes an awful lot of time to organise) and we are so glad you did too. Today we’re wrapping up our Christmas Countdown in style by not treating just one but three lucky readers to a sparkling gift from our friends at Globber:

Fitted with a spectacular set of light up wheels the brand new Globber MyFREE Fold Up (RRP $200, ages 3+) is the ultimate ride for this season of shimmer and shine, it’s like having your own Christmas light show on wheels!

This latest release from the scooter experts at Globber combines all there is to love about the original MyFREE Up 3-wheel scooter (which we reviewed here several months ago) with a bunch of exciting new features that are sure to take your Globber experience to the next level. As the name suggest the MyFREE Fold Up can be folded into a compact package perfect for transport and storage in small spaces (and of course to wrap up under the Christmas tree).

The other fresh and festive feature is the addition of two impressive flashing wheels that display a rainbow of colours when cruising around. I am predicting there will be lots of late evening rides around the block this summer! By the way, if you want to pimp out your current ride with a set of these cool light up wheels you can buy them separately too, they are available in either 80 or 120 mm size to most brands of scooters.

Good to know: The Globber MyFREE Fold Up scooter is suitable for young riders aged 3 and up (or 95cm+) and has a generous weight limit of 50kg. The handlebar can be adjusted in height, ensuring a continuous perfect fit as your child grows. All materials are durable, high-quality and thoroughly tested for everyday use by active kids. Get ready for an adventure filled year with Globber gear!

To find out more about Globber, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

For your chance to win 1 of 3 Globber MyFREE Fold Up scooters with flashing wheels in your choice of colour (RRP $200, subject to availability) enter our Christmas Countdown giveaway below:

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Oct 282016


One of the awesome benefits of being a parent is that you can join in all the fun kids’ stuff, our children always love it when I bounce with them on the trampoline, go on the swing, play with dolls and build cubbies (and so do I!). Seeing how much they enjoy riding their scooters it was only a matter of time before I tagged along with the cool kids and set off on my own set of Globber wheels:


Goodbye to ‘You’re too big for that’ and hello to ‘You’re never to old to have fun!’, Globber is maximising scooter fun with the awesome Globber 18.0 by Kleefer (RRP $350, black or white). Designed for riders measuring between 1.45m and 1.90m and with a height adjustable handlebar this trendy and tough scooter is perfect for both adults and children who have outgrown their smaller rides.


This top-of-the-range Globber scooter features only the very best, strong, high quality materials to ensure a pleasant ride and durable construction that is made for everyday use. Made from sturdy, extruded aluminum the spacious deck offers great balance and sits close to the ground so you can get on and off easily. The Globber 18.0 by Kleefer has a generous weight limit of 100kg to accommodate most adults comfortably.

globber-kleefer-foldFolding the Globber 18.0 is a breeze and done in just a matter of seconds, all it takes is a gentle kick of the foot to activate the clever piston-assisted Kleefer fold mechanism (No strong muscles required!). Not only does the scooter have a neat, compact, vertical fold that is ideal for transport or storage in small spaces, you don’t even have to carry it as you can just wheel it along like a trolley.

I was super impressed with the reliable feel and the smoothness of the ride, in fact the first time I rode it its fast speed really surprised me and I (secretly) felt a little nervous! Of course I didn’t show the kids, I put on my cool mum face and put my trust in the front and back brakes. The lever of the front brake sits conveniently on the ergonomic handlebars making it quick and simple to use.


The Globber 18.0 is a great choice for older children/adults travelling with public transport, people who work in the city, those who enjoy a ride through the park with the wind in their hair, parents who want to explore the outdoors with their children or even just grown-ups who are a big kid at heart.

To find out more about Globber, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

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Sep 202016


One of the downsides of holidaying with five young children is the endless visits to public toilets and change rooms, we are going through plenty of hand sanitiser that’s for sure! Changing nappies and cleaning bottoms will never be a fun chore but it has to be done, here’s how to make the job more pleasant:


Australian designer and mother-of-two Melissa decided to give on-the-go nappy changes a trendy makeover and created Melobaby, a stylish range of nappy wallets and accessories that are both fashionable and functional at the same time.

Melobaby Nappy WalletWhether it’s a quick visit to the shops, a walk to the park or an afternoon at grandma’s, the compact Melobaby Nappy Wallet (RRP $64.95) is the ideal size for those small trips with baby. Not only does it have room to hold 4 nappies, wipes and some spare clothes, it also folds out to create a comfortable fleece change mat, no wonder it is called an all-in-one design! Which of the seven different colours/prints is your favourite?

MelototeIf you prefer something bigger and more spacious you can upsize to the award winning Melotote (RRP $99.95 – $149.95). This generously sized baby bag has plenty of pockets inside and out to help you keep all your baby gear neatly organised, it even has two insulated pockets to keep your baby’s food and drinks at the right temperature. The Melotote comes with a complimentary soft and washable change mat for hygienic nappy changes when out-and-about and a matching bottle holder.

To find out more about Melobaby, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Apr 162016


Like most mums I tend to log around a big nappy bag filled with a wide range of baby goodies for all kinds of situations and emergencies, you never know what you may need! With so many kids items to bring along there is little room for my own bits and pieces but thankfully my essentials barely take up any space, check out this compact gem from Goodness:

Goodness Small

Small in size but packed full of fabulous natural ingredients that your skin will love, the Goodness ‘Grab & Go’ Kit (RRP $24.95) is the perfect pick for your (baby) bag, backpack, suitcase, office drawer, dashboard or even just your bedside table.

Every Evening CreamThis handy 5-piece kit contains mini versions of all Goodness skincare products: the Every Morning Moisturiser, Every Evening Cream (this is so good!), Every Day Cream Cleanser, Every Week Face Scrub and Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil. Goodness proves that popular health foods like avocado, coconut and chia are not just great for your body, they do wonders for your skin too.

Goodness Face ScrubAdd some honeysuckle extract, stir in some shea butter, a few drops of blackberry extract, a pinch of powdered volcanic pumice and plenty of other natural delights and your skin is in for a real treat. If you’re looking for clean, quality skincare that delivers on both price and performance you will love Goodness, the Grab & Go Kit is an ideal way to put the range to the test and find your favourite product(s).

Goodness kit

You can find the Goodness range at all Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and selected Woolworths stores across Australia.

To find out more about Goodness, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Baby Bites with BabyBjörn

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Apr 052016

BabyBjorn logo copy

Now that that nasty tongue-tie has been dealt with we can finally continue our solids journey, hopefully this time with more luck! Harriet certainly knows how to attack a teething rusk and she’s even had a crack at some toast soldiers yesterday, very messy but good fun. She has been sitting with us at the dinner table for a few weeks and now she can join in the eating part too, hooray.

Hattie High Chair

She may only be 6 months old but Harriet sits like a real queen in the new BabyBjörn high chair, it’s like a throne for little royals. Designed for ages 6 months up to 3 years this super stylish high chair is a perfect pick for modern families who want to invest in high quality, durable products that grow with their child.

BabyBjorn High Chair

There is lots to love about this trendy seat, like a curved backrest that helps young children to sit upright and an ergonomic fit that supports babies in all the right places. Initially I had my doubts about the ‘harness-free’ design of the BabyBjörn High Chair but my mind was immediately put at ease when I saw how the tray fits nice and snug around her body keeping her perfectly in place. Add to that the safety bar in between the child’s legs and there is no slipping away, even for a six month old.

Hattie BabyBjorn High Chair

The spacious, easy-clean tray can be adjusted to suit your little eater, it can slide closer to provide a tight fit for a small child and it can slide out to offer more room for older children. Unlike traditional rectangular trays that leave gaps around your child for food and cutlery to drop down in, this clever tray has a rounded shape that mimics a child’s body shape; no gaps = less mess! There are no small openings, seams or grooves on the tray or the seat, just a smooth surface that you can simply wipe clean after each meal.

BabyBjorn High Chair colours

The BabyBjörn High Chair is very easy to use: just sit your child in the seat, flip up the tray and turn the table lock to secure the tray and your child in one simple step. Once mealtime is over you can unlock the tray, fold it down and lift out your child. I also love the fact that you can detach the removable top tray for easy cleaning under the tap or dishwasher whilst the main tray stays in place for the next course or play time.

BabyBjorn High Chair Fold

Last but not least: storage! At first sight the BabyBjörn High Chair may not look like a very compact design but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you fold the back legs in and flip the tray up you’ll be left with a compact and narrow (< 25cm wide) package perfect for transport or storage.

The BabyBjörn High Chair (RRP $299.95) is currently available in three stylish colours: Snow White, Pink and Turquoise.

To find out more about BabyBjörn, to browse the range and to locate stockist near you visit

Save up to 56% on

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Feb 062016

BBox Colour Pallet Concepts 8-14 (RGB)

It is no secret that when it comes to shopping there is nothing I love more than a big saving. As a large family of seven we are always conscious of our budget which is where my bargain hunting skills come in real handy. Regular Hip Little One readers know how much I adore Aussie label, so when I spotted this amazing buy at The Blushing Fox I just had to share: Diaper Wallet

Whether you’re at home or out and about, has change time covered with the Diaper Wallet. Originally priced at RRP $34.95 you can now pick one up for a tiny $12.95, what a steal!

The compact container fits easily in your baby bag or pram basket and holds all of the necessities for a quick nappy change on the go. Don’t be fooled by its size though, inside this stylish box you can store a large wipe clean change mat (included), wipes with dual access and two disposable nappies, what more do you need? There are currently three different designs to choose from but be quick, a bargain like this won’t last! Nappy Wallet

To find out more about The Blushing Fox, to browse the range and to order online visit

Jan 302016

Top Trumps logo

I won’t lie, after seven weeks of school holidays with five kids at home even my patience was starting to run a little thin. We’ve made Lego castles and Mecano cranes, we’ve held tea parties and dressed up, we played puzzles and built forts, we baked cookies and created art but I was slowly running out of ideas. So how do you keep two 7-year olds and a 5-year old happy for less than a tenner? Check out Top Trumps:

Top Trumps range

Top Trumps (RRP $9.99) by Winning Moves is a fun, affordable, easy-to-play card game for kids and a perfect example of ‘good things come in small packages’. Each pack of Top Trumps consists of a plastic storage case with 30 themed cards based on the topic of their choice, this could be characters from a TV show or book, different countries or animals and much more.

Top Trumps Countries

Players pull a card each and compare their statistics, the highest number comes up ‘Top Trumps’ and wins both cards, easy! While the concept is simple there is an educational side to it too. Top Trumps is a very enjoyable tool to practice recognising numbers (and learning about higher and lower), reading words and of course pick up some interesting facts in the process.

ShopkinsThe compact game is an ideal size for your handbag, kids’ backpack or even the dashboard of your car, it’s an excellent way to keep the kids entertained (and save your sanity) when you are out and about. You’ll be surprised how much they’ll love it and how long they can play Top Trumps without getting bored! Our kids even love just looking at the cards and checking out all the facts; peace and quiet, pocket size.

Countries of the WorldWith more than 40 different Top Trump titles to choose there is a fun pack for everyone. From popular characters like Barbie, Frozen, DC Comics and Doctor Who to educational gems like Countries of the World, Space, Dinosaurs and Volcanos, Top Trumps has got all interests covered. Priced at just 10 bucks it’s a fantastic pocket-money buy and kids can save up to collect all their favourite titles.

Top Trumps are readily available at some of Australia’s biggest stores e.g. Toys’R’Us, David Jones, Dymocks and ABC Stores, so pick up a new pack on your next shopping trip.

To find out more about Winning Moves, to browse the Top Trumps range and to order online visit

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