Coming Home by Cathy Armstrong

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Jul 212012

Although I have been living in Australia for nearly 6 years now I still call Holland home, for more than 6 months I have been counting down until going home and now I am finally ‘home’. Obviously I have been looking forward to a lot of things but I am especially excited about the food, this ‘coming home food’ holds such wonderful memories for me. My children eat Dutch food quite often and recently I started cooking them some ‘coming home food’ from Australia too, inspired by the book Coming Home.

In Coming Home you’ll find over 80 fantastic recipes by Cathy Armstrong, based on her own memories and people who have been or have become important to her over the years. She shares these wonderful memories and special people in the book which makes it a lovely read and adds a real personal touch to the meals. As well as the recipes the books contains some great little country craft projects for things like a Tea Towel Picnic Pillow and a Petticoat Junction Apron.

As a real sweet tooth I had to try the Strawberry, Coconut & Vanilla Muffins and the Sour Cherry Crumble Cake (delicious!!), other favourites were the Chicken & Torn Bread Salad, Cauliflower and Parmesan Fritters and Egg & Bacon Pie but really everything I tried was brilliant and scrumptious ‘comfort food’ that I will be making again and again.

I hope that in time my children will have their own list of ‘coming home foods’ that hold special memories of their childhood and time spent with family. I think it will be a amazing, unique mix of different cultures, a bit of me and a bit of Cathy maybe? For a taste of Cathy’s cooking style check out the free recipes for yummy Caramel Pie and Corn Cakes with Celery Salt on the Penguin Australian website.

You can find Coming Home by Cathy Armstrong(RRP $39.95, published by Penguin) in bookstores across Australia as well as at online book retailers.