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Nov 292018


Last year Sinterklaas treated our daughter Olivia to a gorgeous VTech electronic diary which quickly became the envy of her younger sisters. They’ve been trying to crack the password ever since but it has kept her secrets safe nonetheless, to great frustration of the wannabe-hackers. It was no surprise Juliet instantly added a lockup diary to her wishlist too and thankfully for her this fabulous new VTech release hit the shelves at the right time:

Not only does this pretty pink VTech Secret Safe Diary (RRP $59.95, ages 6-11) keep secrets safe, it also helps you keep track of your diary, addresses, alarms and more and even protects your favourite little treasures without the need for a key. So how does that work?

There’ll be no unwanted snooping in this special diary, only the true owner can see what’s behind the little heart by saying the magic voice password. Once unlocked the digital diary reveals a large 2.4” colour screen and a proper QWERTY keyboard, ready to record all your secrets, stories, musings and plenty more. At the bottom of the diary a secret little drawer provides a perfect hide-out for small treasures like jewellery or tiny notes.

Using the six cute flower buttons you can access the different modes of play: Diary, Pets, My Friends and Me, My Voice Recordings, My Games and Activities and My Settings. With 20 different learning activities to choose from the diary is a very versatile design that will keep young girls entertained for ages. Juliet loves writing about any special outings or events in her diary and her alarm clock helps her get ready on time (although sometimes she sets the wrong time and wakes everyone up!).

One of Juliet’s favourite features is the virtual pet play, she has created an adorable pet dog named Bella that she can give food and water, bathe and play games with or even give an immunisation. You can also decorate your pet’s living and areas to create the perfect home. If cats or horses are more your thing they are available for adoption too. There are loads of other fun and educational activities to keep young minds busy, like a typing test, crosswords, amazing mazes, maths challenges and logic thinking games.

Another big hit with our little performer is the ability to tape voice memos and songs and edit them to make them extra spectacular. You can listen to your recordings over and over again and practise to become a great singer, news reader or TV presenter. Juliet is forever singing her favourite tracks in her room and admiring her efforts afterwards.

VTech toys are available at major department stores, select online stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.vtech.com.au.

Jun 182016


Just like probably every other child in Australia our tribe is terribly excited to go to the cinema and see the long-awaited movie Finding Dory which finally hit the big screen this week. I myself would love to see it too but am not that keen on long line-ups or packed movie theatres, so we might hold off on the cinema for a little while.

Crayola Dory

Don’t worry, until the crowds die down kids can enjoy plenty of underwater fun with the exclusive Finding Dory range by Crayola:

Crayola Color & StickerThe new Crayola ‘Finding Dory’ Color & Sticker Book (RRP $4.99, ages 3+) is the perfect pick for Disney fans of all ages (Yes, even the youngest of the family!). With 16 sturdy, double-sided colouring pages (32 images) and more than 50 cute Finding Dory stickers there is plenty of creative fun to go around, even for our big family. The loose pages and 4 individual sticker sheets make sharing super easy, everyone can colour their favourite Finding Dory characters and decorate them to their liking.

Crayola ChalkLet’s hope there will be a few dry hours this weekend for our little artists to get outside with this awesome Crayola ‘Finding Dory’ Color Your Heroes Sidewalk Chalk (RRP $7.99, Ages 4+). The pack contains 8 large pieces of coloured chalk and on the back of the pack it shows kids how to draw Dory in just 6 simple steps. That’s right, you could find Dory on your doorstep in no-time! My kids have had a quick try on normal paper already and their Dory creations turned out ador(y)able.

Crayola Color WonderIf you are a longtime Hip Little One reader you know by now how much we love Crayola’s ‘Mess Free’ entertainment. The magical Color Wonder markers only work on special Color Wonder paper, keeping clothing, skin, furniture and walls squeaky clean (and saving my sanity). It’s great to see that Dory and her underwater buddies have splashed their way into the Color Wonder range too and I think the Crayola ‘Finding Dory’ Color Wonder (RRP $13.99, ages 3+) set will be a very popular buy these school holidays.

Each Color Wonder set includes 18 Color Wonder colouring pages and 5 special markers in assorted colours that match the theme. To make Dory look her very best this cool pack comes with the typical Dory blue and yellow, orange for Nemo and two other cheerful colours to create an amazing underwater scene.

You can find these and other Crayola ‘Finding Dory’ products at major leading retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Crayola, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.crayola.com.au.

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May 282016


Yippee, with exactly three months to go until our European holiday the countdown is finally on! By now we know what to bring to survive a very long plane trip with young children so I have started filling their backpacks with little bits and pieces already. To add to the excitement I wrap some of the items in pretty paper and of course I keep the contents a secret until the plane has taken off…

Crayola Paw Patrol

A new colouring book is always an excellent boredom buster and Crayola happens to have some ‘PAWesome’ new arrivals my kids will love:

Paw Patrol Color WonderWith this clever PAW Patrol Color Wonder (RRP $13.99) set you don’t have to worry about your budding artists leaving their colourful mark on the plane seat, fold-out tray, their outfits or even their own skin. Like magic the included Mess Free Markers only colour on the special Color Wonder paper, keeping the colour exactly where you want it. With 5 different markers and 18 colouring pages featuring the furry PAW Patrol friends there is plenty of decorating to be done.

On our last holiday we gave each child his/her own Color Wonder pack which worked a treat, together we had a rainbow of coloured markers and they could swap colouring pages to keep things interesting. Color Wonder is such a fabulous idea, enjoyable and intriguing for the kids and mess (and sanity) saving for mum!

Paw Patrol My First CrayolaEven the smallest puppy lovers can join the fun with PAW Patrol Color & Shapes Sticker Activities (RRP $4.99), part of the toddler-friendly My First Crayola range. This well-priced activity book is designed for ages 12 months+ and uses adorable PAW Patrol stickers to help young children practise shapes and colours through play. It is also an excellent tool for parents to work on fine motor skills with their child in a refreshing way, and the best part is that you can do it anytime and anywhere.

Crayola Paw Patrol GCPDue to their generous measurements (32 x 49cm) the PAW Patrol Giant Coloring Pages (RRP $8.49) are more of an at-home activity than an on-the-go entertainment, they’re absolutely huge in size and big in fun too. Decorating these large pictures of Chase, Marshall, Rocky and the rest of the PAW Patrol gang will keep the kids busy for ages. Once done why not stick them on your bedroom door or wall and turn them into your own unique PAW Patrol poster?

To find out more about Crayola, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.crayola.com.au.

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Dec 052015


Christmas Countdown – Day 5

Even though baby Harriet is two months old already, her feeds still take at least 30 minutes and that every 2-3 hours… This is not so much a problem for me, but it does mean I need to keep the other kids entertained (and well behaved) while I am feeding Harriet. After hearing ‘Sybbie is drawing on the wall’, ‘Sybbie has marker on her face’ and ‘Syb is colouring on the table/clothes/a random sibling’ a few too many times I have put away our regular markers and swapped them for the fabulous Color Wonder products from Crayola:

Color Wonder Light Up Stamper

The Color Wonder range is rather magical and absolutely sanity saving: there is no mess, no stains and colours only show up on special Color Wonder paper, so awesome!

If you love Color Wonder too you are sure to enjoy the brand new Color Wonder Light Up Stamper (RRP $39.99, ages 3+), a fabulous mix of Color Wonder creations, stamping fun and light-up magic. This cool pack consists of a Color Wonder Drawing Pad, three Color Wonder markers and a special Stamp Station that holds the three coloured stamp pads and ten cute stamps.

Color Wonder Stamper

Our girls were very intrigued by the Light Up Stamper and I have to admit, it is so simple to use yet so much fun. All it takes is three simple steps: Pick & Click (choose one of the ocean-themed stamps and snap it onto the stamper), ‘Ink‘ it (by pressing it onto the stamp pad of your choice) and Stamp it onto your drawing pad to reveal the picture, quick and easy.

Color Wonder Light Up Stamper

The stamp pads are completely colourless (no little hands covered in ink) and therefore mess free but somehow the super clever stamper will recognise which colour ink you have chosen and the handle will light up in the matching colour, now’s that pure magic. Using the Color Wonder markers little artists can further decorate their creations and add to the scene. The Light Up Stamper works on 3AA batteries, not included.

To find out more about Crayola, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.crayola.com.au.

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Aug 162015


We may still have to wait a few more weeks until we get to hold our own little bundle but at least I will be getting a lovely dose of baby goodness this afternoon when we meet the darling girl of friends of ours. No matter how many new babies I meet, it never gets boring! While we already spoilt the little lady with some gorgeous gifts a few weeks ago we don’t want to show up empty handed so we got her a copy of one of my children’s favourite baby toys:

OctotunesWe’ve had our friendly Lamaze Octotunes (0-24 months, RRP $29.95) since the twins were born almost 7 years ago, after the twins the other kids enjoyed him and so have lots of little visitors to our home. Over the years the award winning Octotunes design has been released in a few different colours but the concept is still as much fun as it was back then. Children can squeeze the eight musical tentacles to play different tunes and even put together a real nursery rhyme or their own song.

Lamaze Frankie the Hanky WhaleIf you are looking for another guaranteed hit look no further than Frankie the Hanky Whale (9 months+, RRP $29.95), we only discovered him with baby Sybbie but he was a real winner and I know our new baby will enjoy him too when the time comes. Soft and cuddly Frankie comes with four coloured hankies that you can stuff into his mouth and pull out again from his spout, such a fun way to teach little ones about cause and effect. Who needs nasty plastics, expensive batteries, bright lights or loud noises when you can have Frankie?

Lamaze Torin T-rexTwo weeks ago we picked up our baby capsule at our local Toys’R’Us and all of a sudden it is starting to feel very exciting, not long until a teeny tiny baby will be coming home in that seat! I can’t wait to share a snap of our new addition with you all. The gorgeous Lamaze Play & Grow toys are designed to easily clip onto your pram, capsule, car seat or baby bag and provide your little one with lots of entertainment on-the-go.

Lamaze Squeezy DonkeyEach Play & Grow toy (RRP $19.95 each) is unique and has different features to keep your baby happy when out and about. Bright colours to look at, interesting textures to touch, quirky sounds to listen to, mirrors to peek in, fun shapes to explore and even funky teethers to bite on, send your child on a journey of discovery with one of the many friendly Play & Grow characters. I am already picturing this gorgeous Squeezy Donkey dangling on our new capsule.

Lamaze Developmental Toys are available at Target, Big W, Toys’R’Us, Baby Bunting and all good independent baby retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Lamaze and to browse the range visit www.lamazetoys.com.

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Aug 152015


As the birth of our new baby boy or girl is coming closer I am starting to think about the delivery and all the things I still need to organise. My pretty Designer Mamas birthing gown (so much nicer than those faded hospital gowns!) is washed and ready and I’ve booked in a last appointment at the hairdresser, all that’s left is to freshen up my toenails with a touch of colour while I can still reach and see them!

Orly Colour Palette

Classic or modern, light or dark, matte, shiny or sparkly, plain and simple or bold and bright… with over 150 different shades to choose from the Orly nail lacquer palette contains a perfect colour for every woman.

Orly Haute RedPersonally I love wearing sandals as soon as the weather allows so during the spring and summer months my toe nails are permanently painted, usually with a pop of vibrant red. Obviously it won’t make the birth any easier but at least I know my toes will be all smooth and shiny in the Orly best-seller Haute Red (RRP $18.95, 18ml), hopefully the doctor and midwives delivering our baby will love it too.

Orly NailtritionAfter a long winter of covering those piggies up with socks and boots my nails will need a bit of extra attention before I can splash on the paint. Containing collagen, wheat protein, keratin and bamboo extract Orly Nailtrition (RRP $19.95, 18ml) is specifically created to help strengthen peeling nails and stimulate healthier, faster growth over the course of 14 days. With my big baby bump in the way applying 1-2 coats a day will be quite the exercise so I may have to ask hubby for help, but at least those nails will be good to go in time for the spring season.

To find out more about Orly, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.orlybeauty.com.au.

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May 222015


Big Baby Shower – Day 22

One of the first toys we purchased for our twins was a Lamaze pram toy, a colourful little dangly friend that kept them entertained when out and about. We have added quite a few Lamaze toys to our collection since then and with every child we gained a few more. I am already thinking about which character to get our new baby when he/she arrives later this year!

Play & Gro

Lamaze Play & Grow toys (RRP $19.95 each) are fun, friendly soft toys that are made for little hands and inquisitive minds. They are suitable from birth onwards so they make a great baby shower gift.

Toots the ToucanPlay & Grow toys are full of bright colours, quirky sounds, interesting textures and shapes so young children can discover while they play. Rusty the Robot, Jacque the Peacock, Bella the Bunny, Mortimer the Moose… with almost 20 different designs to choose from there is a perfect Play & Grow buddy for everyone. I especially love the handy pram clip, no more dropped/lost toys and baby will always have his/her favourite friend within reach.

OctotunesThe award winning Lamaze Octotunes (0-24 months, RRP $29.95) has been around for a few years, the colours may have changed a little over time but the concept is still the same and it is still a big hit with little ones at different stages. Babies will love looking at the bright colours and patterns, exploring the different textures and feeling the knots, while older babies and toddlers can use Octotunes to practise their colours.

Of course the most popular feature of Octotunes are its eight musical tentacles. By squeezing the legs each tentacle produces a different note, encouraging children to use their hands, train their muscles and listen to the sounds. Believe it or not but you can actually ‘play’ popular nursery rhymes like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Mary had a little Lamb (find the right notes/colours in the manual) using Octotunes, how cool is that?

Lamaze Developmental Toys are available at Target, Big W, Toys R’Us, Baby Bunting and all good independent baby retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Lamaze and to browse the range visit www.lamazetoys.com.

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