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Nov 072014


We all know children grow quickly and their interests change at the same fast rate. Toys they love one day are ‘boring’ the next and end up unused in the corner or the back of a cupboard. Over the last 6 years we’ve welcomed and gotten rid of our fair share of toys but they are still playing shops almost daily; sometimes with each other, sometimes on their own or with friends, it never gets old. If your child loves playing shop too you are sure to love Shopkins:

Shopkins fruit & Veg Stand

From the makers of Trash Pack comes Shopkins, the latest collectibles trend amongst hip boys and girls aged 5 and up. These loveable characters, dressed up as miniature groceries, are fun, compact, affordable and rather addictive too. They say ‘Once you shop… You can’t stop!’ and I’m afraid it’s true, my girls are forever looking at their little Shopkins Collector’s Guide and admiring the pieces they are yet to get.

Shopkins Trolley

There are 150 different Shopkins and several Shopkins Playlets to collect, it’s like building your very own mini shopping centre. From fruit and vegetables to bakery items, from sweet treats to health and beauty products, little shoppers will have no trouble filling their shopping bags, baskets and trolleys. Most of the Shopkins come with their own shopping bag so you’ll have lots of blue bags to play with and store your collection in.

Shopkins Playset

The great thing about Shopkins is that you can collect as few or as many as you want and suits your budget, it’s good fun no matter how many you own and they make excellent stocking fillers. We started with a few small packs, which you can pick up for just $2.99, just to see if the kids would like them as much as they said they would. A few weeks later they were still enjoying them (without too many fights) and hadn’t lost or broken any either so Shopkins passed the toy test for us.

Shopkins Small Mart

The girls have been begging me for the Shopkins Playsets so, like most mums would do, I had told them they would have to wait until December and show very good behaviour. Luckily for them they didn’t have to wait that long as the team at Moose Toys sent them a Shopkins Playset each to try out, you can imagine the smiles on their faces! They particularly love the Shopkins Small Mart because of it’s little checkout with the conveyer belt that really moves and the pink shopping trolley.

Shopkins Shopping Bag

In all honesty, Shopkins are so cute I am enjoying the collecting as much as (if not more than) my girls do. I am very pleased with the quality and durability of the product, which is much stronger and more solid than Trash Packs. Shopkins may be small in size but they are very detailed and they’re all different, if you do end up with doubles you can try to swap with your friends. You can keep all your Shopkins neatly together in the special Shopkins Storage Tin. Most of the packs show on the outside which Shopkins are inside but some of the packs include exclusive ‘secret’ designs which are obviously in hot demand with our girls.

Shopkins Tears

Not everyone is happy with our growing Shopkins collection, it’s not easy when you are only 1 and not allowed to join in the fun. Just a few more years little darling!

To find out more about Shopkins by Moose Toys, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit, prices start at RRP $2.99.

Jan 232014

Sonny Angel

One of the awesome things about being a parent is that it allows you to indulge in childhood crazes and silly games without looking ridiculous. One thing my kids really enjoy is collecting ‘things’, something I also loved when I was younger and now I can go for it all over again. The excitement of adding new pieces to your collection, the endless studying of that little catalogue to see which designs you are missing and that ‘moment of truth’ when you rip open a blind packet to unveil your new treasure.

Sonny Angel Animals

The latest collecting toy to hit Australian stores is Sonny Angel, a cute little winged boy doll that is rapidly stealing hearts all across the country and around the world. Sporting nothing but an eye-catching head piece Sonny is an innocent little toy, much more peaceful than scary robots and violent fighting machines and more age appropriate than Barbie and Bratz dolls covered in make up. The funny things is that our kids still haven’t noticed, or commented on, his Adam’s costume.

Sonny Angel FruitThere are lots of different Sonny Angels available and new designs are released all the time so you can keep growing your collection. Current series include Vegetables, Fruit, Animals and Marine and with 12 Sonny Angel designs per series that is a lot of angelic pieces to collect. All Sonny Angel dolls are sold ‘blind’ so while you can pick the series you won’t know which doll you’ll get. If you buy multiple dolls from the series in one purchase you are guaranteed to receive no doubles.

Sonny Angel AnimalsDisclaimer: Sonny Angel may or may not bring you happiness, I am afraid I can’t give guarantees. What he will bring you is plenty of smiles as he is super duper adorable, kids will love building their own collection and they make great imaginative play toys (at 10cm high they’re perfect for ‘on the go’). Be warned that collecting these little dudes is quite addictive and your child may want to grow a very large Sonny Angel family!

Sonny Angel MarineSonny Angels are sold individually with 1 doll per box and a little collection booklet showing all the different designs is included. You can find Sonny Angel in the Coccinella store on Australian market place Down That Little Lane. Normally each doll costs $10.95 with a flat rate shipping fee of $8.95 no matter how big or small your order but for a limited time only Sonny Angel dolls are on special for the reduced price of $9.95 per doll or $119.95 for a complete series of 12. Offer ends February 23, 2014.

To find out more about Down That Little Lane, to browse the Sonny Angel range and to order online visit

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Aug 282012

To them it probably felt like the day would never would come but tomorrow my beautiful twins are (finally) turning four. Although we already celebrated with family on the weekend and gave them their big present (big bikes), we might just spoil them a little extra tomorrow with some small gifts I know they are going to love. My daughter is a real character and she is very clear on what she looooves (this is my favourite mummy!) and doesn’t like at all. She has a soft spot for collecting pretty things so I am giving her a head start with some gorgeous Forever Clover goodies.

The name Forever Clover may ring a bell with my regular readers, I wrote about this Australian company last year when they had just started and they are still here and going strong. The Forever Clover swap cards range has been welcomed with open arms by Australian girls (and their mums), everyone loves the six lovely friends who represent everyday Australian girls with an active, healthy lifestyle and fun hobbies.

Recently Forever Clover Series 2 has been released, offering 128 new swap cards with delightful images of the six Forever Clover friends. This year the cards feature popular topics like school, adventure, pets, a slumber party and much more. Real collectors will love the new rare glitter cards, wouldn’t it be awesome to have all three rare cards to complete the special picture? Don’t worry if you are still busy completing series 1, the first 98 cards are still available to collect.

Have you spotted the Forever Clover girls yet, maybe at school or at a local sports club? More and more stores all over Australia are selling the Forever Clover range so it won’t be long until they arrive in your neighbourhood. A pack of 6 swap cards costs $3.95 and you can keep the cards safe in one of the gorgeous Collector Tins (with limited edition glitter card inside, $9.95) or a lovely Forever Clover album ($14.95).

Thanks to Forever Clover we have five fabulous Forever Clover prize packs to give away. The Forever Clover collection of our major prize winner will be well on the way with a Forever Clover Album, Forever Clover Collector Tin and 4 packs of swap cards. Four runners-up will take home a Forever Clover Collector Tin and 2 packs of swap cards each, make sure you enter and you could be giving your collection a fantastic boost. You might even find one of those rare glitter cards, or how about all three?

To find out more about Forever Clover, to locate a Forever Clover stockist near you or to order online visit

For your chance to win one of these great Forever Clover prize packs visit and answer the following question: Which card of the Series 2 Swap Cards do you like most and why?

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