Sep 062012

Babies and feeding, this is always a hot topic and many mums feel a little overwhelmed by it all. There are so many different opinions and situations and of course every baby is different too. I myself have breastfed exclusively, breastfed and expressed (so bottlefed) and bottlefed exclusively (formula) and all of my babies are well and that is all that matters. When you do breastfeed your baby you might find it tricky to introduce a bottle whether it is with breastmilk or formula (I most certainly did), which is exactly where Closer to Nature comes in.

Although the brand has only just arrived on our shores Closer to Nature is quickly becoming well known under Aussie mums, you may have spotted the Closer to Nature range at your local supermarket or babystore already. It is not only in Australia that parents love this fantastic brand, in fact Closer to Nature is so popular that it is the UK’s No.1 newborn feeding brand! As the name suggests Closer to Nature is all about making both breastfeeding and bottlefeeding as natural as possible.

If your baby is bottlefed you’ll be pleased to know that the Closer to Nature bottle feeding range offers everything you need. From bottles and teats in different sizes to cleaning products, from steriliser to bottle warmer and more, Closer to Nature has got you covered. You can buy the bottles in single packs (ideal for testing the first time) or bigger sets for extra value. Save yourself multiple trips to the shop and get everything you need in one go! Prices start at just $9, a great price and as Closer to Nature is widely available it is a very convenient choice too.

Closer to Nature feeding bottles have been carefully designed to be as close to breastfeeding as possible (ideal for those combining the two!). To achieve this goal each bottle features a soft, flexible, natural feel silicone teat that is extra wide, making it similar to a mother’s breast. Combine this with a super-sensitive anti-colic valve, a wide shape that is easy to hold and clean and the reassurance of a BPA and phthalate free product and you can see why Closer to Nature is the UK’s favourite.

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