Apr 062012

More and more parents are trying to make eco friendly choices which is absolutely fantastic, it is encouraging to see how many people have started using reusable water bottles but of course you can’t use them for your daily dose of coffee. You grab your first one at the petrol station, number two in the office canteen and number three during your lunch break at the cafe, all those paper cups add up! Luckily there is hope for all the coffee addicts out there, you can enjoy your caffeine shot the green way by using the KeepCup.

The KeepCup ticks all the boxes: it is reusable (so eco friendly), it is BPA free and non-toxic (so safe), it is barista standard (standard takeaway size and perfect fit for most espresso machines) and it is dishwasher safe, microwaveable and splash proof. Use it at home, in your car or your pram and at your favourite cafe, once you have discovered the KeepCup it will go with you wherever you go.

The cool thing about KeepCup is that you can design your very own custom KeepCup, because eco-friendly and reusable does not have to be boring. You can pick your ideal size (extra small, small, medium or large) and select your favourite colours from a huge colour palette. Keep it simple or combine a rainbow of colours, it is totally up to you so the chances you bump into someone else with the same KeepCup are very slim.

Even kids have been spotted with the KeepCup, the extra small (120ml) is a perfect size for little hands and the small opening makes it easy to drink a yummy babychino without spills. Why not design a custom KeepCup for the whole family? You get to drink from these fabulous cups and are helping the environment at the same time, I think that is pretty sweet. Prices range from $10.00 (extra small) to $16.00 (large).

To find out more about KeepCup, to design your personal KeepCup and to order online visit www.keepcup.com.

For your chance to win a KeepCup for hip mums visit www.keepcup.com and answer the following question: Where would you take your KeepCup?

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Mar 172012

As you may have read I left the old me behind in 2011 and have been working very hard on creating a better, healthier version of myself in 2012. But even if you are on diet you do deserve a treat every now and then and there is nothing easier (and more delicious) than turning your plain coffee into a special Saturday night delight with one of the Alchemy Coffee Syrups.

Australian family businesses Alchemy is all about creating a taste sensation, offering an exciting range of coffee syrups, cordials, chai and Frappulicious flavours that will make your taste buds tingle. For 15 years the Alchemy team of mix masters has been developing unique flavour combinations that are everything but ordinary and their flavoured beverages can be found in many households as well as cafes, restaurants and bars across Australia.

If you thought cordials are something only kids drink you should really try the Alchemy Classic Cordials, there is nothing childish about these flavours. Alchemy has taken all time favourites like lime, melon, orange and pineapple and added a little dash of not-so-everyday ingredients like rose water, coconut and chilli resulting in 6 great syrups that will get the tick of approval from any adult (and kids too!).

Unlike with most other cordials you don’t have to worry about the vibrant colours of the yummy Alchemy Classic Cordials, they are made with all natural ingredients and contain no artificial colours, flavours, artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, gluten or genetically modified organisms so they are safe for young and old. Plus a delicious serve of chilled (bubbly) water or ice mixed with your favourite Alchemy Cordial contains less than half the sugar content of soft drinks, making it a much healthier choice!

Back to those Alchemy Coffee Syrups with names that will make your mouth water. The current Coffee Syrups range consists of 9 great flavours and with choices like Butterscotch, Caramel, Irish Cream, Mint and more there has to be a perfect option for every sweet tooth. Don’t let the name fool you though, these syrups do not just add an extra dimension to your coffee, you can also use them to take your hot milk, dessert or baked goods to new heights. With a selection of Alchemy Coffee Syrups in your pantry you always have something special to offer your guests or to just spoil yourself with.

To find out more about Alchemy, to browse the large range of flavours and to order your favourites online visit www.alchemycordial.com.au.

For your chance to win an Alchemy Coffee Syrups prize pack valued at $100 visit www.alchemycordial.com.au and answer the following question: Which one of the Alchemy Coffee Syrups would you love to try?

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