Fluffy Buns giveaway

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Sep 212013

Fluffy Buns

As the weather warms up I breathe a sigh of relief, no more drying racks in the living room! I can’t wait to just put the washing outside and for it to dry in an hour. As we are about to start another toilet training journey I can see plenty of laundry ahead of me, at least on the hot days we can ditch the clothes and she can wear just a pair of training pants. If you have little ones in cloth nappies or ready for toilet training make sure you check out Fluffy Buns for all your fluffy gear.

Gro Via All-in-OneAt Fluffy Buns you’ll find a great selection of cloth nappies and accessories from well known Australian and international brands, handpicked by lovely store owner and mama Misty. If you are new to modern cloth nappies (MCNs) you can count on Misty to provide you with lots of helpful tips and tricks, she’ll have you ditching the disposables in no time. Cloth nappies have come a long way since the terry squares, these days cloth nappies are very effective, easy to use and look absolutely gorgeous!

Weegoamigo 'World Peace' Digital Printed Muslin

Weegoamigo ‘World Peace’ Digital Printed Muslin

As well as cloth nappies Fluffy Buns also offers a fabulous range of baby gifts and goodies for mum. The latest label to arrive in store is Weegoamigo, an Australian brand famous for its eyecatching muslin and blankets. The newest collection has just been unveiled and it is absolutely stunning! The stylish printed muslin wraps are selling like hot cakes, hip mamas just can’t resist the unique prints and beautiful colours.

Weegoamigo Paper Doll MuslinThe new Weegoamigo Printed Muslin Swaddles ($39.95) are available in 9 different designs, they’re all equally amazing although I do have a soft spot for the World Peace and Paper Dolls print. The swaddles are a very generous 120x120cm in size, that means plenty of material for wrapping and also plenty of shade when you use it as a suncover on your pram. The 100% cotton fabric is light and breathable, designed to be cool and comfortable in the stuffy Aussie summer.


Weegoamigo Little Dumpling Muslin (Sorry, no sleep guarantee)

Ezyline Mellow YellowTo get back to the topic of laundry, if you are like me and you’re always short of (hanging) space Ezyline ($15) gladly lends a helping hand. These compact little packages unfold to create a 2m washing line ideal for under verandahs, carports, around the house or of course on holidays around caravan or tent. It hardly takes up any space in your suitcase and it is completely pegless (less luggage and no rust spots), so clever!

To find out more about Fluffy Buns, to browse the range and to order online visit www.fluffybuns.com.au. During the month of September all orders receive FREE delivery Australia wide.

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Save 20% storewide at Sustainababy

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Jun 212013

As you may have read we spent a lovely weekend at Halls Gap last week, it is so nice to get out with the family every now and then. No washing to be done, few meals to be cooked and I didn’t even have to make our own beds! On the way back we took a last look at the amazing view from the mountain top, how beautiful is Australia? It was pretty cold but luckily I recently bought some soft, organic Purekids winter gear for the kids at Sustainababy. Here’s miss 2 sporting her new Purekids Hoodie:

Miss 2 wearing the Purekids Sorbet Track Hoodie

Miss 2 wearing the Purekids Sorbet Track Hoodie

If your kids are in the market for some cool (or should I say toasty?) eco-friendly clothes now is the time to stock up as Sustainababy is currently celebrating its 3rd birthday with a fabulous offer:

Enjoy 20% off storewide at Sustainababy, simply enter the code ‘3RDBIRTHDAY’ at checkout. Hurry as offer ends June 28, 2013. Excludes bulk nappy packs, Moltex nappies and Rockin Green.

Baobab Harem PantsIn store you’ll find a fabulous range of (Australian) eco friendly clothing labels like Baobab, Purebaby, Earlybirds, Master and Miss and many more. Made with organic cotton, bamboo, merino and other green materials the Sustainababy wardrobe offers safe and stylish pieces for hip kids up to 6 years old. Free from nasty chemicals they are the ideal choice for children with sensitive skin like my little eczema sufferers.

Baby BeehindsWith such a generous 20% birthday discount this is also a fantastic opportunity for cloth nappy users to add some MCNs to their stash or for beginners to give cloth nappies a first go. If you have never tried them before you might want to start with an All-in-One nappy, they are easy to use (just like a disposable nappy really) and there are lots of fun colours and prints to choose from.

Apple & Bee BibThere are plenty more great eco products available to help modern Australian families live a little greener. From feeding gear to bed linen, from toys to baby carriers and from skincare to footwear, Sustainababy is like a lolly shop for people with a heart for the environment. Aside from the shop front Sustainababy also runs the amazing Sustainababy blog full of handy tips and useful information, because every green step counts no matter how little.

To find out more about Sustainababy, to browse the range and to order online visit www.sustainababy.com.au.

Jun 222012

Over the past three years I have met many ‘green’ mums who absolutely love washing with so called soap nuts, leaving me wondering what the excitement is all about. Most of the time I am quite keen to try new things but it took me a little longer to get my head around it this time. A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and opened up a bag of soap nuts from a gorgeous online store called Little Eco.

Little Eco is a relatively new Australian store that focuses on all things eco for babies and kids, for you and even your home. Owner Amanda is always hunting for new eco finds from all over the world so you can expect to find some fantastic and unique products in store. The thing about being eco conscious is that every little bit helps and Little Eco will show you that it is actually very easy to live a little greener.

Back to the soapnuts which, I have learnt, are actually berries and not nuts. Harvested from the Sapindus mukorossi tree in Pakistan the shell of these fruits delivers a soapy lather when mixed with water. So instead of ordinary washing powder you simply add a drawstring bag containing 4-6 soapnuts to your washing, wash like normal and the result is clean laundry. Many cloth nappy users swear by soapnuts and I can safely say my cloth nappies have been coming up squeaky clean.

Soapnuts are 100% natural and biodegradable, they are very durable and super affordable. A 200gram bag of Sindhiya soapnuts ($9.90) should be enough of approximately 120 wash loads, much cheaper than ordinary washing powder and obviously much more eco friendly too. Once completely used you can simply place your soap nuts in your compost bin as they are a natural product.

Speaking of nappies, this Wiggle Tree wetbag is perfect for storing your wet nappies until they can be washed. You can fit up to 5 disposable nappies (or 3-4 cloth nappies), enough room for a day out with baby. The waterproof lining will keep your nappy bag nice and dry and you can just wash your wetbag in the washing machine. Every time you use this stylish bag is one less disposable bag ending up in landfill!

One of the latest brands to arrive at Little Eco is Guava Kids and you have to admit that these are the most stylish mitts you have ever seen. Made from bamboo and organic cotton the little Guava Mitts ($12.95) are perfect for little ones with sensitive skin. They feature a special closure system that will prevent lost mittens, you wouldn’t want to lose these cuties. They keep babies hands warm, baby entertained with bright colours and patterns and avoid scratching, a fabulous design.

To find out more about Little Eco, to browse the range of eco products and to order online visit www.little-eco.com.au.

For your chance to win a $50 Little Eco gift voucher visit www.little-eco.com.au and answer the following question: Aside from the items featured above, which other Little Eco product do you really like?

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Competition ends July 22, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only. By entering you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Sales & Savings – Week 12

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Mar 212012

Little Boo-Teek
Up to 60% off Summer Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Until stock lasts
Where? www.littlebooteek.com.au

Little Treasures
What? 50% all Cheeky Butts Cloth Nappies and Gift Sets
How? Discount automatically applied at checkout
When? Until March 25, 2012
Where? www.littletreasures.net.au

About a boy
What? 50-80% off Three Little Trees
How? Prices as marked
When? Until further notice
Where? www.aboutaboy.com.au

Belly Beyond
What? Up to 70% off HOTmilk
How? Prices as marked
When? Until March 26, 2012
Where? www.bellybeyond.co.nz

Molly & Me
What? 15% off storewide, even already reduced items
How? Enter the code ‘new15’ at checkout
When? Until 5pm March 25, 2012
Where? www.mollyandme.com.au

Three Little Owls
What? Up to 60% off sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Until stock lasts
Where? www.threelittleowls.com.au

Bright Buttons Toys
What? 1000 Likers Sale, savings up to 50%
How? Prices as marked
When? Until March 25, 2012
Where? Bright Buttons Toys Facebook page

Feb 252012

If you are using cloth nappies on your baby you have most likely discovered that not every nappy does what it is supposed to do. They all promise to provide an excellent fit and not leak but in reality that is not always the case. Maybe you tried them again and again, hoping that they would get more absorbent after a few washes (something that is recommended by many cloth nappy brands) but you still end up with a useless nappy that was a waste of money. I have experienced this scenario myself too but there is one brand that has never let me down, Close Parent.

I have been using Pop-In nappies for more than two years and in that time the nappies have been redesigned and improved several times, getting better and better each time. Although I was already very happy with the performance of the Pop-Ins I did understand the mums who said the pastel colours were a little plain and could do with a little ‘pop’. Close Parent has listened and the old pastel colours have made room for funky brights in the New Generation Pop-In.

The Pop-In’s are a one size fits all nappy designed for babies between 3-16kg so they will last (most babies) from birth all the way to potty training. The velcro closure and press studs at the front allow you to adjust the nappy for a perfect fit at any age and stage. Fitted with a double elasticised gusset the Pop-In offers excellent containment whilst still being soft, stretchy and comfortable (no nasty marks from tight gussets, even on my chubby baby).

There are two different Pop-In styles available, bamboo and minkee, and both come in a range of colours. The bamboo Pop-In is the perfect choice for people who love the extra absorbency of natural bamboo and how gentle it is on baby’s skin. The minkee Pop-In on the other hand is a tad faster in drying and the minkee fabric is extremely soft. Both styles are fantastic and it really is a personal choice.

The Pop-In system is super easy, even for dads and babysitters, as the nappy goes on in one piece just like a disposable. The nappy itself consists of three pieces: the outer shell (soft to touch and waterproof), an inner soaker and booster. As the wetting pattern of boys (front) and girls (middle to back) is different the booster can be adjusted accordingly. The three parts are all connected by press studs so they are easy to put together or change. To make it even easier you can leave all pieces connected during the washing (just undo one end to create a ‘chain’) so you don’t have to waste time searching for individual components afterwards. The washing tabs make sure the velcro tabs stay safely in place and won’t damage the other laundry in your machine.

I have been using the New Generation Pop-In’s since January so they have had a great work-out with plenty of washing and I can safely say that the new Pop-In is a real winner. I am not surprised that the performance is outstanding (no leaks) and the fit is great, nice and trim so not the bulky look you might expect from cloth nappies. My choice for night time is the bamboo Pop-In as it is a little more absorbent especially in combination with the night-time booster. For daytime with more regular nappy changes the minkee Pop-In are ideal as they dry in no time, especially in summer.

To find out more Close Parent, to browse the range and to locate your nearest stockist or consultant near you visit www.ozbabytrends.com.au.

For your chance to win one of two New Generation Pop-In’s watch the Pop-In video on www.ozbabytrends.com.au and answer the following question: What have you learned about the New Generation Pop-In?

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Competition ends March 25, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

Dec 162011

In November I had the pleasure of attending another Bloggers Brunch and I had a great time meeting up with other bloggers. One of the lovely bloggers I met was Kyla, who writes the successful blog Beyond The Bump (well worth checking out). I don’t know where she finds the time to write because on top of being a mum and a blogger she also co-owns a beautiful online store called Bamboo Babies.

Bamboo Babies is an Australian boutique filled with a handpicked selection of bamboo fashion and eco friendly products for babies and children. Run by two Australian mums you can rest assured that they only select the best products available (from both Australian and international labels) and carefully choose practical, high quality products that are safe for your children and the environment.

If you are not familiar with bamboo fibres you might think of soft, stretchy ‘baby’ fabrics but there is much more to bamboo than that. Bamboo can be used to create denim, fleece, towelling and much more, the proof is in the Bamboo Babies range. Bamboo is becoming very popular because it is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, much softer than cotton, grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, very absorbent, odour resistant and these are just a few of the selling points.

I didn’t actually try bamboo denim before, but now that my youngest daughter is wearing this gorgeous Bamboo Denim Ruffle Dress ($49.95) I am completely sold. It offers the durability and versatility of high quality denim combined with the softness and low irritation levels of bamboo which is perfect for her sensitive skin. You can even wash this dress on 40 degrees in the machine making my life very easy.

Aside from the bamboo babies and children’s clothing Bamboo Babies offers a selection of sleepwear, modern cloth nappies, laundry needs, bedlinen, skincare, toys and accessories, making this a one-stop-shop for eco conscious parents. At the moment the Bambooty cloth nappies are on special for just $17.50 with choice of four different prints, I think this Hooty Booty owl print is just gorgeous and suitable for both genders.

To find out more about Bamboo Babies, to browse the range and to order online visit www.bamboobabies.com.au.

For your chance to win a $50 Bamboo Babies gift voucher visit www.bamboobabies.com.au and answer the following question: Which item(s) in store would you pick if you were to be our lucky winner?

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Nov 172011

When you find out that you are pregnant there will be lots of things you need to buy. Putting together a nursery can be costly but at least you get to enjoy it every day, something that can not be said of all those disposables nappies you are throwing in the bin! Disposable nappies cost parents a fortune to buy and will all end up in landfill, go talk to the girls at Booloo Babe to find out how can you save a heap of money on your nappies.

Booloo Babe is a store for ‘mums with babes in cloth’, but don’t worry, modern cloth nappies (also known as MCN’s) are nothing like the cloth nappies your mother or grandmother used to use. The modern alternative is fuss free, requires no soaking, pins or folding, these nappies are easy to use (even for dads, grandparents and babysitters) and above all they are much cuter than ordinary disposables. In store you’ll find great brands like GroVia, Motherease and Rumparooz.

Unlike in the olden days modern cloth nappies do not need to be soaked, you simple store them in a nappy bucket or dedicated wet dry bag until you wash them (every two days). These Planetwise hanging wet dry bags are nothing to be ashamed of, in fact they are pretty stylish and available in a large range of colours and prints. After the nappy stage they make great swimming or beach bags too.

To celebrate their second birthday Booloo Babe is running a big birthday competition on their Facebook page. There are three prize packs up for grabs and entering is as simple as liking the photo of the products you would most like to win. It doesn’t get much easier than that! The first prize draw is on November 22 and you can win great prizes like a Catbird baby carrier, drink bottle, modern cloth nappies, laundry detergent and more.

To find out more Boolo Babe, to browse the range and to order online visit www.booloobabe.com.au.