May 302015

Hodge Podge Baby

We may not know the gender of our baby just yet but that hasn’t stopped me from stocking up on gorgeous wraps already, I simply can’t resist a beautiful swaddle. One to sleep in, one as a change mat cover, one as a breastfeeding cover, one as a spare in your nappy bag, one as a pram shade… a simple piece of fabric with so many uses.

Hodge Podge Peggles

If you’ve ever popped your muslin wrap on your baby’s pram as a quick and easy sun shade you have probably noticed it doesn’t always stay put. All it takes is a sudden breeze, a quick peek at your sleeping baby or a gentle tug from little hands and your wrap slides off. No more of that this time around thanks to these clever babies from Hodge Podge Baby:

Pram PegsShaped like fluttery little butterflies Peggles (RRP $19.95, 2-pack) are much more than handy pram pegs, they are also a sweet decoration showing that practical and pretty go very well together. Of course they can be used to attach your wrap elsewhere too, you can snap them onto your baby carrier to block out sun or wind or clip them onto your capsule for a bit of privacy during nap time, now that’s handy.

Peggles Pram Pegs are currently available in six stylish colours to perfectly suit your pram, your nappy bag or personal taste. They make a unique and useful gift for a baby shower or new arrival and priced at under $20 they won’t break the bank. Handy tip: If you sign up as a Hodge Podge Baby VIP you get 10% off your first order.

Peggles Pram Pegs

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Jan 132014


When people hear I am a mum of three beautiful girls they often comment on all the brushing, detangling and braiding I have ahead of me. To be honest I don’t mind all this hair styling and my girls love it when I try something new. By now I have mastered the basics and I am hoping I will get to try my hand at some of the more fancy hairstyles too, bring on all those parties and other special celebrations! However getting four kids ready for school is quite the challenge so during the week we usually go for quick and easy with a simple ponytail, bun or plait.

Scunci Hair ElasticsEver since I moved to Australia I have used Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics to keep my own hair up and found them gentle (no metal parts to damage your hair), very reliable (no escaping strands of hair and no slipping out) and of course durable (I use the same elastics again and again and they last ages without stretching). This is exactly why I now use the same Scunci Hair Elastics for my girls, the traditional navy ones are perfect for school.

Scunci MirrorOf course the eye wants something too and like most girls our daughters love shiny hair clips, sparkly elastics, beautiful headbands and bows of all sizes, if it was up to them they would wear all of them together (the concept of less is more is yet to sink in!). Give them a box of pretty hair accessories, a brush and a mirror to admire their special creations in and they’ll be entertained for hours.

Scunci Girl Hair BrushEspecially for those little mini hairstylists Scunci has created Scunci Girl, a fun, colourful range of hair accessories and styling tools that are sure to brighten any dull (school) day. Girls will love experimenting with all the different styles and combinations and create a new look every day. Scunci Girl products are easy to use and, not unimportant, with prices starting at just $5.95 they won’t break the bank.

For your chance to win 1 of 3 Scunci Girl Prize Packs valued at $128 each make sure you enter our giveaway below, entering is easy!

Scunci Girl

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